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NEWTOWN. THE SALVATION* ARMY held a Camp rneetinz on Sunday afternoon last, on Penygraig, Milford road, when stirrin" addresses were delivered bv the Rev. M'r Xvnaston (Primitive Methodist), Messrs. D. Owou Quarmby, find J. Jones (Llanirl'oesV Solos and daets were rendered by 3Irs larwood. Mrs Hndso 11, and Mr J. L- -S. NARROW KSCAPE FROM DROWNING.—On Monday evening- last, tnree youne men were bathing in the Severn some distance from Newtown, when one of them got out. of his depth, and, losing his spJf possession was about to sink when his two comrades swam up am! succeeded in getting him to the side, although one had some difficulty in swimming the distance, having had a blow from his sinking I con, in his frantic efforts to save himself. Tii: ROYAL VISIT.—A com M anient ion has been received, through Mr Humphreys-Owen. M.P. to the eifvc t:i ',r chs Prmws* of Wales' will'be p'eased to accept the presentation of home mann- was proposed to be made to her by tnanufactucersof the town. The presenta- tion will, we understand, take place at Machvnileth or Aberystwyth. or Aberystwyth. ROWLING MATCH.—A very pleasant, match be- tween ti!- home team and one from Oswcstry took place on Thursday, when the home team won by 43, the seo,res be In? Newtown 142, Oswestry 99. y PRESENTATION.—On Monday evening last, Mr A. J'1. Kitto who is about to leave England for Montana. America, was the recipient of a very handsome leather brush case, inscribed "A. M. K. 13th June, 1895." and which was subscribed for bv the managers of the department, and his fellow shorthand clerks at. the Royal Welsh Warehouse, where he has b."m engaged for the last four years. Mr J. Harrington made the presentation and Mr Wood also spoke. Mr Kitto will be greatly missed from the town as a singer, heing- a very promising young tenor and an efficient member of the Male Voice Party, who, to show their appreciation of his services, held farewell open air concert on Kerry road, on Tuesday evening. BANKRUPTCY EXAMINATION.—Emma Lloyd, coal dealer, Park Street. Newtown, appeared yesterday before the Registrar (Mr Watkins) for "her first public examination. Questioned by the Official Receiver ( Atr J.D.Davies). bankrupt stated that she commenced business two years ago with £ 100 borrowed from her farther-in-iaw. Her husband was a bank accountant, but was out of won: at present. The amount of her indebtedness was £ 576 4s. 2d. and the principal creditors were—Richard Llovd Burton Terrace (father-in-law). £ 100: Joseph Williams and Son, Oswescrv. £75; Geo Morris Leamington. E65 Bolton and Co,. Shrewsbury £ 25; Blake and .Sons, Ludlow. £ 33; T Beacn Barton, Wrexham, £ 25; Lilleshal! Company. £31; RoabonCoal Company £ 16. Assets were estimated at £ 5418s. 6d. ami book debts at El02 10s. 7d leaving a deficiency of £417 Os 8d.—The Official Receiver said ic appeared thar bankrupt had been living upon her creditors to the rate of £ 4 a week, and Tip saeougatto imvf been aware that she was in a hopeless position some time at,,). -The bankrupt said in May last the Lilles',allC )mnnv levied an execution but afterwards with frew and that was the tirst ititini-Ltioii she had that she was in an insolvent condition.- In reply to Mr-Williams (Oswestry), bankrupt said she had never giv-n her husband any money, and only r:s jd the taki rigs to maintain her self and family. Williams said 11., should like to see the books to a"ertail1 whether the bankrupt had been selling at a profit or lass.—The farther examination was adjourned for the production of books. &e. INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION. — At an adjourned ordinary meeting of the Local Governing Body on ednesday, there were present, Rev T. E. Williams in the chair, Miss Clara Jones. Mrs T. M. Taylor, Mrs Parry Jones. Messrs Richard Williams. Scott Owen, John Hughes, and Richard Jones.Ou the motion of Mr Scott Owen, seconded by Mr John Hughes, Mr H. Teather, Cardiff, was appointed the architect to carry out the building of the new scnoo's at the remuneration of £5 per cent. on the outlay of the building, and his travelling ex- penses.—Major Pryce-Jones, M.P., was unanimously elected a co-optative member in the place of Dr Palmer, resigned, on the proposition of the Chair- man, seconded bv Mrs T. M. Taylor..—The follow- ing committees were next elected:— Finance. Chairman, Messrs Richard Williams and John Hughes; lodgings, house visiting and general con- duct, Chairman, Miss Clara Jones, Mrs T. M. m Taylor, Mrs Jones, and Mr Hughes; general pur- poses, Chairman. Vice-Chairman, Messrs Scott Owen, R. Williams. J. Hughes, Richard Lloyd, R. Morgan, and Mrs T. 11. Taylor. inir Wiiliams raised the question of subscriptions towards the building fund, and after some discussion Mr Scott Owen moved that the Clerk be instructed to write to the convener of each sub-commitree and ask them to pay in all the money they could collect: before the 1st July (the day fixed for completion of the pur- chase of the site) and also to the Governors who had promised subscriptions, requesting them to pay the same to the Bank before that date.— Mrs T. M. Taylor seconded, and it was carried. PRIMROSE LEAGUE.—The annual meeting of the Hafren Habitation was held on Thursday evening, under the able presidency of the Ruling Councillor, y Pryce-Jones.—The Ruling Councillor, in her opening remarks, said Knights, dames, and asso- ciates, it gives me great pleasure to meet you again at thIS our eleventh annual meeting, aud it is also gratifying to see many here who were present at thfn'-Tv! Since our last vearly meeting I done* T °f the Hafre* Habitation have ensile L 1 °at thc made whon enrollcu, ami our assistance, I mean the Primrose League generally, lias received • from the Grand'Council at rl hl^st tribute May. Her ladvot, lu K'lr g held in Chancellor's speech *n Passage.from the said; I am suTthe Co^T" hw • gomeryshire must fully endlrs^tK^7 If Mont~ credit for the good work rfi? u and glve 113 election, but we must not fPel 01 T laSfc There is much yet to do and it 18 °Ver- continue united to hold kn behoves us to thus have opportunities of exchan meet,inSs thongta. 'The hon. «ec (fin™ read the report.—The Rali„Jr Jones), then after making allowances for" deathT'and they could congratulate themselves h-o- v r.e.mo,rals> the Habitation maintained its number of^^ most creditably, and if each warden w "'embers use their efforts in educatin the true principle of the Primrose Lei™0?. m should, by next annual meeting, increase tK7 number. The Ruling Councillor, hon. treasurer and hon. secretary then resigned their respective offices and were each unanimously re-elected were also the deputy ruling councillor (Mrs Proctor the delegates for the provisional council (Mrs Proctor and Mrs Ttioma,), and the executive council and wardens. After receiving the amounts due and other business in connection with the League the meeting terminated.^ FOOTBALL C: r- B.-The annual meetingof the above took place at the Public Hall on Thursday evening last, when there was a very good attendance. Mr. Wilkinson, stationmaster, was voted to the chair, and called upon the hon. secretary, Mr Clement Jones, to read the minutes of last meeting, which were a(lopted.Ilr W. J. Joaes, hon. treasurer read the balance sheet, which was a very creditable one, shewing a balance in hand of E33 3s Id (clieers). The lion, secretary intimated that in the balance sheet there was no mention of any money or wages paid to the professional players. This was entirely borne by the late chairman, Mr W. E. Pryce-Jones (loud cheers). He (the speaker) had been given to understand that upwards of zElOO had been paid by Mr Prvce-Jones to the ca^st of football during the past season, and he thought the chief credit of the favourable balance sheet was due to Mr W. E. Pryce-Jones (loud aid continued cheers). Mr W. Roberts proposed that the balance sheet as read be adopted. Mr Horton seconded.—The Chairman next read a letter from Mr W. E. Pryce-Jones, regrettirg his absence from the meeting, but con- gratulating the ciub on the very favourable financial condition it was in. He, however, regretted to have to sever his connection with the club and had decided not to accept any office again, though he would watch the proceedings of the teim with interest, and wished it every success in the future.— Mr Savers said he had very great pleasure in pro- posing a vote of thanks to Mr W. E. Pryce-Jones for his services as a member of the committee and of the team. He had always been a most unselfish player and willing to do what he could for the club, and also financially assisted them (cheers).— Mr Tronehaid seconded.—The Chairman said that the thanks of the club and all admirers of football, not only in Newtown but in the county, were due to their late cu,utain.-The motion was carried. The Chairman proposed a voteof thankn to the President (Sir Prvce Prvce-Jones), vice-presidents, and officers. — Mr t-red R. Llovd seconded, and it was carried.—The Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary responded on behalf of the officers.—Mr W. Roberts proposed a vote of thanks to the players, which was seconded by Mr Lewis, and carried.—Mr C. Parry responded.—Sir Pryce Pryce-Jones was re- elected president.—It was decided that all sub- scribers of 1:1 Is should become vice-presidents.— The Chairman suggested that if it was the unani- mous wish of that meeting that Mr Pryce-Jones be still captain he might re-consider his decision. lie thought that if it was possible to retain him as captain of the club they should endeavour to do so by every means in their power.—Mr W. Parry proposed that the appointment of captain be left in the hands of the committee. He thought rhat ir, would he a great loss to be deprived of the services of Mr Pryce-Jones.—Mr Tom Worthingtou seconded.—Mr Evan Rees suggested that a depura- tion should wait upon Mr W. E. Pryce-Jones to try to get him to reconsider his decision, and this was embodied in Mr Parry's resolution which was carried.—Mr W. J. Jones was re-elected hon treasurer, and Mr G. H. Claffey, financial secretary. ,-On the motion of Mr Evan Rees, seconded by Mr W. Parry, Mr Sayer was elected secretary—The following were elected on the committee Messrs W. E. Pryce-Jones, C. M. Kershaw, W. R. Wood, E, C. Morgan, F. W. Cooke. R. Morris, H. Hibbott, J. M. Cooke, D. Jones. W. Trenchard, and W, E. Birch.—Two letters were read, one from the Secre- tary of the Welsh League and one from the Secre- tary of the Shropshire League, and on the motion of Mr Evan Rees. seconded by Mr C. Parry, it was decided to enter the Wefsh League for the coming year.—A vote of thanks to the Chairman, and a special vote of thanks to the retiring secretary, brought the proceedings to a close. COUNTY COURT.—THURSDAY. Before His Honour Judge David Lewis. "GuoD IROX.Charles Jones, Newtown, sued Sarah Morgan, also of Newtown, for 17s 6d, the price of certain corrugated iron.—Mr Edward Powell was for the plaintiff and Mr T. M. Tavlor for the defendant.— Mr Powell, in opening the case, said that the plaintiff was at one time the tenant flf Mr Henry Morgan, draper, who was the defen- dant's brother, and as tne defendant intended to take the hou.se he had t", leave. He therefore went to the defendant and asked her if she would take to certain articles, such as window blinds, lioeoleum, etc., and she agreed to do so. A list of the things forced to be taken was made in pencil at the time, among them being the corrugated iron, the subject of the claim. In April last the defendant wrote intimating that she did not wish to take ;o the corruarated iron, as it made the placg so hot. The iron had been fitted upon the veranda at each end of the house, thus dividing the two houses.—The j plaintiff was called, aud deposed that the defendant I agreed to take the corr): "tied iron from the beginuiug. The iron was iu.„od to the verandah | in order to make the place hot. The plaintiff sub- j seqnentlv confessed, in the course of cross- examination, that it was put up ou account of a bad feeiing which existed between him and his neighbours.—Tne defendant was called, and said she did not agree to take the corrugated iron; it made the place so uncomfortably warm, and as it was fixed up by the plaintiff owing to some un- pleasant circumstances it was natural that she would not require it.—Judgment was given for the defendant, with costs. ACTION UFO-, A PROMISSORY Son;Clara Jones (widow), of the Moat farm, Llandinam, v Charles Jones, farmer, of Penarron, Kerry.—Mr. Edward Powell was for the pb;, -T. and Mr. Martin Woos- nam for the defendant. The claim was for £ 35 14s., money due on a promissory note.—T< o case came before His Honour Juoge Bishop at the April court, and as it was then stated that legal proceed- ings took p'ace at this Court some twelve months ago, before His Honour Judge Lewis, respecting the administration of the estate of the late Thomas Jones, the husband of the plaintiff. Mr. Woosnam contended that certain references were made to the promissory note in question, Judge Bishop ad- jourrtfed the present action for hearing before Judge L-wis.—The loan having been proved, Mr. Woos- nam submitted that he had a set-off of £31 7s. 6d. due for the maintenance of the illegitimate child ,.f the plaintiff's sister-in-law. In stating his case, Jr. Woosnam observed that the plaintiff's deceased husband arranged with the defendant to take to his house and there nurse the illegitimate child of the deceased's sister at the rate of 2s. 6d. a week. Up to May, 1891, a total sum of X32 10s. had been paid in respect of the child's maintenance. The promissory note was dated May 26th, 1391, which was transacted because the defendant had taken a larger farm, which therefore necessitated increased capital. From that date to the present no money had been paid by any person to the defendant for the main- tenance of the child, nor had the defendant paid anything-on account of the promissory notein respect of interest or principal. Some time before the death of the plaintiff's husband, the latter asked the defendant, in ti e course of a conversation, if he would continue to keep and rear the child for the amount of the promissory note, and although the defendant did not specifically agree to the pro- posed arrangement, nevertheless he acquiesced in the suggestion, and there was a tacit under- standing that he would rear the child for the 930. Those were the r.implefacts connected with the claim and counter-claim.—Mr. Powell denied that there was any such arrangement come to as stated by the defence.—After hearing the evidence of the plaintiff and defendant, His Honour gave a verdict for the plaintiff on both the claim and counter- claim. APPLICATION FOR A DISCHARGE IN BANKRUPTCY. —Mr Edward Powell applied for the discharge in bankruptcy of one Richard Jones, whose petition was filed in November, 1891. The bankrupt's liabilities amounted to £ 634 and his assets realised X114, and a dividend was paid to the creditors of 3s 4id in the pound. The bankrupt had been un- discharged for nearly five years there was nothing seriously charged against him, and his Honour would see from the particulars supplied him that the bankrupt rendered the Official Receiver every I assistance during the proceedings in bankruptcy. He was afraid that under Section 8 of the Bank- ruptcy Act and according to recent decisions that his Honour would be bound to suspend the dis- charge for two years from the date of the applica- tion, and that. therefore, it would be nearly seven years from the date of the filing of the petition be- fore the bankrupt got his discharge.—His Honour pointed out that be had never had a similar appli- cation brought before him without the presence of the Official Receiver, and that gentleman being- absent he would have to adjourn the application,









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