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Carriages 14 to 24 to be drawn up under porch Border. Carriage 1 to 3 will drive on in advance of No 4, 8o as to rea-JI the hall one minute before, and will ^rive to the side entrance (see below). Carriages to 9 will drive in advance of the Royal carriage, as to reach the hall one minute before, and will **rive straight on (see below). AT THE WOMEN'S HALL. An inspector from Glamorgan will be in com- inand out,,Al(le tile hall. VA guard of honour of the Brecknockshire ill be drawn up in the street opposite the main entrance of the Hall. Having: down, thev will drive on to the waste grouyd of Marine Terrace, and turn in succession, "hen all the carriages have set down they will l'eturn to Marine Terrace, and draw up against the Pavement in front of the Hall and adjoining houses, Just in front, of the position of the Royal carriage nd escort. The remaining carriages will set down ln order at the main entrance of the hall. The Royal carriage and that of the suite (No. 11) h*ving set down, will proceed to the open space fcorth of the hall, turn, and return to the college »fter. Carriages 4 to 8 have returned. The Royal ^ftrriage will then return to the entrance of the hall *°d that of the suite will stand immediately "fchirid it. Carriages 1 to 3, will drive round the north side f the Hall to the side entrance, and pull up 3 being opposite the door. J he Collbge Officers wili enter the Hall by the door, and take their placos to receive the Royal party. ^a.riages 1 to 3 will then,drive at the back of *he hail to lirynytnor road, descend to Marine terrace, by Queen's-road, to Marine terrace, when all the carriages havejjpassed, and!1 take up their station reverse order on the sea side of the road, facing the north. Carragps 4 to 8 will drive straight on and pull up Sltfiultaneously, No 8 being at tho entrance. The other carriages having set down wdl turn opposite hall and turn down Marine terrace. Carriages 12 and 13 will vake their station against pavement- in advance of the place assigned to "O^e of tne Town Council. Carriages 14 to 20 will proceed to the Queen's 7*°tel, turn again, return up Marine terrace, and a«o their stations on the sea side of the road, aring north, carriage 14 being opposite the hall. Carriage 1 to 3 will take their stations follow- ilil, them. The remaining carriages will take their stations 111 'he rf'ar of these. PROCEEDINGS AT THE WOMEN'S HALL. A choir of children (conductor, Mr ,1. T. Rees. Bac.)will be stationed at the north end of larine-ferraep. near the hall, and will sing dnring 116 arrival and departure of the carriages, and 'Y'OLT the ceremony. j, )i' l and Ladv Rendel, together with the Vicc- ^esident. Treasurers, and the Principal of the diversity College of Wales, will take their place the Entrance Hall to receive the Royal party. Tile Lady Principal (Miss Carpenter will proceed t, the Dining-room and join there the members of ae Hall of residence Committee, who will have Reeded in advance. n, j16 Royal party on entering will proceed to the 'tiing-hall, attended by Lord and Lady Rendel, followed by the Suite, the Mayor and Mayoress, diversity Officials, Lord Londonderry and his a^y, the other invited guests in order of arrival, the Vice-President, Treasurer, and Principal will to receive until all the guests have JJ.te,red, and then proceed to the Dining-room also. "he students resident in the hall will be assem- e<^ 'n th fi dining room. ij, A party of children, under the direction of Mr J. th Rees, Mas. Bac., will sing ia the dining ioom as e Suests enter and leave. li0y.xi party will take their seats on the south Slde nf tl. i- • °T the dining room. "e Lady Principal will present a key to H.R.1L I'rineens of Wales. tli K-"yal Highness will declare the hall open by ^^atne of the Alexandra Hall. jj be wis Morris (vice-president) will move, and -Edward Da vies (treasurer) will second, a vote ^lianks to Her Royal Highness. ys Royal Highness the Prince of Wales will eply. Tne pi0vaj party will return to the entrance hall Qronrrh (-j,e dr twiug rooms, attended by Lord and Rendel, and followed bv the suite, the Lady r'nt;ipal and the officers of the University College f above-named. The other guests, proceeding to the station will, In tile meantime, return directly to the entrance, \11ct take t.heir ",eat" in their carriages. -5.4C P-,n-—Th? Royal Party and suite having n -M.I their saats in their carriages, the College '(Itejfcs will do likewise, and the carriages will Hall to the station, the Jjj^ing carriages will be drawn-up-in the Marine ce, 1tl tbe order The Royal car- beini- in front of the entrance to the Hall, and J start simultaneously. -ert, against the pavement in front of the Carriage. jjj. Tlie President of the North Wales College til 1rs Rat h bone, the Principal of the College 2 ^8 Reichel. Of, The Senior' Deputy-Chancelifcr, the Vice- ti?Ce"°r, and Mrs Viriamu Jones; the Warden e Guii,| 0f Graduates. ^Thi; Town Council. i?'he Mayor, Mayoress, and Town Clerk. The Royal carriage, at the entrance of the °n the sea side of the road facing north, ^cort. lO^The "Suite, behiud the Royal carriage. 14 —Lord Londonderry and his party. to —The' County Authorities in order of yj yj to t> to 19.—The College Officers in reverse order P 1 of arrival. q c°i, J. Ilu8i 1 to 9, and 10 to 16 will fill simultan- l'i", Y before the exit of the Royal party, and car- to 1° will start simultaneously. Carriages Will follow as soon as filled. The ,Ii-ri,,i_,es will proceed by way of Marine 0 e and Terrace road. a,rti^rr'uK^s 1 and 2 will drive on ahead so as to Q e^t the Station one minute before number 5. ges 3 to 7 will drive on ahead so as to e1' e at the Station two minutes before the Royal 4. of honour of the Pembrokeshire Volun- c' up in the Station Yard. Central Wales Reception Choir will again 3 the carriages approach. P-fli-—CaiTiages 1 and 2 will set down 3.43Uieousiy at the main entrance. Tl.eou.:n. -Carri:¡('s 3- 7 will sot down simul- ¿.; 0, 7 being opposite the main entrance. —Carriages 8-16 will set down simul- 'l'¡ I1S,y in order of arrival. 1'a1 V hairmaD of Quarter Sessions, the Provincial ill a': .\Iaster, and all the Univiversity oflicer.3 not ^*el} ^*„n''anco at the hall will be on the platform, as to" .a occ"pants of carriages 1 to 7, and 14 to the departure of the Royal train; P.rtl, the Royal train will start. *1H v t vALtGHAN DA VIES, M.P.. AND TIIE ROYAL LUNCHEON. 1)-^ J' Hyde Park Gardens, March 19th, 1896. 01 As a Member for Cardiganshire, and tr^-Vi-h t-'1S Council of the U. C. of Wales, Aber- u>ver-' kindly inform Court of the Wales that it will give me ^re:it S^e the Luncheon in the College, with ^u8ts °t,ou of the College authorities, to 400 Of IV, IlPon the Installation of H.R.H. the Prince 8hall KS as Chancellor of the Welsh University. q be Klad of an early reply. Yours faithfully, • M. VAUOIIAX DAVIES. at^bard Owen, M.D. 40, Curzon Street, London, W., j. I'EAR ir March 19th, 1896. J°R youv*j0R RGNAX DAVIES,—Very many thanks vJ-spf-ut.06.61* containing your most generous offer r'" PhipJ ° t'le Installation. O si sic omnes 1 n.liitto ^etter formally before the Executive to t'lt- °"Q}orrow- To-morrow night I am 1 e 'f, 6 a journey to Aberystwyth to meet »'Un >i'n'n'ttee on Saturday. 1 thought it ^h kin/i 0VPD aric^ the matter over my.self, regards, sincerely yours, ISA.M HARR> ();VKX. 40, Curzon Street, London, W., Mr xr May 5tli. 1896. 8* the opat-at1 GIiA^—1 am desired to convey to i' „ .a,K' appreciative thanks of the ei"°Us offer°UtiVe Committee for your most in«tch 19th. T] your letter to me of K,s°':tried that- cr0Tmmi'tee are, however, officially "5in° Ved to Pnt Lniversity College of Wales has ji! fiesta „,e?"tain the University and its prin- iu. e 26th. iiu ancheon after the ceremony on ^^btod to nevertheless feel no less y°ur rjnKi -lf. the7 were in a position to ds. believe c"sPlnted invitation. -With kind ^e, sincerely yours, lSAMBABI) OWE.W a,?ghan Dari„ Chairman, navies, Esq., M.P.