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1/; Mr. W. LEYSHON, Wfttnitt, Congregational Church, Bridgend, tOLO PIANIST AND ACCOMPANIST. ttPPILS PREPARED FOR EXAMINATION Ot ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, and THEORY OF MUSIC. <WMtymoe!, Ogmore Valo, Aberkenfta, and Pencoed Visited Weekly. Addreaa—"RockIea," Coity Fields, BRIDGEND. Wrtdoend Preparatory and Com'tnercial Schoot for Boys and Girts, Lesser Town Ha)t. MASTEB Rey. T. Gwilym Jones, B.D. (HONOURS, CABMABTHBN CGLLEQB). Studtnts prepared for Ministerial Colleges, College of Preceptors, Oxford and Cambridge ? Locals, Post Office and Banks Examinations. Special Commercial Course. Arithmetic, Short- hand, Book-koeping, Typewriting and Composi- tion. Pupils Coached in one or more Subjects. A Good Litt of SucMSset. MR. T. DAVIES, M"s BAC., A.R.C.O., A.MM. T.C.L., I.8.M., ertanttt of St Mary't Church, CardtM. Lwea! Examtner for R.C.M., Vendon. VIOLHt, PIANO, HARMONIUM, SINGING. HARMONY. ¡" ? FOETHCAWL VISITS) WEEKLY. typly on Saturdays at- Meaart. THOMPSON & 8HACKELL. BRIDGEND. AddreM: 15 Wettbourne Cretcent, Cardiff.  /ÎII HMDOMICjt: ROYAL EXCHANGE. LONDON. Incorporated A.D. 17M. Governor t StB NEVILLE LUBBOCK, K.C.M.G. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE CORPORATION. Ftre, Life, Sea, Accident!, Burgtary, Annuities, Emptoyer't Liabitity, Fidelity Guarantees. THE Fire Policies of the Corporation extend to ? every loss or damage by Lightning, whether the property Insured be set on Fire thereby or cot. Farmers' Liability under the Workmen'e Compensation Act covered at equitable rates. The Corporation is prepared to act aa TRUSTEE and EXECUTOR. Apply for full particulars of all classes of tnsnrance to Mr. D. J. GWYN, London City Mid Midland Bank, Ltd., Bridgend.—Meema. GWTN & GWYN, Cowbridge. HIGH GRADE FOOTWEAR. "K" BOOTS AND gHOES FOR PERFECT FIT, DURABILITY, & COMFORT. Quality and Price Right. "Hoidfatf Boot& for Farmer and Minert. Every Pair Guarantp(l. Leggings of All Styles. Waterproof Goods—A!) in Stock. SADDLERY.fI Setf of Harness to choose from. Sadd'< bridles, anfi pvpry description of ? Leather Good" I'-pav(-Ilirtg ReqmsitRa—Trunks. f' Portmanteau!; and liiigi. Note thf A(ldross:- YORWE RT1 B RI OGENO T :i t; I H T.E T K l; E CHRISTACELPH IAN MEET)NG R DOM, OLD STONE BRIDGE, DUNRAVEN PLACE, BRtDGEMD.  C R E A LECTURE Will be delivered on SUNDAY NEXT, at G.3" ? p.m. (God willing), Subject DEATH. All Welcome Seats free. Que-tions Invited. No Collection. Please bring a Bible witii you. Free Lectures each Sunday at 6.30, and a. Bible Class each Thursday at 7.3<t. You are invited to ea-eh. 9959 BRIDGEND AND DISTRICT INVESTMENT AND LOAN gOCtETY. Loans Granted to Members. Co-Operative Principtet. For Full Particulars apply to the, Secretary— Mr. D. 0. EVANS, Bridge Buildings, DCNBAVEN PLACB, Telephone, 152. BMQMD. [)AVtES' CHEST R ELIEVERS. THB ROCK SHOP, CAROLINE STREET, BRIDGEND. Tho old is past, the new is come. And still my goods are Number One; Of long Renown my Chest Relievera, Relief for Colda. but not for Fevera. — TRY J. I. FREDDY, WATER STREET, ABERAVON, for COLUERS' AND STEELWORKERS' HAND. MADE BOOTS. M56 t I Now is the Time to Bay Furniture. Don't Wait Until it is too dear. THt §outh Wales Furnishers HAVE SOME Wonderful Bargains TO OFFER. CASH OR EASY TERMS. Tha QuaUty ot Sha!r G«od< Is well-F nown. %13WIE South Wales Furnishers, 25W!!n!!hamSt. I BRMBEM. Revised Scale of Charges FOR SMALL PREPAtD Advertisements Which include "Wanted," "To Let," "Fot Sale," and Miscellaneous. !f Remittance is not sent with Advertisement, the full credit rate will be charged. 1 INSERTION. S lNBMT!Ott< 15 Words 0 9 1 6 20 Words 1 0 2 0 25 Words 1 3 2 C SO Words 1 6 8 < FORWARD MOVEMENT CHURCH, SAND- FfELDS, ABERAVON. SECOND GRAND Avional Eisteddfod Will be-held at the above place, on WEDNESDAY (BOXING DAY, DEC. 26, 1917. Adjudicators: Music, T. Hopkia Evsme, Esq., Mus. Bac. (Oxon), Neath; George T. Llewellyn, Esq., Mus. Bac., Port Talbot. Literary and Elocution, Rev. T. Llewellyn Thomas (Eilian), Port Talbot. CHIEF CHORAL, "0 Father, Whose Al- mighty Power" (Handel): -612 and C!Mm' value to successful Conductor. .81 CHIsI. LDREN'S CHOIR (Own Selection): JE5 and Baton to successful Conductor. Champion Solo (any voice), .62 2e. and Gold Medal. Champion Pianoforte for Silver Cup value <,E1 Is. Juvenile Pianoforte (under 14;), 10/6; under 10, 10/6. Adult Violin, Caah and value .61 5s. Juvenile Violin, 10/6. Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, Baritone Solos, .61 Is. each. Open Recitation, .61 Is. Juvenile Ditto, 10/6 and 5/ Novice Vocal Competition, 15/ and 7/6. Girls' Solo and Englyn Competition, etc. Programmes, I'd. -by post 2d., from the Secre- taries :— DAVID HOPKINS, 27 Thomas St. Aberavon; THOMAS UPTON, 1651 11 Gething Street, Aberavon. WORKMEN'S HALL, B LAENGARW. THE FOURTH ANNUAL Church Eisteddfod Will be held ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 1918. Adjudicators—Music: TOM GABRIEL, Esq., Barbed, and Rev. DAVID PHILLIPS, B.A., Bridgend; Literature: EBEN. ROGERS, Esq., Cardiff. CHIEF CHORAL, "Hallelujah Ch-orug": .810 and Medal. JUVENILE, "The Storm": £3 3s. CHAMPION SOLO: .C2 2s. SOLOS, .81 Is. each, etc. Programmes, 2d. Post Free from the Secre- tary— Mi. J. J. WILLIAMS, 1736 17 Herbert St., Blaengarw. KAHS\YClOD Harmless Poultry Spice, contain- mg oH.und' insects doubtes egg output. t'i:ckt'ts. 2d., 6d.. by Morris and Dobbins, Corn Merchants, Opposite Cattle Bridgend. 1742 ?T\?T bi? c? push successfuH y. Enlist your hpns ;n a)'rnT pi Karswo?d Spice users, then GJ.. 44 Strand, Ferndale. 1638 /?5?\ ?? ? ?\ ?( ? ? b???? \?\rn?Tn y y ???? ??? THE GOVERNMENT Has impressed the necessity of frugality and sobriety by all. and rising prices corn- pet the good housewife to prohibit tuxuries and prepare simpte dishes from available ingredients. This change of diet, although equatty nourishing may cause a tempor- ary disturbance of the digestive functions. !n such cases there is no simpler and more effectual remedy for )ndigesti6n, Liver Troubtes, Head or Backache than Kernick's Vegetable Pills They keep the system up to concert pitch. Sold in 9d. and 1/3 boxes by all Chemittt, etc. = %?tlb-(.,r-. ? ? What is your favourite ? Perfume ? ? ? You wiH Rnd it in one of the ? ? 21 delightful varieties of ? FRtPP'S ? ? TOILET SOAP ? ? S<tT?p!e /T'M /0r th? <K!ctMC /OMt ? ? Cnx)sTR. TØOMAS & Bto*. Lrn.. ? 1 406 BRQAD PLAIK, HM9TOL. pjg 'fn.. -r'' HENRY LAVIERS, t, MAESTEG SPECIAL SHOW THIS WEEK! Men's, Youths' and Boys' Overcoats, Trench Coats, Suits. Shirts, Scarves, Gloves, Hats, Ties, etc. Agents fof Sunborny Coata and Chf!aty'a Hats. Ladies' Furs, Paletots, Trench Coats, etc., new evei-y tceek. Our Xmas Bazaar Now Open! Grand Show of Winter Clothing! See Oun Windowa. Or (better &t!t!) Step !na:de. MYERS BERSOVITCH, NOLTON ST., 13n]:]Domlm]Dlq 0 LAD)ES' COSTUMIER, GENTS' OUTFtTTER AND GENERAL DRAPER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TRAVELLERS SUPPLIED. THE DIRECTORS OF LLOYDS BANK LIMITED desire to call the attention of their customers and others to the advisability of Investing all available moneys In NATIONAL WAR BONDS and of applying further savings In the same way. In the Savings Bank Department small sums can be accumulated at Interest until they reach the minimum required for purchasing WAR BONDS. Important to All who wish to Suoceed f Some firms have an idea that because iney are well known there is no need to advertise. 1 This is NOT ENTERPRtSE. and the time comes when they are superseded by a firm at one time in a very smat) yay. 1 It There are otd-estabiished firms whose businesses were made when there was not the competition there is now, and think they can do without advertismg. 1 THIS IS A MISTAKE. The FIRMS WHO ADVERTISE art THE SUCCESSFUL ONES. I.C. U .R. IN FOR A MUStCAL TREAT on CHRtSTMAS N)GHT,19t7. A Gpanct Coneept WiJIbeheld'at THE PENCOED PUBDC HALL by thp ORPHEUS GLEE and MADRtGAL SOCIETY. President MORGAN REES, Esq., M.E. Heolycyw. ADMISSION:—Front Seats, 2/ Second, 1/6; Back,l/ Doors Open at 7,10; Commence at 8 p.m. prompt. Don't Let Your Christmas Night Pass by With- out Enjoyment. 1737 ST. BRtDES MtNOR RECEPTtON COM- MtTTEE for SOLDIERS and SAILORS. Registered Under the Wat Charities Act. ALL who arc anxious for a SPEEDY ENDING of the WAR, kindly attend OUT Grand Eisteddfod At PEN!EL CHAPEL, BRYNCETHYN, ON CHRISTMAS EVE, DECEMBER 24th, 1917, Thereby giving smother set-back to the Gertnans, and also giving fre-sh courage to our Local Boys. Date of Entries extended to DEC. 22nd, 1917. COME IN CROWDS. TREAT IN STORE. DAVID LEWIS, BrJnhaulog, 1754 Bryncetbyn. MISCELLANEOUS. 1M'OLE Skins, Fox, Otter, Badger, &c., URGENTLY Wanted; highest prices.— Send for particulars of Cash Prize Scheme.—H. Stuart and Co. (Dept. G.G.), 3 Natal Roa.d, Ilford, London, E. 1732 'pI'LLETS lay well in bad weather if Ea.r&- wood Spice ix added to eoft mash.—From Jones, 31 Caroline St., Bridgend. 1635 AdTertiae in the Glamorgan Gazette." If you want to cell, buy, or exchange, you cannot do better. C LEGNORN WYANDOTTE pullets laid 630 from NoTpmber to April after having Kitrswood Poultry Spice. Packets 2d., 6d., l/—Hopkins. 75 Oxford Street, Ponty- cymmer. 1501 IN depth of laet winter 14 Leghorn pullets which had Karswood Poultry Spice laid over 300 eggs per month for three months. Karswood did it. Obtainable from Mumford, CheTnist, Bridgend. 1685 ? SHOOTINj& SEASON, 1917. SINGLE & DOUBLE BARREL GUNS By well-known Birmingham and London Makers. Single-Barrel Gun with Ejector, Double Ditto with imitation Twist Barrels, Ditto with reM Twist and Damascus Barrels. Agents for the B.S.A. AIR GUNS and TARGETS; &!<e Greener's and Stevens' MtNtATURE AIR RIFLES. Prices on Application. Telephone No. 47. REPAIRS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS EXECUTED WITH PROMPTNESS. A FRESH SUPPLY OF CARTRIDGES ALWAYS IN STOCK. n U. F &. EVANS & Co. (BRIDGEND) LFwrFD, 1Mholesale & Re"tail IrODInOngers, Dunraven Place & Caroline St., BMDGEND. GREA.T CHRISTMAS SHOW! ——— GENTS' & BOYS' -—— RAINCOATS, WINTER SUITS, SBIRTS, UNDERCLOTHING & HOSIERY. SEE OUR WtNDOWS FOR NEWEST GOODS IN HATS AND CAPS. GLOVES, MUFFLERS. JERSEYS, FANCY StLK SCARFS AND TIES, SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, and Every Article of GENTS' WEAR for CHR!STMAS PRESENTS, Etc. BUY NOW-ALL GOODS RAPtDY RtSfNG IN PRtCE FOR NEXT YEAR. MONMOUTBLHOUSE, BRIDGEND YOUR CHRISTMAS G!FT! U Let it be TRULY BRITISH. R The LARGEST and Mu". Varied SELECTION IN TOWN at our U rf\1 OLU TIME KEEN PRICES. U SPECIAL SELECTION OF ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING RINGS. ?? fQ1 HANDSOME PRESENTS GIVEN. Run C fillBERT WILLIAMS, U fA1 The J eeller, f,I ? Next Door to LibrarN-, BRIDGEND. =.CIO DIUM?Q BEFORE BUYING A PIANO DIXM?Q PIANOSIT WILL FAY YOU TO G&LL &T PIANOS THOMPSON & SHACKELL'S, LTD. Wberp you will Sud a better ejection to chocs'? from than at anv cthe' do&le-s. IN THEIR MAGNIFICENT SHOWROOMS THE LEADtN6r BR!T!SH MAKERS A,re plac,-d f!,ide b-.v bide Are placed side by eidf for comparison, and the Stock comprisee the following EMINEXT MANUFACTURES, and others too nnmfrous to mf-ntiL)P- JOHN BRtNSMEAD and SONS. COLLARD and COLLARD. J. and J. HOPK!NSON. BROADWOOD PLAYER PI ANOS. AJELLO and SONS. J. H. CROWLEY. CHALLEN and SON. JUSTIN BROWNE, Etc., Etc. NONE BETTER IN THE WORLD. Unaurp&ssed for Tone, Touch, and IFIegance, OLD PIANOS TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. TUNING AND REPAIRING. THOMPSON & SHACKELL, LTD., 1< "W"yndhan1 Street, WITH BRANCHES THROUGHOUT MONMOUTHSHtRE AND SOUTH WALES. ? ?!??T?'??? ? ?.?. ??S?? ? For Best Selection <oF Christmas Presents At Lowest Prices go to E. M. Needham's, Jeweller, 28, BMnraven Place, BRtDSEMD, end <2a, Stat!on R. PORT TALBOT. Lztiitiizous Wrist I I Luminous Wrist and Pocket Watches a SPecility. THE CELEBRATED WADDINGTON PIANOS CONTAIN ALL MODERN tMPROVEMENTS, AND ARE BEST VALUE IN THE WORLD. CALL AND INSPECT THE INSTRUMENTS. CATALOGUES POST FREB. POUNDS SAVED by DEALING WITH the ACTUAL PtANO MAKERS SELLING DtRECB TO THE PUBHC. WADDINGTON and SONS, Ltd. (ESTABLISHED 1868). STATION ROAD (OPPOStTE THE COUNTY SCHOOLS), PORT TALMT. 4:. ? < ? ?