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JOHN JONES & SON, MANCHESTER HOUSE. Soecial Show of New Goods and Novelties FOR THE COMING SEASON ~a ""C>N" low on Show all the LATEST DESIGNS and CHOICEST PRODUCTIONS in Trimmed and Untrimmed Millinery. Dainty Styles, Copies of the Latest Parisienne Models at Strictly Moderate Charges. Charming and Stylish Novelties in LADIES' BLOUSES in all the Newest Materials. New and Original Styles and Designs in ^LADIES' COSTUMES in all the Latest Shades. A Splendid Collection of Exquisite Novelties in Made-up and Piece LACE GOODS. Newest Shades and Styles in LADIES' GLOVES. All the most reliable makes in Lace, Lisle Thread, Kid, Suede, &c. All the Latest Productions in BLOUSE AND DRESS MATERIALS. All the Newest and most Charming Effects and Colours in the Fashionable Fabrics for the Coming Season. A Choice Assortment of LADIES' UNDERSKIRTS in Silks, Moirette, &c. LADIES' & CHILDREN'S LONGCLOTH, NAINSOOK FLANNEL & FLANNELETTE UNDER. CLOTHING a Speciality. DAILY DELIVERIES YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND A VISIT OF OF UPON SEEING THE INSPECTION NEW GOODS. NOVELTY OF THE MOMENT. WILL OBLIGE, 102& 103, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil Veetn SETS (Upper and Lower) From 22 2s. Od. up to £ 10 10s. Od. 2/6, 3/6, 5/- and 7/6 per tooth according to material selected. in Merthyr and District ALFRED N. NATHAN depends on the recommendation of each patron. There is no more complete place of the kind in Wales, and no place where Lower Charges are made. ESTABLISHED 15,YEARS. ESTIMATES FREE. fATTE^J^ANCE 10 a.m. to, 8 p.m. Daily. It Thursdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. C- QJffedJtetSmi OPPOSITE ST. DAVID'S CHURCH, 112, High Street, Merthyr. ■■ < 1 YOXJR CLOTHING NEEDS IJ Can undoubtedly be beat supplied by the BESPOKE TAIliORINO • 01' MIMI! MORGAN BROTHERS. 136, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. ftI8 is our Busiest Sesnon of the year and we satisfy every want in Fashionable Materials for Spring and Summer. SUITS TO SUIT MEN WHO ARE DIFFICULT TO SUIT THAT IS WHERE THE ART OF TAILORING COKES IN. A HOLIDAY SERGE SUIT frem Sol- A SPRING RAIN COAT from 35/6 LADIES' TAILORED COSTUMES. You can select the Style of HAT or CAP you need from our large Stock. That is one reason why this is a good place to buy SHIRTS. TIES, COLLARS, GLOVES, &c. Sole Agents for J. PECK & Co's Outfitters, Specialities for Butchers and Provision Dealer? PIANOS. ORGANS. MUSIC. ij THOMPSON & SHACKELL, 1| Limited, J J 114, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR, { <' 11 And at Cardiff, Swansea, dco., (See. -i. j> f:7: 1080 SOLE AGENCY ;[ 11 FOR MOST OF THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED MAKERS: J( Bechstein, Brinsmead, I^rosdwood, Collard & Collard, Challen & Son, Erard. Rud Ibach, Hooff & Co., 0 J. & J. Hopkinson, Ernst Kaps, Sames & Co., Gors ft i> V Kallmann, and the Estey Organs. |! COTTAGE PIANOS FROM 10/6 MONTHLY ON THE |! J! NEW HIRE SYSTEM. ]| LARGEST DISCOUNTS FOR CASH OR EASY TERMS ARRANGED. 11 All Pianos warranted and exchanged if not approved. Old Instruments taken in exchange. | < TUNERS sent to any part on the Shortest Notice. (| C N.B.—A Beautifully Illustrated Catalogue Sent Free on Application. i> GREAT OFFER WONDERFUL OFFER 0lllT. THE STAR PORTRAIT CO., MERTHYR wmatthe Dowlais Market every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. also at the Merthyr Market from 10 a.m. Daily, g £ LIFE-LIKE PORTRAITS 20 x 16 Solid Oil-Painting for 309.. Usual Prion 15 x 12 Solid Oil-Painting for 25s. 20 x 16 Black and White for 21s, 503. The above framed in Massive Solid ard WelLPolished Oak and Gold Flat inside 4. Wi.1- 20 x 16 Black and White for 15s. 6d. worth 30s. In Best Davk Carved Mouldingn and Gold Flat. 4in. Wide. 20 x 16 Black and White, Framed 2-in. Solid Oak 12s. 6<1. X „„ » ■ 3ia. Black and Gold 12s. 6d. 12 x 10 „ on 20 x 16 Mount, Framed • • Sin. I0s. 6d. 12 x 10 „ i> )> >i • lJ,-in. Oak 10s. bd. Best Work only and done from any old Copy. are a Local Firm, and do yotir work without delay. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. READ THIS TESTIMONIAL Merthyr Tydfil, Feb. rd, 1909. To the Star Portrait ço. Please accept my best thanks for the Black and White Portrait ytfu did of me some time ago. I am very pleased with it. and also the Oil-Painting, both of which I consider are very liip-like and to have been exceedingly well executed.-I am, yours faithfully (Rev.) B. G. BARKER." — Send Post, Card to CHIEF OFFICE— 16, GWENDOLINE STREET (gS^tt2ie.raJ), MERTHYR, .a. FL00K5'S LUCKY WEDDING | RINGS and KEEPERS. j SHOULD BE WORN BY ALL BRIDES WHO WISH FOR EVERLASTING HAPPINESS. 1 r '——~ < (18 "Mmu- ) .18 :A. Joys are hidden—joys untold In these little hoops of goid, So remember, charming fair one, When the right time comes to wear one, Hovers love with fairy wings O'er FLOOKS'S lucky wedding rings. If a suitor you have found, To FLOOKS'S quickly take him round, In the window you'll behold Plain but beauteous hoops of gold, Then you've only got to say, "Take me in, I'll name the day 1" And when you become his wife, You'll remember all through life, How upon your hand you wear Lucky gold to ward off care, Love as well for ever clings To FLOOKS'S Lucky Wedding Rings. 40 s PRIVATE ENTRHAANCNE DSOAMND E RPROOESM ENFT OR W!F?IK TTIENAGC. H WEDDING RING. 4EWELLER 8 sflLVERSMMf. I Branclie Taif Street, Pontypridd 49, Pontmorlais Circus, MERTHYR. i Tel. P.O. la. (| Tel. P.O. la. (| IV 0.4 ;7.77-. WIRE BLINDS. 1 THE BEST 'AND CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE FOR I WIRE BLINDS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION IS I W. K. LEE & Co.'s, 89, Cardiff Road, Aberdare I ESTABLISHED OVER 50 YEARS. I DOUGLAS MOTOR CYCLES ARE SECOND TO NONE. Sole District Agency- ARTHUR DANIEL, TROEDYRHIW. Also RUDGE WHITWORTH and other Cycles. I ENGLISH MADE I I THROUGHOUT. I I Folding Perambulator. 11 I '1" A Perfectly Built Baby Carriage. Easy to Run. Folds into a Space of q inches. Can be Carried up and down Stairs Easily. I II -I- IJOHN LEWIS, I! 89, PONTMORLAIS & PENYDARREN,! MERTHVK. [ Tobacconists Wanted TO JOIN THE MERTHYR, DOWLAIS and DISTRICT TOBACCONISTS' ASSOCIATION. Full particulars of membership and price lists on application to- J. A. WHITING, Hon. Sec., 52, PONTMORLAIS, MERTHYR. THE KING OF TONICS! Dr. LEVER'S PHOSVITA Removes Mental Depression, Cures Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Brain Fasr and Nervous Exhaustion. 1/9 and 2/9 per Bottle. Sole Depot for Wales- HENRY M. LLOYD, M.P.S., Chemist, Victoria St., Merthyr (Opposite Market Doors). WHY PAY HOUSE RENT WHEN VOU CAN BECOME YOUR OWN LANDLORD. For particulars apply to the MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS BUILDING SOCIETY. Loans advanced in earns from f,100 to -010000 Easy Repayments. Favourable Rbdeasphoa Terras. Utmost Secrecy. Loans oa ;r. course of construction. No Management eajursta. OhiirmBri JOHN ILENVS, J.P. Secretary. Mr. DA. VIDDA VIES, aod HQIA$E, Mertbjr Tidti

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Dowlais Whit-Monday Eisteddfod

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