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EXTRAORDINARY PAIR OF SWEETHEARTS. LOVE-MAKING OF SUICIDES AND ATTEMPTED MURDERS. A good deal of interest was manifested last autumn in the trial of a young man, named Arthur Roland ilarrinjrton lijll, for the attempted murder of his sweetheart. The same liian has now committed a. similar offence at TVelwyn, Hertfordshire. From the facts which came out- 011 his being brought before the Hat- field magistrates on Monday it appeared that Hill, who lives at 11, Bedford-gardens, Ilford, sent a telegram to his sweetheart, Emily Spoon er, residing at Heath Farm, Ossett. Essex, asking her to meet him ait the local station. They went up to Fenehureh-street, and then on to Welwyn, near liat- field, where they spent the evening. When the girl suggested it was time for them to go back, iiil" said he had no money. He said it was impossible for them to walk back to London, and when she asked him what he was going to do. he said he- should kill her and himself. He produced a razor, and caught her by the throat. She struggled, and endeavoured to get the razor away, but he overpowered her, and slashed her ac.rosa the throat, making a wound 3in. long and gin. deep. She lost consciousness, and, on recovering, saw that he had also cut his own throat. She asked him why he did it, and he said he did not know. The night was passed by the. roads:de. and in the morning the man fetched some milk and bandaged un both their throats with handkerchiefs. They then walked off in the direction of Hatfield, Hill saying that if he could sell his watch he would send her on to London. Happening to meet Pot.iee-sergea.nt Ivefd. who was in plain clothe. he offered him the watoh for 4s. The sergeant, uot'oing bl^o-i on the man's clothes, asked him how he ac- counted for it. and he replied that things were very unhappy, and he had tried to take his lise. He was conducted to the police- station, where lie confessed to having attempted to murder his sweetheart-, and, bursting into tears, said. "Take me to her." The sergeant, with Inspector Boutell, went aiong the roa<d, and soon fomd Miss Spoon er, who was rv- I- dently in a very weak condition. She was taken to the union infirmary. A local doctor stated that there was on the girl's neck a, tscair of an old wound about two inches long. Miss Spooner is a very prepossessing young ia/iy, and was formerly employed as a tobacco- nist s assistant at Tottenham. The prisoner was committed, for trial on charges both of attemped murder and suicide. LAST YEAR'S "ROMANCE." Last November Arthur Roland Harring-ton Mill was indicted at Chelmsford Assizes for attempting to murder Emily Spooner. his sweetheart, and cm a second count for attempt- ing to commit suicide. The grand jury, liow- ever, threw out the bill on the more serious mdictinent, a-nd to the misdemeanour for attempting to take his own life the prisoner pleaded gndty. It was to Southend the pair went on a suicide expedition, and thev had with them two bottle5* of laudanum and a knife. From Southend they WePt to T)a^n- ham, and took several little nip- of laudanum. Then Hill, at the request of his sweetheart, pricked her with a penknife and made a small guJi in his own throat. After that they walked into a pond, walked out again, were nibbed down, by a friendly farmer, and went home to their friends. Such v;,hq ,-Pe Romford romance, M it was termed, it ended in fl id being found guilty on the second count and getting ah-ird labour. MIHIIH■1II II I IIIIHUU >1 J iil|—CTmHfW|



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