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II I H The help of helps for all quick house work. In the laundry H it softens the water, helps the soapt bleaches white clothes, 8 v-os. »4»f brightens up colours and saves the rubbing. Carbosil the water for greasy pots and pans, washing up H dishes and cutlery. Carbosil in the bucket for whitening floors, H scrubbing tables, shelves, etc. Carbosil waste water to cleanse ■ and purify sinks and drains/ H Carbosil is a powder containing no soap; far stronger, ■9 handier and more effective than the old-fashioned lump soda. III -&d. and Id. tjfVS 4,268 PRIZES-AS,000 CASH-FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. i Kw For users of II Perfection" and II PiDkobolic" Soaps and w^yrfNte mil Carbosil "-send stamped addressed envelope for particulars. BlFACHllBf "OSEPH CROSFIELO a SONS, LTD., WARRINGTON. SODA Mr. E. T. Davies, F.R.C.O., Condu obor Merthyr and District Choral Society, Honorary Examiner and Local Representative Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music, Member of Council of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, Local Secretary Trinity College, London; Music Master Merthyr County School, etc., etc., GIVES LESSONS IN Singing1, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, &c. PUPILS PREPARED FOR THE R.C.O., R.A.M., AND ALL RELIABLE EXAMINATIONS. Recent successes of Pupils include:—A.RC.O., L.R.A.M. (2), Advanced Honours Aesooiated Board R.A.M., R.C.M. Senior and other Certificates Trinity College, London; First and Special Prizes Royal National Eisteddfod, &c., &c. J5S1 oLnSSaon8 Fine 3-Manual Organ. ror Terms ST" CARTREFLE, MERTHYR TYDFIL. MR. W. J. WATKINS, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M. (PIANO) (Organist St. John's Parish Church, Conductor Dowlais Male Voice Party, Member Incorporated Society of Musicians, Solo Pianist and Accompanist), GIVES LESSONS IN- Singing, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form, &c. -7 Engagements accepted for Organ Recitals, Concerts, Eisteddfodau, &c. For Terms apply 13, MORLAIS STREET, DOWLAIS; or at BURR'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, MERTHYR. Abercynon visited Mondays-3, Mountain Ash-road. I Burr's Music Warehouse, Merthyr, Tuesdays iyr"p TTT t PWTC (Organist and Choirmaster Market Square Church, ■A-TAXii# • JjXU V7 Local representative: London, College of Music. College of VI" iA late Conductor of the Merthyr Orchestral Society.) GIVES LKSSONS nt Violin, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Theory, &c.. FOB TEBMS APPLY- Mr. W. Lewis, 35, Thomas Street, MERTHYR. D. W. DAYIES, F.T.S.C., A.R.C.O. PIANIST, ORGANIST, CONDUCTOR AND ADJUDICATOR, ORGANIST OF BETH ANT A, DOWLAIS (Successor to Mr. HARRY EVANS', TEACHER OF THE PIANOFORTE, ORGAN, SOLO SINGING, HARMONY, COUNTERPOINT, INSTRUMENTATION, &c. Pupils Prepared for all Merthyr Vale, Mountain Ash and Reliable Exams. Rhymney visited Weekly. Address GLASFRYN, PENYDARREN, MERTHYR I f I HAVE A TERRIBLE HKAOACHES AND AM SO BILIOUS AND SICK THAT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. There are thousands of Men and Women of all ages suffering so, making Life a burden. it it was known how effective HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS are. no one would delay tt vnoment before taking them. These Pills act like a charm, and give immediate relief in the most severe attacks of HEADACHES, BILIOUSNESS, INDIGES. TION, DEPRESSION OF SPIRITS, IRRITA- BILITY. By acting on the Blood as "Eliey do, they remove the cause of Inactivity of the Liver and Kidneys, and cure BACKACHE CON- STIPATION, WIND. PILES, and all SKIN RASH. Read a few extracts from .letters re- ceived I cannot speak too highly of your "Hughes's Blood Pills. rney cured me of a severe Sick Headache, fous Biliousness, and Foul Stomach in a verv abort time.—C. James, Wigaa. I have been in a very weak state for months; severe pains in the Kidneys, Rheumatic pain in all my limbs, Headache, J? Stomach, with Wind and Indiges- my 'wholensystmbt Yo^ P°"°nin8 Blood JPill* pifmhrnkVTv' V*ry ort time.-W. Jones, Pembroke Terrace, Ponfcypool 1 have been a great sufferer'from Pain in the Head and Back with Wind and Indi- gestion. I was induced to try Hughes's Blooa Pills' They did me an extraordinary amount of good. Now I am quite well.^g&r&h PV.il. Iina K1 m Street. Ferndala. 1 I "r' -7 fhese Pills always do good, When buying see that this TRADE MARK, a Heart, —thus—is 08 each box, with- out which none is genuine. ASK for I Hughes's Blood Pills,' and take no Substitute. Sold by Chemists and A v qlp c. Stores at Is. lid., Zs. Vd. is. oa-, or senti vatas in P.O. or Stamps to Maker JACOB HUGHES M.P.S., L.D.S., Llanufacturine Chemist. PENARTH. CARDIFF, Have you anytninff to Sell? Advertise In our Want Columns, and it it aa vooti SO sold.






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