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.JJ4 uk.lf LiWC FI• TL>K «<->VA1* MAn* Nj W £ .AMI-I.CS still ftoai 2Mb af *-t fur South a;!ui» £ Alri'»r. y-'r^- F^AUr "l't'ro ntui T#titri.?c. Ap.1: v to T1XK wXTIOSf 0O3CPASY (Limited.), Roadf fcJru^I'u, »r,d gimtj itnowi Rouse, W to #0, UiKiwpagat# jj^ ^'Uun. London, E.O. L ?W YOREC s»«^^EK^2*s*as v' »* fovt nightly troin G-.»a?gow. !S»5gjgy- & A. A.X<IiAI^, ~5. Boitiwell Street, G-lapgow. GUARANTEED PUE. I ARK YEAST: jjj JVa<te Urnrt.J T IN THE WORLD. !f be STOCKES A2TD WINTER. Used in ;i;.r, a- t- <*t 3 hoars after Manufacture, j! gmmTt J «STV LEA 7A MSTTLLEKX CO-LTD., j r^"v:-1 A «-.<••:•* f >r United Kingdom:— ij L ,r -os & CO.. LTD. HULL, j ">ins mr.it lie m.T'fi. II vJjtlJA^DS & f^AGATELLEr" E20&, Lt«l., "<}i!li&rd Tab* Makew, *•» cjj'■ figh St. [corner of New G.xford St.), I.onttan, W.O. Pp-^t hon.«e for repairs and all kind- of reqiiititsfl. jfooe ij.sts and san-i iea free. Est. 18<<9. bIn ESTABLISHED 1851. Jl"KBECI{. BANK n^Vrv u'" Hapten Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. ^0SM»-A-HALF per CENT. INTEREST allowed oa Jt^O rpP: yable on demand. tij,! M 'ENT. on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, on the mini- lOc' 5 ba'.an -es, when not drawn below £ 100. JL fcr £ &!lC! "HARES purchased and sold. vjj. i«*.BECK ALMANACK, with full particulars, post dtofds THey Wash..jThey Soon.. perV-ctlv, ana, „ t fe ->4 J V. 1 *-«*'• *<"»3 Ask them. Ad- > div.r.tKi'.is, aBd rt-f-9' Hicb th« keep linen Hcifcl>Vr, hiw- {=■ '■ 1 » tesutlfol „r'l>oaB»- „ t:• v> rol-tjr. They t' M*»- \f. ••• S l»>-t » year» or enms* or S mc..y, h,.f.. tniu- B<, 1 lS str8et, LIVSRFOOL. I- \Tyvc-~ Hy !»««%, Ali^f RT A J ,S of description purchased t'oi MOTT B I1 *• i.:< A'.n "3, Ht.Larcbtitii Walk^London. C Vr??0&T -PALACE HOTEL, Birkdale rf■ Channinsj Seaside l-esort in own grounds. 'i'lukish liaihs. Birkdale I'alaoe Station ^^Teiinis a;l,i 6otf.—E. A. FIOK, Maiiager. of the World inviting settlers ofiers t to the Agricnlt\iri £ it than VARIO. Ss^if, pJ^Rptilet, with inai). seut h*ee on application to the hx^NCY, 9, ^James Stm t, Liverpool. FLUIDS POWDER SOAPS Mt8 COLORLESS. NON-POISONOUS M I M PAJMTH.LET ON APPLICATION. (SLJN THESANITASCO.,Ld., Green, Londom, t!) M re1 BLOOD-FORMING T0NIC.I SCTENTIFIO ORGANIC SPECIFIC. and ftccommcndtd by the Medical Profession. for; — Ajasmia, Chlorosis. Poorness ■ ■ °l Blood, General Debility (either com- ■ W ^^utJonal or the effect of severe illness), 1 oSa 8 of Appetite, Nervous Disorders, &c. iEfilBHE :u,,i •s-oiKiilate.i, even by Children and KCfiS^sB a,! i/9 fins), 2/0 iwu witb every bottle. Manntoftnred by |i*3 '♦I f arT! .1* ^C.. Pharuintfputical Cheminta. COLOON B. igf ^ajK V'l »()-, ^9Cuia« Ujtlr** btariHU tkit TrtuU Mark frrffiU Si^ "'•BILL, ) (0r DSSRKIRTITK I'IBIIIUT, WI;1I upiuivn of j ■'ie.lieai Men, te>ti.->oiii»l«. &.Q.. )" fr^j. [j J5V £ Ry WOF#1AW OA^RrEI. for ILLUSTRATED Kpisotc Kt> At-vr'v;i v. E-,clo.<e two penny stomps UD ^OLo-yaENCii 'jB:5EH. O.. Sa. NEWTON Si'E'fiEX, PICCADILLY, or' Mi .> exchanged-.] MANCHiSgTEB. HbtST FAMilY MEDICINE. I SEVJtN YEARS' REPUTATION. | DlffilJi VEGBTABLB ■ I MPOSITION B«fi4Sfit88ao FOB ALL LIVjBB AND BILIOUS %|WISSEV^iSTAl§&^felHS J@.TS%.SSS?SGAA,A«SF"T 0llt » ICAC!IOCrS IN ALL CLIMATES. teL^JUlAL SUFFICES TP CONVINCE. fSbJiL if'8 pf?AstH aod Medicine in Boxes. lSid. ind W. SSkS* Whi^ DE»1> per Box; OINTMENT. 1M. «»d jW Houses, or from MeMit. MOBISON ft CO., B^^OLLEGK OF HEALTH, 83, Euston B4., Londen. aUo prepared with a Pearl Coating whiek rendert &> not interfere with their prompt action. ^t^iIIElXMATISM (^JURED. >vi cfc s. London ,W.O, has been thoroughly ^Ulavs'ia^LC?rn & duii suffering, will gladly S€Od any i-uiferer^n receipt of applicatipn to ber. 'VlJTERLAKEN Switzerland. «*>. ^OTEL GRAJSD HOTEL ^^CTORIA. JUNGFRAU. ^?0 T?J?, R°M 3' 250 Beds. E-ODTIIS £ rom ir.2.50» ^<^i £ sroK LIGHTING THROUGHOUT. » -^S- LAAVN TENNIS, &O. C %SjtJ^aiw1-?-cHTI, Adminifirater. &^ Tvr? HONOIJTIABLS & SUCCESS- ^?og^TB.IMONIAL ASSOCIATION. jWpf' X. riicltn,, pven and Mama;es nmnieod for the Vrstsi^y, a»j oliwa only. I'atror.isod by th« Nobility, fvPrec3* rVh. sf|("'jalh- recomn;eni]<jil by the Clergy; Full particr,liii- ol' business systftm, J* QVit^Hrv,.oi stamp?.—Addri s.s. I/>ndon, W.C. ^S^^SJully <utrated whKe >tiinjint;. 1. s Huptured Horses 0 eraedup(m\¡yW"LTIIRlI¡;\c¡;A"L'G4T,C.u., 'A 0' THE TIMES t1 u ^°lesaj^f Qrocer for it. From 1/4 to 8/4 per lb. 7-Uwd°° VAMtZY TEA CO., 8- IdoI Lane, LOKPOW, K.O. | fl r^APTiow .—ijciuune. I CHLORODYNB. t^4"r>t1~!MPl!8TAaT KWIB*fe *(«% ,'ATRNT yN !ir U AXi-C TkI ss-.s/1 |NLH —\fr*e. t*.T.$irnnru>ns,52.]*Ati)bnnc \V CSS, &C^C. FOR IT. \fra^8wy ■ j^^rSO'JTHWABK. LONIJOTT. m -'H SUCCESS IN LOiiDOH. !q« A 5^T|,SE »« MIIUHEW. — ^SfV. ga'^4 lio ,11^ -w" #t 9/8- Great vari-'y ^V'ue «V <>arr- paid anywhero. Jl^ .'ir-ifod r/-s GEEF0RD.& WILLIAMS. NUKING 3895. f f>,V: "■ < £ l0 • i- Wiu'eh I.JES; A prill, £ 8; tor jo "• 1, 4*4aiy 1. £ 9; Ani;.l. £ 9: Pent. 2, £ 8; s°ioi't, ?er Cpn* T,ct"n(;" a" avMUKis of nearly V>b. ..uilTs pT?V> MONTH. ^•8 •• ^GpertenV ^UKIN^ 1896. V,0tT»i x:7 &pr" 1 •• •• £ Q per cent. \Jr»« h lTTi;«J.June 1 £ 5 „ V-Orr',r'^t ?EA'rsl> MAKUAL, feS'W n'Hir-1 BPEofiV; £ <* hov^ these profits may bo 2naS„la c ,MrAXION. obeqdes for profits tie T1'1'1 rnai i of «i.ch mr?0/; ttncl Ior withdrawals of T^^niidt Xv"ni Irial investments of £ 5 6 ?' HTT"f JP'b'r>T.iiave not a dissatisfied Client. ^^g^ogSkvmjpAiis, ^Pital is regularl5r and secures I w6e^y Profit of £ 2 t0 £ 3' ^4'0r> of')^e rui« L^eekly Profit of £ 3° t0 £ 30' 1v}»«ro l,^Ksi>jk- TOccel<Si1 founded upon cantiou and ^o'a?liS!rd- system is the or £ 0 or £ lQ MAY :1 _.wn>,ie at ten 1/ 1 REAL BOON TO LADIES, n/"> Jfj^ecitHr to thote who wifib tc know T A Q i V,^ of fc/i;. ortAin, and ipe^y reniody xJ iaI/I l_i O rf* y^x 'v Ulu otnitT; ft'io.n, -»- TTNTT TT'i C? x rr ;r.c ■■.y whifii t,nd«r most trjlng | A I I tHi r' ie.iauiAUPtf and in ta« tao«t dilEcn^ ro LADIES OBarauTa oisia t Ky,VZ& VAlLt TO AJTfORD i./i Ji O TO ULIU, LADIES 10 a A mr wnra*. LADIB S p ,r> fte e* kojwl»«, taihiro In ilmpjy T TVT T*1 Q v.,J &■ Saew.of D«ayiRrk XJ 'lX/i-i'-i Kill, Crab^rw^UL f •< « 10 Vyj tor trc»lm«ot '-v-y jj AJJ j MM" T an-4 t.1tl$W"f "'u over wittin J ''PA irvftuir foiu bfforR, alth<)»ffti for orer T A l^T Ji1 ;n 1 !>»;.&* I \i h*on dally toking UlXJJX^J *J ,i a»vd o;h«r thia^i /»wn. Hall i T%y-p it f I ^is*^«*n44:r y««i m&provedeifoeftiY*. t j A 1/1 14j ■> *i t»i »ty iofcAaw ;o> aii4 A .Tt7«!f» to enoJos^d wifih *J 'iitt r I «,A S ) j v ■*■ frf +i!- M.) is uoaikUy (\{ <<#■ tM- uxm. T 4 T 1' T v! i V ^vatuKra Tfi!l be tor- t« fcUY )U £ t rM rwwiya • £ T T TO LAI)s.Lb TO Xfrti* ErfrT*t*Ay t»~ Jj 4 T T J S /"I .—V Sd.TH. • « T lit SIOO (WSLL B0AP "'t j (.) tLW- LA-D.5 I PL AN ADE HOTEL^POSTHCAWL, fec- -*—« iiig- Set1. 100 rooms, Electrio Light, moderate terms, good water & drainage. Mean temperature same as Bournemouth but oIimfi.tepecaliar!> invigorating. "Dry sandy soil, southern as¡zect. safe uatm¡;¡ S'a, tislni-g, extensive Downs, sjllera;id golf links í wI, course; i amished & unfurnished hoW!e8. Apply Manageress. f^ARDEN SEATS AND CHAIRS of "Kan-o'War" Teakwood. Send for partiouLara to H. Cadie & Sons (Ltd.), Sliip Breakers, Hillbank, London. S.W. [Manuiacturers of Garden Seats by appointment to Her j) 9* RADIUS' C SaM B&sES tBM pDiSPEHSABLE TO LADIES! SSSK^SS whod6i'¡re a. qu'ck Asate und reliable remedyforaJl obstructions and irregu- laritic8 II. medicine which cures (usually in lI. few huurs) cases whICh have baffied tke skill 01 tbe best medical men. No lady need despair aa the roost obstinate A hopeless C5ses hay. been immediately relieved by th111 remerty, Mrs. Wilson, of Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, øays: "Your InvaluaidS remedy took Immediate affect; In lesr, then 12 hoi-ra I was all right, after 14 weeks of raisary and hopeless- ness," A IJropedy certified guarantee is enclosed will) till tlSÚ. monh]8 and modicine. One psokage at 4s. Sil. is usually sufficient for any case. Ladies send U onN, fully directed en- velope 10r particulars aD l proofs. I wil i forfeit £ 1000 ror every testimonial that is nut genuine. Thotlsandu of testimonials have been received. Established over lC;) years. Dr¡ r.ot be miuled by showy adverUsementB and othGr so-called nrn"dM wliirh are utferiy worthless. Write privatoi' at once, to— iVS AO.n.'WV.23 FJSAIW, iflEDTOAL iy;!?rms. "-ACK&cy noaa posies b?i -o-ocllt';Cliurcii1. x-oiiiloi;, W.EI# ffO STEASE trSEB.3 AND EICPLOY^ERS OP I^AEOUB. If you wih to avoid amaH ESPlBSiOiis m OREAKDSSH OF EnomES IXSXTKE WITH THE fMOILÐ iraWOE r,'1 £1 i fr.:i \$ M AND GTEAM POWER 00., LD. HEAD OFFICES: 67, KING STREET, MANCHESTER. TIrE FIBST A1O> LARGEST CO Sir AWT OFTRE KIND IW THB lGNGDOK. Also apply to this Company for Terms for LIABILITY AKD ACGJDE^T iWSUKAWCE. Ap PLI CAT ID XS fODAfH.^CJtS I ^VITKD. ,1" [JNO CYCLE Svfi S^T. ■>»• -ys. Iiiii«miiiiiii>2«ra~ i; j-, ItAcrNG, '■5ro-i LAMBS',t'onxHs' f S^snj^iS! aiiiiTAnv. AXD "ttV OTHJSR SAI'JSTISS. EAS^ B I LARGE DldCOJi-'T. I i I CAKBIAGK PAID. I y« I oncejpr Ktw MEiTKOPOLITAlf MACHINISTS CO., I. S-'B. l<MKTK0POLITAlfSew.nt- Macfaiues. 5/- Monthly. «'< > 7ft & 70, BUhop^gate Street Wittout, London,, K.C. M u' ton ))i-^ l_a;>5r. Cycling I ?3 LEAPING IUiUS- 1L|& 1 -TEAT ED CYfkVNS PAPIR" vsl55^/ JBH wt ftru «a ^s^bim WNESDAY ft- ifY'J n QTH2IT r°T recl,>ein stoutnen m WARD S ruevs VSSI- S5J v} I U U I Cl'LOSUS PILLS. HwalcHndylMnatUMka.S/Blt ObtMaafcte oatyfrom I<ONC, g>tmi»t.M.S»*M»OS» fllfcU JLw»Oir,y. "RALMS" UNEIJUALLEO e>_A^BISIl8,FIBISH,^8iai!l88«IP AH RAIUI2IGH Cycles nr-> bui.t. under the vrvjoTi-il HapcsiuicndfuoA of Mes6r«. BA^SKTT &. u iir r-. I u-crntly (tmrtii ii n r + serand rhief dt-,fierier,res^^ctiv^jy,; t%he |nBrT| TI Beeston Huanber wurks. To* vol^k Hi these gentlemen U a pu-'tr^i»j«e of the •' future* *nd neif-her energy nor «xp«jQue bmbem spared tn^Iaee It A t,T?IGHa vfimj of If rivat* THB BAX.BIOH CYCXJB CO.. LTD., KOXTI^OKATJ. IfllllSmAL EXHIBITION in the mnnicipal Park at Treptaw en the Upper Spree. DDDIlt Til PATROKAGB Of. g.-RTt. PBINCE PBEI>i;BIO LEOPOLD OT PBXTSSIA. BARON von BERLEPSCH. PrtlUi4- Minister qf Commerce aad tu".tr¡¡, Honorary Pr..un.t. MAY 1st TO OCTOBER 15th, 1896. Open daily until towards Midnight. THIS EXHIBITION is of larger dimensions than any Inter- national Exhibftron hitherto heH in Europe. It coy«rs am area of more than a million square yards, the principal exhibition building occupying a space of over 55,000 square yards.. The Exhibition is divided Into sections far fishing, sport, ahniea- tary products, IJIWlitary and hygienic arrangements, eal1oation, chemistry, scientltiC l'nstnments, an4 photo$1"&phr. There Í8 also a department fr astron.oID1'. Wltli a giant telescope. Å larsre hall is set for building and engineering. THE EXHIBITION presents a Complete Picture of the Industry and Art of the German Capital, and comprises 8a groups, representing all branches of trade. fHBII AM AJU0* CO"1JIICt'.J> WIT* IT 1. The GaHAN FISHXURIXS EXHIBITION. ramI Hjlmmid-TRACHSJIMM ft president H»mWio, Hon. Presidents. 2. The GERMAN COLONIAL EXHIBITION. Organized with tie Ctio" tf the Imperial Government. fun vo" Ars^rkko and B*. KATSKV, head of the Colonel Bepart- inent of the Gennan Foreign Office, Honorary Presidents. 3. The magnificent and highly attractive dii])lsyi OLD BERLIN, n s liying picture of the History and Development of the Capital. Special ErHibltion "CAlBp.* TslATaS. CoNCKBTi. K*ST*tr»AlI*«. In th* PLEASURE PARK the mont Varietd Attraction* TMP0RTANT.—SCOTIA DUNDEE PILLS. ■ k wonderful and mighty medicine for the Infant, Adult, and th« Am#. ava NO MOBE DEATHS from EPIDEMICS jund DISBABisa by the use of this wonderful and mighty DISEASE-DESTROYING MEDICINE. The only arm in Great Britain who does or dare puDUan.«» oath the name of the drugs in their preparations in plain English. Sold in Boxes at Is. lid. each. Try theml U not approved, the money wt«m« mfuii. Address:—THE DtTNDBB TILL OOKPANT, 176, Fleet Street. London, B.Q. "■ fflHE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY'S GARDENS, Pf.IJCANS o'Jjr p'm" I IONR 4.30 p.m. OTTERS 3>0_ p.m. 'r tw 112.0 p.m. ^J'JSSS' iao n.m. I SS IM OOEHlsMPa inail ùiRtrk! A.S AGENTS for a patent artIcle r;:q: Irr:g h"nI". ►«.».. at 1/5 e.¡', "nd 2{' fJko11;\J¡"A"1 IkING CO., free, with n^ructiM^I to rHI ODl "V..C. \.I YOUNG MEN ■nfferinc from Nervoms Exhanstion, General Debility, Ac., due to youthful ignorance, should send Treatment, free. „ T ST. LOUIS •7—x ¥ifmm2,s¥s ■ ft, FITTT'.r) TO HF^r wi t IfVlareBE?AIS?BOJw !( TY«« 111 1.UH1NO SKASON 5«9(" IfVlareBE?AIS?BOJw I !( TY«« 111 1.UH1NO SKASON 5«9(" %/V# DAMAGED FROM fiXY utiSE. THE HYDE IMPERIAL 8'J39 £ 3C3..lD.,tfi>0.1EV_ #'CINDERELLA' BOOTS & SHOES For LADIES' & CntLDRRN's WBAB, Of all leading retailers. n AO genuine, 'tami 'M ('TNnERKt.nA. MANPFACTOIIT, OKOKSTKR. Name of nearest A gent sent on receipt ——r-n-7— ,lUA.vjfh MON lP.> TO WOMEN » ^^ui^^V^'i^AriSOLirTELY OEBTPAIN Mettuni WITHOUT MKDiCINK No Pills, Ms*; Bcitllce. Snd ;ttt.rhpetlf:J"qll' 11-\ wn Iu.n., rftun('fltlSlR. THE INFANT'S BENEFAOTOX THE MOTHER'S BhST FRIEND. MOTHERS,TRY IT! SGfEHOE TRIUMPHANT. rnkp greatest boon to Infants is the New °ce, "INWARDS' HUMANIZED CONDENSED MILK." It is prepared from the very purest Cow h Milk, and whCTl dilutee! with water, aocordins t> 5 absolutely identical 1*1 ortmpo-i iofi with Mother 8 MUK. Can ba obtained of all Ch^iusts and Grooers at Ungr CAWATdST'JiS anJ ■ 11A Li.'S T AB O LXSHMEKT, KABLSBAD on t;>e situated in th. prettiest nud )i,-a!rrl.iest ijart the afw fectious and mental c:i'sD^,ECTOi;s Of the Sanatorium. Inhaling Establislmie«t, Dr. S. BUXBAUM, J^eWty^ I7^I(iHT P< KINDS on- p<- -led >TKEAKY il BACON orBoneh-ssHa-r.S-n il BACON or BO'1('>lpsg Ha.'¡', $'n(k"d nrPdc, postel ()!'der5:- carr.paid. lib Fitith D:ry Biute-. 1; i." '\v<v~e.-shire. anteal; tru a sample.—V*NI H l)Ai»\Di>i ej^ (T^Y^LES LA TSTTUS' or GE NTLEMl^W S. V F,KST cUss • ^dir. from the manufacturers. JT^UL.L'&V^!1^. T' WoLVliEHAMl'TOW.- ANTI-RHEUM. ■•• >, p '11"1 for t _w /IN, ENGLISH-THE BEST! BENSON'S Si WATCHES. Guaranteed for Accuracy, Durability, Strength, and Value. Thousands of Testimonials have been received. BENSON'S I BENSON'S t. English Lever Keyless English Lever 99 "LUDSATE" WATCH "BANK" WATCH. In Silver Cases. ^In^l8-ct. A|A < Silver Cases. Silver Cases £ s OLD WATCHES AND j EWEL- Selections LERY of TAKEN IN Watches or EX- Jeweller3r CHANGE. sent free on All Goods =Ceof Not Approved will be Ex- Cheapest, Strongest and mo6t Durable London [, ?o°d Knockabout Watch for rough wear at a made THREE-QUARTER PLATE ever sold. Price. Best London made, Three-Quarter Plate An English Lever, Jewelled with 13 Rabies, Chrono- .21. Lever, Large, Chronometer Balance, Jewelled meter Balance, Patent Large Barr el, and Damp and m Rubies, Strong Keyless Action. Dust Proof Ring Band. Price 25 6s. An Exact Timekeeper, and better value than any Keeps better time than, and is double the Strength Keyless Watch sold for .£10. lD 8lerlU"r Qrn« £ ilnElWS.Wth,S.ertogs„vwCrS^ Made in Four Sizes at one Price, £ 5 6s.:—No. 1, Gentlemen & Youths No. 2, Working Men; No. 3,- BENSON S ENGAGEMENT RINGS, in Half- Railway Men and Miners (as illustrated): No. 4, Ladies. Hoop, Marquise, Gipsey and all other designs In massive 18-ot. Gold Cases, with Crystal Glass, set with Brilliants, Rubies, Emeralds Pearls Sap- Gentlemen's size, L12 12s. Lady's size. rio IOs. phires, Opals, Turquoise, &c., &c., or in plain gold. ALL WATCHES AND JEWELLERY sent post free, and at my risk, to all parts of the World on receipt of Draft, Cash, or P.O.O., payable at G.P O. CEND FOR BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 2 2s. to £ 500. CLOCKS CHAINS ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHES. PLATE, dfce., &c. Sent post free on application to JXAT PF.IIQnil WATCHMAKER and JEWELLER TO • • OUJN, H.M. THE QUEEN and ROYAL FAMILY. Steam Factory: 82 & 84, IiUDGATE HILL, And 28, ROYAL EXHANGE, E.C., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. WATCH, &c, CLUBS.-APPlications for agencies invited. Easy system, no risk. BLINDS BLINDS BLINDS IT VENETIAN WINDOW BLINDS. MADE ALL COMPLETF,, ANY COLOUR, 4Jd. and 5d. per ft. WARRANTED. ,q SUN, WIRE, CANE, SPRING, & OTHER ROLLER BLINDS. Before ordering elsewhere scud for Samples and Estimates, Free of Charge, to W. PAYNE & CO., Office: 114, QUEEN'S ROAD, PECKHAM, LOVDON, S. E. N.B.—SPECIAL PRICES TO THE TRADE AND BUILDERS. Old Blinds Re-painted, Taped and corded equal to new, 2Jd. & 3d. per foot. Shop Sun Blinds fixed complete.-Send for Estimates Free of Charge. ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS. BANKERS E. & S. W. BANK.



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