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 .???a? T")M? <? .?u?. iB j?FH?Br k t?L ?"iBE? .r? "?? ?r ???<?? 'w???v?jEt PALACE:, JB I=t. I I>G- JE 1SrI> Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, December 24th, 25th and 26th, I "HER DOUBLE LIFE!" Featuring Theda Bara. Thursday, Friday & Siturday, December 27,28,29. Special -The,r.ia Bara in I. "ROMEO AND JULIET!" r Prices as Usual. AUCTIONEERS'. ANNOUNCEMENTS. MESSES. MICHAEL DAVIES & CO. SALE FIXTURES. Sale of Semi-detaahed Villa at Coity Fields, Bridgen^ Sale of Leasehold Cottages at Coity Road, Newtown, Bridgend, etc. MR. R. J. TRANCIS. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. WHITNEY FARM, MERTHYRMAWR, NEAR BRIDGEND. (Situate about Two Mites from Bridgend Station, and about Three Miles from Pyle Station, G.W.R.) An Important and Attractive SALE of FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, ETC. MESSRS. RICHARD J. FRANCIS & HOPKIN D. MORGAN have been favoured with in- structions from Mr. J. T. Loveluck (who is leaving the Farm), to SELL by AUCTION, at the Farm, as above, on TUESDAY, JANUARY 22nd, 1918, the remaining portion of his very Valuable FARMING STOCK IMPLEMENTS, Etc. Further particulars will appear in future advertisements, or may be obtained in the meantime from the Auctioneers, at their Offices, 17. Castle Street, Cardiff, and Marias, Pyle. 1824 BRIDGEND TRADES & LABOUR COUNCIL and GARW MINERS' ASSOCIATION. TO PROTECT THE HONOUR OF THE WORKING CLASS. A PUBLIC MEETING Will be held at the Town Hall, Bridgend On CHR STMAS E VEj, kT 5.0 P.M. SHARP, Under the Auspices of the above Associations. BUSINESS: TO PROTEST AGAINST THE STATEMENTS OF MEMBERS OF THE BRIDGEND URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL THAT THE MINERS ARE "EXPLOITERS OF THE COMMUNITY." All Miners of the District, Workingmen and Women, and all Townsmen of Bridgend, includ- ing Members of the Bridgend U.D. Council, are earnestly invited to attend. (Signed), E. C. MORGAN, EVAN DAVID, J.P., 1813 Secretaries. Town Hall, Sridgend DON'T FORGET THE Eisteddfod At the above place On BOXING DA Y. THE ENTRIES ARE GREAT. SOME OF THE BEST SOLO SINGERS WILL COMPETE. Tests will Commence at 10 a.m. Prompt. EISTEDDFOD TO COMMENCE AT 10.30 A.M. SHARP. 1812 ,n. ST. BRIDES MINOR RECEPTION COM- i MITTEE for SOLDIERS and SAILORS. Registered Under the War Charities Ac. A LL who are anxious for a SPEEDY ENDING of the WAR, kindly attend our Grand Eisteddfod 'I At PENIEL CHAPEL, BRYNCETHYN, ON CHRISTMAS EVE, DECEMBER 24th, 1917, Thereby giving another set-back to the Germans, and also giving fresh courage to our Local Boys. Date of Entries extended to DEC. 22nd, 1917. COME IN CROWDS. TREAT IN STORE. DAVID LEWIS, Brynhaulog, 17M Bryncethyn. WAR! WAR! WAR! pUT the Hun on Iron Rations. Sell us your Old Iron, Waste Paper, Old Rags, Old Ragged Clothes, Jam Pots and Wine Bottles, House Bones, Horse Hair, Rabbit Skins, etc. Everything bought and paid for on the scales. —Marine Stores, the back of Grove Road, Bridgend. Send post card, or call. Our carts will call on you on short notice.—W. Chatman, 12 The Rhiew, Bridgend. 1796 LOST Ardl) fOUNO C TRAY ED from Heolycyw, Dark Bay Mare Pony, 13.2; seven years old.-Thomas Hath- away, Heolycyw, Pencoed. 1793 TO LET. TO Be Let or, Sold, VILLA, double bay; in healthy position.—Full particulars, Apply 8 Court Road, Bridgend. 1723 TO LET,—House and S'.iop, 56 Nolton Street. Bridgend, double-fronted, good position.— Apply, Chas. Jenkins & Son, Saw Mills, Bridg- end. 1829 TO LET,—4 'Excellent Large Rooms for offices, etc.; best position in the centre of town; excellent accomm-od-tic,-n.-Apply, 22 Dunraven Pla, Bridgend. 1792 TO Be Let,-13 Acres of Good Grass for Cattle or Horses.—Thomas, Wick. 1757 HOUSE and Shop To Let.—Apply King's Head Hotel, Bridgend. 1739 ARTIFICIAL Legs, Arm, Hands, Crutches, Easifit Trusses, Steel-l, Comfortable.— Allen Pearee, 23 Charles Street, Cardiff. 1827 XTRA- VIM Poultry Powder will make your hens lay bucketsfull of fine, large eggs. 6d. J carton lasts 20 hens a fortnight.—Sold by J. Phillips, County Stores, Maesteg. 1755 < NOTICES. I WINNING NUMBERS of Prize Drawing in aid of Willie Robins, Margam :-579; 1385; 1085; 414; 1467; 426; 1411; 988; 374; 1153; 655; j 1684; 84; 987; 1238; 1208; 114. GLAMORGAN WAR AGRICULTURAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. GLAMORGAN SUPPLIES SUB-COMMITTEE. URGENT NOTICE. To Glamorgan Manure Merchants, Farmers and Small Holders. THERE is certain to be a Food Shortage dur- iug the continuation of the War and for a considerable period after the War. By order- ing Sulphate of Ammonia, and Superphosphate (28-33 per cent. soluable) BEFORE DECEMBER 31st, you can materially assist the Nation and the County. If you fail to do so by this date, no supplies can be guaranteed. W. J. P. PLAYER, Chairman; EVAN THOMAS, Splott Farm; NOAH MORGAN, Penybryn Farm. 13 St. Andrew's Crescent, Cardiff. 1712 MAESTEG URBAN DISTRICT. RETAIL COAL PRICES ORDER, 1917. The Schedule of Prices heretofore published in the local Press, and now in operation in this District, is hereby withdrawn, and in place of the before-mentioned withdrawn Schedule THE MAESTEG URBAN DISTRICT COUN- CIL, under the powers conferred upon them by the above Order, Hereby announce that the following SCHEDULE of PRICES has been drawn up by"them (after consultation with re- presentatives of the Local Coal Merchants as to costs) as the MAXIMUM PRICES chargeable for the Sale of Coal by Retail for domestic pur- poses within their area, from December 7th, 1917, until further notice:— 1. Undelivered. North's Lock's Best Level. Large. 2nds. Celtic (a) Sales of 1 Ton (more or less) in bulk 22/6 32/6 30/6 30/2 (b) In 1 cwt. Bags 30/- 2. Delivered at Entrance. North's Best Large. Seconds. Celtics (a) Sales of 1 Ton (more or less) in bulk 35/- 33/- 32/8 (b) In 1 cwt. Bags. 37/6 35/6 34/2 Dated this 6th day of December, 1917. E. E. DAVIES, 1804 Clerk to the Council. BRIDGEND & COWBRIDGE UNION. RELIEF FOSTER MOTHER. THE GUARDIANS invite applications for the post of RELIEF FOSTER MOTHER at the Cottage Homes. Applicants must be able to make dresses, cut out, and do plain cooking. During the absence of a Foster Mother on leave the person appointed will be required to take charge of the Cottage. Salary, < £ 22 per annum, increasing by = £ 2 a year to X26 per annum, with the usual allowances, viz., Rations, Uniform, and Apartments. The money value of Rations will be granted when on annual holidays. The appointment is subject to the provisions of the Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act, 1896, for which purpose the emoluments are valued at X40 per annum. Applications to be made upon forms obtain- able from the undersigned, such forms to be re- turned not later than Thursday, the 3rd Janu- ary next. Further information respecting the duties can be obtained upon personal application to the Matron of the Homes. R. HARMAR COX, Clerk. Union Offices, Bridgend. 18th December, 1917. 1808 WANTED. WANTED. Experienced General; also thoroughly experienced Nurse, baby 1 year. —Pratt, Holmes Baak, Dinas Powis. 1691 ANTED,—4 Tons of Swedes for .Bryncethin Allotment Association.—Apply, Thos. J. Baker, Wigan Terrace, Bryncethin. 1714 TjyANTED,—Girl to make herself generally useful in Printing Office.-Apply, Manager, Glamorgan Gazette, Bridgend, ANTED immediately, Experienced General, able to Wash.—Apply, with reference, Mrs Trew, Queen Street, Bridgend. 1822 WA-NTED,-G.d clean General; three in family. Mrs. Lucas, Dunraven Place, Bridgend. 1702 TJtTANTED, about February, for a few months, i irnished House in Bridgend, with at least four bedrooms and bathroom; small family.—Apply, stating terms, Stockwood and Williams. Solicitors, Bridgend. 1701 TV A VIED,—An Experienced Maid (25); plain cooking essential; wages, = £ 18 and indoor uniform; value of Rations while on annual holiday.—Apply, with references, Matron, Cot- tage Homes, Bridgend. 1811 TyANTED,—A General Servant; good home; small family; references.—Apply, Griffith, "Bosbury," Acland Road, Bridgend. 1756 TyANTED, beginning January, Good General seivant; another kept.—Apply, with refer- ences, Mrs. Graham Verity, Penllwvn, Bridg- end. 1718 i WANTED to Hire,—Chip Cart, in good con- dition; probably buy.—Apply, A.M.C., 70 Gazette Offices, Bridgend. 1741 WANTED by January 5th, Cook-General and Hou-e-Parlourmaid.—Mrs. Williams, Tre- mains, Bridgend 1795 WANTED immediately, Experienced General; good references.—Mrs. Anderson, 53 Neatli Road, Maesteg. WANTED, Smart Boy.—F .Dunn& Sous, Boot Stores, Bridgend. 1768 ANTED,—Good Morning Girl.—Apply, Box 1784 Gazette Offices, Bridgeud. 1784 WANTED,-Book-k-eepeT, ineligible or over military age.—Apply, C. Gazette Office. Bridgend. AN Elderly Person desires Situation as House- keeper; salary no object.—Apply, Box 1819, Gazette Office, Bridgend. 1819 TO FARMERS.—John T. Dare, Newcastle Mills, Bridgend, is prepared to grind any quantity of Farmers' own Corn for Cattle Feed- ing, and is also a buyer of Wheat in good mill- ing condition. 1713 I £1 Is. for Key.—Wanted, small House, 15/- to 30/ in Maesteg, Nantyffyllon, or Garth; wanted within a month.—Apply Box 1728, Gazette Offices, Bridgend. 1728 NUHSE Elousemaid Required immediately.— Apply, Mrs. Hudson, 69 Park Street, Brid- gend. 1721 COOK and Housemaid Wanted; wages tlg, and uniform. Apply, with references, Matron, Isolation Hospital, Blackmill. 1800 T)ENTISTRY Workroom boy Required, view to apprenticeship.—MacDougall, No. 1 Nol- ten Street, Bridgend. 1758 GENTLEMAN Requires Board and Residence; central; terms moderate.—Apply Box 1759 Gazette Offices, Bridgend. 1759 FOR SALE. FOR, SALE,—Apple Trees, Bush, etc.; Currant and Gooseberry Trees, Pivet.-G. Cooke & Son, Cemetery Road Nurseries, Bridgend. 1594 FOR SALE,—Dress Suit, in excellent condition, silk facings; fit man about 5ft. 6in.; bar- gain.—Box 61, Gazette Offices, Bridgend. 1747 FOR SALE by Private Treaty, Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4 Gornelly Street (behind the New House), North Cornelly; leasehold; term, 99 years from 29th Sept., 1910; ground rent, 30/- per house; easy terms <f purchase can be arranged.— Apply, Wm. Evans, Grocer, North C*-lly. _? 1745_ FOI-SÅiE,-&<.d-hanù Piano; £ 16 16s.; good tone; suit learner.—9 Bridge Street, Maesteg. 1762 FOR SALE,—Pure-bred Wire Haired Terrier; four months old.—J. Owen, Slon, Southern- down. 1794 FOR SALE,—The Dingle, lower Merthyrmawr Road, Bridgend; most desirable up-to-date, nine-roomed, semi-detached VilLa, free soon.- Alply as above. 1820 FOR SALE,—A Billiard Table (Reyleys);. slate slab; 7ft. by 4ft.; will sell cheap.—Apply R. J. Jenkins, Sandfiekis Sale Rooms, Aberavon. 1730 FOR SALE,—A Collard & Collard Piano. high strung, metal frame; a fine instrument.— Apply R. J. Jenkins, Sandfields Sale Rooms, 1 Aberavon. 1731 FOR SALE,—A Penny-in-the-Slot Orchestra- phone Piano, iron frame, with drum and cimbles and dulcima; plays 32 tunes; in perfect order; rizo 4ft. by ift., with glass front; can be seen any time; will sell cheap.—Apply, R. J. Jenkins, Sandfields Sale Rooms, Aberavon. 1729 FOR SALE,—Two Houses in Exchange Street, Maesteg; good position.—Apply, Llewellyn. Grocer, Maesteg. 1612 GLAMORGAN WAR AGRICULTURAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. WART DISEASE OF POTATOES (Restricted Districbi).ORDER of 1917, No. 1. THE above Committee are prepared to con- sider transmitting to the Food Production Department, orders for the following Immune Varieties of Seed Potatoes in quantities of not less than four tons of any one variety. The prices charged by the Food Production Depart- ment are as follows:— Scotch Once Twice or Irish Grown in Grown in Variety. Grown. England. England. Groat Scot.. £ 12 0 0 £ 9 10 0 £ 9 2 6 King Geor¡:e .£12 0 0 £ 9 10 0 £ 9 2 6 Templar XIO 2 6 £ 9 10 0 £ 9 2 6 Lochax 10 0 £ 9 2 6 Golden Woiider tlO 0 0. Shamrock & Irish Queen X9 17 6. The above prices are per ton in 1 cwt. bags for lots of not less than four tons, carriage paid to any station in Glamorgan. For further particular* apply to Secretary of the above Comiaittee, 13 St. Andrew's Crescent, Cardiff. 1790 i CHRISTMAS, 1917. FOR THE CHILDREN. GO TO E. LAURENCE. THE CHOCOLATE BOX, 18 WYNDHAM STREET, BRIDGEND. Large Assortment of TOYS, High-Class Confec- tionery, Chocolates, Biscuits, Bon Bons, Stockings, etc., etc. HOT BOVRIL AND OXO. TOBACCO AND CIGARETTES. 1826 FIRE SALVAGE. COAL. A BOUT 12 TONS BEST CASTLE VALE HOUSE COAL, now in Store at ELMS- FIELD, PARK STRET, BRIDGEND, is for Immediate Sale by Private Treaty. Offers per Ton, taking the lot, should be sent to PERCY W. TATEM, UNIVERSAL HOUSE, CARDIFF. 1823