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——————————————— GO TO THE 'CHRONICLE' OFFICE For your JSc28 JL n -fc in.^? It is the 3Best an.d Cheapest. Hign Glass Work a Speciality, A Cardiff Prifiter- says The Official Programme Df the Tabernacle Baptist Fancy Fair, and the Cogan Exhibition Certificates, issued from the Penarth Chronicle office are the neatest specimens of their kimds I have seen turned out in the district" — The Late Burning Fatality. We beo- to make an appeal to the generous public of Peuarth, on b-half of the widow and children, (of which there are eight) of the late Alfred Smith, who was so severely burnt at the Penarth Steam Laundry, that be died two days afteowards at the Cardiff Infirmary. We have every confidence in recommend- ing this as a most deserving case of charity, and shall be pleased to receive any subscription, however Small. £ s. d Sums previously acknowledged 28 13 6 [Mr Tom Jones 100 Mr Jno. Williamson 0 2 6 Balance from J, Smith's account 1 10 3 Collected by the Penarth and District Industrial Co-operative Society, per Mr Beer 6 4 9 J. H. Insole, Esq., Ely Court 2 2 0 Penarth Police Force 0 10 0 Mr T King 0 5 0 Mr T, Meazey ••• 0 5 0 H. SNELL, Esq., j Joint Secretaries Dr J. H. EEES j I BURNS, &0. I I In every house children, and even grown people. are apt to get burned, apply at once, HOMOCEA, WHICH INSTANTLY TOUCHES THE SPOT, taking away all pain, and in a very short time working a perfect cure. Sold by all chemists, Is. I%d., and 2s. 9d., per box, by post, 1/3 and 3s. EXANO (HOMOCEA FORT) Is the strong form of Homocea made especially for deep-seated rheumatic pains-more especially of the joints, and for pains in the chest, bronchitis, &c., but it is not to bo used for open wounds, sores, or delicate parts of the body. We guarantee thia ointment, and in every c:tse when purchased direct from us, we will refund the money if relief is not obtained by the purchaser. Price, 2s. 9d. per box, 3a. by post. HOMOCEA SOAP. HOMOCEA SOAP. This soap contains the valuable properties of the Homocea ointment, and is certainly a perfect toilet soap but as a medical soap, it is of great value, especially in the nursery, and for all who have delicate skins. Price, 9d. and Is. 3d. a cake, or 2K. and 3s. per box postage, 2d. and 3d. extra. All the above preparations can be had from Dhamists, Druggists. &c., or direct by post from the Homocea Company, 22, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. T For Perfection in Quality of DAIRY PRODUCE and High Class GROCERIES, try B. HUNTLEY, GLOUCESTER HOUSE, MAUGHAN STREET Finest Home Cured Wiltshire Bacon and Hams. DEVONSHIRE BUTTER AND FHESH EGGS. L DEAFNLCSS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD cured fit the Jl&lien'ts home- This Illustrated Edition also treats of the cure of Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, Extreme Stoutness, Ingdiestion, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism by :MelCo-lectlclty-4d. Bright .Publishers, 3 TAVISTOCK Pl.ff, LONDON W.C., r MATCHLESS CLEANSER has swept away A thousand worries of Washing Day. THE POPULAR LAW BOOK, ALWAYS KEPT UP TO DATE, AND NOW ENLARGED BY FIFTY PAGES. NO MORE LAWYERS' BILLS 6s. 8d. Saved at every consultation! Now Ready, THIRTY-SECOND EDITION (1895), 750 closely printed pages, containing 5,000 Statements on n Points of Law, verified by Notes and References to Authorities. Price 6s. 8d, post free. EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER: AHancyBook of the principles of the Law and Equity, By A Barristei. 32nd Edition (1895). Revised and in Carefully Brought up to Date, and now including (f r t'ie first time) A CONCISE DICTIONARY OF LEGAL TERMS. This New Edition includes the Local Government Act, 1894 establishing District and Parish Councils' Finance Act 1891 imposing the New Death Duties besides the Notice of Accidents Act, 1894 Pieverition of Cruelty to Children Act, 1894; Merchant Shipping Act, 1894; Building Societies Act, 1894: Married Women's Property Act, 1893; TrusteeAct, 1 893 Industrial and Provident Societies Act, 1893; Hours of Labour of Railway Servants Act, 1893; Betting and Loans Act, 1892; with many other Acts of re- cent years. With full particulars how to Sell or Mortgage Land through the Land Registry without professional assistance, and how to claim Repayment of Income Tax. COMPRISING Rights and Wrongs of Individual—Commercial Law —Law as to Goods Stolen or Lost—Criminal Law- Parish Law—County Court Law—Game and fishery Laws—Poor Men's Lawsuits—Bets and Wagers- Bills, Cheques, Notes-Ag i-eement s- Copy i-i-lit- Patents-Trade Marks—Insurance—Libel and Slan- der—Divorce—Mortgages—Stock Exchange Practice —Trespass—Nuisances—Transfer of Land—Wills, etc. etc. EXPLAINING THE LAW FOR Landlord and Tenant—Master and Servant—Work- men and Apprentices—Heirs—Legatees—Husband and Wife—Executors and Trustees—Guardian and vVard- Harried Women—Infants—Partners and Agents—Lender and Borrower—Debtor and Creditor Purchasers and Vendors—Companies—Friendly Sl Cieties Churchwardens CIErgynen Doctors Bankers—Fanners—Cont factors — Sportsmen —Fai- rins-Horse Dealers —Auctioneers—House Agents— HOlt11 K<epu's—Pawnbrokers—Surveyors—Railways tables, etc. etc. As a bcok of reference it is without a rival." -Pall Mall Gazette. The whole law for six-and-ei.htpence. West- minster Gazette. Should be in the hands of every ibusiness man, and all who wish to abolish lawyers bills. Weekly Times- Crosby Lock wood & Son, Stationers' Hall Court, London. And Sold by all Booksellers. 3rd V.B. Welsh Regiment. PENARTH DETACHMENT. I The Summer Drills of the above Detachment will conmence on the 4 th of March. The following- silver cups will be competed for I during the shooting season :—- I Handsome silver cup, value £ 5 5s, presented by W. Riley, Esq- I Handsome silver cup, valued X5 5s, presented by I tbd ladies of Penarth. Non-commissioned officers and riteta of the above Non-commissioned officers and meu of the above detschment are requested to attend drill as soon as possible, so as to know the conditions under which the above silver cups will be competed for. By order, (Signed) SIDNEY COLEMAN, Captan, Commanding Detachment. BEATTY'S ORGANS AND PIANOS. Hon. Daniel F. Beatty, Wabhinyton New Jersey, the great Organ and Piano Manufacturer, is building and shipping more Organs and Pianos than ever. In 1870 Mr Beatty left home a penniless plow boy, and by his indomitable will he has worked his way up so as to sell, so far, nearly 100,000 of Beatty's Organs and Pianos since 1870. Nothing seems to dishearten him; obstacle. laid in his way that would have wrecked and ordinary man for ever, he turns to an advertisement, and comes out of it brighter than ever. H!s instruments, as is well known are very popular and are to be found in all parts of the world. We are imormed that during the next ten years he intends to sell 200.000 more of his make; that means a business of 20.000,000 dollars, if we average them at J 00,000 dollars each It is already the largest business of the kind in existence. Write toF b..niel Beatty, Washington, New Jersey. I Bea+,ty's ORGANS, 27 stojs, 22 dollar^- Jjuuitjuj o PIANOS. 150 drears, catalogue Free ^niel F. Beatty, Washington, New Jwsey PENARTH URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. TENDERS are invited for the Supply of the — following :— HAY, OATS, STRAW, BRAN, BEANS, etc., up to the 29th September. 1895. Tenders to be marked Tender for Fodder." Also, STE AM and HOUSE COAL up to the 29th September, 1895. Tenders to be marked "Tender for Coal. Also, IRONMONGERY, etc., up to the 25th March, 1896. Tenders to be marked Tender for Stores." Also, ROAD METALLING and GRAVEL up to 25th March. 189G. Tenders to be marked" Tender for Broken Stone and Gravel." Also, the Supply and Erectiou of about 400 Yards of STEEL and IRON FENCING in Windsor-road- The various Forms of Tender and all further Par- ticulars may be obtained on application. All Tenders to be sent to the undersigned on or before the 23rd inst. The Council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tenders. EDGAR 1. EVANS, Assoc. M. Inst. C-E. 7th February. 1895. District Council Offices, Penarth. Election Addresses. ,p LAMORGAN COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION, VJ* 1895. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE NORTHERN WARD OF THIS PENARTH DISTRICT- f Ladies and Gentlemen. The term for which you elected me as one of your Representatives to the above Council being about to expire, I again place my services at your disposal. If you are satisfied with iry past actions, which have at all times been actuated with a desire to promote the common good, I shall be glad to be favoured with a renewal of your confidence, As in the past, so in the future, Iwill if elected, support all iiie-isui-es forkthe welfare of the community and the working clas-es in particulars. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, Wm. B. SHEPHERD, Clive Road, Penarth, Feb, 6th, 1895. LAMORGAN COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION, vj 1895. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE PENARTH (SOUTH) DIVISION. Ladies and Gentlemen, The term for which you elected me unopposed) as your representative on the Glamorgan County Council will expire on March 4th next, and I again solicit a renewal of your confidence. The duties you entrusted to me I have endeavoured to carry out to the best of my ability, and with due care and attention. The Committees I was called to serve upon are among the most important in the County's adminis- tration and my attendance at these meetings, together with those of the Council, I venture to assert will compare favourably with any of my colleagues. During the two years I have represented you, questions of great importance have come under review, and have been successfully dealt with. but still some of urgent character are yet undisposed of, The removal of the toll gate between Penarth and Cardiff, a matter in which I have taken a prominent part, l' hope will shortly become an accomplished fact' and thereby improve the good government of the gn district in which we reside. Should you do me the hon ur to return me at this Election, it shall be my desire and object to watch over and protect those interests in which, as Rate- payers, we are mutually concerned. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours faithfully. FREDK. HY. JOTHAM, West House, Penarth, February 1895. MEXICAN CURE. KNOWN as REV. JOSEPH HOLMES' Mexican Prescrip- tion, is the only guaranteed Remedy for all who sufff r from the errors of youth, nervni; weakness, exhausted vitality, kidney, bladder, gravel, prostrate dill kindred complaints, and as stood the test for twenty year?. Send a self-addressed hamped 'envelope to Jos. Holmes' Remedy Co., Bloomsbury eansions, Bloomsbury Square, London, ond get full particulars Mtthis great Remedy free of charge