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SALES by auction. FREEHOLD PROPERTY. SEVERN STREET, WELSHPOOL. J\J\ THOMAS MORRIS will offer for Sale by I ACTION at the WELLINGTON INN, WELSIT- .\t4 ,ON THURSDAY, JUNE 18th, 1896, j J.,C'OCK in the afternoon (subject to conditions), I SUbstantially built dwelling-house and J EJSH SL^UA^E<3 and being No. 31, Severn Street, | THE^°°^ *N OCC>UPA,;iON °F -D- G. Williams. I SB E.PREMISES ARE commodious and suitable for ^<0N QS'NESS, and are situate in an excellent posi- o ear the centre of the town. II, 14, n: further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, load Street, Welshpool, or to MR. C. PRYCE YEARSLEY, Solicitor, Welshpool. (VAM jl SpECIAL s SALE OF FURNITURE ^BLY ROOMS, ABERYSTWYTH. J. E. JAMES has been favoured with in- S S'RQC^ONS from Messrs. Ben Evans and Co., *BOVT> ^YATLSEA, to Sell by Public Auction, at the E PLACE. WEDNESDAY, JULY 8th, 1896, •J, AND FOLLOWING DAYS, b 6 P • and Fitments of the Reception and 0JTHE^ ^°OMS. furnished and decorated specially *"<1 PPJ1186 °F their Royal Highnesses the Prince Y,t rll"ess of Wales during their visit to Aber- VJ COMPRISING ,i{-B. PRINCESS of WALES' „ RECEPTION EOOM: E*BELIJSIAR'S^AN*MADE Louis Quinze Cabinet richly ^OLN with Watteau hand painted panels, LI^E ,IDAN:LUETRIE shaped top Louis Quinze AND A T'RE shaped 5 o'clock tea table, a Auseful design Louis Quinze style. P'UZG1? C^A8TE and richly carved all gilt Louis E*?ER Suite, produced and Manufactured SPECIALLY selected French Brocade for VJ>E of R^NRR work, A specimen of the highest rench Art." all gilt Louis Quinze 3 fold screen with JE hinges, clear glass top pannels, under 8 RICH embroidered French Brocade. LOUIG Quinze all gilt splendidly carved mirror with shaped shelves for Brie a a, new design French Window Cabinet with cupboard fitted clear glass panels for (S* cnrios, and top part adapted as Palm VPR^ C^ASS HAND finished Brass Louis FIRE-side Suite fitted with fire screen, C. ^AATIFUL KOUIS Quinze Lady's Writirg "> <1 onyx tMarble top, ormolu mountings, fables, occasional and fancy pedestals, A &C<S ^'C-> TO° numereus to mention. "TO TO ^XTNINSTER bordered square Carpet and KETY C°Rrespond. rich Silk plush Window Curtains, FIRE PLACE Curtains, and Draperies, OF EEL 1?*E AN(^ Drapery, &c., a choice selection CltaSt lebrated Spode China, also an assortment FE ases, and latest productions from the Royal Worcester Porcelain Works THG A BRIE a Brae, &c., &c. ^0PWNTMENTS of this Reception Room are ^TUENLOUIS Quinze style and should themselves to probable Purchasers. -ktt- RETIRING ROOM: -1 lstie w,el iiawell-made Toilet Table Washstand, T°ILET 8> AND Chairs en suite. 6RY „ ATLD Accessories. > °lstEI. ?FORTABLE Spring-edge Lounge Settle, French Brocade. >CY EASY and Fancy Arm Chairs, LIOARID general Bric-a-brac. TA^ERCN»V.E, ^ESIGNED Axminster Carpet with KthsPle,°- 'C^ SILK P AUD IN^OW rugs to correspond. • "lush Window Curtains, Door Curtains, CREAM and Gold Overmantel Glass e Ulte complete, Ac., Ac. .1I. PRINCE OF WALES' ECEPTION ROOM: ()a.lt PLETK]; fiidebo I Y-ade and Noble Fumigated Brown **tted bevelled plates and with hand- FC A^SOM ^ENTS COMP'ete. OALR R^ERMANTEL ED SUITE." J\.E- ^Ctogan-shaped Top Book or Lamp \*r Nttg Table fitted with Drawers com- «lch PHA?RL°'S^RED Settees, Large Size Lounging SA<],IF R OT^LER Cljairs upholstered in rich A K PED«R I >GS.' AND TT^ECHT Velvet. VERY H S ^U^TA':)'E F°R Busts, Palms, &c. J> 0L>, WIFV,, ANDSOME Repousse Brass HANGING 4 P-nsi Retelled F.. ^ASS R»-E Side Log Box. TR 1 -FY DESIGN Axminster Carpet with Krt Msotne Srp!ete- U. DEARTH and Window Rugs to corrcs- J) &H-CJ AERIES #FS WINDOW and Door Curtains with C C°HECT P'ete- PiffU and other French Bronzes, siires, Busts, &c., too numerous to men- S WSHPRENCH Clock and Side Orna- REAl Bronze Lion Cappings and bfa°mbi S?TIRiNG ROOM: ^ET8,ILC011 ^ASHSTAND and Dressing Table with lige pd Accessories. S?H AJCIJ,CHAIRS. FIOV.D°W CURTNL?RFRTS SND Rugs to correspond. J1R>I^°EACH AINS; DOOR Curtains, and Draperies 1(iin» {A,' ereeng ^Otig r'L ALSO 50N1? HAT P°^SHED light colour close cane RATED YPN Chairs Polished Walnut Colour, enEER GEAT_ Sale to Commence at 3 p.m. T A •11118 011 CCMDITI°NS. t att neer "lost respectfully begs to draw tire eilticla (3 t e FITN,KR,»E PU^^C to the sale as the Furni- such «S ARE T,LE VERJ hest class, an °UNF^ATLTA of A IRARE^ OFFERS is given to the TJES. -Aberystwyth and the Western ^^LE'SP— FESTJROYAL AND STEEL PILLS LISIW TENIOVE all N^' QUICKLY correct ali irregn- R°*EN SVMNF obstructions, and relieve the VI > LFFPA^SOS° P^ALENT with the seX, ^W, LDIE8 THE NN P.S" (THE latter contains 0N RE^.A^TLT;Y)> of all chemists. Sent M ^IT T- Towle VX •15 °R 34 STAMP8> BY ^E ATLons, '• EMISt, Nottingham. Beware • MI^OUS and worthless. SALES BY AUCTION. WHITFIELD'S OLD ESTABLISHED WEEKLY AUCTIONS For all classes of FAT. DAIRY, AND STORE STOCK IN THE OSWESTRY SMITHFIELD. FOUR REGULAR SALESMEN IN CHARGE OF SEPARATE DEPARTMENTS. T. WHITFIELD, SEN.—DAIRY CATTLE. T. WHITFIELD, JUN.—FAT CATTLE. G. WHITFIELD- SHEE)- AXD CALVES. E. WHITFIELD—PIGS AND STORE CATTLE. Sales commencing at 10 30 Settlements as soon as the Stock is Sold. OFFICES Willow House, Oswestry. TOWN OF ABERYSTWYTH. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. MESSRS. DANIEL, SON, AND MEREDITH have been instructed to Sell by Auction, at their SALE ROOMS, QUEEN'S ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, ON TUESDAY, JUNE 16m, 1896, At 3 p.m., all those three newly and substantially- built Freehold Dwelling Houses and Premises, being Nos. 8, 9, and 10, CAERGOG TERRACE, Aberyst- wyth. Immediate occupation may be had. Also, a Freehald Building Site in South Road, Aberystwyth. Further particulars may be had of the Auc- tioneers, Queen's Road, Aberystwyth. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. THE NANTYMEICHIAID ESTATE, IN THE Parishes of LLANFYLLIN and MEIFOD, WILL BE OFFERED FOR SALE BY AUCTION AT LLANFYLLIN, BY MESSRS. R. GILLART & SONS, IN THE MONTH OF JULY. BY ORDER OF THE TRUSTEES OF THE LATE H. B. W. WILLIAMS-WYNN, Esq, (DECEASED). Fall particulars in due course. NEXT WEEK. 500 HORSES. FRANK LLOYD'S GREAT NORTH WALES PRIZE HORSE SALES AT WREXHAM. WEDNESDAY NEXT, June 17th-160 Powerful Town Horses principally, 16.2 and over. THURSDAY, 18th-340 Short-legged Welsh Cart Horses, unpstanding Lurry and Vau Horses, and Colts of all classes. Parade and Judging 10.30. Sales 12.15. Catalogues 3d., from FRANK LLOYD, Wrexham. MONTGOMERYSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. WELSHPOOL SHOW, THURSDAY, SEPT. 10, 1896. PRIZE LIST NOW READY, And may be obtained on application to ROBERT RICHARDS, Seoretaet, GREEN HALL, LLANFYLLIN. CHIRBURY. ANNIVERSARY OF COURT" RON. HERBERT," A.O.F. W E DXESDA V, JUNE 24TH. ATHLETIC SPORTS And other Attractions. PRIZES VALUE £15 ARE OFFERED FOR COMPETITION. The following Events are Open to all One Mile Flat Race, Prizes £ 1 5s. Half-mile Steeplechase, Prizes zEl 5s. Potato Race, Prizes 10s. Sack Race, Prize 5s. Wheelbarrow Race, Prize 5s. Tug of War, Prizes 11 13s. Football Contest (six aside), Prizes, Medals value 12 2s., and Football. Quoiting Match (Singles), Prizes 15s. Quoiting Match (Doubles), Prizes, 17s. 6d. Bowling Compe- tition (Single), Prizes 15s. Also, confined to a seven miles radius — 120 Yards Flat Race, Prizes 15s. 6d. 440 Yards Obstacle Race, Prizes 15s. Also, Races for Mem- bers of Court Herbert and Residents of Chirbury. Admission to Field Is. Children, 6d. For further particulars of Races and Entries, apply to E. W. Tudor, Secretary of Sports Com- mittee, Chirbury. Luncheon Tickets, including Admission to the Field, 2s. 6d. Dancing on the field free and in Tent at night from 10 im. to 4 o'clock. Admission Is. The Newtown Band is Engaged. THE ANNUAL SALE OF THE MISSIONARY SOCIETY (Thimble League), WILL BE HELD IN THE VICARAGE GARDEN, OSWESTRY, THURSDAY, JUNE 18TH, 1896. 2.30 to 8- Theatricals, arranged by the kil^°e^,cf^J^i Mrs. Robbins, of Oerley Hall, "That Dreadful Doctor," a comedy in one act, from 3.30 to from 7.30 to 8.30—Tea in the Garden at any time. —Admission, by the large doors, 2d. PUBLIC NOTICES. -n_- THE ROYAL VISIT TO ABERYSTWYTH. TO EXCURSIONISTS AND OTHERS. REFRESHMENTS At a small charge will be provided in THE PAREEZER HALL, PORTLAND STREET, Close to the Marquee where the Installation Ceremony will take place. tar ACCOMMODATION FOR 300 AT ONE SITTING. OPEN DURING THE WEEK. T. ROBERTS, MANAGER. TO CATERERS & CONFECTIONERS. THE ROYAL VISIT TO ABERYSTWYTH, FRIDAY, 2 6TIL JUNE, 1896. THE RECEPTION COMMITTEE having at their disposal the use of several large SCHOOLROOMS in the town, invite applications from Caterers and Confectioners for providing REFRESHMENTS FOR THE PUBLIC On that day. Nominal Rental for use of the rooms. Apply, on or before the 17th inst., to the Secre- taries of the Reception Committee, at the College, Aberystwyth. VISIT OF THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WALES TO ABERYSTWYTH. Messrs. BELHAM AND Co., OF LONDON, WILL ERECT A COVERED GRAND STAND IN LAURA PLACE, And immediately opposite the Entrance to the College, to view THE ROYAL PROCESSION. Plans of Seats, Prices, &c. (5s. to £2 2s.) can be seen, and Tickets obtained of BELHAM AND Co., 37, BRIDGE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, and W. K. WHEATLEY AND SONS, MUSIC WAREHOUSE, 42, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, Or Plans and Prices sent on receipt of Stamped Envelope. THE ROYAL VISIT TO MACHYNLLETH. ARRIVAL OF THE ROYAL PARTY. THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 25, 1896. THE Royal Procession will proceed from the -i- Railway Station to the Clock Tower, at which place Hi-s Royal Highness will be presented with an Address by the Town Authorities, and His Royal Highness will depart from his usual custom of simply handing his reply to the Chairman of the Executive Committee, and personally respond. This will in all probability be the only occasion on which His Royal Highness will speak out of doors during his stay in Wales. WINDOW SEATS to view the Ceremony and hear all that transpires, can be had upon application to JOHN LEWIS, Lon- donderry House, Machynlleth. BEST POSITION IN TOWN. EVERY VISITOR TO ABERYSTWYTH SHOULD VISIT THE PUBLIC BATHS, BATH STREET. HOT, COLD, AND SWIMMING BATHS. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. MACHYNLLETH NINTH ANNUAL SHOW OF HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, ETC Will be held in the beautiful grounds of l'las Mach- ynlleth, by the kind permission of the Marchioness (D) of Londonderry, ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD, 1896. NEW ATTRACTIONS. Full particulars upon application to Mr. T. Lloyd, Secretary, Pentrehedyn Street, Machynlleth. Hon. Sec., Mr. RD. GILLART. THE GRAND PIC-NIC OF THE SEASON WILL BE HELD AT MIDDLETOWN (NEAR BREIDDEN HILLS), ON THURSDAY, JULY 2ND, 1896. A large Marquee will be provided, and a capital Band will bo in attendance from 3 till 10 o'clock. TICKETS 2;- (INCLUDING REFRESHMENTS). Good Accommodation for Horses & Conveyances. Convenient Trains. GOOD Commercial PRINTING executed with despatch and at moderate charges at the County Times Office, Welshpool. PUBLIC NOTICES. WELSHPOOL HORTICULTURAL SHOW & FETE On THURSDAY, Aug. 6th. 1896, IX POWIS CASTLE DEER PARK, By the kind permission of The Right Honourable The Earl of Powis. THE CASTLE GARDENS AND TERRACES Will be open FREE for the day. FLOWER SHOW PRESIDENT FOR THE YEAR: CAPT. MYTTON. A MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION OF FOLIAGE PLANTS, CUT FLOWERS, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. FETE! AT A COST FOR THIS OF OVER oWUUU SHOW & FETE, The Committee have engaged, by permission of Col. B. B. D. Campbell, the Celebrated Band of Her Majesty's SCOTS GUARDS FROM WINDSOR> Numbering 31 performers, under the conductorship of Mr Henry T. Dunkerton. Also by the kind permission of Col. The Earl of Kilmorey, K.P., the Band of the SHROPSHIRE YEOMANRY Conductor: Mr J. Hudson Davies. By the permission of Col. J. H. Hogarth, and Officers, the Renowned PIPERS OF THE 1st BATT. KING'S OWN SCOTTISH BOnDEEERS. „ Conductor: Pipe Major Balloch, and including PIPE SERGT. STEVENSON, THE GOLD MEDALLIST DANCER, Who will give two Sword Dances Also Scotch Reels, Highland Fling and Broad Sword Dances with the others on the Stage, and play about the Park and Gardens. COMBINED BANDS Numbering about 60 performers will play from 6 to 8 o'clock. Important engagement of th6 following FIRST- CLASS Company of ARTISTES, through the agency of Messrs J. & W. WILDER, Caterers, Birmingham and London ,— THE LIZZETTEE TROUPE Of Lady Acrobatic Wonders and Drawing-room Entertainment. GARTNER AND RICHARDS, Comical Musical Clowns. MONS. DE VARO, Slack Rope performer, and at dusk in his wonder- ful performance surrounded by Fireworks. NESTOR AND AERIAN, Acknowledged to be the most wonderful Trapsze Artistes in the Kingdom. ,d JAPO AND J A PO, Celebrated Tight Wire Walkers. KING, Hard Balancer and Chair Performer. THE ARLAND TROUPE, Marvellous Acrobatic Performances. THE M A R L O TROUPE, In their Comical Performances. THE FOUR VANDOLS In their Grecian Statuary. Illumination of the Park and a magnificent display of FIREWORKS Bv Messrs Wilder, of Birmingham, who will intro- duce some of the latest novelties of the day and concluding with a FIREWORK REPRESENTATION OF POWIS CASTLE, &c. t)J p° Park1wi,1Je °Pf" afc 1 P-tn. and closed after the rireworks, about 10 p.m. Admission ONE SHILLING, after 6 p.m. SIX- Gardens' to a]1 Parfcs of Show, Park and Gardens. Children under 12 years half-nrice Siffa8 °b AC!?iSSi<-)n' lf !K)aght 0nor before August PF\CV ° r reduced price of NINE- P^CL each from the following ^-Shrewsbury, Messrs Jones and Son, Florists, 7 "shonlatch • Mr !"VVM' VE. > p: V T^UrSel?mar' Hlg street: Oswestry, Mr F V,r0l! nTS '• LegfeT,treet Wrexham, Mr J. Mr l R p?, 1 TI' ,?lgh street; Newtown, Mr J Bennett Public Hall; Llanfai 'Mr Morris, Red Lion Ellesmere, Mr C. Bin Stationer- Aber- ystwyth, Mr Roberts, Tobacconist Terrace road; Llanidloes Mr Lewis Rowlands, Prillter Machyn- Iletli, Alr J. Lewis, Draper, Londonderry House or any of the shops in Welshpool, or if by post from the Assistant Seeretary, J. Lambert, Welshpool, upon receipt of stamped addressed envelope en- closing amount. First and Second Class Refreshment and Tea S* waters, and Refreshments of all kinds at strictly moderate prices will be provided on a large scale. Programmes of the day giving mnL ? arS' tlme\,°i entertainments, and musical arrangements will be ready on August 1st. Cheap Excursion Tickets will be issued from Aberystwyth, Corris, Dinas Mawddwy, Llanidloes, Wrexham Whitchurch, Shrewsbury, Wellington, Ludlow, Llanfylhn, Newtown, and all intermediate stations. For full particulars of Trains and Fares see Railway Company's Bills and Society's hand- bills to be had at all Stations. Half-holiday trains and cheap fares from Wellington, Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Eilesmere, Oswestry, Newtown, Llan- idloes, Machynlleth and intermediate stations. W. FORRESTER ADDIE, RON. SEC., WELSHPOOL. I-_n -u u iio T-Ef LS. WATERLOO HOTEL. ABER1 STWYTH.—This First-class Family and Commercial PRIVATE 11 HOTEL and Boarding House is situate in the centre of the Esplanade, and commands an unbroken sea front. The House has recently been enlarged and re-furnished, and possesses every modern improvement, making it one of the most comfortable Hotels on the Welsh Coast. PRIVATE BRAKES LEAVE THE HOTEL DAILY TO ALL PLACES OF INTEREST. TERMS MODERATE. A. E. & A. MORRIS, PROPRIETRESSES. BERYSTWYTH.-PRINCE ALBERT HOTEL, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, Family and Commercial. This Hotel is entirely under New Management. STABLING AND POSTING. PROPRIETOR: 1. PARRISH. • WHITE HORSE HOTEL, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH (a Minute's walk from the Sea; Three Minutes' walk from the Railway Station). This Hotel, which is situated most centrally for Tourists, Cyclists, and Commercial Gentlemen has recently undergone extensive alterations, including the addition of New Coffee and Commercial Rooms, is replete with every comfort. PRIVATE SITTING ROOMS. STORE ROOM FOR CYCLES. TARIFF STRICTLY MODERATE. M. A. REA, PROPRIETRESS. MACHYNLLETH. LION HOTEL, First-class Hotel for Families, Visitors and Commercia Gentlemen. The house has been entirely renovated, and its Sanitary Arrangements and Bath Rooms are of the most modern kind, thus affording the best accommodation in the town. The Hotel is largely patronised by Anglers and Sportsmen, and possesses an excellent Billiard Table. OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. AGENT FOR BASS'S BEER AND ALLSOPP'S STOUT. WHOLESALE BOTTLING TRADE. EDWARD JONES, PROPRIETOR. E. J. takes this opportunity of thanking his numerous customers for their patronage for the last three years and hopes, by strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of their support. THE BULL HOTEL, WELSHPOOL. GRAND COFFEE, COMMERCIAL, SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. SUITES OF APARTMENTS. HOTEL OMNIBUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. AN ORDINARY DAILY AT 1 P.M. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS BULL, WELSHPOOL." MISS JENKINS, MANAGERESS. THE CROWN BREWERY. -c.. A ..À.c- .Ft:¥'f' BREWER AND WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT NEWTOWN, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. j FINE WELSH ALES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, FROM lOd. PER GALLON, CARRIAGE FREE, IN 9, 18, 36, AND 54 GALLON CASKS. The Celebrated "Crown Bitter Ale," and Cobbler Mountain Scotch Whisky. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. HARVEST ALES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY FROM 7d. PER GALLON. Orders received for the above at Bull Hotel and Eagles Vaults, Welshpool; Sarn Inn Kerrv Belle Vue, Trefeglwvs Raven Inn, Churchstoke Anchor Inn, Bettws, Salop. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS MALT, NEWTOWN, MONT." Manager T. E. SKIDMORE. TESTIMONIALS. Newtown, August 19th, 1895. through the Camp as the best Beer, not only in To T. E. Skidmore. Camp, but in Blackpool a.s ,vell.-Yours truly, My Dear Sir,—You may, I think, be glad to know (Signed), J. HYSLOP. that the Beer you supplied to Camp was of excel- To A. D. Dawson, Esq., Newtown. lent quality, in fact the best of the six Batalions in I camp. Everyone agreed as to this, and especially NEWTOWN HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SHOW AND the men of the other Regiments.—Yours truly, FETE. (Signed), EDWIN J. PIPER, Captain, Newtown, August 26th. 1895. Brigade Transport and Supply Officer. Dear Slr,-I am pleased to inform you that the ———— catering of Mr. T. J. Bratton, and the quali;.f of [EXTRACT LETTM.] The Turf Hotel, Salop ERNEST C.'MORGAN, Sec. 15th Aug., 1895. A. D. Dawson, Esq., 15th Aug., 1895. A. D. Dawson, Esq., Dear Sir, Your Beer was acknowledged all Crown Brewery, Newtown. FRESH SALMON FROM THE TEIFY, WYE, AND OTHER RIVERS DAILY. DEALER IN WEN HAM LAKE JCE. O T/^XJ A T?~n m A T FISHMONGER AND POULTERER, lllLXlAXlL' A JlJ9 LICENSED DEALER IN GAME MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL SEA FISHERIES PROTECTION SOCIETY, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, NORTH PARADE AND TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. COUNTRY ORDERS PROMPTLY DESPATCHED. !1E' BOTTLED BV DISTILLERS ONLY AND IIJjA O EXPRESSLY FOR US. BLACIv BOTTLE" TEN YEARS OLD. SCOTCH. PER DOZEN, 46s. CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED AT REA'S STORES, 48, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. F. C. PREECE, Practical Hairdresser, Perfumer, AND Ornamental Hairworker, OSWALD ROAD, OSWESTRY L. LEWIS, MONUMENTAL AND GENERAL MASONRY WORKS, d SALOP ROAD, OSWESTRY. PUBLIC NOTICES. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. DAY TRIPS TO ABERYSTWYTH AND CAMBRIAN COAST, ON MONDAYS, JUNE 15TH, 22ND, AND 29TH, From Oswestry, Welshpool, Newtown, Llanidloes, Machynlleth, and intermediate Stations. For full particulars, see handbills. SEE THE COMPANY'S NEW SOUVENIR ALBUM Containing 50 Superb Views of the Gems of Welsh Scenery. Price 6d. At the principal Railway Bookstalls, the Company's Stations, and General Offices, &c., in May. n_- EVERY SATURDAY IN JUNE, CHEAP DAY EXCURSIONS WILL BE RUN TO LIVERPOOL & MANCHESTER From Llanidloes, Newtown, Montgomery, Welsh- pool, Llanymynech, Llanfyllin, Oswestry, Ellesmere, Fenn's Bank, and Intermediate Stations. Train leaves Llanidloes 6 55 a m, Newtown 7 20 a m, Montgomery 7 35 a m, Welshpool 8 0 a. m, Llanfyllin 7 45 a m, Oswestry 8 45 a m, Eilesmere 9 3 a m. -+ ON EVERY THURSDAY & SATURDAY IN JUNE, 1896, HALF-DAY EXCURSION TICKETS WILL BE ISSUED TO LIVERPOOL (Lime Street, Edge Hill, Spellow, or Walton), A -I- D MANCHESTER (London Road), as under:— Leaving Oswestry at 11 45 a m, and Ellesmere at 11 59 a ri. Third-class Fare for the Double Journey, 2s. 6d. Passengers return the same day from Liverpool (Lime Street) at 11 55 pm, and Edge Hill at 12 0 midnight, and from Manchester (London Road) at 12 0 midnight. Further information regarding Excursion T £ a^ne and Tourist Arrangements on the Cambrian Bail- ways can be obtained on application to Mr. W. H. Gough, Superintendent of the Line, Oswestry. C. S. DENN1SS, General Manager. I MONTGOMERYSHIRE CARRIAGE WORKS, SA^OP ROAD, WELSHPOOL, AND W;t; .ulUJS%T, :-r. ESTABLISHED 1837. G. ROGERS & SON. AWARDS—Two First Prize and Three Silver Medals for Superior Work and Finish. ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES OF OUR OWN MANUFACTURE ALWAYS IN STOCK. REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. ESTIMATES FREE. HERBERT fONES, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER. GREAT CLEARANCE SALE NOW ON. H.J., having disposed of his business to Mr. Cranage, is now offering at COST PRICE FOR CASH A QUANTITY OF WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND ELECTRO PLATE All Watches Warranted for One, Two, or Three Years. CALL AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES. NOTE THE ADDRESS- 15, HIGH ST., NEWTOWN. VISIT TO ABERYSTWYTH OF THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF WALES, FRIDAY, JUNE 26th, 1896. M. H. DAVIS & SONS Having made arrangements with the well- known firm of LEGGE AND COMPANY, DECORATORS, BROMSGROYE STREET, BIRMINGHAM SOLICIT YU¡-J{ ORDERS FOR House Decoration or Illumination Which will be carried out by thoroughly- experienced men AT MOST REASONABLE CHARGES. Contractors for Triumphal Arches, Public Build- mgs, House, Shop Front, and Street Desorations. Trade and other Flags to order at Short Notice. Pings, Venetian Banuers, Royal Coats of Arm- Prince of Wales Plumes, Shields, Mottoes, & General Decorations, Illuminations, &c., Ac,, for Sale or Hire. C. T. BROCK & CO., SOLE PYROTECHNISTS TO THE CKYST4T PALACE, Solicit Orders for their Celebrated Cases of FIREWORKS! From 5s. to E20 each. LOCAL AGENTS- M. H. DAVIS AND SONS, 4, BRIDGE STREET, ANI, 18 AND 20, QUEEN STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. -¡-.