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| ft CIREAT FASHION PAGEANT. J§[| fWe are making a dainty, inviting, and very Special Show of Summer Fashions, which is now in fall swing. Everything that is Seasonable and Fashionable \fl MllmWfrJiki at the present moment has been coming to our Showrooms daily for the last few weeks. To-day it is all here. Our programme for the hitsun Trade is undoubtedly 1ft W V\\ f WL, "fL AVH If WWk strongest we have ever prepared. ■ You know our reputation, and know it so well that you look for something better and [^he ^orouch are 1 Wi> 1 a rfe, •X//II IV t and more Ladies are impressed with this fact; more and more they realise that the most exclusive and best lines of everything in DRAPER Y in the borough are £ « 1 « MU 1 d4 I Triumphs, in Newest Modes oin, SttMMRr HnWHS 0<nUSc UtuHuUt!!& r WMHHHUt UUtwHw To offer our Customers. Are Dreams of :1 '0 I Summer The Ch. t tPretThinUmmer The Choicest The veiy best of what the Summer has produced, and some If you know anything Fashions in Costumes and Skirts, WMxtt Taste the keynote of our Millinery Business if you are familiar with the many dainty Blouses and personal attention and a close study of individual Blouse Robes now being shown if you have ideas in season- style are all points which have helped to make US able Coats; if you are fastidious about the Fashion of „ X g the Leading Millinery House. \\V|r Children's Millinery, Coats, and Pelisses, perhaps you will ^00t Wf "ST fflT VVXVNA V test this statement. You can test it by a personal inspection. £ gjB f g g IM>| 1 Matrons should place orders at once for Hats „ Kv\V/ VV r" Just call and look round You wffl not find the co W BUMS g g i J fLT C* //I wanted before Whitsun; you will find a timely Mv VSV^ X place or the ordinary note in any one department of our fflTBf • g • g • H /yg /&/ g surest method of securing one. A\ We are quite as particular on the small things as we are y y^gJ JT ^1^ 9 Come to-day and come early in the day. We are I X on the big things, consequently, for Gloves, Hosiery, Laces, never tCO busy to Study your most minute COm- Belts, Handkerchiefs, Veiling, etc., etc., Ladies come to us mands, but it would be far pleasanter for you because they are sure we are careful in the little things. ^jfgP1*" MFRTHYP and better for US if you can place all instruct Jf&l Bfehni is ,in T C0mfemanyd0fC0^ChTrtVlntkely ILIUIIIA^F ^ng n0W> before the height of the Whitsun rush adds to our burdens.

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IEczema Twenty Years.

f ,DER!.

Fisons' (Ipswich) Fertilizers.I