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SiUrrsg?0» OETZMANN & CO., 62, 64, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, 77, and 79, HAAIPSTEAD-ROAD, LONDON, W.; DUBLIN 61, GRAFTON. STREET, AND AT EYDE (ISLE OF WIGHT). ALL CARPETS MADE UP FREE OF CHARGE, For conditions upon which goods are sent carriage please see ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO HOUSE FURNISHING. CONTENTS :— Somplete Estimates for Furnishing at X120 and £ 250, With full-pa?e Illlustrations. Not-s on Furniture," by M. F. FRITH, late o: the "Lady's Pictorial." Articles on Artistic Furnishing, Re- pr,nted from The Lady," -0112 Pages over 2,000 Illustrations, with desc-rip tion and price of every item required in complete House Furnishing. GRATIS AND FOST FREE. Edition de Luxe, boundiu Cloth 2s. 6d. (post free), wr bound in Leather 3s. 6d. (post free). Lc2 23RD YEAR OF ATTENDANCE. F. RAHAM YOUNG, DENTAL SURGEON (By Kxamiuation), 37, FARE-STREET, BRISTOL. ATTENDS PROFESSION \LLY, CARDIFF, 1ST AND 3RD WEDNESDAY IN Every MONTH, at 22, CHARLES-STREET, from 4,0 to 7.0 p.m. NEXT VISITS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19 JULY" 3 and 17. AUGUST 7 and 21. BRIDGEND. — EVERY WKDNESDAY. a*. Mr. JONES', CHEMIST, 22, CAROLINE-STREET, Jivji.i 10.30 a.m. to 3.0 p.m. CHEPSTOW.—EVERY TUESDAY, at No. 1, BEAUFORT-SQUARE, ir oin 11.15 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Efficiency with Moderate Fees. Consultation. Free. Nitrous Oxide administered by Appointment Only. 6854c JgADE S £ _j_OUT & J^HEUMATIC JpiLLS IN A FEW HOURS THEY GAVE ME RELIEF ADE'S T>IELS. West-street, Firgrove, jCi 1 "Rochdale, Dec. 14th, 1889. Ij^ADE'S 15ILLS. "Dear Sir,—I have hail Jtli XT the Gout in aiv bis* toe for "TRADE'S "TRILLS, six years on and oS, in spite -Hi JT of tlie m-merous liniments and pills I bought. At length my brother advised me %r try your pilis. So I sent for a small bottle, Is. lid., am pleased to say nothing ever did me so much IN A FEW HOURS THEY GAVE ME RELIEF, and in four days I could wear my boot and go to business. The second bottle made me an riq-ht, nor GOUT has the pain since returned. I will uever be without T) HEUMATISM your pills, and shall recom- 1 menrl them to all I know.— GOUT YOUI-S truly, "A. CHADWICE.. RHEUMATISM "Mr. G. BADE." jgADE'S (-Jj-OUT 4 J^HETJMATIC J>ILI,S. Prepared only by George Eade, 72, Goswell-road, London, E.G.; and Se!d by All Chemists, in Bottles. Is. 1M. and 2s 9d. J^ADE'S ^jOUT & J>HEUMATIC piLLS. JQR. Fox's COUGH AND VOICE vV AFERS fJlHE ^j_REAT REMEDY FOR COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, LOSS OF' VOICE AND ALL AFFECTIONS OF THE CHEST AND LUNGS. These invaluable Wafers, being" prepared from Herbs and Fruits only, do not contain niy delete- rious ingredients, and may be taken with perfect safety by old and young. DR. jp o x s COUGH AND VOICE tV AFERS <U V Vf Prepared only by GEORGE EADE, 72, GOSWELL-ROAI), LONDON, And Sold everywhere in Tins, Is. lid. each. Post free from the Proprietor on Receipt of Stamps or Postal Order. Lcl2l2-1 G WILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS This renowned preparation is undoubtedly the bes restorative that can be taVeu at this season of the year. On all sides) f HS, in town and country, we hear numerous omulaints of a want of tone, a feeling < iangour and depression. Many who have successfully resisted the trials and hardships of winter feel weary, languid, and depressed. All who suffer in this manner only need a good Tonic preparation to in- vigorate and trive tone to the system, and new life to the blood, and brace the nerves to with- stand the trials of the coming >e.ison. The virtues and efficacy of the Quinine Bitters are now so universally known that they have won for this preparation the appellation of the VEGE TABLE TONIC. WILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS V2T IS THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGB FOR STERVOUSNSSS, WEAKNESS. LOW SPIRITS, MELANCHOLY, INDIGESTION, LOSS OF APPETITE, SKIN ERUPTIONS, CHEST AFFECTIONS, BLOOD DISORDERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Sold in 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. Bottles. Samples Is. IJd size. ø- See the Name Gwilyro Evans on Stamp, Label, and Bottle. This is important, as there are numerous Imitations. Proprietors- QUININE BITTERS MAN UFAC TURING COMPANY (LIMITED), LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. 26185 BOON TO 1-AD IBS.- COLLINS' MARVELLOUS FEMALE REMEDY.—Mr. COLLINS (who was 30 years a member of the RoyiJ College of Surgeons of England), will forward, free of Charge, full PARTICULARS of a REMEDY, which during a» extensive practice, both at home and in the Colonics, he has never known to fail in the most OBSTINATE CASES of OBSTRUCTION and IRREGULARITIES. Send addressed envelope for particulars, mol waste no more time and money on useless Pins and so-called Remedies, &c., which in the majority of CJSOS axe nothing but PUKGATI VES, and cause SICKNESS, PROSTRATION, and PAIN, without having the desired effect. Letters to be addressed— D. COLLINS, Gothic House, 9, Erskine-street, Liverpool. 1650c An easy way of I-N- C. -K—r -»-T. J CREASING I OUR IN- 8 Si £ ? WJ COME bv starting JLJ vJ JLJ fO WATCH, <fec., CLUBS for the supply of BENSON'S Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, and other Good, Sound, and Be liable Article* nt Moderate Prices. Terms Liberal. Particulars Post Free.—J. W. BENSON, 62 and 64, LUDGATE-HILL, LONDON, E.C. Lcl394 R-UPTURE CURED WITHOUT JUL OPERATION or DETENTION fiom LABOUR.. n_ WIILIAM KING, H""ma Specialist, yeaia' Experience, attei<de 15, Bigh llolboru, London, Daily. In his treatment it", is no operation and no loss of time, tut •• relief, safety, and lestoration froin*ail the ;rr-Cr, ca"«ed by Rupture and the use of trr.nes. eJ.argc for consultation :Jd-I examina- tion pud :1 ( fsfu' 'n 1:11 is within the reach of every frc". BOOK nest, fre,, three stamps, I" INFLUENZA, COLD, AND COUGH TlY 'fAKING ON FIRST APPEARANCE OF "LD OR CHILL HAT MAN'S BALAAM OF HORE- HO L ND, the mo.it certain and speedy remedy for A s-t!' ;a.i, Consumption, Bronchitis, Coughs, Infiuetz^ Difficult Breathing, Spitting of Blood Whooping C'ovsrh, Hoarseness, Loss of Voice, 6::c. It liTes proiupt relief and often effects a lasting cure. 8TOP* COLD. CURES COUGH. Prepared only by A. HAYMAN AND CO., 15, ALBEMARLE-STREET, LONDON, E.O. Skid by all Dealers.—Price, 1a. lid, and 2s. 9d. 2$ti0in £ 0s' Sliitiroes. For Babies' Skin Scalp hi wS y/ and Mair Use Cuticura Soap the most effective skin purifying and beautifying soap in the world, as well as purest and sweetest for toilet and nursery. For distressing facial eruptions, piniples, blackheads, irritations of the scalp, dry, thin, and falling hair, red, rough hands, chafings, and simple rashes and blemishes of childhood, it is absolutely incomparable. Mothers, nurses, and physicians everywhere pronounce it the only perfect baby soap. Sold throughout the world. Price, is. F. NewbbuY & SONS, I, King Edward-st., London, E. C. A4- All about Baby's Skin and Scalp," post-free. lotdsu LONDON. 8 Ai •• > J, cgz d b'ffih P I B C B? p S I ■■ s x, I* U iU l- 1 v*v2o 1- r 7 • -7— Z, 7 C, It? ".r Near the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Convenient and Central Position for Busi- ness sr P!{,s:lre. Telephone 3,165. Telegrams: Earnestness, LOllion." ONE OF THE FINEST HOTELS IN THE METROPOLIS Electrically Lighted tl1wllghout Passenger Lift; The Exchange Company's Telegraphic News. The only Hotel in London with a complete system of Baths, including Turkish and Swimming. Visitors received at a fixed rate, from 12s. per Day, according to situation of Beeti-ooii-t. FIRST-CLASS CUISINE. j Lcl441 FOR COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE THE A N G H A M JJ OTEL, POKTLAND-PLACE, At Top of REGENT-STREET, LONDON, W Situated in the Most Fashionable, Convenient, Healthy Locality, near the best Shops, kc. MODERN IMPROVEMENTS. MODERATE TARIFF. PRIVATE APARTMENTS FOR WEDDING RECEPTIONS, DINNERS, &c. Under the Management of WALTER GOSDEN. Lcl371 NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS. The editor of the VVTREKLT MAIL cannot hold himself responsible in any case for the return of MS. or sketches. He will, however, always be glad to consider any contributions, literary or political, which may be submitted to him and whan postage stamps are enclosed every effort will be made to return rejected contri- butions promptly. H3BE3V BBrti'yq'Wr. '*1"


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