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-0-0- What then is its proper sense ? Lexicographers 0 tell us it means the being doomed to eternal torments n The word thrice mentioned in the Bible St Mark says, I he that believeth not is damned. In St. Paul's] 1 epistle to the Romans we read, "he that doubteth is- damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith for whatsoever is? not of faith is sin. And in the same apostle's epistle to the Thessalonians, it there states- that God shall send delusions, that they all might be- damned who believed not the truth. Perhaps to .speak charitably, the MVerend.ge'htlenian in heaping vials of wrath upon the bead of the "sacerdotal snob" meant damned in the same sense expressed in Not, worth a dam, a'dam being an Indian coin equal to the 25th part of a paisa- A corresponding phrase is Not worth, a rap; The rap was a base half- penny, intrinsically worth about half a farthing, issueci for the nonce in Ireland, in 1721. because small coin was so very scarce. An analysis of the irate clergyman's words ehows that the Rev Samuel Smith actually wants to see the Bishop of Truro's damnation in this world, hence the proper senfie, seemingly *of seeing ^man damned is his being reduced to a state> summed up in the phrase Not north a dam. The npsliot of.; the afFairr was that the de- icniant was mulcted on' :a technical point 'int 4: damages and costs. 'oco=, NEDDY AND CO.. ¡ s In view of the danger and annoyance in the past j to holiday seekers and tha inhabitants through -the,- j de,.beitiv used by Messrs; Cuddy,, it may not -be impertinent for the Committee next Mon- day to devise "fresh woods and pa 'tures new 'i wherein the "mokes" and their attendants could pursue the even tenour of their way during the next ¡ summer solstice. The Esplanade is admittedly too I narrow already, and when one sees another or more of I the asinine family one feels inclined to skitat a tangent and say, "One gentleman at "a time, please." A fellow-teeling, don't cher know ? — • BEACH INSPECTORSHIP, There is sorne small talk of advertising, for a Beach Inspector for the coming season. Perhaps this is solely a formality. At any rate there is avery likeli- y hood of the unani mous choice ultimately resting upon J Mr George Moran olii,. old and honoured Crimean i veteran—who so ably and judiciously discharged his 't onerous duties last year. The general opinion isy without doubt, he's the right .man in the right place. Good old Morgan He could give soinetliino- away to the young .'uns. ,0-°- SUNDAY BOATING. I There is likely to be a little breeze overthis mattery a hint having fallen at the last Council that the pro- 1 vince ot the Chairman of the Pleasure Boats Com- mittee was sihiply to recommend and not arrogate to himself the full powers of the twelve- At. least this I was the jist of the public interchange of pleasantries 'twixt ;wo of our civic paters. Of course it may have been only fun, but you never know, you know" how things turn out. —0-0— SPECIMEN COUNCILLORS. The only two monthly meetings so far of the Dis- trict Council have occupied more time than the actual work dona warrants. There are still, unfortunately left, two or three Councillors with a pronouncedly obnoxious predilection for spoutiug, which fritters away much valuable time and causes much chafing around the Press table, They mus-tbe kindly bUt firmly straight-waistcoated If in future these danger- cus symptoms become manifest. Their style in dis- <