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Mr. W. LEYSHON, ivf,ganist, Congregational Church, Bridgend, SOLO PIANIST AND ACCOMPANIST. RlPILB PREPARED FOB EXAMINATION AS ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, and THEORY OF MTOftC. Mentymool, Ogmore VaM, Aberkenflg, and Psnsoed Visited Weakly. Address—"Rocklea," Coifcy lipids, BRIDGEND. Bridgend Preparatory and Commercial School for Boys and Girls, LMSer Town Hall. If ASTIR: Rev. T. Gwilym Jones, B.D. (HONOURS, CARMAILTXU COLLEGB). Students prepared for Ministerial Colleges, College of Preceptors, Oxford and Cambridge Locale, Post Office and Banks Examinations. Special Commercial Courts. Arithmetic, Short- hand, Book-keeping, Typewriting and Composi- tion. Pupils Coached im em* or more Subjects. A Good List af Successes. MR. T. DA VIES, MUs. B AC., A.B.C.O., A.Mus. S.C.L., I.S.M., Urianist of 3t Mary's Church, Cardiff. Leeal Examiner far R.C.M., London. VIOLIN, PIANO, HARMONIUM, SINGING, HARMONY. POBTHCAWL VISITED WEEKLY. tglolw on Saturdays at— Meaara. THOMPSON ft BHACKELL. BRIBaBND. Address: 15 Westbourne Crescent, Cardiff. L L J i f X H S- ? ?M* O?tOBt 1 ROYAL EXCHANGE. ik LONDON. <MMW?? I?ooryoTated A.D. 178t. Sovernor I !WMtMtMt BIB N.TILLE  LUBBOCK, K.C.M.G. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE CORPORATION. Fire, Life, Sea, Accidents, Burglary, Annuities, Employer's Liability, Fidelity Guarantees. THE Fire Policies of the Corporation extend to every low or damage by Lightning, whether the property Insured be mA on Fire thereby or not, J Farmers' Liability nmder the Workmen« Compensation Act covered at equitable rates. The Corporation is prepared to act as TRUSTEE and EXECUTOR. Apply for full particulars of all classes of Insurance to Mr. D. J. GWYN, London City and Midland Bank, Ltd., Bridgend.-Meem. GWTN 4 GWYN, Cowbridge. HIGH GRADE FOOTWEAR. II K" BOO T SAN D gHOES FOB PERFECT FIT, DURABILITY, 4 COMFORT. Quality and Price Right. "Hotdfatt" Boots for Farmer and Miners. Every Pair Gsarant^ed. Leggings of All Strles. Waterproof Goods-All ri ption? in Stock. 8ADDLERY.—30 Setii of Harness to chooee from. Saddles, Bridlee, aad every description of Leather Goods. Travelling Reqiii 8ites Trunks, Portmanteaux unci Bag. Note the Addrelsa:- YORWERTI-I pHOMAS, JJRIDGEND. THE BIBLE TRUE. CHRISTAOElPHIAN MEETING ROOM, OLD STONE BRIDGE, DUNRAVEN PLACE, BRIDGEND. A LECTURE Will be delivered on SUNDAY NEXT, at 6.30 p.m. (God willing), Subject DEATH. All Welcome Seats free.; Questions Invited. No Collection. Please bring a Bible with you. Free Lectures each Swnday at 6.30, and a Bible Class each Thursday at 7.30. You are invited to each. 9959 BRIDGEND AND DISTRICT INVESTMENT AND LOAN SOCIETY. Loans Granted to Members. Co- -Operative Principles. For Full Particulars apply to the Secretary- Mr. D. O. EVANS, Bridge Buildings, DVNBAVEN PLACI, Telephone, 152. BBIDGIHD. D AVIES' CHEST RELIEVERS. THE ROCK SHOP, CAROLINE STREEff, BRIDGEND. The old is past, the new is oome, And still my goods are Number One; Of long Renown my Chest Relievers. Belief for Colds, but not for Fevers. TRY J. I. PREDDY, WATER STREET, ABERAVON, for COLLIERS' AND STEELWORKERS' HAND- MADE BOOTS. 1456 Now is the Time to Buy Furniture. Don't Wait Until it is too dear. THE South Wales Furnishers HAVE SOME Wonderful Bargains TO OFFER. CASH OR EASY TERMS. That Qualify of tlisSr Gaads Is well- .own. THE South Wales Furnishers, 25 Wanton St. I BBIDGEHD. Revised Scale of Charges FOR SMALL PREPAID Advertisements Which include "Wanted," "To Let," "For Sale," and Miscellaneous. tf Remittance is not sent with Advertieemeat, the full credit rate will be efeaTged. 1 INSEETIOH. 3 INSSBTIOMI 15 Words C < 1 8 20 Words 1 0 2 0 25 Worde 1 a _on. 2 6 80 Words 1 6 8. ST. MARGARET'S SCHOOJL PARK STREET, BRIDGEND. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. PREPARATORY CLASS FOR BOYS. Private Coaching: in amy Subject. EXCELLENT EXAMINATION RESULTS. Early Applications for Vacancies is requested. Principal MISS ALEXANDER (lato .f Southerndown), assisted by Qualified Staff. 1761 THE GOVERNMENT Has impressed the necessity of frugality and sobriety by all. and rising prices cam- pel the good housewife to prohibit luxuries and prepare simple dishes frem available ingredients. This change If diet, althsugh equally nourishing may cause a tempor- ary disturbance of the digestive functions, j In such cases there is no simpler and more effectual remedy for Indigestion, Liver Troubles, Head or Backache than Kernick's Vegetable1 Fills They keep the system Uj8 to concert pitell Sold in 9d. and 1/3 boxes by Rfl Chemists, etc.  FRI Pp-ts Fraqrance of -? t ?MM In Old XXbrld Important to All who wish to Succeed I omp. firms have an idea that oec.isp tney are well known there is no need to advertise. > 111 This is NOT ENTERPRISE, and the time conies when they are superseded by a firm at one time in a very"'Small way. 111 There are old-established firms whose businesses were made when there was not the competition there is now, and think they can do without advertising. Ill THIS IS A MISTAKE. The FIRMS WHO ADVERTISE are THE SUCCESSFUL ONES. HENRY LAVIERS, MAESTEG, SPECIAL SHOW THIS WEEK! Men's, Youths' and Boys9 Overcoats, Trench Coats, Suits, Shirts, Scarves, Gloves, Hats, Ties, etc. Agents for Burberry Coats and Christy's Hats, Ladies' Furs, Paletots, Trench Coats, etc., new every week. Our XlllaS Bazaar Now Open! Useful New Year Presients. See Our Windows. Or (better still) Step Inside. MYERS BERSOVITCH, I NOLTON Sir., IBIRIIDGRNnq ,I LADIES' COSTUMIER, GENTS' OUTFITTER AND GENERAL DRAPER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TRAVELLERS SUPPLIED. MMSNIIRASKAMHSSSNSBHNMMMMSSSMAILMNMSNSI^HMAMNIHMI ■MHNOMBHM 0^P|§| LLOYDS BANK I Inljyi LIMITED. HEAD OFFICE: 71, LOMBARD ST., E.C. 3. NATIONAL WAR BONDS. APPLICATIONS MAY BE LODGED AT ANY OF THE BRANCHES OF THE BANK. COUPONS AND DIVIDEND WARRANTS CASHED FOR HOLDERS WHO HAVE NO BANKING ACCOUNTS. WASTE PAPER. 5/6 per cwt: for Mixed, any Colour or Quality. Thos. Owen and Co., Ltd. ELY PAPER WORKS, CARDIFF. Will Lend Bags and Pay Carriage on Delivery. Write for Full Particulars.   *???? r? off XL Pj pal /H ?\???? \???? ???? 'oJ" WAR! WAM!* WAR! pUT the Hhi on Ir&n Rations. Sell us your Old Irftu, WaPaper, Old Rags, Old Ragged Clofchea, Jam Pots and Wine Bottles, House Boaes, HOTS* Hair, Rabbit Skins, etc. Everything bought and paid for on the scales. —Marine Stores, the back of Grore Road, Bridgend. Send post card, or call. Our carts will call on yea on short iaotice.-W. Chatman, 12 The Rhiew, Bridgend. 1796 MISCELLANEOUS. "piTLLETS lay well im bad weather if Kare- w •<><! Spi" it added to soft juash.-Fr-om Joue, 31 Carelime St., Bridgend. 1635 "CTARSWOOD Harmless Pomltry Spice, contain- Packets, 2Voum:d imsects doubles egg output. Packpte, 2d., by Morris and Dohlriu, Ctrs Marehamls, Opposite Cattle Market, Jki. 1742 VTKA-YIM P»»ltry Pewder will make your ,¿ kerns lay "backetef all of ifne, large eggs. 6d. cartoB lasts 2ft hens a fortnight.—Sold by J. Pkill,ipo, C*aiaty Ste-roe, Ma«eteg. 1755 VTRA-YIM Poultry Powder will make your h. lay buckewall of fine, large eggs. i 6d. carton laste 26 heius a fortnight. Sold by W. D. Owes, Central Stores, Poxityclun. 1856 SALE BY AUCTION. 28, Adare-st., Bridgend RE KALTEXBACH (MAESTEG). TllESSRS. LINSCOTT & CO. beg to announce that the SALE at Maesteg being now con- cluded, a Portion of this Fine Stock of Jewellery, Watches, Silver, Electro-plate, Cutlery, &c., is being offered by AUCTION at aboTe address, on SATURDAY, 29th DECEMBER, 1917, and following days. Sales to Commence at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. each day until cleared. LINSCOTT CO., 1 Cannon Street, 1835 Birmingham. Hippodrome, Pontyeymmar. A GRAND ANNUAL Fancy Dress Ball Will take place oiL NEW YEAR'S EVE, DECEMBER 3tst, 1917. GRAND PRIZES will be grran for FANCY DRESS; also WALTZING COMPETITION, &c. DON'T FORGET THfS GRAND NIGHT. 1855 I SHOOTING SEASON, 1917. SINGLE & DOUBLE BARREL GUNS By well-known Birmingham and London Makers. Single-Barrel Gun with Ejector, Double Ditto with imitation Twist Barrels, Ditto with real Twist and Damascus Barrels. Agents for the B.S.A. AIR GUNS and TARGETS; also Greener's and Stevens' MINIATURE AIR RIFLES. Prices on Application. Telephone No. 47. REPAIRS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS EXECUTED WITH PROMPTNESS. A FRESH SUPPLY OF CARTRIDGES ALWAYS IN STOCK. >- 0. E. FE?u???MEw? ? & n?n ?- ?M?e?vD) D. E. EVANS & CO. rf^Io, Wholesale & Retail Ironmongers, Dunravea Plaes & Caroline St., BRIDGEND. S GREAT NEW YEAR STOKES & 0 ——— GENTS' & BOYS' ——— OVERCOATS RAINCOATS, WINTER SUITS, SHIRTS, UNDERCLOTHING & HOSIERY. SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR NEWEST GOODS IN HATS AND CAPS, GLOVES, MUFFLERS, JERSEYS, FANCY SILK SCARFS AND TIES, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, and Every Article of GENTS' WEAR for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, Etc. BUY NOW-ALL GOODS RAPIDY RISING IN PRICE FOR NEXT YEAR. MONMOUTH HOUSE, BRIDGEND a  YEAR GIFT! I YOUR NSW YEM* GIFT! i I Let it be TRULY Bitk r6 i jl The LARGEST and M"" Varied SELECTION IN TOWN at our I  OLD 1 nIE KEEN PRICES. gjj J SPECIAL SELECTION OF ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING RINGS. |9[3]J £ | HANDSOME PRESENTS GIVEN. 9? | €?sf?r WILLIAMS, S The Jeweller, H Q Next Door to Library, BRIDGEND. II a_ b c  DTAWAQ BEFORE BUYING A PIANO MIVTAFL riAH UD IT WILL PAY YOU TO CALL AT liRrtUO THOMPSON & SHACKELL'S, LTD. Where you will find a better selection to choose from than at any other dealers. IN THEIR MAGNIFICENT SHOWROOMS THE LEADING BRITISH MAKERS Are placed side by eide for comparieon, ud the Stock comprisee the following EMINENT ¡{ANUF ACTURES, c and others too Bamerous to mention. JOHN BRINSMEAD and SONS. COLLARD and COLLARD. J. and J. HOPKINSON. BROADWOOD PLAYER PIANOS. AJELLO and SONS. J. H. CROWLEY. CHALLEN and SON. JUSTIN BROWNE, Etc., Etc. NONE BETTER IN THE WORLD. Unsurpassed for Tone, Toiach. and El«ca»o%. OLD PIANOS TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. TUNING AND REPAIRING. THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LTD., 1. Wyndham Street, Bridgend. WITH BRANCHES THROUGHOUT MONMOUTHSHIRE AND SOUTH WALES. For Best Selection New Year Presents At Lowest Prices go to E. M. Needham's, Jeweller, 28, Dunfaven Place, BDIDGEND, and 12a, ititlon Road, PORT TALBOT. is- Luminous v rist and Pocket Watches a Speciality. THE CELEBRATED WADDINGTON PIANOS CONTAIN ALL MODERN IMPROVEMENTS, AND ARE BEST VALUE IN THE WORLD. CALL AND INSPECT THE INSTRUMENTS. CATALOGUES POST FREE. POUNDS SAVED by DEALING WITH the ACTUAL PIANO MAKERS SELLING DIRECS TO THE PUBLIC. WADDINGTON and SONS, Ltd. (ESTABLISHED 1888), STATION ROAD (OPPOSITE THE COUNTY SCHOOLS), PORT TALBOT. ':0-