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MACHYNLLETH. FISHING.—The Association net has been mahing big hauls of salmon and sea trout in the river Dovey. The river has been rather low, and the rain of Wednesday arrived at an opportune time. POLICE COURT.—At the Police Court on Tuesday, before Major Bonsall, and Joseph Evans, Esq. David Hughes, a widower, was charged with refus- ing to contribute towards the maintenance of his child, which had become chargeable to the Union.—- The defendant was discharged upon payment of 308 towards the expenses already incurred, and promising to contribute regularly in the future.— The publicans of the town applied to the court for the extension of time by two hours on the nights of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, of next week. Mr. Edward Jones of the Lion Hotel, applied for an occasional license for the sale of intoxicating drinks in the Market Hall, during the same period, it being his intention to provide refreshments for the public. u -The Bench decided to adjourn the applications until to-liay (Saturday. ABSCONDING FROM THE WORKHOUSE.—John Holland was charged before Major Bonsall and Joseph Evans, Esq., on Tuesday, with absconding from the potatoo field at the Workhouse without having finished his task. The man was working in the field with the porter and when the latter left him for a few moments he took to his heels and made a bee line for Penegoes. Information was given to the police and P.C. Jones followed the man on his bicycle, capturing him before he reached Ccmmaes Road and bringing him back to town.— The Bench discharged the prisoner upon his prom- ising to leave the town at once. This he promised to do and at once left, the court. RURAL COUNCIL.—Mr Edward Hughes presided over a meeting: of the Council held on Wednesday. There were also present Messrs. Edward Pritchard vice-chairman, Ellis Hughes, J. Jones, 1). Lewis, John Davies, R. Hughes, Rowland Hughes, E. M. Jones, with Mr David Evans, clerk, and Mr David Morgan, assistant clerk. -Respecting the new bridge across the Dovey it was resolved to bear half the cost of the bridge and one-third of the cost of the bridge approaches, and the Clerk was instructed to attend the next meeting of the County Council to inform them of this.-The Clerk was directed to write to the parish of L'anbrynmair and to Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn asking for the promised subscriptions.—The Council considered the amount of remuneration due to the Clerk for the year ending March 31st, and decided to pay him £ 60.—The Surveyor was directed to proceed with the Bont water supply at once. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL.- TUESDAY. A special meeting of the Machynlleth Urban District Council was held on Tuesday, there being present Messrs. Edward Rees, W. M. Jones, John Pugh, J. M. Breeze, Jjhn Thomas, D. D. Williams, and Henry Lewis, with Dr. A. 0. Davies (medical officer), and Mr. Rowlands (clerk).. THE ROYAL VISIT. The Clerk reported having received three letters from Mr. David Evans, the hon. secretary of the Executive Committee carrying out the arrange- ments for the forthcoming royal visit.—One letter was read under date of June 9th, asking under what authority the Council proposed to delegate its power to the Executive Committee ? The matter was highly important, and it appeared to hitn necessary that the Council should further con- sider the matter and be properly advised without further delay.—Another letter was read describing the route of the procession and the times of entry and departure of the royal visitors. The third letter asked that the public lamps should be kept alight during the evenings of the 25th and 26th inst.— The Clerk said he had replied intimating that the Council were prepared to assist the Re- ception Committee as much as possible.—Mr. D. Williams enquired if the Council had any authority to delegate its powers to a committee outside the Council.—The Clerk, in reply, said that as far as he could see he did not think the Council had the authority to do so, inasmuch as they were powers incorporated under the Public Health Acr.. He understood that some members of the Council were also members of the Committee.—Mr. Williams thought that as the members of the Streets Com- mittee, were also members of the Executive Com- mittee that the Council should delegate its duties to the Streets Committees, with which the Execu- tive Committee could co-operate. He thought it very important that the Council should be alive to the responsibilities of the occasion. Thsy should see that the fencing was "stron enough to save lives." He therefore proposed that the Council delegate its powers to the Streets Committee.— Mr. Pugh, in seconding, said he did not believe in delegating powers at all. He thought they ought to carry out the work themselves, and look to the Executive Committee to defray the cost. — This was carried, as also was a resolution proposed by Mr. Williams, and sec- onded by Mr. W. M. Jonos, that an order be issned Herniating the street traliø. on the occasion. It was agreed to barricade^Baoll, Pen- rail t, and Maengwyn streets during the two days named.—It was decided that the public lamps be kept alight during the evenings of the 25th and 26th as requested.—Subsequently the question of convening a special meetiug at which to confirm the order in regard to the regulation of the street traffic cropped up, and some of the members present intimated uhat they would be uuable to attend on the date suggested because a certain Cymaafa Ganu was fixed for that day.— Mr William Jones inquired if they would not see the other members of the Council who were not in attendance that day present ?—The Chairman I suppose not. It isn't likely (laughter).—Mr Breeze: Well, if they don't come here we will let the matter drop.—The Chair- man Yes, and the order will not then bo put in force.—It was subsequently agreed to meet the following Friday afternoon. -Messrs C.Kirbyand Son, engineers for the Machynlleth water supply, wrote under date of June 15th asking to be informed how matters stood iu connection with the Local Government Board's approval of the water supply scheme. They presumed that the Local Govern- ment Board had been supplied with the statutory declaration as to the noli cos but that no date had been fixed for the inquiry. They would therefore be glad to receive instructions from the Council to proceed with the obtaining of the tenders, when they would arrange with the Council as to the dates of insertion of the advertisement. Their motive in thus writing was to urge upon the atten- tion of the Council the desirability of having the works well advanced before the coming winter set in. Of course no furthei absolute step such as entering into a contract for the works could be taken before the assent of the Local Government Board was obtaiued but the tenders could be got in readiness for same so that the contract could be entered into immediately the assent was received. If the tenders were to hand at the time of holding the inquiry it would be a very good thing.—The Clerk said they had not yet had all the necessary agreements entered into in regard to the easements or the consent of the owners obtained. He did not think they could move further in the matter until theyigot their consent. The matter was thereupon deferred,—A letter was read fro; Mr Morgan Davies, Swansea, saying that he iderstooi his plan had been adopted and that the prize had been awarded to Messrs Kirby and Son. He asked for information on the mattef.—Mr Pugh said he did not know where Mr Davies got his information from, but it was incorrect his plan was not adopted.—It was agreed to write to Mr Davies to this effect. AL'I'OINTMENT OF COLLECTOR. Only one application, that of Mr. Rees Lewis, Tudor House, Machynlleth, was received for the post of collector, he offering his services for a com- mission of 5 per cent. on the amount collected.— Mr. Williams moved the pa-ymeut of the collector's salary by commission in the interests of the town. It was reported at the meeting the other day that the sum of £12 was outstanding, and if they had before paid by commission they would, perhaps, have had that money in. This was agreed to.— Mr Pugh said, there being only one application, they had no alternative but to appoint Mr Rees Lewis. —The Chairman Do you propose him ?—Mr Pugh U nkss you like to adjourn it.—The Chairman: It is well that we should give it our best considera- tion.—Mr. Breeze moved, and Mr. Thomas seconded the appointment of Mr. Lewis.—Canied. MISCELLANEOUS. A letter from Mr. Humphreys, expressing sur- prise at the claim of £8 odd, sent in in respect- of work done by his late father when surveyor being reduced to £198;, was read, and was ordered to be considered at the next ordinary meeting- The Clerk to the Board of Guardians wrote to the effect that the Guardians had resolved to charge Council 2s. 6d. each time that body used the Board- room. On the motion of Mr. Williams, the matter was postponed for consideration at the next meet- ing, the Clerk in th9 meantime being requested to ascertain the charge of holding the meeting in the Town Hall. A letter was read from the Local Government Board, in which they sanctioned the re-appointment of Dr. A. O. Davies as medical officer of health.—A question having been asked where the committees would now meet, the Clerk said be would be pleased for them to meet at his office until they decided upon some other course,- Mr. Williams brought forward the question of bye- laws, and it was agreed to discuss the matter at the next meeting.—This was all the business of public interest.







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