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FISHGUARD NEWS. The l' er. W. Clay, vicar of Bisley, Glos., is now home for a short time, and looks Well. The Goodwick Choral Society held a prac- tice in the Temperance Hall, at 8 p.m., on Minday last. ♦a.* A practice of the Fishguard Choral Soc- iety was held at the County School on Sun- day evening last, at 8 o'clock. In future, the practices will be held at the school every Thursday and Sunday evenings, commenc- ing at 8 o'clock. The fifth of the series 0;' Oxford Exten- sion Lectures was held in the County School on Friday last, at 8 p.m., when Mr J. P. Maine, 13.Sc., delivered a very interesting lecture on The origin and development of language. Mr W. L. Williams presided. There was a fair attendance. The lee ture was illustrated with lantern slid s, being manipulated by Mr 0. Gledh'ii. I A meeting of the Governors of the County School was held at the School at 4.80 p.m. on Friday last, when the follow- ing were present:—Dr. Williams, Messrs B. Thomas. Wm. James, the headmaster (Mr U. Giedliill), and the clerk (Mr V. W. Lewis).—Mr Wm. James proposed, and Mr H. Thomas seconded, that Mr Gledhill be empowered to grant the use of the large schoolroom and piano on Thursiay and Sunday evenings for the practices of Mr John Evans' choir, and that they make a grant to some fund connected with the school to cover cost of gas.—It was also agreed that no smoking, chewing tobacco, or spit- ting on the floor be allowed, and that the Headmaster shou'd have power to break the contract at any time on account of gross carelessness. Mr Wm. James proposed that the Cierk write to Mr Ball (late of the firm of Messrs Duck, Son, and Pinker, Bath), acknowledging his letter, and say that they wi 1 consider his application at the end of the year. Last week Miss Anita Davies, youngest daughter of the Bev. W. Morlais Davies, left for Dovvlais. Being that she was the organist at the Tabernacle, her departure is greatly felt. Her place has been taken up by Miss Minnie Thomas, Goodwick House. After an illness of over a week's duration, the respected pastor of the Tabernacle, kev. W. Moriais Davies, occupied the pulpit on Sunday last. The services at Bethel on Sunday next will be conducted by the Hev. B. Thomas, Letterston. The Pembrokeshire County Council have granted permission to ttic friends at Bethel to take possession of their building plot near the Temperance I-ILtil. "lie members are actively engaged in con- sideling plans and specifications for a hand- some structure. A very enjoyable social (under the auspi- ces of Mr Nath Evans' choirs) was held at the Temperance Hall'on Friday evening i last, being cater, d for in fit;e style by Mr D. Thomas, Goodwick House. From 5 to 7 p.m. tea was provided for the children's choir, during which time several of the members rendered solos, the choir also sing- in "Morning" (8, W. Scbartan) as the finale. The children having dispersed, the tables were theu laid for the adult members, about ninety being present. After partaking of the good things provided and the tables tD s cleared, a programme of so'ps, &c., was gone through, followed by dancing and 0 games. Messrs A. J. Hodges and S. J. Pitt acted as accompanists, while Mr L. Evans occupied the chair. At the close the Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to all who were responsible for the success at the social, which was seconded by Mr Hodges, thus terminating a most enjoyable evening. A hurricane from the north-north-east raged over Fishguard and district on Satur- day night and Sunday last, lathing the sea ( into fury and foam. Soon after 8 o'clock on Sunday morning, the coastguard at Strnmble Head reported having sighted a two-mas- ted schooner running 0,. fore the wind in the direction of Newport Bay, with jib and foresails blown away. A rocket was fired by the lifeboat coxswain (J. Thomas) calling out the Fishguard crew, but a message came that the schooner had run on the sands at Newport, and did not need the lifeboat. Coastguard Lawrence and the rocket appa- ratus crew took the waggon and apparatus round a course of nearly four miles to get close to the vessel, which proved to be the Desdemona,of Aberystwith,bound fromPoole to Liverpool, with china clay. Three of the crew were rescued by the apparatus, but the captain and chief mate refused to leave the sli p, which, though fairly high with bows on, is reported to be bieaking up. The crew were :—Mr Hugh Williams (master and o.xrer), Mr Ti lomas Griffiths (mate), Mr Griffith Jon. s (A.B.), Griffith Davies and George Herbert Woodward (lads). All left lor tiieir homes at Criccieth,. via Crym- mych and Aberystwyth, oil j ueôday morn- ing Ian. except the captain. The rocket apparatus was installed at Newport only ave weeks ago, and th crew on this fiis' cali for its services acted with piaise- worthy promptitude. The gale has played havoc with the Great Western Railway Company's breakwater at Goodwick, the seas break ng th:ough the huge mole at one or two poiirs, and washing sleepe;s, r and rolling-stock into the sea. Even the lighthouse, which stood the test of the last gale, was Svvept bodily from its positions early on Sunday morning, the concrete foundations and upper structure of stout masonry sharing a like fate. Thousands upon thousands of tons of the rubble have I gone with the terrific breakers, the latter sweeping over and through it with tremen- dous force. A considerable length has id so 1\ d sappeared, the gale being the worst exper- ienced for some years. Numerous craft inside the harbour, However, rod in safety. *a* On Monday afternoon, about 5 o'clock, j as David Thomas was driving a cart be- longing to Mr George Bennett, spirit dealer, down the hill past Goodwick Station, the horse shied, and dashed against the railings on the station side of the road and broke through them. The shock threw out Thomas, who fell on his head beyond the stone embankment into the bog. He walked across the stream and fell on his face again. The horse and cart rolled over and over, but the horse seemed very little \Vors'>. The frame of the cart was broken and the wheels and axle were detached from the cart. The injured man was taken to Mr D. L. Llewellyn, Chemist, Goodwick, and was found to have sustained a cut about 2 indus long on his head and a bad bruise on his forehead. Little by little the name of our town— linked Inseparably, of course, with that of Goodwick, our neighbour across the sands —is becoming familiar to thousands of the newspaper-reading public. This is as it should be, for advertisement is quite as necessary and essential to the future well- being of Fishguard and Goodwick as health resorts, as it is to the prosperity of the ordinary tradesman. In the current issues of such widely-read illustrated publications as the London Illustrated Kews," Graphic," and Sphere," charming little photographic reproductions, with explana- tory paragraphs, of Fishguard Bay are given. The views in the two first-men- tioned periodicals are the same, showing the bay in all its calm and stately beauty, with a glimpse of the entrance to Lower i Town, and are taken from the high ground of Pen Cw. The other view taken from a vantage point overlooking the Hotel Wyncliffe, embodies a portion of the Harbour vVorks, and less of seascape. These neat pictures should do much to- wards awakening public interest in favour of our coming prosperity as a health resort. A meeting in support of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel was held at 7.30 p.m. last Monday in the Boys' National Schoolroom, when the Rev. J. J. Evans, vicar of Walton, delivered a lecture, illustrated by lantern slides, on the work of the S.P.G. "n the Far West." There was a fair attendance. The vicar, Rev. W. Evans, M.A., presided, and said that the object of those meetings was to edu- cate and to show how the Church was trying to take the Gospel to foreign parts. Rev. J. J. Evans, in an interesting lecture, said that that was the third visit he had paid to Fishguard. The lecturer then dealt with the work.in British Columbia, and showed about 50 slides to illustrate it, commencing with the first Church built in Canada. Starting from Vancouver, views were given of timbering, Indian villages with totems, medicine men, Fort Simpson, where the first missionary landed, natives, and the Church which was the Red Indian offering to God. He concluded by asking them to Help the S.P.G. by (I) taking an interest in the work, (2). by their prayers, and (it by their alms. During the singing of the last hymn a collection for the funds of the S.P.G. was taken. A A A meeting of the Managers 0f the Fish- guard and Henner Council Schools was held on Monday, the 5th inst. Present Messrs W. James (in the chair), W. Cuthbert Thomas, W. L. Williams, Ald. Rowlands, Mr O. D. Jones (headmaster), and Mr W. D. Lewis (attendance officer). —Bills were presented for payment and passed.—Application was made from D. Rees, pupil teacher at Henner Council School, asking for an increase of salary, and on the motion of Mr Cuthbert Thomas, seconded by Ald. Rowlands, it was decided to recommend that the committee should grant an increase.—A request was made by the Headmaster of Henner Council School to have a holiday on February 22, in commemoration of the French invasion, as the children attending there were to have a tea on that. day.—The attendance officer read his report which showed that illness was very prevalent in the district, and consequently the attendance was not what it should be. The C.M. Presbytery was held in Tower Hill Chapel on Tuesday and Wednesday last. On Monday, at 5 p.m., there was a committee on the matter of administering the Centenary F'und in aid of the weak churches in Pembrokeshire. The follow- ing were present: — Revs. LI. Griffiths, Dinas (in the chair) D. Morgan, St. Dog- maels Benj. Lewis, Tenby — Herbert, Solva W. p. Jones, Fishguard — Griffiths, Bethesda Mr Watts Williams, St. Favid's; Mr Adams, Kilgerran; Mr T. Lewis, chemist, Fishguard Mr D. Harries, Newport, Pem. and Dr. Williams, Drim. On Tuesday afternoon a conference was held, which was largely attended by ministers and laymen. In the evening at 6.30, and on Wednesday at 10 a.m., 2 and 6 p.m., sermons were preached by the following :-IZex-s. H. W. Thomas, Maes- I teg P. D. orse, Wolfscastle Benjamin Lewis, Tenby Griffiths, Bethesda I Llewellyn Griffiths, Dinas; and George Morgan, Newport. The meetin..s were largely attended, and were of a very fervent ( nature. # B is intended by the members of the North Pembrokeshire Farmers' Club and trie;ids to entertain Mr W. H. "arver at a compli-. entary banquet at the Commercial Hotel, Fishguard, on Friday, M ivch 2nd, as an appreciation of hjf, services whilst secretary of the Club tickets m^.y be had ol Messrs D. H. Pe.-kins. Bmy^g'.variie J. Bo-.vcn, Pei.rhiw; or V. J. G. Johns, hishgua rcl.—Thin, igain, arrangements have be.-n made with some of the chLf pioneers of Agriculture to read papers on certain Market days to t e members < f the ■ dub and all interested, so that the useful- ness ot the same may be (xtended. and Agriculturists given opportunities of dis- cussing together any I e'Ortlls ihey wish to advocate. Mr j. C. Yorke has kindly con- sented to read ill; first paper on Thursday next, February 22nd, on the subject, "Tariff Heiorn from an Imp rial and Farmer's point of view. Po-morrow (Friday) evening, a grand social will be held in the Temperance Hall by the members of J. W. Evans' choirs, commencing at 7.30 o'clock. Last Tuesday evening, Capt. T. D. Lewis, Tower Hill, left for Lubeck, Ger- many, to join his steamer. Mr John Vaughan, Pantgwyn, Llany- chaer, whose accident we reported last week, is, we are pleased to say, rapidly recovering. Mr T. H. W. Williams, until recently on the staff of the Guardian at Fish- guard, leaves this week for Canada, where he has secured an appointment on one of the dailies out there. We wish him bon voyage.





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