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The Distress in Penaitli.


The Distress in Penaitli. MEASURES OF ilKHKP'BY THE NONCON- FORM IS! HURCHES. From the various Nonconformist pulpits last Sun- aJ it was announced that a meeting to take into consideration the great distress prevailing in the town and district would be held in the Tabernacle School- foom on Monday morning. Accordingly, about 12 o clock, the Revs W. G. Davies, 1. 0. Stalberg, J. M. auiiders, and J. D. Stevens, together with Messrs ornwell, Guy, Mayne, Edmunds, Lace, Warner,etc., With a number of ladies, assembled. *he meeting having been called to order, The Rev J. D- Stevens was voted to the chair, and la a'ifew words that gentleman explained why the meeting had been called. After a very brief consultation, it was determined tc) form a committee. and issue a general appeal for help The Rev J. D. Stevens was elected chairman of ^ttee; Mr J. W. Mayne, treasurer: Mr D. H. ^dtnunds, secretary with a committee consisting of 11 the minister and three laymen of each Noncon- °rniist Cliiirch in the town. t £ 've dinners of soup and bread «> children and a ay others who may apply, each day oetwfeeti the hours of 12.30 and*'i.80/ and also to between the hours of 12.30 and' i .SO, and also to :give tickets for groceries and coal. The question as o Sunday for the children was discussed, and th^ Tabernacle Sunday School intimated /*at as long as may be necessary their school would 1netin the chapel, so that the children may be enter- diy6^ l° on Sundays the same as on other „ It was determined to issue an appeal for at least 100, as it was felt that quite that sum. if not more, Vvould be needed. The committee have, during the week, been carry- out the resolutions adopled on Monday, and on ednesday and Friday afternoons they have sat for purpose- of receiving applications for relief, and the,-e have numbered over lOOeach sitting. Next week the committee will meet at three o'clock on Tuesday aDd Friday. J n*^e giving away of soup commenced on Monday, during the week over 600 children have been applied each day. Sorne most distressing cases have been dealt with, d we therefore emphasize the appeal which has k en issued, and unhesitatingly say there has never c^en a lime wlien greater distress has prevailed, and Consequently greater need for assistance. It is to be Wh k tllat t'lose..w^° ^ave kut: » shilling or sixpence ich they can spare will not hesitate to send it to let npf the ministers or to 0ne of the officials, for sev uremembere/l that a sixpence will provide dinner °ly snd almost starving children with a arPleJce -iire' without doubt, many in 'Penarth who Wt; lllg in COIlse(lueilce of the severity of the aae wlxo iiave not publicly applied for afesist- &a:n' Probably these cases are more serious than ttiitt those who have been relieved by the eom- ,aft„fe meetings on Wednesday and Friday -^le Committee are most anxious to help nanf Pef0nS' anc^ we are desired to state that if the tai,ve'S 0 aii^ SUC'^L are sent under cover to the secre- Seyl '01| treasiu'er tlley have immediate attention, is u/f i,^avo already been relieved, and it part f,e lKjd that- there will be no hesitancy on the a(loi,t° iail,y Wil° may fortunately be in distress, to *Who C0urse silg'8'ested. or should there be any ^nd t}'6 a< cilla"led with such cases they are urged to _he names and addresses to the committee. eontrih^t'imn^^ee ^knowledge the following j i.Veild perJ. W. Mayne 0 10 0' Wr?8Tq', Birmill8^ra 0 u> 6 Mr r. ,Lee 0. 3 6 MtjSey oio Mrs Re^aip??' o'eSt Cotta^es 0 2 0: ft w t e Street 0 10 0 Mr P, Jones, Tynewdd 0 10 0 A Fri^er' Windsor lioad •" 0 2 6 Mr Ai 0 5 0 €ollect?d -Con t*" 5 0 0 V61 per Rev J' M Saunders 2" 0 0 ^rs \dev^iRe7 °* StalberS "• 9 0 0 jyr ue7'^rlendale 0 5 0 senarth\7' vV6stbourne Koad — « i.' 6 t VaymenperMrLowe"- 115 0 *r Lewis f 0 10. «; ,,°0 I t o J" i ■^r H Guv 1 S Stephens 10 0 n Ed.nn,,ds » « il,. j; Uoad 2 0 0 Davie' ^!1Clt0r Westbourne Road 2 0 0 f? i ?^'«S7ru,B<2a 1«» j 0 p ru°t 0 2 6 ••• 0' 5 0 A Friend 0 2 t) Mr G'Carslåke' Thompson 2' 2 0 Mr S Chivers .0100 Messrs Howell Bros, Drapers 2 2 0 Councillor W B Shepherd 110 Mr J Wilson Mayne 110 Mrs Arthur, Lansdown 0.10 0 Mr and Mrs E W Jones 1.0 0 Mr R J Handcock. Builder 5 0 0 Mrs Rees, Winterbourne 0 10 0 Mrs J Cory, Sea View 1 0 0 Mr H Leathers. Church Itoad 0 10 0 Major Thornley 110 Vlrs Vachell, Langlands 0 5 0 Mrs Griffiths, Windsor Road 0 3 0 Friend per Rev J D Stevens 0 5 0 Friend per Mr Edmunds 0 5 0 do do 0 2 6 Taff Vale Railway 2nd instalment 0 17 2 Mrs Lloyd, 15, Clive Road 0 5 0 Mr T Emlyn Jones, Ironmonger 1 1 0 ea; 0 1 0 • -0 5 0 Rd Aihold, Esq, Ivanhoe 1 J 0 W E" 0 3 0 M; Joseph Lace, 110, Plassey-street 10 0 W Rimron. Esq. 1 0 0 Mr W H WiHiumt. 7, Ivy-street 0 2 6 Mr James Sajuck, g-rncer 0 2 6 Sympathiser with Widows & Children 2 0 0 The Misses Sumner 0 10 0 Mr John Andrews, Crebor 0 10 0 Mr E Roberts, West Cross 2 2 0 Mr Evan Jones, Brooklands 110 Mr J Wallis, Victoria-road 0 10 0 A Friend, per Mr ones. 0 5 0 Mr George Pile, Dock-road 0 10 0 Miss Edith White 0 2 6 Mr Fred W Ensor 0 10 6 Mr J VV David, Norchete. 1 0 0 Mr F E Batchelor, Upper Cliff 0 10 6 Mr J Blake Benjamin; Chemist 10 0 £ 68 8 8 Mr Walker, grocer, 50 loaves bread Mr Hayter, grocer, 70 loaves bread Mr Warner, confectioner, 50 loaves bread Mr White, grocer, 20 loaves bread Mr W Bull, greengrocery Mr E J Sanger Tmk greengrocery Me C Carey Thomas, 1 bag split peas Penarth Coal Company, 1 ton of coal Mr R Guy, meat for Sunday's dinner Mr Lace, jam for children's sandwiches Co-Operative Stores, 100 loaves bread S Andrews and Son, 50 loaves bread Capt Couves- a supply of Pearl Barley, f eas: Mrs Lucy J. Mason, 15 Ib3 of tea ,I.j. GLEBE PLACE CHURCH MISSION SOUP KITCHEN. The Rector and assistant clergy are energetically endeavouring to cope with the great distress at present prevailing in the town. About 150 dinners are served daily at the Glebe-place Mission, and many hundred gallons of soup have been taken home for consumption. About 120 persons have been supplied with coal, and groceries and bread have been given to those persons in necessitous circumstances The Mi: siou is the only institution of its kind in Penarth, being open all the year round, and, in winter time especially, being a great source of help to the poor. Mr Pyman—to who the copimjttee are greatly in- debted-made a collection at the docks, but there hits lately been such a drain on the treasurer's exchequer that funds at the present time are greatly needed. Those persons disposed to help in this good work should send their subscriptions to the Rector or any of the clergy. HALF-PENNY BREAKFASTS. Dr Bird and Mrs Ashley Bird, together with a company of good ladies, are doing their best to keep the poor during the present severe weather. Half- penny dinners have been given at Cogan, and, af Penarth, half-penny breakfasts to poor children- The work has been a great success. Amongst Mrs Bird's helpers were Mrs Dalziel and the Misses Greenhill, Stowe, Leonsrd, aud Newton. "ALBERT" CLUB SOUP KITCHEN. The directors of the AlbefClub have, during the past two or three days been giving away soup and bread to children, and in addition to this, they have been able through the kindness of Mr T. Moore, decorator, to give away 100 loaves of bread extra. Soup will be given again on Saturday afternoon, between the hours of 1 and o-


Presbyterian Sunday School-