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GLAMORGAN COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION, ] 895. PENARTH (NO::I' 1ERN) DIVISION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE NORTH AND CENTRAL WARDS- Ladies and Gei)tlei-lien,- t are fond of fair play, but at the last Dis- fa]0 UUC^ -ect'0u» *D consequence of a fallacious, HeYK anC^ misleading1 rumour of disqualification, li j 6r ei»h'y nominators, the electors, or myself eyenhanded justice. of L^ave' therefore, at the request of many ratepayers both Wards, consented to become a Candidate at the forthcomirlg" Election. h* a016 ^le duties of County Councillors are, stated, as follows:— management of the Administrative and Financial Qsiness of the County. reparation and Revision of Basis for County Rate, 8sessing-, Levying-; and Expenditure thereof- borrowing Money advantageously. alary of Coroner, Fees, Allowances, and Dis- ^sements allowed. passing the County Treasurer's account- aiding the County into Pulling districts, jy secution of the Acts relating to Contagious peases, Weights, Measures, and Gas Meters- ^lcensing houses for Music and ?tag3 Plays, etc. Ao aid Technical Instruction, and also making jances in aid of Emigration- £ o Pj)0'n*ment °f Valuers for Probate purposes, as 18 0n8 lla^ P^ceeds are paid into local taxation account. Granting additional powers to Parish and Urban stliet Councils. To pat the Allotment Act into force, which is very £ a-S.e^iai where Parish or [Trban District Councils have p to. Provi^e a sufficient number of allotments. Repairing- Roads and Bridges. ^^oviug Toll Gates (and, in my opinion, its high ^e the Penaith toll gate was removed); it would a great boon to tradesmen, cabmen, hackney to'6 P'op'ietors) and all vehicular traffic also 8l^re a threepenny 'bus service, a saving of 25 per to passengers on single trips. tio e^ore special efforts would be in this direc- u (no doubt ^successful) if you will kindly record 4.tur Vote (^us X) in my favour on Monday, March *lb> and oblige Youis obediently. Or. G- L. NORRIS. • °rpe, Penarth. February 14th, 1895.

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