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About the Revival.


About the Revival. LETTER FROM MR. G. CADBURY. Mr. George Cadbury has been greatly im- pressed by the Welsh Revival, and has sent a copy of the following letter to everyone in the Bournville district: Dear Neighbours and Friends,-Many Christians are longing that some of the blessed results that are following the revival in Wales may be seen also in this neighbourhood. There have been during the last 1,900 years special times of blessing, when the Lord by His Spirit has called the nation into closer fellowship with Himself, when 'the Spirit of the Lord moved on the face of the waters,' saying Let there be light, and there was light.' The Revival in Wales is not the mere outward profession of a creed, but an entire change of life. Men and women who have been drunkards have given up the drink; those who have been given to betting have abandoned it; those who have had bad tempers have conquered them. Whole districts have been changed, and homes that beforetimes were miserable are now happy and rejoicing. The Vicar of Blackheath, preach- ing at Swansea Parish Church, said that he was pleased to note the change which had been wrought in the countenances of the people who had been brought under the influence of the Revival. From doubt, gloom, and disappoint- ment, faces had been changed to cheerfulness and joy, owing to the admission of Christ into their hearts.' The Lord is waiting to be gracious.' Shall we embrace His offer ? The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh and whither it goeth so is everyone that is born of the Spirit.' There have been remarkable answers to prayer. Husbands have prayed for their wives, wives for their husbands, parents for their children. The promise has been fulfilled: Ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full. A SLANDER NAILED. The Rev. Evan Williams, President, and Mr. E. S. Price, the Secretary of the Rhos Revival Committee, ask us to give a complete and emphatic denial to the story first published in Truth, and subsequently in several Welsh and provincial journals. The story as given by Mr. Labouchere is as follows In a report of the Welsh revival I read that some curious incidents occurred in the Rhos district. One of the most curious was that of a miner, who, having drawn his wages, went straight to a prayer meeting and gave the whole of the money to help the movement. His wife and children were starving, but their appeals for the return of some of the money were refused, the revivalists apparently holding that they had a better right to the man's wages than his starving family. This seems to me a very disgraceful outcome of 'the movement,' though I daresay that for expressing this opinion I shall again be told that such matters are absolutely beyond my poor materialistic philosophy." Replying to this incredible story, the President and Secretary say: "We have received several


About the Revival.