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'r PUBCHASK your Groceries .apt! Provisions at H. LIYNON'S, Mountain Ash. Quality'and price un- surpassed. IF you are in donbt where to Furnish, go to Vic- TOR FREED. the leading house furnisher, where you can be supplied at your own tcrms.3 and 4, Miskin- Koad, Mountain Ash. WHY Purchase your Groceries at Mountain Ash when 1. P. EYNON can serve you with the Best and Cheapest Groceries in Town. Noted for Provisions. —I. P. EYNON. Grocer. Miskin. OPEN AIR LECTURE.—On Sunday evening, "Huw Menai" delivered a lecture at the Duf- fryn Grove, under the auspices of the Social Democratic Party. After speaking for about half an hour the lecturer was taken ill, and the meeting terminated. ACCIDENT.—On Wednesday afternoon, a little child, the son of Mrs. Williams, Commercial- street, fell a distance of six feet over the rails and wall of one of the houses just above the old post office. The child however, received no serious injuries. Mrs. Williams, on seeing the Child, fainted away, but was attended to by a number of neighbours. NAZAKETH.—On Sunday and Monday special services were held at Nazareth English Bap- tist Chapel, when sermons were delivered by the Rev. Mr. Thomas, late of Penarth. and now of Yorkshire. Speaking op Sunday afternoon Mr. Thomas referred to' the degradation of Christ by the churches, and said that Christ claimed ito be Supreme Lord of all. It was not sufficient to allow his dvinity, as some did, in the sense that all men were divine. The Rev. E. V. Tidma.n, the pastor, assisted at the ser- vices. PRESENTATION.—At Bethania Congregational Chapel, on Sunday afternoon, Mr. Morgan Davies, one of the senior teachers, was presented by his class with a testimonial.—Mr. W. B. Jones, superintendent of the School, presided. and Sir. Seth Harris first presented Mr. Davies with a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, on behalf of the class, and Air. George Richards presented Mr. Davies with a hymn book.—Mr. John Evans then presented Mr. Davies with a copy of the revised version of the Bible. The Bible bore the following inscription This Revised Version of the Bible, together with a hymn book, and apair of gold-rimmed spectacles, was presented to Mr. Morgan Davies by his class at Bethania Sunday School, in recognition of his valuable services as a teacher, for 14 years, —May 1909." Mr. Davies briefly thanked them for the kindly feeling shown.'—Speeches were also made by Messrs. Evan .Phillips, Richard Griffiths, and the Rev. Owen Jones, pastor, all of whom testified to Mr. Davies's abilities as a teacher.—The secretary for the testimonial was Mr. Timothy Williams. SOCIAL.-The first annual social in connection with the Mountain Ash branch of the Associated Union of Co-operativo Employees, was held on Thursday evening, at Ye Olde Cafe," in Commercial-street. After tea a miscellaneous concert was given, the programme being as follows :-Pianoforte solo, "Battle March of Delhi," Mr. Stanley Ellis; solo, Angel of my Dreams," Mr. Theophilus Morgan; recitation, Master Idwal Shelby; solo, Farmer's Boy, Mr. J. W. Edwards; pianoforte solo, Selection of Welsh Airs," Mr. Stanley Ellis recitation, People will Talk," Master Idwal Shelby and a solo, "My old New Hampshire Home," Mr. Theophilus Morgan.—An address was delivered by Mr. Bull, of Woolwich, the Southern and Western district organiser, his being his first visit to the Welsh coalfield. The local branch of the Shop Assistants' Union was represented, and one of their members proposed a vote of thanks to the organiser for his address, and this was carried enthusiastically. The social was a great success, and thanks are due to Mrs. Lewis, the hostess, for preparing such an excellent spread. The joint-secretaries were Messrs. S. Ellis and J. J. James. ORGAN RECITAL.—An organ recital was given at St. Margaret's Church, on Monday evening, in aid of the new church at Miskin, by Mr. H. W. Long, the organist of St. Margaret's Church. The soloists were Mrs. J. T. Jones (Lynwood), Miss L. A. Kendry (Penrhiwc eifeer), and Messrs. D. pennar Williams and Anthony Jones (Moun- tain Ash). There was a fair number present, but the recital should have been much better patronised. A fine programme was arranged for the evening, and each item was splendidly rendered; in fact, the singers were never heard to better advantage, while, as organist, Mr. Long is well known. The items given were as follows:—Organ solo, War March of the Priests," (Mendelssohn), Mr. W. H. Long; quartette, God is a Spirit" (Stemdale Bennett) The Artistes; air, The People that walked in Darkness" (Handel), Mr. p. Pennar Williams; solo, Nearer, My God, to Thee" (Carey), Miss 1. A. Kendry; recit. and air, "Comfort ye," and Every Valley" (Handel), Mr. Anthony Jones organ solo, Offertoi-re" (Batiste), Mr. H. W. Long trio, God be Merciful unto us (Dr. Parry), Mrs. J. T. Jones, Messrs. Jones and Williams solo, "Eternal Rest" (Piccolo- mini), Mrs. J. T. Jones; solo," Abide with me" (Price), Mr. D. Pennar Williams; solo, The Gift" (Behrend), Miss L. A. Kendry; solo, Just I am (Price), Mr. Anthony Jones; and organ solo, Offertoirs" ^Wely), Mr. H. W. Long. THE LATE MR. EVAN EVANs.The funeral of the late Mr. Evan Evans, Londes Villa, Aber- dare-road, took place on Tuesday for the Aber- ffrwd Cemetery. There was a large attendance of the general public, for the deceased was well- known and respected, having resided in the Aberdare Valley for upwards of 50 years. He was a faithful member of Rhos Welsh Baptist Church, and was 71 years of age. Previous to


Mountain Ash County Court.

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.. Settlement at Oulias, Llwydcoed.

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