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— COURT. I BRIDGEND POLICE COUBT. I N Saturday.—Before Aideruian. v» m. Llewellyn (chairman), Col. J. 1. D. Nicholl, Dr. E. J. Parry, AideAnan John Thomas, Messrs. T. E. Hopkins, Frank Hodges, Wm. Powell, Thomas Bevan, G. E. Bhndell, Rees John, Evan David, Thomas Lucas, and G. E. Llewellyn. The Drink.-The following were each fined 15s. fur being drunk &Ad disorderly:—Mrs. Sarah Gillett, Ogmore. Vale, at Wyndham, all Saturday last; Emlyn Morgan, labourer, Nan- tymoel, Oil December 5th, at Prioetown; Win. Williams, collier, Commercial Street, Maesteg. Bad Language.—Gwilym Jones was fined 15s. for usring bad language at Pontycymmer. William Under hill, labourer, Bridgend, mas similarly ciiaxged. I .u. ^oriiiau deposed uiac c i iaxgk,,( I il .(2. on Saturday night he was at Newcastle Hill, where detendant was cursing and swearing.— filled. 2->s.—David Jenkins, collier, Caerau, was fined 15s. for using filthy language in Coegnant Road. PLigilistic.-Ilaj,or Courtney and Albert E. Tilley, colliers, WyiKiham, were up for causing an obstruction by fighting in Corbett Street, on the night of Saturday, December 8th. Each blamed the other for starting the row.—The Bench treated both alike; a penalty of lot. in each cajec. Straying Steeds.—John Bevan, collier, 1J:ae6- teg, was lined 10s. for allowing three horses to stray in Bethania Street on December 8th. Registration.—There was again quite a crop of cases for "failing to notify." The most in- teresting of these cases was that in which a yaung collier, named Selwyn Sutton, living at Maesteg, was summoned for failing to notify his change of address from 18 (Jwmdu Street to No. 26 in the same street.—Defendant, a smil- ing and peculiarly happy-looking youth, said he he; I just got married, and forgo;ten all abovit it." (Laughter.) In letting him off without a conviction, and on payment of 4s. costs only, the Chairman said, "You must not forget your other responsibilities in life." (More laughter.)—For similar offences, William Chant, labourer, Maeeteg; John Jones, engineer, Oak Street, Aberbenfig, and William Jones, collier, Bettws, were each fined 10s.; Richard W. Jones, collier, Litchard, and Evan Evans, collier, Maeeteg, were each called upon to pay 4:s. costs. Brutal and Unprovoked.A man of sixty years of age, named John Smith, haulier, 18 Marion Street, Blaengarw, was convicted of an assault which the Chairman described as "brutal and unprovoked," upon Jenkin Charles, aged 74, of 42 James Road, Blaengarw. There was nothing before known against the defend- aat, who was fined t3 or one month. Theft.—Lewis Evans, Turbervill Street, and Thomas Thomas Bridgend Road, both re- pairers, of Maesteg, were each fined £ 1 for having, on Decern b-er Ath, stolen a piece of wood ,(\. L8 tXi.). the property of North's Navigation Coiiieries, Ltd. In the Pit.-Thomas Webb, colliet, was fille.d £ § for being intoxicated in the Coegnant Col- liery on November 26th. G.W.R. Trepassers.—Mr. W. H. Daviee, so- licitor, Cardiff, appeared in behalf of the G.W. Railway Company, to prosecute in two cases of trespassing upon the Company's property. Daniel Mills, Ambrose Jones, and Thomas Brake, Blaengarw, were first convicted of using, or misusing, the line for the purposes of what was called a "short cut," and were fined 10s. each on proof of trespass.—TV illiam Lewis and David Jenkins, Nantyffyllon, were similarly summoned. This case Mr. Davies described as worse than the last, inasmuch as defendants were under the influence of drink, and gave fictitious names and addresses, and damage was constantly done at the spot in question.—Pined 15s. each. Caerau Couple.-Evidence was given showing that Joseph Murphy, repairer, 91 Caerau Road, Caerau, had treated his wife, Elizabeth, badly, and that the woman was intimidated and in fear—The Bench granted a separation ordex, with C2 a week for the maintenance of com- plainant and her three children, with costs 4/6. -the Chairman said there was a bad record against defendant, who would be bound over to be of good behaviour for twelve months. Moa,day.-Before: Mr. D. H. Lloyd (in the chair), Dr. E. J. Parry, and Mr. T. E. Lewis. Boys and Lamp.—Thomas Barnett and Willie Lydclon, boys of 11, were charged with stealing a bicycle lamp from Maesteg Road, Tondu. The complainant, a collier named Benj. Hopkins, did not wish to press the charge, upon the ground that Barnett was a motherless boy, and bus father is an invalid, and Tyddon's father is fighting in France.—P.C. Osborne gave evidence of arrest. Barnett said, "We took the lamp, and sold it for a shilling." The other boy said, "I unscrewed it." The lads were bound over in the sum of t2 to be of good behaviour for six months. Serious Juvenile Escapade.—Three boys living in Bridgend Road, Pontycymmer-William Cor- nick, Richard David Thomas, and Owen Thomas —were charged with damaging five trams, the property of the New Braichycymmer Colliery Company, Pontycymmer, on Dec. 9th, to the amount of .210.-In the absence of defendants, the case was adjourned for a week, the Magis- trates saying they must be present. The facts were that the boys rode 60 yards on the tram, and then jumped oif, the tram running at a high rate of speed down an incline, finally jump- ing off the rails, and rolling down a steep em- bankment. Defendants then returned, and loaded two more trams, mounted those also, and jumped off. The trams collided, and were de- railed. Another Caerau Coal Case.—John E. Hopkins (15), colliery boy, Caerau, was charged with stealing coal, value 10d., the property of Messrs North's Navigation Collieries Co. Defendant's plan was to mount a truck, and help himself. He had been up twice before for stealing, and was fined 10s. "Skating" Nuisance.—The modern small boy, as developed, is passionately fond of any sort of locomotion other than the normal, and roller skating has become a popular pastime in certain parts of the town. The craze is no pastime for th-e general public, and complaints have been made to the police. As the result three lads, described as grocers' assistants, were now charged with obstructing the free passage qf Cemetery Road by skating on December 4th.— Defendants (John Bradshaw, Ivan Bradshaw, and Henry Mitchell) were fined 5s. The Chair- man intimated that any future caess would be dealt with more severely.








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