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l NOTICE OF REMOVAL. E. A. HOOPERS FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT Is THE BEST FOR ALL CLASSES OF FUNERALS. FURNITURE REMOVED To all parts of the KINGDOM. WINDSOR MEWS, SALOP ST., PENARTH PRIGe LIST ON APPLICATION. a MAg & IA I WINDSOR ROAD, PENARTH I Give Best Valne in C3 YCiiE S FOR CASH OR EASY TERMS Inspection Invited Correspondence Solicited —— —— Cycles for Hire J4R G. C. JleHHlill, lm2 PROFESSOR OF MUSIG, Organist and Choir-Master of Windsor Road Congre- gational Church. Receives and Visits Pupils for INSTRU- MENTAL, VOCAL & THEORETI- CAL Tuition Pupils prepared for the various local Musical Examinations. NUMEROUS flFST GLASS TF-STIMOVIPBS Prospectus may be had on application Address—Mozart House Windsor ROld WllololAM CAMPB-bL. Glass and fihina Burner & Riviter 65, SALOP STREET vzj Ifenartb. tl- Springs end Gwds put in Cawing pork All Utidtiof Cutlery ground and set. No ccfttnedrfcm with any other 1 erson in the trade. — BREAKFAST—SUPPEHfc EPPSS CUtATEFUL—COMFORTSNO. COCOA IMMM-G WATEA OB MIIJC. f f'\¡ ¡' >; \( 1" 1\ 1:' Il T T 1,fJ CELEBRATED ORGANS & PFANOS. For Catalogues, addreis, DANIEL F. BEATTY Washington, New Jersey I ==- I. CHEAP POULTRY FOOD SOLD BY J. WHITE 44, Dock Road, PENARTIL W. JEANS, II Coach Builder, Wheelwright Shoeing and General Smith SALOP STREET, PEIsARlR. Near the Plymouth Hotel.) C, Ninnes DIJUHG and flEFRESflffiEflT Rooms. 2, GLEBE STREET, PENARTII. Hot Dinners. Tea and Coffee. Cold Meats. Abated Waters. PHOTOGRAPHS RE-COPIED AND ENLARGED, ALSO PICTURES FRAMED All Work done on the Premises. —— R. TANNER, —— Essex Cottage, New Plassey Street. PENARTH. 0 SAMUEL GARWOOD, Salop Street, PRACTICAL Layer of Drain Pipes and W.C. Repairer. Mason Work & uadertaken Over 25 Years' experience. Excellent References given Home-made Bread E. BISHOP, CONFECTIONER 4, GLEBE STREET, PEN ARTE. Sole Agent for LIPTON'S TEAS. WOMAN'S FRIEND. RAYNE'S SPECIAL MIXTURE" The most powerful and effectual medicine known. Quick, safe, and certain. Never fails to relieve and cure all irregularities, no matter liow caused. Posi free, with full instructions to any address 2/U or 5/6 G. W RAYNES, Oogan Drug Stores, 1, Penarth Dock. You can be Gural By a proper and timely use of the great Norwegian i-eii,edy, SIA WEED LUNG LIFE, which possesses marvellous Soothing, Tonic, and Balsamic Properties for all Throat, Chest, and Lung Complaints, it is tin-, great cure for Sore Throats, Coughs, Colds, Bron- chitis, Asthma, Hoarseness aud Consumption. Mr Andrew Wilson, of Middlesborough, has written of it as follows :-H Sir,—Permit me to inionn you of the great benefit derived by me from the use of Se« Weed Lung Life." I suffered from a severe cold on the chest, but after using one bottle I was quite relieved." Immediate Relief. Prompt Cure- The European Medical Society recommends it as the most reliable for all Bronchial and Chest Diseazes Thousands are cured all over Europe. One bottle wili relieve the most obstinate case. Let every suffeiei gi ve it a trial. Sold at 2s 2d, and Is I "d.; Post Free, s, and Is 3d. Wholesale Agents for Great llritaiu :-anger and Sons, 489, Oxford Street London P.S—Send 3s or Is 3d in Stamps to Sanger and Sons. 489, Oxford-street, London, for a bottle. which will be bent by return of post to any part of he County. Or to Jacob liuahes, Manufacturing Chemist, Peaartb Chief Depot. MR. & MRS. BUCKLANC, Wardrobe and Fur- J-TA » niture Dealers. The Oldest Established Dealer in Penarth.-23, Salop Street. FOR SALE, a talking Parrot and Cage, Duchess Stand and Tables, Wardrobe with plate glass door, and fire proof safes.-Al.)ply, Buckland, "Tfaa Old Firm," 23, Salop Street. .I RESSMAKING.-Mis,q Price (late of Hereford) U Dress-maker, 4, High Street, Penarth. Latest Styles. Fit guaranteed. Moderate Charges. WANTED immediately, Apprentices and Im provers t3 the Dress and Mantle-Making Apply Miss Larke, 59, Windsor Road. 1 D RESSMAKING. Wanted Apprentices at onca High Class Trade.-Apply Tucker and Stowerg. 1, Oakleigh Terrace. "—— — — « Q.OOD WORKSHOPS TO LET—Apply ChronicU Office, Penarth. UBNISHED APARTMENTS -Sittiiig-i-oom anci one or two Bedrooms in Windsor-road, Penartb. —Apply No. 7, Chronicle Office. HHHREE Gentlemen can have comfortable LODG- 1NGS for One Guinea per week separate bed- rooms; piano; gas.—Apply S., "Penarth Chronicle" Office. W ANTED.-A Strong Girl, (about 15 or 16) to Tf sleep home. Apply M.S. (Jiironicle Office A STRONG LID, Experienced m Beer Bottling. Apply-Manager, Masonic Buildings, Penarth MUSIC Pupils.wanted by Certificated Teacher 1TJ- terms 10s per quarter—Apply Music, care o; Mrs Sketch, Hickman-road, Penarth. xNSTRUCTIONS in Violin and Shortliaud.-26, Ivy JL Street, West Cottages, Penarth. I IONA' and I Kk'rU' Will (weather and circu m'tauces uermittiug) ply between C5.i.diff and Penai th Duck as umtar — (uulesS unavoidably delayed.) Cardiff and Peuaith Dock Alniiijg Afternoon Sttarday 10 8 2 Monday 1b 9 30. 4 Tuesday n. 19 il 6 Wednesday 2 >2 6 30 Thursday L, 1 t 6 SO Friday 22 8 9 3 6 30 Sa.urday 23 8 9 30 j 3 30 6 30 Penarth Dock and Cardiff. Horning Afternoon ntur.'ay 16 8 15. 2 15 Mondiy 1- 16- 4 15 Tiles lay It) I 115. 6 15 W duesday 2' !) 15 12 45. 6 4-5 Thursday 21 .10 15 t 1. 6 45 Kr d y 22 8 15 9 1 3 12 6 45 Saturday 24 6 U 4 3 4.). 6 45 DESECRATION OF NATURE. Although the Homoeea Co. have k.i one of the greates- schemes in rural advertising put before them, tliey have do clined to entertain it all account of the widespread disgust ex isting in the minds of all who love their woods, dales, fields streams, rocks aud hills in the glory of their natural beauties,, undefiled by the modern billposter, They (The Iiomocea Co.), are content with the legitimate channel of the Press,and by pamphlets containing Testimonials. They can point to cures, far more convincing than mere assertion. TESTIMONIAL Fitoy BISHOP TAYLOR. HIGH BAR NET. Mvdear old Friend.—I distributed a variety of v-oti-r remidles- among afflicted natives and among mission- aries in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Coast of Guinea, Congo Country, and Angola South of Congo. I have not been over those different and distant fields since, and have no definite information in regard to their curative power. I have used IIOMOCEA and have proved its healing virtue both for severe bruises and flesh wounds, and also to kill the virus of mosquitoes and higgoes (jigger* < Yours very truly, 0 O"b I,(, r, .41 I I I I .1 o; "1) k a (Bishop) H. 2C TAYLOR, a mtriLUri Mcthoaist- Episcopal Mission LORD CARRICK says HOMOCEA cured him of bleeding piles when all else failed that he geve some to a labourer who, was lomed by a stone falling upon him, whom it cured. A woman had a pain in ihe elbow, and could not bend it for a year:and it cured her. and another nsod it for scurvy ondier. leg, and it wast doing her good-one letter closes from, liim:with the words. It is the most wonderful stuff that I ever came across." Remember that HOMOCKA subdues inflammation and allays ic ritatisn almost as soon as applied, for it "TOUCHES THE SPOT All wholesale houses stock HOMOCEA It can be obtaim~ from Chemists and others at is 1. or "s 9d. per box.JorwiS sent by post for Is, ;-kl. and 8S,. JEOUIJ the wholesale agency Hamilton Square, Birenhead. Hamilton Square, Birenhead.