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v- JaL thce: CAFE FOR keDDING CHKES TRY P", n no WARHER HOia MADE—BREAD W. G. WARN ER, Fx>encli. <Confeotfion.ei*j tr 93, I. b Street, ■ ,f .¡;:»:R A:BtJ!f'E[. V*lte-~ _L —mi -ing. ,I WEAYE'S • IflBEflTEIl FRRINE BREAD. j .» 1 > I I I I I I II I I >TTT*TTTTlVlTTTTTTTT'»1»»»TTT»»r< 1 t T » M M TTTT »> TTT ',I THE BREAD OF THE FUTURE! }. delicious, Nutritious, and 3€igMy digestive. GB CHAS. A. CAMERON, MD. (Cambridge), F.R.OSJ., M.B.O.P.I., P.IO, Ffofessor of Chemistry, R.C.S.X., Medical Gfiicer of Health, for Dublin; City 'i and Ccunty Analyst, CITY LABORATORY DUBLIN, •• I have a high estimate of the DIETETIC VALUE of fats especially of those foundin the seeds of plants and I ft* the large percentage of tlie DELICATELY FLAVOURED f»te of jvheat orient Wds greatly to the vakU of their Bread. It is RICH also m the ALBUMINOIDS of Nil ROGLNOLb constituents ot food 'jMuch are INDISPENSABLE to the formation of BON E and MtfaCLE. „ W L "Messrs NEAVE & CO.'S Wheaten Meal and FARING are WfcLL FLAVOURED, EASILY DIGEoTIBLE and r 1 IIITlOyS aliments." ]501,15 AGENTS' FOR PENARTH— i t,, r"" JE^. Soms, l*" AliCOT STREET AND PLASSEY STREET# • ARCOT STREET AND PLAS,SEY STREET, VT A/ t #