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TUITIOS. WELSHPOOL 'v lU_l 't.i jj G&AMMA It SC HOOL TTI^t Preparation for the ^VERSITY locals, preceptors ^USLI(J SCHOOLS, SHORTHAND aTtt CERTIFICATE and SERVICE EXAMINATIONS. o 70 passes during the last five years in above examinations. 12 Shorthand. Certificate :■ gained since 1S93. Q Portable home for boarders. Moderate Terms, CaHbridge locals—all PASSED. HONOURS. ltSIDEXT MASTER, UNIVERSITY GRADUATE. ^hridgg Local Examination Class now forming. T. F. HILES, Head Master. THE COLLEGE, QUEEN'S P AhK, OSWESTRY. K -Misses hoult (Castle buildings) 1:l£G to thank their Friends for their kind tW 8nPport, and have much pleasure in stating H,ejr 'he AUTUMN TERM will commence in EW RESIDENCE, QUEEN'S PARK, Wfi J*},, .18 in every way admirably adapted for U^Bal Purposes, having large and lofty 0OTnsj and Dormitories, and Tennis Court. ITAJI-6 HISSES HOULT are assisted by Resident and Foreign GOVERNESSES, and visiting J, ESSORS. TOFJ^P^ATION for Oxford Local, College of Precep- and Music Examinations. liome Comforts and Careful Training. TERMS MODERATE. ^EYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOCXDED 1812. ltIGH-CLASS BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS. HEAD MASTER: A POPE, M A., POrtnerly Classical Scholar of Sidney e;t College, Cambi idge; and Assistant Master at Shrewsbury School. TOR T> ^ospectus, &c., apply to TRE HEADMASTER, JASPER HOUSE. ^Eveland house SCHOOL WELSHPOOL, J, 11 OR YOUNG LADIES. *t JJPJ'8 RECEIVE a sound and thorough Education ERATE Charges. Happy home for Boarders. ALSo a CLASS FOR LITTLE BOYS. PROSPECTUSES ON APPLICATION TO THE MISSES DAWSON. OSWESTRY GRAMMAR SCHOOL W (K07)" G. COBLEY, Senior Assistant Master S A » receives 25 Boarders in his house. There ^EW VACANCIES for next Term. Terms ^ERATE. Prospectus on application. HOUSE, OSWESTRY. M ACHINLLETH | COUNTY ^TERMED [ATE SCHOOL. to-OPENS MAY 5, 1896. liead Master AiR. H. H. MEYLER, M.A., OXON. J. Assistant Master: ALBERT WATSON, B.A., CANTAB. Assistant Mistress tes Mrss FLORENCE WHITE, cbolar of the Royal Holloway College, Egham. Jill b TEN SCHOLARSHIPS tt¡e1:J. for Competition for Children in Schools and others; also, Bursaries **VE]JJ cover the estimated expenses of F ^ILD ANC^ FROM school. 0.. MTRFETL WHO have passed Standard 5 are eligible I ^XALIRF^0N without examination. M^SSI ^ION for Scholarships, and also for ^HY^0' WIB be held at the Intermediate School, F ON the 18th day of JULY, at 10 a.m. R? ^TS for Scholarships Examinations as ^EAding, Writing, Arithmetic, English /PTIO R' ^E°graphy (England and Wales). SUBJECTS:—English History and Welsh 4PPPTL0*»). LLTH^F*011 TO HE sent in to the Clerk on or before DAY of July, 1896. Forms obtained from JOHN ROWLANDS, Solicitor, Machynlleth, 'I 1896. Clerk to the Governors. w Alfs ed SLIM, E AND SPIRIT MERCHANT W ELSHPOOL. Jj f -Messrs. Salt & Co.s', and Trueman, ^bury & Co.'s BURTON ALES. BO]SR AND DUBLIN STOUTS, &c., &c. SuPplied in any sized CASKS, and o delivered free. ^e°ial Q qualities for Harvesting Season, from 8d. Gallon. NOTICE. Williams & Son th TOBACCONISTS, P e FINEST STOCK in the County of IPES, POJCHES, CIGARS, CIGARETTES, every requisite for the Smoker. TIT* T LEADING BRANDS IN STOCK. NOTE THE ADDRESS 'CHURCH STREET, (Opposite the Bull Hotel,) WELSHPOOL. So,ue x 8 For THE Celebrated L N PIPE, and T & SONS' TOBACCO'S. J 'OWLF"— ««+■ FFSTTIR0YAL AND STEEL PILLS DJST>, REMRVTR Quickly correct all irregu- ^O> ESSIQG SVRN + obstructions, and relieve the TB^8 Is. IIR1 PTONS so prevalent with the sex. AN<^ ^.S" (THE latter contains ^AT ER'E ON QUANTITY), of all chemists. Sent IW' T. OR ^4 stamps, by the "J^TIONG IN- E'.chemist, Nottingham. Beware worthless. FUNSTERS OF N°TICE. GUESTED ™EETIN £ S> concerts, &c., are respect- E!.°FFLCE of TV send early notice of their fixtures 6 will IS paper, when, if possible, a repre- °UFC THAT SENT TO REPort same. We would 5>.VE PREFERO»,EVENT8 Advertised in our columns c:l.a.j' e CODIIITye;,ce to others. J, R°FTI THE FNII S MAY HE obtained every Satur- T?NTTPRIDN A°FWLNG Agents in South Wales JJ EIIA8RJS__AT Jenkins, Taff street. >, RTHYR V«R R" ATNES J»nes, Thomas street. 4}FI>ALE_MR Powell, Post Office. r. W. Davies, 21, Oaklands. P UliLIC NOTICES. THOMAS FARMER, DECEASED. A LL hiiving anv CLAIMS against the J3L Estate, of THOMAS FARMER, of Wins- bury, Chirbury, ill the Couuty of Salop, and at the time of his death, of Broad Street, Montgomery, deceased, are requested to send particulars thereof to me forthwith; aDd nil persons INDEBTED to the said Estate are requested to pay the amounts of their respective debts to me. CHARLES S. PRYCE, Montgomery, 18th June, 1896. Solicitor to the Executors. CHARLES JONES, DECEASED. ALL persons having any CLAIMS against the Estate of CHARLES JONES, late of the Pentre, Kerry, in the County of Montgomery, deceased, are requested to send particulars of same to me forthwith also all persons INDEBTED to the said Estate are requested to pay to me the respective amounts due from them. CHARLES S. PRYCE, Montgomery, 18th Jane, 1896. Solicitor to the Executor. "TVT OF ICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the PART- NERSHIP which has for some time past been carried on by MARGERY EMMA IBBS and FANNY ELIZABETH LOCKLEY under the firm of "IBBS & LOCKLEY," at Welshpool, in the County of Montgomery, in the trades or businesses of Milliners and Dressmakers, was this day DISSOLVED by mutual coi sent. AS WITNESS our hands this Tenth day of June, 1896. MARGERY EMMA IBBS, FANNY ELIZABETH LOCKLEY. TnE MESDAMES IBBS & LOCKLEY RESPECTFULLY beg to return their sincere thanks to their Customers for the kind sup- port they have received for the past two-and-a-half years. Miss IBBS, who is now retiring from the business, begs that all favours extended to the Firm in the past may be continued to Miss LOCK- LEY (her late partner), who is carrying on the business. Customers can rely upon GOOD STYLE and FIT, and every endeavour will be made to give entire satisfaction. STONE HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. THE ROYAL VISIT to WALES NEXT SATURDAY, WILL be given away with the COUNTY TIMES an ILLUSTRATED SUPPLEMENT, con- taining Views of Aberystwyth, Machynlleth, The Plas, Photo's of their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, The Marchioness (D) of Londonderry, Lady Aline Beaumont, the Marquis of Londonderry, Lord Henry Vane-Tempest, Lord Herbert Vane-Tempest, Thomas Griffiths, Esq. (Mayor of Aberystwyth), Principal Roberts, Dr. Isambard Owen, Principal Viriamu Jones, & others. A FULL & COMPLETE ACCOUNT Of everything connected with the Royal Visit will also be published with Next Saturday's issue. The COUNTY TIMES is on sale in the principal towns of North, South, and Mid Wales, Shropshire, and the border counties. Agents requiring extra copies will please send in their Order3 early. CONTENTS OF INNER PAGES. PAGE 2. Aberystwyth news PAGE 3. Correspondence, Literary news, Parliamentary, Items for Ladies; Machynlleth, Caersws, and Llan- drinio news. PAGE b. Cricket, Cycling, and Chess news; International Football Association. PAGE?. Agricultural Notes; Markets.