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^^iisinfss ass rtssfs. IRHE BLDOIM 13 THE E!l "L'OIOU 1*5 THIE-LIFI A A WORLD-FAM-F-D '61 gum] W GBEAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND POFC /N-R RESTORER. S 5 ANSING AND CLEARING *1Wv 0L) FROM AU IMPURITIES it cannot be j.. °R §_•; ^COMMENDED. FAIV^ES £ LA> Scurvy, Eczema, Skin and Blood I]N,I LLNI,Ies, and Sores of all kinds, it is A never- ITN L)EI'MANENT cure. Ilres; Old Sores. P, 3 Sores on the Neck. c^es Sore Less- p, S Blackheads or Pimples on the Face. Scurvy. P L'es Ulcers. P^TES Blood and Skin Diseases. P^RES Glandular Swellings. T JI.RES Blood from all impure matter H 0UA whatever cause arising. C^FRE? £ TURE is pleasant to the taste, and war- COT|II'?, LOLA ANYTHING injurious to the most deli- to T' A CITHER ses, from infancy to old *TITO TORS solicit sufferers to ji VE it a trial 08 VALUE. IT ^°HA'S-PLACE, Lisson-grove, London, N."W., 1,111. '■VINR, V Feb- 1' 189°* FIN*' I WI 11 cured by your Clarke's Blood Mix ? JJKAT I ought to testify to its value. I &A I'AI1 RI A- *OR AKOUT months. I tried U, STII| .^FICRENT remedies, taking to my bed, CRF SIVO6( O worse, until A friend recommended T I _FARKE'S Mixture A trial. I did so. but must 1 F TJ101 MUCH faith that I should receive I j0,UI<J HOWEVER, after taking a couple of bottles, FIN I EA AN }^SE.^ improving', and after taking- seven THA ^YSE] +IF1U* 0ME °* SA*IVE> WAS PLEADED to W? I 1 '^ROUGHLY cured, and better on my feet J ^HONIA? I EES ^OR MANY years. I send you this unsolicited, and solely for the g'ooa BEG' to remain, Gentlemen, yours faith- "WILLIAM CANN." SO]i\' I at 2s. 9d. and lis. each by all Chemists T FNJ, EDICINE Vendors throughout the World, COR'-A^RF3 OR 132 Stamps by the LINCOLN AND 7A'. 'TIJ COUNTIES DRUG COMPANY, LIN- ,L SKFOR MARK, "BLOOD MIXTURE." V^ERSNA>^BICE'S BLOOD MIXTURE and do not to take an imitation. Lc5 Q, ENQUIRE AT 1 N G E R S ABOUT PRESENTATION j OF E THOUSAND i)s. ART GJETS t 0 tlia.t ART NEEDLEWORK similar 011 View at SINGER'S numerous Show- rooms. LEARNED EASILY. CAN BE WORKED CHEAPLY BY A NEW PROCESS. 0LJLI —————. "};}W MACHINE DOES BOTH PLAIN S^VLNG AND ART WORK. INSTRUCTION FREE. 8INGER JVTANTJFACTIJRING CO., OFFICE FOR SOUTH WALES 4. ST. JOHN'S-SQUAEE, CARDIFF. OFFICES EVERYWHERE. GOOD ————— .AN D LASTING EMPLOYMENT TO WiiP, *NBuSTRrous MEX" ^^HEK EXPERIENCED OR NOT. Xj 12025 A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. AM'S jpiLLS CHAM'S pILLS JJEEOHAM'S PILLS JL gjT *OB m F ANO NRRVOUS DISORBEKS, SJR,I> SPC:H AS WgAK S TOMACH V-C LLLPAIFTED DIGBFETLON, STL^TL0L?, COMPLAINT, AND T FEMALE AILMENTS JN RFAL'T,: IN THE WORLD. s 13^d., and 2s. 9d. each. L15816 I 'El), R-K,TIED P&VPHLET THE AND OF !Ind S- for Mother,. thy ot f t wliieh are of Aft fre to all to bi- h-d, with by 'Vo'RK", LONDO.N $%vi •b r<?. » ■^Ce to try it k!« nothing t that you may >1 MV^R> CO„(C5 EPAYIDG out any money, be- tat eV* **11 soonnCC,a my l*Tnedy- aud AN, *H E'V MADE A L^?^ IRRRNC' o' ITS STERLING » L9 *nd FFV. STTORLY of Fits. Epilepsy or B?,TL3ETA (ORA^0 1 SAY <-U*E DO NOT MCAM "-ADIC^I ciV,B%aUothca havethen? r- F» !"IA»• 0 S'IFRY°U IS^ BEMUSE others hava ■ SI O R SPNH ,? GUOD RCASOU why you should H BOT,3,D" V rarria^ ".Y TRCNTAA. 6. BFTO*MI'E OF «ediciue and TRY IT v nUQT A8.SNOST-EIGH CARO^NS, '» WNBOH, N.W. m PRICE ONE PEKTTF.

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