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'i¡?íg_ A"i'P" ft !W > ;< !>o. ,j' '> jir ifeis deMaoES, MgMy natntlve, sad g most* easily ilgssfei fom § Is spadaly prepared for Jf fafaris, esM fsr aMs 3 I wfocse iigssiive powers Isave g || bm:i ■weci-seaed fey ilaess or jf edvcadig if 1V1-A.L" I' The LANCET describes it as:— M? F £ r. Bcn^1^ admlr&Me preparation." W Berber's Food is sold in tins ^%5y U i enlists, ctc., everywhere. Jgjr V/.Tsv. <1^ » 4.- '•' <: M t&h ? £ f-t •<< <■■ -'V -ii-A 1*0 >-v' ^:v" ■"■-■ .■V.L' :V, ===-=:==-=:=:=-===============- -=-==-=- The British and Foreign Bible Society u (Fishguard Auxiliary.) _0- "IT IS THE PROPERTY OF JESUS CHRIST TO BE UNIVERSAL." -2'C'- Tell it out among the heathen, Jesus reigns above. Tell it out. Tell it out. Tell it out among the nations that His reign is love. Tell it out. Tell it out. Tell it out among the highways, and the lanes at home Tell it out across the mountains, and the ocean foam Like the sound of many waters let our glad shone be Till it and re-echo from the islands of the S88. —F. E. Haver gal. OuKIInG these last hundred years, 1 he Bible Pociety has grown up into a great it whose privilege it is to translate and spread the Scriptures broadcast over the wide, wide world. It leaves interpretation, and criticism, and comment to be dealt with by those who are adepts in such profound matters, while itself labours with the sole object of placing this Book, which oJl men need, in the hand of each man that will accept it. The Parent Society has published from the beginning 101 Reports of its operations. These Report*, have given a fair view of the work done by this mighty institution. Last year its centenary was kept in a becoming manner in our own neighbourhood, and throughont almost every land. Nobody can know how much light was added to the last century by means of the Society's labours. At least, of this we are sure, that God's Word was put in the hands of millions of the children of men who, but for its help, would never have seen it. In fact, there is no need now cf very clever advocacy to plead this Society's claims to the patronage of an enlightened land. In her hundredth year she is fully able to speak for herself more eloquently than none else can. The utterance of a cen- tury of such labour as she has accomplished is irresistible, if it only have an intelligent and unbiassed hearing. By such an assertion, we do not deny that there is as much need as ever of able speakers on behalf of this institution. What we mean is, that the speakers ought to bo mouthpieces through which the Society is to describe to her supporters what shj has done with the public money entri-isted to We ask seriously why are the Bible bociecy aunivoi-SHnos so muv-ular ? The almost universal complaint is that the gatherings on i!)•••«« oc«:a:-ion'; are shamefuilv small How to account for scr '• a thing? Most niearit is ilrvt the faup, lies not with the speakers We fin .centimes, in rum! dM-riens, ihat the faup, lies net with the speakers We fin .centimes, in rum! dM-riens, ihat the Society's representative is urged to preac,a order to secure a o mg.eg 'fi ,n. and then to drop a word or two ori beuaif of Uiis institution a« tiu» m-jo, iir/ s ;-Jose. Let him be publi.-hed to p-oa.-h, and a large audience wit I u.s>-oiub! bu ,'or. him b<> aunVuncod to r,ive an address on the Bible Soci"t>, and only mete handfu: c{ the most conscientious persons in the neighbourhood wi'l attend.eetiogs of ail"kinds have beco-i6 more numerous, and connected as tlicy arc wif'u local ob'ECts. the Bible Society, appealing to the higher interests of Christianity, and not to the lower riu i < o m i n a lio r al f a ds. is supplanted by the most, unimoort.uit Fathering. We ioiu; to sou this iukewarmness towards this good cause yieiding its plf.c to tl\e aulen-' wal which its work ought to produce and keep ;n evjrv ("hri.tis'ti heart. We giory in the fact that the Centenary Fu,nd ii-is almost reached iU ideal (;f 8<>^(Ji'0 guineas. It is pitiable than in this matter VVaies ¡ gene: ally has merited no honour to herself by what she contributed :owards this object, but thanks to the late Mr-Robert Davies Bodlondeb, Anglesey, Who gave i:lO iif'o fo- the fund's completion, she still stands well as to her quota fov this grand, and all but achieved'purpose of the Society. We inuf-t say that one outstanding feature of the year 1901-05 has been the disorganization of the Auxiliary's ordinary work in consequence of the cen- tenary celebrations, and we find that these have told unfavourably on the usual collections of many auxiliaries besides our own. The attendance at the anniversary this year was above the average, dnd tv;c foot must in a creat measure be attributed to the presence on the occasion of the esteemed District Secretary, Dr. Cynddylan Jones, who, in his characteristic address easily succeeded from first to last to rivet the attention of his listeners. We would hT" to him among us much oftener, but it seems that his onerous duties will not al'ow a more frequent visit to Pembrokeshire, and the next good thing he can do for us is to send, as he usually does, the very best men he can in his btead.^ important, aspect of religious life in the principality at present is "the marvellous Revival which has spread more or less over and beyond the whole land One result of this great movement ought to be an advance in liber- ality, but it is yet too soon to know in full its bearing on the Society's work. P, i ht clad were we to find that in a few places this year in North Wales the anniversaries' were Exceptionally good. Instead of the usual meagre attend- ance, immense congregations have gathered and the character of ne meetings were affected by the religious earnestness of the people. Old formalities of reso- lution and votes cf thanks were discarded, and the meetings became alive with lution and votes of thanks were discarded, and the meetings became alive with the spirit of prayer and praise following the addresses on uhe special work of t.ie Society. a<rain stands by itself for the momentous events that it wit- nessed. No man c forecast the changes that will follow the late terrible war in the Far East But nrovidence is on the side of God s hook, and of one thing we mav v^t as<ur;d. that the Bible Society will never beat a retreat. It is moved alon- ir- v o much Divine impetus to stay in its progress until the distant but sureV'wn. which awaits the end of its task, shall gluten on its victorious brow —"Beibi i bawb o bobl y byd." i .n r. 11. The Committee deplore their loss, through death, of • no\alual>io sup- porfceis in the persons of the Rev. Thos. Johns, Mauorovven, and David names', Esq., Trebritho.n. r The Collectors are requested to go on thoic rounds and to limsn tneir task if possible by the midule of next March. ■ i Hverybody jf Try a Blancmange made with Hita^ Brown 8 Poison's «» -y IWT«rase for the breakfast table. •PATENT* l.nriv r lour ? to moment witH ttolUns water or mills, and its rc r T. austalnlner qualities ara as a relief from heavier fare. It is delightfully cooling on hot summer days, and the best *|&ti irjP jk, ,4P GSfSmk accompaniment to every y ==^ kind of stewed fresh fruit.

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