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F <L a Tko\j**»<U of people have lctrat how to reduce their expetJitvre on V & without sacrificial appearances. The secret lies in the fact that Ar Jjf i-y have discovered the value of the 1 Johnson Patent Processsi Dry Cleaning They have their various articles of attire cleaned again and again- « C every time they return looking like new. 0T Call at our local kranch and see the specimens of garments which have been lv dry cleaned. We avoid shrinkage or alteration of shape, whilst reviving the ft colour and smartness, so that you experience afresh the felicity of wearing 8 S We elean BLOUSES from 1/3," PRESSES ft COSTUMES from 4-/9. 5 € GLOVES from 2d. GENTLEMEN'S SUITS, 4/6. TKOUSEKS, 1/- € {'Johnson Brothers, Wfe j f 101A.. HIGH STREET, MERTHYR; 8h. TAF1T STREF;T, PON^PT?Tr>-); S 49b, COMMERCIAL ST.. ABERDARE; 12, ANGEL ST., NEATH. Agents for ROVER AND HUMBER, HIRE PURCHASE I I 03 1 1 'V,o i. i Or CASH. TlinklAO DDI1C IRONMONGERS, I nUmAo DllUO., Merthyr Tydfil. TAFF VAL.E Billposting Co The Borough Billposters, re the Largest in the District, and are Pro prietors of over 100 STATIONS Built on the Latest Modern Principle, and occupying the Most Important Positions, including all the Railway Stations and Electric Tram Routes in Merthyr Tydfil, Dowlais, Caeharris, Cefn, Pentrebach, Abercanaid, Troedyrhiv., Merthyr Vale, Aberfan. Also at BrecoD, TalyllyD, and District. All Orders receive Prompt and Personal Attention. Experienced and Efficient Staff. Handbills Distributed by Reliable Men. Sandwich Boards, &c., Supplied. indly Note ddress :— 14, Glebeland Street, CHEAP WOOD WORKS. i n ill » i\¥ i1 I Steam fit. Mills. Timber, Joinery and all kinds of Building Materials. Cots of all kinds in sections or put together. Light Rafters and Boards, 5s. 100 feet. Solid Rainwater Shoots, 4jd. ft, hold up against snow. Illustrated Price List. Id. stamp. Carriage paid »:.• -r.vhere. TILNEY, Abertillery. My Face is My Fortune" Is not striel.,y true to fact, L,ut pimples, a blotchy skin, or a yellowish comph-xiou are not desirable. KERNICK'S VECETABLE PILLS will soon put matters right, as they cleanse the blood, strengthen the digestion, and restore the system to the pink of condition. Sold only in 7W., 18. lid., and 2s. 9d. boxes by all Chemists and tit-ores. Be sure you wk for KERNICK'S. LOCAL AGENTS Wills, Chemist, Merthyr Evans, Dowlais Jones, Troedyrhiw. SPECIAL OFFER! EASTER WEDDINGS are the chief topic in many homes the moment. Are yop to be married at Easter ? If so read on if not—well then your friend who is. HARRIS'S The Pioneer Cash Furnishers, IN NEWPORT MARKET, Are offering some marvellous ClBARGAINS IN SMART FURNITURE At unheard of Prices For Instance- Solid Oak DINING-ROOM SUITES. well upholstered in good patent leather, at £4 5s. Od. tie complete suite. Sideboard to match, also Ilirror in stylish frame. Burr Walnut BEDROOM SUITE, the latest London design, with side mirrors, handsome glass door Wardrotte with roomy drawers, price com- plete-9 Guineas. Entire furnishing for SITTING ROOM, choice suite in tapestry or silk velvet, ruby plush, velvet > or saddlebags dainty cabinet, with bevelled mirrors, plush lined cupboards, carbriole legs hand painted screen all brass kerb, and brasses to match Axminster carpet, square and hearth- rug to match ormulo clock, and ornaments to match cornice pole, pair lace curtains, the whole lot for 16 Guineas, delivered free anywhere in Monmouthshire, in our own vans. Masai VP brass-mounted Bedstead and Bedding, eomplete for Fifty Shillings. Como and see tlis marvellous line. Cheaper than Birmingham or London. All brass Bedstead— £ 3 15d. Charming mahogany Bedroom Suite, with double glass doors to Wardrobe, fine finished tbroughout, oxidised handles; Dressing Table with reflex mirrors, three jewel drawers, two short drawers, three long drawers, landscape glass, all bevelled plates, locksand keys fitted to all drawers; Royal St. Anne's marble top Washstand, with mirror over, art tiles in back, reversing towell airers, six drawers in washstand, locks and keys, pedestal cupboard. This is the very latest 1909 design, and is offered for 13 Guineas, complete, delivered free. N.B.-Tram fare paid. Luncheon and Tea provided free on furnishing order. E. E. HARRIS, THE MARKET HALL, DOCK STREET, NEWPORT. ■ Simply say H.P. 1 M and give your Grocer | 6d. and you will have a bottle of 'í: the delicious I" h'I/ I (/ ""1; I" MERTHYR Billposting Co. LIMITED, Williams' Square, Glebeland Street, If you want your Bills properly posted come to us, we keep experienced workmen. We have the GREATEST NUMBER of Hoardings the LARGEST Hoardings, and the BEST Hoardings In the District. No Hoardings in Side Streets. NAT. TELEPHONE 223. TURKISH BATHS Hot and Cold Water Baths., SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS have been made for an experienced trained Norse to be in attendamce on Tuesdays (ladies' day). Mr. JOHN PORTER has had over 20 years practical experience at some of the beet establishments in the country, and is making arrangements for the Naupein Treatment, in addition to Sulphur Brine, Pine, Sulphur Vapour, Pine Vapour and Plain Vapour Baths at reasonable charges. LADIES' DAY, TUESDAYS. Please Note Address— Below Parish Church. L -V-O:aT S' XKTXS. t E* ClUCINE FOR STICKING H In 1/ (Jdand 3d. Bottles. Sold-by H. W. SOUTHEY & SONS EXPRESS OFFICE, MERTHYR. Have you anything to Sell? Advertise in our Want coiumns, and it is as good as sold. The Housekeeper's beat Investment, for a packet will last for a week, and provide all the time rich and nourishing gravy for joint or meat pudding. Gravosal lessens the butcher's bill, for the delicious Gravasol | ve3e*a^e* takes the B Soitl in penny packets and .d. glass jars. r I KIMGOV (;rør., Trading co, car-dilf ,A

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