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Roose Petty Sessions.


Roose Petty Sessions. Saturday-BAfore Messrs T. Rule Owen (in the ohair), W. Davies, and G. Davies. CHARGE OF ASSAULT. At the last sitting of the uouit a case was heard in which Tbom as Powell, of Dreeu Hill, was summoned for assaulting Peter Lewill at Steynton on January 9. After a long hearing* the Bench decided that each of the parties should be bound over to keep the peace in the sum ot £ 10, and should pay the oosts between them. AN EXCISE PROSECUTION. Georv.f Harries, farm labourer, Walton Farm, Walton West, was summoned tor killing game on November 16 without having a proper license or oertifioate. He pleaded guilty. Mr. O'Shea, supervisor, said Mr. Howell Walters saw the defendant shooting a pheasant. He had a dog and a gun with him, and had a license for a gun and dog, but no license to kill game. Defendant said he was sorry for what he had done, and in reply to the Bench said be had permission to go on this land. He was fined;C2 and costs. WORRYING SHEEP. John Jones, of Bolton Hill, was summoned by Mr. J. T. Fisher, of Denant, who sought to recover f5 from defendant for two sheep killed by his dog. Mr. W. G. Eaton Evans, who prosecuted, said some boys going to Bolton Hill School heard some doga in the field. They taw two dogs, one belonging to defen- dant, and the other to a man named Phillips, chasing the sheep about the field. One of the sheep was in such a condition that it bad to be killed. On the following day Mr. Fisher went to the Bolton Hill School, and the boys repeated their story as to seeing the sheep chased. On December 14, a farmer named Wm. Gibby, of Bolton Hill, heard defendant's dog barking, and he saw it worrying the sbeep. Evidence in support was given by Daniel Mathews and Garfield Reynolds, two boys who saw the sheep being worried, and by Wm. Gibby in the second case. The defend- ant Jones denied that it was his dog which killed the sheep on the first occasion, but admitted that it was on the second occasion. He called Miss Absalom, an assistant at Bolton Hill School, who Faid she saw two dogs ohasing the sheep, but neither of the dogs belonged to defendant. '1 he Bench held both cates proved, and ordered defendant to pay 22 10s in each case. Defendant, who said he was only a poor schoolmaster, was allowed a month's time to pay.

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