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All Goods Advertised on this I Page are Sold by the following: I T. LEWIS, FISHGUARD. A. DAVID. ST. DAVIDS. f. MEYLER, FISHGUARD. D. L. LLEWELLIN, GOODWIOK. T. M. PHILLIPS, H'WEST. T. D. MEYLER, MILFOliD RAVEN G. H. APPLEBY, NEW MILFORD. H. A, WILLIAMS, LETTERSTON. G. H. LLOYD, SOLVA. W u' ¡.&,#/¥' :#' "of '&A Veterinary Specific Jt ,or:. HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, FIGS, &c The above EeraaJy so effective in Ruch a number of diseases. tu-it io may be considered A MEDICINE -T IN ITSELF. It is special] v recommended to Farmers as a most valuable Remedy ID <30LIC, BOOUH, And unlike remedies for Colic, it does noti prove an irritant if Inflammation or Fever is present. F 6 si T yT ALBERT DAVID, Saint David's. I Dr. i. iauis BS3OTS GilLOaOOTMZ THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY QHNUINE. COLDS. '5 ASTHMA. COUGHS. BRONCHITIS. ALi! O0 Vl\?C 18 admitted by ti.e profession to b« the na>#l wosdtrfal and I S*lL valuable reraedv erar discovered, HLII inHDVs ir "-ho roraM:iJ known for Coughs, Col4», Conn&mp- fjfsLOFsUsJ 11ft tioa, Bronchitis, Asthma. ru Si ODfnV^ H'T.f 'i'<e » Cfl»rsi in Dir-.rrhcaa, and it the only spsoiflo fa Ur!L%Jlr»Ji3 I stS — Cholara so. Dysentery. nnr-^vri?r •t.iialiv- ou'.» -jjd-t all uttaoka of Epilepsy. Hysteria, I bliLUniib i uriL Palpitation ;vnd Kviwms. ilj (| t" ^Sr1 '» the onlv pfiuiar.iv« in Rheumatism, Gout, UnUiilUUUit Cancer, Moaingitfs. &e. Overwhelming Medical Testimony accompanies each bottle. Sold in bottles by all Chcn-s .> at 1/11' 2/9, and 4/6 «aeh. » r — c. '>W-=- '00. A SAFE AND PERMANENT REMEDY FOR ALL SKIN AND BLOOD DISEASES. I* SUFFER FROM ANY DISEASE due to an impure state of the t Blood, you should test the value of Clarke's Blood Mixture, the world-famed JL Blood Purifier and Restorer. It is warranted to cleanse the blood from all impurities, from whatever cause arising. For Eczema, Scrofula, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Abscesses, Blooa Poison, Glandular Swellings, Rheumatism, Gout, Blotches, Spots, Blackheads, Pimplea, and Sores of all kinds it is a Safe and Permanent Remedy. The Editor of the 7AMI1T DOCTOR says s— hosts of letters bearing testimony to the truly wonderful cures 1 °?d Mjxtnre-. It is the finest Blood Purifier that Science and Medical Skill have brought to light, and we can with the utmost confidence recommend it to our subscribers and the public generally," I f%O llt/-FUR RE D ) k IQARKESBI-QQDM iXTUREl THE WORLD-FAMED BLOOD PURIFIER, t Can be obtained of all Chemists and Stores, 2/9 per Bottle. I BEWARE OF WORTHLESS IMITATIONS. J t I AN IMPORTANT POINT in every household is the systematic use of a reliable disinfectant, not only daring the presence of infection in the neighbourhood, but as a pre- caution against the approach of disease. CALV ERTis 150/° Carbolic | n 0 f Disinfecting Powder I pw fulfils all the reqinrements of a household disinfect- rjS ant, being at once thoroughly efficient, easy to apply, ^9 and safe to use. Owing to its definite strength it £ | need only be lightly sprinkled to obtain good results. y IT IS GUARANTEED to contain 15% CALVERT'S No. 5 Carbolic, and in Stables, Kennels, Cowsheds, and Fowl or Pigeon- houses is particularly valuable to keep them j healthy and free from Insects or Flies. Special prices quoted for bulk quantities. 6d., i/- & i/6 Dredgers, at Chemists, Grocers, Stores, eK. Ii I.' F. C. CALVBRT 6t Co., Manchester. L t ",I Constitution BaIllp. 1 TESTIMONIALS. HOESES. For Grease, SweUed Lesta, Winston Hall, Cracked Heesi, Oonghs Si-oubam. Colds, Pore T hroats, They are the best wfn^^Tnfl Li*6r' j'™*61) rife «!— • M&ZSXT. Lo" Rwelled Lege in vtf HORSSA- CATTLE. t WILLIAM LONG. For Hide-bound, Staring "— Coat, Hove or Blow. Sutton Farm, Di stemper, Kpideraie, Sur Boy ton. it:it, Condtioning, Pre- j I had a weakly Year- 8er™S Health, Scouring i ling, troubled with in CaIves' &c' ^courin^. I gave one. I'e!' at two diffef';nf w v time3, and the resnH or Kot or Fluke, and for | was a perfect cure. Health, Assist- to fi'et into Condition, S. Corh. Coouring in Lambs, &c. Prepared upwards of 50 years by the late FRANCIS CUPl 5 r,R,C. v.s., DISS, NORFOLK 1 boia 'n pack; Js t'd and 3s 6d each, 7 small packet? 10s 6d, or 7 21fl" bv Chemists and Medi cine V-enclors, or fro,n Proprietor, THE WILDERNESS, DIPS, on receipt 01 amount. I BIAMOL IS THE YET DISCOVERED FOR Indigestion Heartburn. Flatulence. Liver and Kidney Disorders. -0- PREPARED ONLY BY 11 A. WILLIAMS, CHEMIST, LETTERSTON Chapped Hands, Chilblains, rough op chafed skin, can be easily remedied and the irritation promptly relieved by applying at bed-time _PM 9 CALVERT'S Carbolic Ointment. I It assists nature to effect a quick I cure, not only by its healing, but i also its antiseptic value—keeping I the broken skin in a healthy state. i A reliable household remedy for exits, burns, I bruises, scalds, piles and most skin ailments. I Sold in jars or tins, 13eack, by Chemists. | Made by F. C. CALVERT & Co., Manchester. I RUB Md, £ t,oct BABY'S ||KlS|yiUSJlUbM3^ Painlm 1 gums ■^|YiVini?rSsn7li^H u1*?tas I I WITH WonMSQW | It is very agreeable to the taste. Prevails inflammation and Convulsions, No Narcotics. Price is. 1(1. Made only by BARCLAY & SONS, Ltd., 95 Farringdon Street, London, And Sold by All Chemists. [ ,,„„,„ I j i a ive your Balsam for my children with | £ fri eat success; and have known your valuable J Remedy, for more than THIRTY YEARS. I School House, East Markham, Newark. Mr. J. H. Hall, Jan., 1902. FOR 35 YEARS 1 HAst' I"8 m CURED I iiold everywhere, 9id., Is., 2s. 6d. 0 U COUGH & COLD. 1W ——— Mr. W. H. Shaw, Sept., 1902. 72, Ashbourne Road, Liverpool. We always have a bottle in the Louse, having proved its efficacy times without number. H proved its efficacy times without number. H I I I i i i i — _ri.^r,^r_r,n_T_rn ■ i 1 THE PEMBROKE COUNTY I GUARDIAN" I STEAM PRINTING | WORKS, r SOLVA AND FISHGARD- I For PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PRINTING You cannot do better than SEND YOUR ORDERS TO THE ABOVE OFFICES. The Works replete with modern Machinery and up-to-date ap- pliances. NEWEST AND BEST STOCK OF j TYPE. ————— Samples and Prices | on application. I Estimates given for an kinds of work. 4 COLOURED MAMMOTH POSTERS A Speciality! Universally acknow- ledged to be the best turned out in the County. -{!4'1&W8.. "a-.& g £ g You £ et 1 A ° | J Blood is the i It is the Strength. It is Everything1 Everybody, yourself inciuded, is liable to a long list of Diseases. WHY? Because our impure air, impure water, impure food, impure surround- ngs generato impurities in the BLOOD. When the Blood is vitiated, RASH, rmi'LEr* SOKES, BOILS, SCURVY, ECZEMA, IRRITATIONS, ITCHING P HAD LEGS, CANCER, KING'S EVIL, J'{ ¡,; UIATISI, NEURALGIA, s-OIATICA, and a host of other mental and physical evils become possible. isiost of the ailments wo suffer from can be prevented by keeping the • ;I,;IOD PUKC The evidence of thousands is forthcoming to prove that HUGHES'S ";t 11,' 0 ,>; 'ÿ. ;j' 8r!, FILLS ",Yo! tui 'L.I' Purify the Blod, and KEEP IT PURE. you suffer from HEADACHE, INDIGESTION, BACKACHE, BILIOUSNESS, WIND, DESPONDENCY. CON STIPATION, PILES! BAD LIVER, WEAK NERVES STOMACH, KrDEY, :¡l NERVE TROUBLES, Remember that the ROOT of the mischief is in the Blood. You must get at the Blood before you do real good. HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS have an immedi ate action upon the Blood and the whole system. TRY THEM. LOOK j, ONE TBADE^MAEK W¡T!IOUT ON EACH IT. Box. The- ,b k-e sold by all Chemists snd Stores at is. I1d., Js. 9d., Is. 6d., or send value in stamp' or P.O. to maker, JACOB HUGHES, M;P.S., L.D.S., Manufacturing Chemist, PENARTH, Cardiff. HAVE YOU TRIED 0 ivi BALM ? It is a Salve for every wound, with marvellous properties in curing and healing all kinds of Sores. Skjn Rash, Eczema, Burns, Scalds, Scurvy, Ga.l. lirtgs in Cnildren and Women, Piles, Scabby Heads, Chaps, Ringworm, Stiff Joints, Irritations and Inflammations of all kinds. Noted for r..S" BAD LEGS. TRY IT. Sold by all; Chemists f. let Stores at Is. Hd., or send value in stamps or P.O."to makei JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., L.D.S., PENARTR Cardiff. Ask for GOMER'S P»JJ_I," and see that the nam -11 J-teeb Hughes" is on each box, without hich none is genuine. UHS8U62TE&. (ORIGINAL OPKN FOR INSPECTION). 215, Oxford-street, Pontycymmer, Dec. luth, 1905. Dear Sir,-Please send me a pot of yuur No. 2 Ointment. I have a great faith in it. If yon look back I have had your valuable oint- ment since Nov. 27, to put on my breast. It has done wonders on me. J y breast has come all right by now. It did ache for a long time after I had the water out of it. I use to have pain right round my left side up to my shoulder eflected from my breast. My left side was goinp; cold full of shivers. But thank you very much for your valuable ointment. I feel quite well now, and my breast is quite supple. You can use these words as truth. Now I am going to try this ointment on the side of my son. He is suffering this few months, growing too fast I think, he is only 16 and 4 months. He complains of his side, and I think there is a little swelling there so I want to try a pot of No 2. If you got something better I am willing to try it, and I am sending 2s 9d for same. Yours faithfully, MRS JEREMIAH MORGAN. The relative strengths of the Mannina Oint- ment (Trade Mark) are described and known as follows:—No. 1, full; No. 2, medium; No. 3, mild. No. 1, the most powerful variety, is to be used in Cancerous growths of all kinds, such as cancer of the breast, lip, etc., and also for Tumors, etc., at 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 8s 6d per pot. No. 2. This is a milder form than No. 1, and is to be applied in cases of Ulcerated Legs, Carbuncles, Fistula, foul wounds of every de- scription, Poisoned Hands, etc., Abscesses, Scalds, Burns, Erysipelas, Scurvy, etc., at Is 1-id, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d per pot. 2 No. 3, being of a still milder nature than No. 2, is to be used for ai I skin diseases, such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Ringworm. Chapped and Bleeding Hands, Chilblains, Itch, Mange, etc., at Is Kd, 2s 9d, and 4s 6d per pot. SCHEDULE OF CURES. Cancerous growths in the Breast, Bioeding Cancer in the Neck, Ulcerated and Virulent on Leg, Poisoned Hand, Lozenia 11"m Birth, Abscesses after Vaccination, Rodent Ulcers on Hands, Blood Poison on Foot, Ulcerated Sores and Eczema, Virulent Abscess on leg, Blood Poison in Hand, Foul Wound on Leg, &c. The Ointment may be oiitnined from the Man- nina" Ointment Co., M-tin-screet. Fishguard, or from Mr Thos. Lewis, chemist. Fishguard; F. D. Phillips, Haverfordwest; H. A. V* illiams, Letterston Albert David, St. David's; J. Williams, Newport, Pem. T. Meyler, ehemist, Fishguard ana D. Llewellyn, chemist, Goodwick, &c.