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=_d_ I Consumption Can Be Cured «e' JT, rA Derk P. Yonkerman, Specialist, whose discovery of a Cure for Consumption hau startled the World. Marvellous as it may seem after the centur- ies of failure-, a cure for Consumption has at last been foand. After twenty years of almost ceaseless rttotarch 'and experiment in his labora- tory, the now renowned specialist, Derk P. "Ponkermaii has discovered a specific which has cured the deadly Consumption even in its far advanced stages. In many cases. though all other remedies tried had failed and changes of climate were unable to check che progress of the disease, this wonderful specific has conclu- sively proved its power to cure. Whatever your position in life may be, if you are in Consumption, or suffer from Asthma, Bronchitis. Catarrh, or any throat or lung trouble, this cure is within your reach, formt is a home treatment and need not interfere in any Way with your daily occupation. Prove for yourself its healing power ABSOLUTELY FREE Simply send your name and address to the Derk P. Yonk-erman Co., Ltd., Dept. 654, 6, Bouverie St.. London, E.C., and they will post to you a Free Trial Treatment of this remarkable remedy 'Don't hesitate or delay if you have any of the symptoms of Consumption. If you. have Chronic Catarrh, Bronchitis, I Asthma, pains in your chest, a cold on your lungs, or any throat or lung trouble, write to day for the Free Trial Treatment, and full instructions, and cure your- self before it is too late. HOOPING-COUGH I" CROUP | The Celebrated Effectual Cure without H Internal Medicine. B ROCHE'S I HERBAL EMBROCATION. 1 Will also be found very efficacious in R cases of U BRONCHITIS, LUMBAGO, and g RHEUMATISM. R Price 4a. per Bottle, of all Chemists. H W. EDWARDS & SON, 157, Queen Victoria!! Will also be found very efficacious in R cases of U BRONCHITIS, LUMBAGO, and g RHEUMATISM. R Price 4a. per Bottle. of all Chemists. H W. EDWARDS & SON, 157, Queen Victoria!! TINS- d. 6d. Is. ew Size I d. FL BUGS BEETLES. MOTH (in Blankets, Ftirs, etr-) (LUNS HEALER I H) will immediately arrest the course of the HI Iff disease and guard against all ill effects. It Kg H possesses marvellous healing and tonic prop- Ms 81 erties. and gives instant relief to Coughs, (jgi N Cold., Hoarseness, Bronchitis, DlffI. mS H cutty of Breathing, etc. It is very H Sfj beneficial, and has proved for many years a H Eg boon and blessing to thousands of sufferers, fl n REMEMBER! Neglected Coughs and 11 88 Colds frequently turn to Bronchitis, Asthma, KB H etc., and are often the forerunner of that §1 BB dreadful disease—Consumption. Sag 111 Prices 1/11 and 2/3, of ail Chemists and Stores. uj Kg i/g orJt'Jfrom the sole proprietors and Inventors M §9 <a. DEAK1N & HUGHES. 18 fifg THE INFLAMMATION REMEDIES CO., jig BLAENAVOH. MON. Sa¡,I JEWELLER, Pontmorlais, Merthyr. GREAT Sale of Jewtilery ¡ Entire Stock must be Cleared at Ouce, and will be SOLD at 'Greatly Reduced Prices. GIYING-UP BUSINESS COME AND vIEW WINDOWS AND COMPARE PRICES WITH OTHERS. MOUNTAIN ASH AND DISTRICT Billposting and Advertising Co., Ltd. 4-7 Ila-eing the LARGEST NUMBER OF BILLPOSTING STATIONS IN THE DISTRICT, are prepared to take Con- tracts by the Month or Year. HANDBILLS DISTRIBUTED throughout o District by RELIABLE MEN. ftlac&gsr tied Secretary— P. W. HOWELL, F.C.I 8. Windsor Offices, Mountain Ash. P.O. Xelechone, 1i.




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.. Settlement at Oulias, Llwydcoed.

Death in a Scratch.



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