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HIGH-STREET BAPTIST CHURCH.—Preacher for next Sunday, Rev. Gcorfe Evans, Newport. Services at 11 and 6 o'clock. CHAMBER OF TRADE ANNUAL OUTING.—At a meeting of the Council of the Chamber of Trade the question of the annual outing was disevssed, and it was decided to recommend to the Chamber that no outing be held this year; WEDDING.—The wedding of Mr. D., H. Williams, secretary of the Hill's Plymouth Cricket Club and Institute, to Miss M. E. Jones, of Nantybaston Farm, Nantgaredin, Carmar- thenshire, was solemnised at Merthyr, on Wednesday, May 19th, 1909. The happy couple left for London on their honeymoon, by the 8.40 motor. The bride and bridegroom received handsome wedding presents. No MORE OF IT.—Several men pleaded guilty at the police-court, on Tuesday to taking too much liquor. One of the number, an Irishman named Patrick Murphy, told the stipendiary that three drinks made him drunk, and he would have no more of it.—" Sign the pledge," said the Stipendiary, and pay 10s. and costs." GELLIFAELOG BUILDING Co., LTD.—This company has just been registered with a capital of £10,000 in S10 shares, to carry on the business of land and property owners and dealers, builders, contractors, etc., in respect of certain land forming part of Gellifaelog Farm, Peny- darren, Merthyr Tydfil. The subscribers are :— F. B. Harrison, Maesgwyn- terrace, Cwmdare, Aberdare, mining engineer; T. Niblce, Tydfil House, Merthyr Tydfd, dra-per; F. Hodges,, Gadlys-cottage, Aberdare, outfitter; S. Perkins. Dumballs-road, Cardiff, merchant E. J Phillips, Bronheulog, Merthyr Tydfil, grocer; P. T. Lev/is, Gethin, Abercanaid, farmer; S. Hawkins, Garth-villa, Merthyr Tydfil, con- tractor. The number of directors is not to be less than three nor more than nine the first are T. Nibloe, F. Hodges, F. B. Harrison, A. J. Freedman, P. T. Lewis, S. Perkins, E. J. Phillips, and S. Sandbrook. Qualification £300. Remun- eration as fixed by the company. Registered by Drake, Driver, and Leaver, Ltd., Rosbery- avenue, E.C. CEFN BRIDGE TO BE PROCEEDED WITH.—At a meeting of the General Purposes Committee of the Corporation, on Monday afternoon, a letter vas read from the Local Government Board, stating that they saw no reason why the Council should not proceed with the erection of Cefn bridge, seeing that they had been authorised by Parliament to carry out the work, and borrow money for the purpose.—A letter was read from Messrs. Page & Co., the contractors, asking for permission to commence the founda- tions of the bridge, as they had ordered a large quantity of materials.—It was explained that the delay had occurred because the Breconshiie County Council had not yet borrowed the money to pay their contribution.—Councillor F. S. Simons If they do not get sanction, is there to be no Cefn bridge ? They are an honourable body, and if they have definitely promised to give us a certain contribution, if they cannot get a loan, they will get the money some other way. 1 [move that the work be commenced at once.— [Alderman J. M. Berry seconded, and this was agreed to.— The Town Clerk was authorised to get the seal of the Council affixed to the contract. The price is about £4,000. MR. KEIR HARDII:, M.P., AND INDIA.—Injthc House of Commons, on Tuesday, Mr. Keir Hardie asked leave to move the adjournment of the House on a matter of urgent public importance, namely, the refusal of the Prime Minister to afford the House of Commons an early opportunity of discussing the action of the Government of india in deporting and holding in detention, without trial or charge preferred against them, certain well-known subjects of his Majesty's in India.—The Speaker ruled that, as the subject had already been discussed, it could not be a matter of urgent necessity that Parliament should discuss it again. Therefore, on the ground of lack of urgency, he should have to hold that the hon. member's motion was not justified.—Mr. Keir Hardie submitted that he was justified,.because new facts had been brought to light, and because charges had been made from the Treasury Bench that these gentlemen had supplied funds for assassinations. That was a new element of a serous character that the House should have an apportunity of tUscussing.—The Speaker said there would be an II opportunity of discussion on the Indian Budget, and he must hold that the matter was -not-urgent. THE.SWIMMING CLUB.—The fourth season of the Merthyr Swimming Club has opened aus- piciously, and it is anticipated that last season's records will be easily beaten. Messrs G. Alban (chairman), Reece Pryce (vice-chairman), and J. C. Prag and E. Edwards (hon. sec-retaties) have worked with a strong committee towards making the baths up to date; £50 has been spent in renovating them, and Dai Davies (Welsh whistler) has been appointed caretaker. An effort is being made to form a strong ladies' club. With Dai Davies at hand to teach the art of swimming, beginners should be encouraged. The Club has notable swimmers among its members, including G. Alban, who holds numerous prizes for acquatic sports, and E. V. Marriott, the Pcnywern hero, who holds the Humane Society's medal for a brilliant act of heroism. The baths are fed from a clear spring on the Brynno Mountain. The polo fixtures are :—May 31 (a), Swansea Y.M.C.A. June 9 (a), Penarth; June 10 (a), Cardiff Premiers; June 23 (a), Cardiff City Police; July 24 (h), Cardiff; Aug. 19 (h), Cardiff City Police; Aug. 28 (h), Penarth; Aug. 2 (h), Swansea Y.M.C.A. (Gala day). MERTHYR SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION.—The annual meeting of this Union was held on Sunday, at Market.square Church, and there was a large attendance. The president of the Union, Rev. T- E. Walters, M.A., Market-square, read a portion of Scripture, and the Rev. T. Lloyd Williams, Park, led in prayer. Mr. Thos. Jones, Mount Pleasant, Penydarren, occupied the chair, and Alderman J. Harpur, represent- ing the Mayor (who was unavoidably absent), presented the books and certificates gained by the scholars in the March scripture examination. Alderman Harpur said it gave him great pleasure to be present on that occasion. It reminded him of very pleasant times he had spent in days gone by. He had been a Sunday school teacher for 30 years, and had most pleasing recollections of the time he had spent in the Sunday school. He wished to impress upon all who worked in the Sunday school the importance of the work, and urged all the young people present to make good use of the time allowed to study the Bible, as it would be useful to them now, and the knowledge gained would be helpful in years to come. In dis- tributing the books he congratulated the scholars on the admirable selection they had made, as they were really good books. The following were then handed the prizes won, Alderman Harpur addressing a few words of encouragement to the recipients — Senior division: 2nd. prize, Miss Ettie Powell, High- street., 6s. books and 1st class certificate; 3rd prize, Ralph Protheroe, 5s. 4th, Miss Muriel Williams, 4s. (both of Market-square) and 1st class certificates; Misses Mary Price (Park), Hilda Lloyd (Market-square), Annie Horner (Caedraw Mission), 2nd class eertm- cates. Upper Middle division: 1st prize, 7s. 6d. and 1st class certificate, Miss Gladys Owen (High-street); 3rd prize, 4s. 6d. and 1st class certificate, Miss Annie Davies (High- street) Gwennie Jones (Caedraw), Annie Collins (Caedraw), Noel Protheroe and William Bowen (Market-square), 1st class certificates; 2nd class certificates, W. H. Wiltshire (Market- square), Henry Trailer and Mary Evans (Cae- draw). Lower Middle division: 1st prize (and very highly commended by examiner for work done), Evan J. Williams (Caedraw); 4th prize, Miss Çlara Bell and Harold Lloyd (Market-square) bracketed equal, two prizes of equal value were given by the Committee in this case 1st class certificates, Annie Davies, Annie Hawkins, and Tydfil Humphreys (Mar- ket-square), Trevor Williams and Price Price (Park), Lucy Evans and Dorothy Sullivan (Caedraw); 2nd class certificates, May John, Mary Jones and Arthur J. Clements (Caedraw). Junior division 4th prize and 1st class certifi- cate, Geo. Williams (Caedraw); 1st class certificates, Hildred Protheroe and Irene Vaughan (Market-square), Winifred Jenkins, Evelyn Rawlins, Evan D. Williams (Park), Maggie J. Trailor (Caedraw); 2nd class certifi- cates, Cristabel Waite, Annie Jenkins (Park), Alice M. Preece, Joyce M. Carter, Dd. J. Jones (Caedraw). The secretary (J. W. Bolter) reported that 72 candidates presented them- selves for examination; 18 prizes had been awarded by the Committee, nine of which had been gained by scholars in Merthyr Sunday schools, and nine by Dowlais schools. During the afternoon, Misses F. Pickford and Milly Evans rendered solos, and Miss Mary Lloyd. and Master Ernest Pugsley and Mr. Jas. Pritchard contributed recitations. Special hymns were sung by the young people, who were led by Alderman John Morgan. A vote of thanks to Alderman J. Harpur, proposed by Alderman J. M. Berry, seconded by Mr. j Sam Adams, was suitably acknowledged. WILL You HELP Us? Street Collection for Rescue Heme on g#tu±day, May 29th. I' PARK CHURCH.—Next Sunday the Pastor, Rev. J. Lloyd Williams, will occupy the pulpit at his former pastorate, and in his absence the Rev. J Davies, of Carmel, Cefn, will officiate. I.L.P.—Come and hear Mr. Joseph Burgess, Parliametnary candidate for Montrose Burghs, who will speak at the Park, on Sunday next, May 23rd, at 2.30 and 7 p.m.—If wet evening meeting theLL.P. Institute,. at 7 p.m. TERRITORIALS.—A tactical exercise has been arranged for to-morrow (Saturday), when the Merthyr and Aberdare companies will form the defending force (red) against a raiding fore* (blue) which is reported to be advancing up the, Aberdare Valley in the direction of Pleasant View, with the object of seizing the mpin roads, if possible. The defenders have received orders to delay the advances as much at possible, and endeavour at all costs to drive back tho" raiderG." It is to be hoped there will be good muster of all ranks. CONCERT AT THE PARK.—On Monday night the Municipal and Cyfarthfa Band gave a concert at the Thomastown Recreation Grounds. Delightful weather prevailed, thousands ol people assembled, and the band and the veteran conductor, Mr. G. Livsey, were highly praised. The following was the programme:—Overture, "11 Flauto Magico" (Mozart); vabe, First Love" (arr. by G. C. Bawden); cornet solo, "Oh, dry those Tears" (Teresa del Riego); grand selection, "Ten Minutes with Richard Wagner" (selected from his favourite operas) } characteristique piece, "Water Melon Dance"; selection, "The Girls of Gotteni 'erg (Caryll and Monckton ); finale, God Save the Kin¡! Another concert will be given on Thurtaw# next. QUOITS. -.Penydarre.,i played their first league match with the Park team, on Saturday, on the Ponydarrcn prouns. Scores :— PENYDAKREN. PARK. J. Morgan 19 T.*Rees 21 Phil. Giles 10 T.Lewis 21 C. Rces 21 J. Davies 1e Ed. Danier 19 J. Price 21 Tom Broik-ii 21 W. Llewellvn 9 Wm. Jones 21 S. Llewellyn 6 Tom Danier 21 H. Foley 6 Wm. Theophilus 20 W. Williams 21 152 121 FLOWER Snow.-All who are interested in tht Merthyr Flower Show are invited to attend a meeting at the Town Hall, to-night (FridaYh at 8.30. HELP to raise the fallen. Street collection for Rescue Home. on Saturday, May 29th, 1909.

Dowlais Whit-Monday Eisteddfod

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