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1 ?/???A? ?ct?? ? c/ y ? 'jq.;d 40 Y D'S jAMi Made from the finest Whole Fruit in the heart of the Country under ideal conditions, free from all contaminations. Those Jams are perfect food Nourishing, appetising, and delicious. To try them once is to make friends of them for ever. j ASK YOUR GROCER FOR KYDD'S JAMS. KYDO& KYDD, FRUtT PRESERVERS, FROt)SttAM,CHESH[RE "Y DINESYDD CYMREIG" ydyw yr ORGAN SWYDDOGOL I UMDEB CHWARELWYR GOGLEDD CYMRU. CYNYRCHWYD GYDA LLAFUR UNDEBOL. ESTABUSHED NEARLY 50 YEARS. For Range of Choice, Latest Deigns. Sterling Qna lity, and Lowest Possible Ca-sh Prices, in making Tour selections of PRESEMIS You cannot do better than call to inspect the Splendid Display of Newest Lines in Jewellery, Silvcrware, and Fancy Articles, at 8. 12 :LACE t" Y 12 PALACE STREET, CARNARVON. LARGE STOCK OF CHARMING NOVELTIES, SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS DOB Dceb&rth o FORWYNtON yn —' Eiaiau. LIeoedd da yn tgored y-c twr ar ein Uyfrau. Cooka, Cock t,<ner<k!t, Souaem&ida Hotel, Preifat a fhyboeddus, Gener&la, Waitreeaee, Ac. "mofyuer 4 Colwyn Bay X.L. SerrMite to&try, Ctrlton BuHdinae, Cclwyn *A$. CYFLE A))BENN)C MAE R. P. LLOYD, WEDI AGOR BUSNES NEWYDD YN 4, Palace St. Gaernarfon, MEWN GWERTHU A CHYFNEWtD DODREFN HEN A NEWYDD, GWELY- AU, CLOCtAU, PAPURAU TAt, A FANCY DECORATIONS, &c. Gallwn gyf!enw! DODREFN TA!, a chan. iatau Is 6c yn y Bunt am Arian Pared. Prisiau Neitttuot o Resymot. OYMA GYFLE ARBENNtG. EISTEDDFOD FLYNYDDOL I' SALEM, CAERNARFON. NOS IAU, CHWEFROR taf, 1917. CYSTADIJEUAETHAU PAVYSIG a I dyddorol mewn Cerddoriacth, Ad- roddjadau, ac Anirywiziethol. Gwobr- wyon S lweddol yu yr QU. Antoncr am Destynau at yr Ysgtit- enyddion: I M_ DAVIK.S, Paiacc Street. ? !)-s OWEN HUMPHHEYS, Palace Chambers. AR WERTH. A MER!CAN ORGAN (Crane), 12 -? Stops. Mewn cy?wr rhagoro!.—Ym- ofyncr, trwy lythyr, ag ''Organ, Swydd- {a'r "Dmesydd," Caemarfon. YN EtStAU. B LACKSMITHS AND STRIKERS '— 'ranted inunediate!y. Good wages for suitable men.—Apply, D. J. Williams, Porth-yr-Aur Iron Works, Carnarvon. t ?,?g? "WAVCURL" promotes Curly Hair. Haveyou ever thought how much a head of Cnrty Hair would improve your appearance ? "Wtvccr!" Impartt beau<ifut permanent cur!s. Oae packet suScient, owever listless your hair is. One testi- monialsays: "My hairsoon becamlamass of wavycuris." For either LtdiM or Gtnttt- mtnor ChUdrot.Ttus is what you have been looking for years. Guaranteed harmless. Prtct 2/9 per packet, post free. For a short time, howevM, we are setting our special offer to all enclosing this advert. Send t/6 for a,,2/9 packet. (Two for 2/9.) Tht NEW WAVCURL Co., <S. mtweed HeMt. Hiah Ho!boM Lextten. W.C. S!OPYf)ORAtCMM EMTEAIE SIREET. CMUMMt) nV'R LLE GOREU AM BOB MAIH 0 E§(MAU Am brisiau isaf yn bosibl. CYFLAWNDER 0 DDEWIS. ISGAER LEWtS, & CO rpO MOTHERS.-Nits are a curise. Tty "Schotar&' Otntment." in tina 6d &ad Is post free. Agenta w&nted._ OoTiglaa, 6, B&rlow St., Aoomb, York. r EFT.OPFCLOTHtNGW&nted ?-? Ladies, Geote, and Children'a. 3<et prices giTcn Send pa-rcels. Mrf SMt, 83, Lower Hill gate, Stockport. s TAM MER E RS.Ca.n Stammer bs ? Cured by Correspondence?" Inter' r:.ting booklet and expert advice free.— Wareing NetherviUe, Wballey, neM ulackbum. 'I' A RMY and NAVY "SANTOL' PRE-  ??- PA RAT! ON for al! Urin&ry froubles. One box enough remedy, with instruction and useful booklet. Boxes 2< 9d and 4s 6d post free.—HULME'S, Chemist, Nottingham. Estabhshed 1892. Chemist, Nottin_c,ham. 1- ?r? LOVELY CROCHET PA?fTERNS, ?? Is; Id postage. Shepherd? 18, Addison Road, Preston. ,A STROLOGY. Life evente? oimmgea, -?- fortunate d?ya, buaiiLeaa tuoceM, m&trimony; two ye<M' hiture <tdded; temd birth date, It P.O. Prof. Gould, ttM -D ABBtT NETTING.—Long Field Note, -? Lines, complete, in green, tan, or natural colour, also Special Netting Twines, super Qax. Samples and list free from E. PamaJ! and Co., Netting Works, Bedminster, Bristol. ?"tLL THAT FLY!—It ia the greatest Kbreeder of disease known to science. Professor Payne's "Panxene" kills Riee, ) motba and all other insects. It is a pro-; paration of Pancy petals dried and drugged, and is a safeguard against all infectioua diBeasea. Beautifully scented to carry on person. Large sample packet 2d.-Prof. Payne, 2, MeiviUe Street, Ryde, I.O.W. GUILD HALL, CAERNARFON. Mf!L)JM!AtJ BYW D A V I E S PLUF DDARLUNIAU YR WYTHNOS: "TRAFFIC. "TOMMY ATKINS. "PEG 0 THE RING." Mynediad i mown, la 2c, 7o; 40. I SWYDDOGOL. THE CARNARVON COUNTY SCHOOL. Headmaster: E. P. EVANS, Esq., 8.A., Assisted by a WcU-quaUHed StaK. THE New School Year Comnx'nces on Tuesday, the 16th January, 1917. The Headmaster will interview parems at thf School oti the hctwcpn .10.30 aud 12 noon. Pupils are prepared to) tilp C.W.H. Ex.uninatioM, University Schotars:);!s and Civil Service and Comme-rciat Cat-ec.s Forms of Application for Entry mav be obtained from the Headmaster <n f:<t) the undersigned J. IJIJOYD-HOBERT8, F.S.A. A.. Clerk to the Governing Body Carnarvon, January, 2, 1917. AT EIN GOHEBWYR. Oherwydd cyfnewidiadau yn a,mser y trens a'r cyfyngu yn eu nifer y mae'n rha)d i bob gohebiaoth fod mown Haw erbyn nos Lun. Cofier hyn, os na wneir ni eUir sicrhau ne.