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Mr. W. LEYSHON, J fpganist, Con gregational Church, Bridgend, IOLO PIANIST AND ACCOMPANIST. KDPILS PREPARED FOR EXAMINATION M ORGAN, PIANOFORTE. and THEORY OF MUSIC. llaatyrnoel, Ogmore Vall, Aberkanfig, and Pencotd Visited Weekly. A.ddre8ø-uRook. Coity Fields, BRIDGEND. Mdme. M. Sambrook-Jones CONTRALTO. Double Winner Royal National Eistedd- Isdau, 1902-3. Gold Medalist, Bristol, 1908. Cardiff Triennial Festival, 1904. Also Winner of Contralto Solo Royal Albert Hall. London, UN. Aooopto Engagements for Oratorio, ConceTto bad Recitals; also receives Pupils for Voice Practaction and Singing. 15 GROVE ROAD. BRIDGEND. MR. T. DAVIES, MUs. BAC., A.R.C.O., A.Mas. T.C.L., I.S.M.. Srganitfc of St Mary's Church, Cardiff. Local Examiner for R.C.M., London. VIOLIN, PIANO, HARMONIUM, SINGING, HARMONY. POBTHCAWL VISITED WEEKLY. -Apply on Saturdays at- Molars. THOMPSON" SHACK ELL. BRIDGEND. Address: 15 Westbourne Crescent, Cardiff. M BUD OFFICB .A ROYAL EXCHANGE. ^BBmL LONDON. ?NSHHRHf Incorporated A.D. 1789. ^Jl^lmllilVlnKIlil l Governor i iNttMNSt 8!B NEVILLE LUBBOCK. K.C.M.G. ROYAL pXCHANGE ASSURANCE CORPORATION. Fire, Life, Sea, Accidents, Burglary, Annuities, Employer's Liability, Fidelity Guarantees. CTHE Fire Policies of the Corporation extend to every loss or damage by Lightning, whether the property Insured be set on Fire thereby or not. "Farmers' Liability nmder the Workmen's Compensation Act covered at equitable rates. The Corporation is prepared to act as TRUSTEE and EXECUTOR. Apply for full particulars of all classes of Insurance to Mr. D. J. GWYN, London City and Midland Bank, Ltd., Bridgend.-Meem. GWYN A GWYN, Cowbridge. HIGH GRADE FOOTWEAR. uK" BOOTS AND gHOES FOB PERFECT FIT, DURABILITY, & COMFORT. Quality and Price Right. "Holdfast" Boots for Farmer and Miners. Every Pair Guaranteed. Leggings of All Styles. Waterproof Goods-All Descriptions in Stock. SADDLERY—30 Bets of Harness to choose from. Saddles. Bridles, and every description of Leather Goods. Travelling Requisites Trunks, Portmanteaux nud Bags. Note tbp Address: YORWERTH THOMAS. BRIDGEND. THE BIBLE TR ti- f,, CHRISTDELPHIAN MEETING ROOM, i OLD STONE BRIDGE, DUNRAVEN PLACE, BRIDGEND. A LECTURE Will be delivered on SVNDA i KKXT, at G.(J p.m. (God willing), Subject DEATH. All Welcome Seats free. Questions Invited. No Collection. Please bring a BiblQ with you. Free Lectures each Sunday at 6.30, and a Bible Class each Thursday at 7.30. You are .invited to each. 9959 BRIDGEND AND DISTRICT INVESTMENT AND LOAN SOCIETY, Loans Granted to Members. Co- -Operative Principles. Jor Full Particulars apply to the Secretary— Mr. D. O. EVANS, Bridge Buildings, DOXEAYIN PLACB, (Telephone, 152. BBIDGIND. D AVIES- CHEST RELIEVERS. THE ROCK SHOP, CAROLINE STREET, BRIDGEND. The old is past, the now is oome, And ;till my goods are Number One; Of long Renown my Chest Reliefers, Belief for Colds, but not for Fevers. TRY J. I. PREDDY, WATER STREET, ABERAVON, for COLLIERS' AND STEELWORKERS' HAND- MADE BOOTS. 1456 Now is the Time to Buy Furniture. I Don't Wait Until it is too dear. I THe South Wales Furnishers HAVE SOME Wonderful Bargains TO OFFER. CASH OR EASY TERAS. The Quality of their G iotls Is wII- nown. THE South Wales Furnishers, 25 Wundham St. I- BRIDGENDS Revised Scale of Charges FOR SMALL PREPAID Advertisements Which include "Wanted," "To Let," "For Sale," and Miscellaneous. (f Remittance is not sent with Advertisement, the full credit rate will be charged. I INSIBTION. 3 INSRTIORR 15 Words 0 9 1 6 20 Words 1 0 2 g Z5 Words 1 3 2 a 30 Words 1 6 S 8 ST. MARGARET'S SCHOOL PARK STREET, BRIDGEND. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. PREPARATORY CLASS FOR BOYS. Private Coaching in any Subject. EXCELLENT EXAMINATION RESULTS. Early Applications for Vacancies is requested. Principal MISS ALEXANDER (late of Soutlierndown), assisted by Qualified Staff. 1761 I.C.U.R. IN FOR A MUSICAL TREAT on CHRISTMAS NIGHT, 1517. A Grand Concept Will be held at THE PENCOED PUBLIC HALL by the ORPHEUS GLEE and MADRIGAL SOCIETY. President MORGAN REES, Esq., M.E. Heolycyw. ADMISSION :-Front Seats, 2/ Second, 1/6; Back, 1/ Doors Open at 7.30; Commence at 8 p.m. prompt. Don't Let Your Christmas Night PHI by With- out Enjoyment. 1737 I — (5 FRIPP'S KB B'an S wbrid Carden. important to Mii who wish I to Succeed I 0 Some firms have an idea that because tney are well known there is no need to advertise. Ill This is NOT ENTERPRISE, and the time comes when they are superseded by a firm at one time in a very small way. 115 There are old-established firms whose businesses were made when r there was not the competition there is now, and think they can do without advertising. Ill THIS IS A MISTAKE. The FIRMS WHO ADVERTISE are THE SUCCESSFUL ONES. I HENRY LAVIERS, MAESTEG, SPECIAL SHOW THIS WEEK! Men's, Youths9 and Boys9 Overcoats, Trench Coats, Suits, Shirts, Scarves, Gloves, Hats, Ties, etc. Agents for Burberry Coats and Christy's Hats* Ladies' Furs, Paletots, Trench Coats, etc., new every week. Our Xmas Bazaar Now Open Useful Christmas Presents. See Our Windows. Or (better still) Step Inside. MYERS BERSOVITCH, NOLTON ST., BRIDGEND, LADIES' COSTUMIER, GENTS' OUTFITTER AND GENERAL DRAPER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TRAVELLERS SUPPLIED. Are you a WAR SAVER ? When you spend small sums on little luxuries do you ever think of how far the effects of your action may spread ? A stone thrown into a pond produces little circular waves which extend and grow fainter until they are no longer visible. But as a matter of scientific fact they eventually reach the very edges of the pond. A similar thing happens when you buy anything which is not really necessary. The shop-assistant who serves you, the carman who brought the goods from the railway, the railway workers, the factory workers who made the article, the engineers who controlled the machinery, the miners who procured the necessary coal, the ships and sailors who brought the raw material, are all prevented from working for the country because of the demand you and others have created for these unnecessary goods, Could you not, without hardship, forego these purchases and, with the money you would save, buy War Savings Certificates? Then you would be really helping your Country and yourself at the same time. You can get them at any Post Office, Bank, or through your Local War Savings Association. Keep each 15/6 Certificate for five years, and the Government guarantees to pay you £ 1 for it in cash. If you need the money in the meantime, you can cash your Certificates at the Post Office. They increase automatically in value year by year. Each I member of a family can hold up to 500 of them. They are entirely free from Income Tax. Issued by THE NATIONAL WAR SAVINGS COMMITTEE (Appointed by His Majesty's Treasury) Salisbury Square, London, E.C. 4. WASTE PAPER. 5/- per cwt: for Mixed, any Colour or Quality. Thofi. Owen and Co., Ltd. ELY PAPER WORKS, CARDIFF. Will Lend Bags and Pay Carriage on Delivery Write for Full Particulars. /??? t'l ? ?\ off XL PI I  \??R ??/  THE GOVERNMENT Has impressed the necessity of frugality and sobriety by all. and rising prices com- pel the good housewife to prohibit luxuries and prepare simple dishes from available ingredients. This change of diet, although equally nourishing may cause a tempor- ary disturbance of the digestive functions. In such cases there is no simpler and more effectual remedy for Indigestion, Liver Troubles, Head er Baskache than Kernick's Testable Pills They keep the system up to concert pitch. Sold in Id. and 1/3 boxes by all Chemists, etc. MISCELLANEOUS. MOLE Skins, Fox, Otter, Badger, &c.. URGENTLY Wanted; higkest prices.— Send for particulars of Cash Prize Scheme.—H. Stuart and Co. (Dept. G.G.), 3 Natal Road, llford, London, E. 1732 T>ULLETS lay well in bad weather if Kara- wood Spice is added to soft wash.-From Jones, 31 Caroline St., Bridgend. 1635 Advertise in the Glamorgan Gazette." If you want to sell, buy, or exchange, you cannot do better. TN depth of last winter 14 Leghorn pullets which had Karswood Poultry Spice laid over 300 eggs per month for three months. Karswood did it. Obtainable from Mumford, Chemist, Bridgend. 1685 C LEGHORN WYANDOTTE pullets laid 630 eggs from November to April after having Karswood Poultry Spice. Packets 2d., 6d., 1/ -Hopkins. 75 Oxford Street, Ponty- cymmer. 1501 K ARSWOOD Harmleea Pomltry Spice, oontain- ing ground insects doubles egg output. Packets, 2d., 6d., If-.—Recommended by Morris and Dobbins, Corn Merchants, Opposite Cattle Market, Bridgend. 1742 TTARSWOOD Pig Powders promote health, and increase weight in pigs. Twelve powders, 1/—J. L. Hopkina, 75 Oxford Street, Pontycymmer. 1801 SHOOTING SEASON, 1017. SINGLE & DOUBLE BARREL GUNS By well-known Birmingham and London Makers. Single-Barrel Gun with Ejector, Double Ditto with imitation Twist Barrels, Ditto with real Twist and Damascus Barrels. Agents for the B.S.A. AIR GUNS and TARGETS; also Greener's and Stevens' MINIATURE AIR RIFLES. Prices on Application. Telephone No. 47. REPAIRS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS EXECUTED WITH PROMPTNESS. A FRESH SUPPLY OF CARTRIDGES ALWAYS IN STOCK. tmu em b o ?FDGF/VD) D E. EVANS & CO. ^LTJuted^ Wholesale & Retail Ironmongers, Duiiraven Place & Caroline St., BRIDGEND. GREAT CHRISTMAS .SH01lll! & Coo 9s ——— GENTS' & BOYS' ——— 0 Y JE RGOATS RAINCOATS, WINTER SUITS, SHIRTS, UNDERCLOTHING & HOSIERY. SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR NEWEST GOODS IN HATS AND CAPS, GLOVES, MUFFLERS, JERSEYS, FANCY SILK SCARFS AND TIES, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, and Every Article of GENTS' WEAR for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, Etc. BUY NOW—ALL GOODS RAPIDY RISING IN PRICE FOR NEXT YEAR. MONMOIJTH HOUSE, BRIDGEND  SYOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT! g 9 Let it be TRULY BRITISH. |H n The LARGEST and Most Varied SELECTION IN TOWN at our KS |*j OLU iT?iE KEEN PRICES.  E SPECIAL SELECTION OF ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING RINGS. Hfj o HANDSOME PRESENTS GIVEN. 1 ?B!N? GILBERT ?/LLMMS, ?"? ? t ????m?? ?? The Jeeller, H ? ? Next Door to Library, BRIDGEND. a_=:> c> c c:> PI&N?? BEFORE BUYING A PlkNO PHM?? PIANOSIT WILL PAY YOU TO CALL AT PIANOS THOMPSON & SHACKELL'S, LTD. Where you will And a better selection to choose from than at any other dealers. IN THEIR MAGNIFICENT SHOWROOMS THE LEADING BRITISH MAKERS Are placed side by side for comparison, and the Stock comprises the following EMINENT MANUFACTURES, and others too numerous to mention. JOHN BRINSMEAD and SONS. COLLARD and COLLARD. J. and J. HOPKINSON. BROADWOOD PLAYER PIANOS. AJELLO and SONS. J. H. CROWLEY. CHALLEN and SON. JUSTIN BROWNE, Etc., Etc. I NONE BETTER IN THE WORLD. Unsurpassed for Tone, Touch, and Elcfasot. OLD PIANOS TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. TUNING AND REPAIRING. THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LTD., 1. Wyndham Street, Brid^enct. WITH BRANCHES THROUGHOUT MONMOUTHSHIRE AND SOUTH WALII. ——— For Best Selection OF CA Christmas Presents At Lowest Prices go to E. M. Needham's, Jeweller, 28, Dunravan Place, BRIDGEND, and 12a, Station Road, PORT TALBOT. <?—————————————————— a Speciality. t?? L??M??oMs ?VfM? ?tJ Poc?c? ?V??c?s ? S??c??y. THE CELEBRATED WADDINGTON PIANOS CONTAIN ALL MODERN IMPROVEMENTS, AND ARE BEST VALUE IN THE WORLD. CALL AND INSPECT THE INSTRUMENTS. CATALOGUES POST wua. POUNDS SAVED by DEALING WITH the ACTUAL PIANO MAKERS SELLING DIREC1 TO THE PUBLIC. WADDINGTON and SONS, Ltd. l (ESTABLISHED 1888), STATION ROAD (OPPOSITE THE COUNTY SCHOOLS), PORT TALBOT.