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THE SUICIDE OF A SOLICITOR. A LONDON SENSATION. J* re, r ensational details are to hand t fi J?u^ci(ie of the London solicitor, i °iWn v' Volley, which took place at a ""tel. It was stated that deceased to a" en Involved in fraudulent proceedings rn sef'ous extent, the total of £ 14-0,000 ^de j7lenteoned. Special inquiries were ^8 ren^ an authoritative quarter by one of t?°rld ^^atiives of the "News of the i 11 ahl°U Saturday> avtd that newspaper has P^te n e ^o present its readers with a. com- T^raord'rra,^Ve °f what proves to "be a very "U8 aTK^ singularly distressing affair. 'PPiiy, perfectly true (says the ^■8 o-„;u World"') that Mr. Woolley xM the frauds °'f ^ie kind described, ^'00O axn°unt in question is between /d £ 100,000. Mr. Wool ley was 46 e°ajttie Twenty-one years ago he !Wld Member of the firm of Cobbold S-Iess sc>^eitors, Chanc-ery-lane. The 0llii(iecl 18 an old-established one. It was .ore than a century ago, and was, Uri«'hi lRle ^r- Woollev joined, in a very introo, condition. The new partner was pth6r by Mr. J. Chevallier Cobbold, the f,eaf8 t-.h" Present head of the firm, who 6 eld^6 Sa'm,e name. Mr. J. C. Cobboid, r for T{ Wa<? f°r 21 years consecutively mem- ^w'!ch. The Cobbolds are as well ■r'€ 3,8 highly respected throughout r^e rJ!,ern counties as they are in the City. ^r- Cobbold, who lives at Not- i^t-leiY, ""ate. and is 66 years of age, is a UIf old school, a good family f'ndly ^ls highest integrity, and of a *'e ,n<^ generous disposition he accepted t,,Ie a,lidt,'Ia ener wOraU, v who brought little to the °r &JW- ],n the way of experience, influence, dau T caPabi,litv. Mr. Woollev married ^d of a very wealthy gentleman, je5-\ aijan establishment at Abbots Lang- is Sajj ^ecl in a very extravagant style. Jwv that his expenditure for years could aj, "ten. at the rate of less than £ 8,000 [*Cas,j0r, Jra- Mr. Cobbold on one or two f''s sty]e with Mr. Woolley on Jttind i? ^v^n<-r and he was in effect told Ii6r rfcirv JS 0Wn business. The junior pa-rt- !> danfS + senior that he had married j^estio0 l~r. °f a very rich man and his .et>frcih were hie own concern. At the r". Cobbold's eldest son, who is now \\lIth +}jU!<lness" had his suspicions aroused. X>»Wt.ai £ of his younger brother, an rj £ «d he made an investigation, -and 1 re \vri "Ooiley with forgery and fraud. i!f (Jklr Ttr° denial, and it was arranged that Ar6^ tiL °?.lley) with the brothers should «reser«. tv80^0^ rs of the Cobbold family, So!!are. J; r?°e aild Att'jee, of 10, Billiter- i'ntv, f°r the whole business to be v.. tixe The meeting was to take place 1)9,S at til Fr!'iay morning. Mr. Woolley jn e, t'nie living at Brighton, his wife a.nrl u u*e heaith. lie travelled to -t. most days, but occasionally ii !oide 1_ hotel in Bolborn where the eve T P^ce. On the Thursday night, dreaded interview, he took a da n°t l hotel. It wa« notice? that he Very well. He seemed ill and tilar fri,l no wonder. It was under- li^ao^ of S Was stall suffering: from a recent tiJ6 alrenLrUU,enza- ^e details of the suicide b- ,n^ a kpen described. The jury re- w tlhere .Verdict of "Temporary insanity," is evidence that che act was long at of tl aru-' deliberately planned. The in T)n+ frauds, as already noticed, was lio 0llr irr £ ^0,000. This was reduced bew°unt to £ 50.000. The truth ,r&pr<i"fe? the two. The smaller Hi if fT total of the mortgages firivi111? Rmf0r^Pc^ deeds. Other frauds, in- rT'n. :*t!d J! received by him en behalf of the l0tlSlclerabIr ^'r0T,r'ate^i raise the total very i> periorl 'K' forgeries extended over a fiijft tru„if' .and many of the firm's best and Pli Ai.C,^e'I1^s were victimised. The ):o^ts) j. the unbounded confidence of its o Sl1sÍ)ie; 10. of course, would not be disposed \tr and 1 8CPUtjinise any dccmcents pie- a^Uey dirf601"1^ -te o&ce. What Sir. t,' "lie Wa, Wa« this:—He made it known of Constructed by sevc-al of his clients the 011 properties in various parts SSePro^P°liS- The dT-eds relating to actino- examined fey the soii- t}> ^od. ipi "iiJ mortgagees, and accepted rftor.o^ V1? lr,v«^tmei\t was theTi conipleted, t it t ^lno handed over to Mr. Woolley: [,d ^d 8e transpired that the money was iT mean^r:i1 times over on the same property f e leas&k i°^ duplicated deeds, the t ames of i0T"S€d > er or freeholder in ecch ciwc l>eing } ^less r- Woolley. In some cases the ii^ 0f Tas forked in the nsme of aiad on ^>th partners. In the majority of i-H ttat»8act?W'ev^r' ^r- Woolley carried out ti' of nr'°ns 'n myn r.ame. For the w firjju 1^'+' no liability attaches to ut no one can doubt that the iti t?0^1 a ],;<urw1 QTi -^r. Woolley as a memlier rhifcf8 fraiids ,firm assisted him 4S ^roiit,}. Ai^d, unfortunately, the mis- tbp iS •?3 oeen widespread and serious. ^i> inve^ietCase affairs of this kind, a]} a, Vf t- 3 represented sometimes the b]r,, The o'i i l?ie' °r sometimes the widow's iiot\ ^eilt +V, J?t^s have felt so keenly the °°Hsirloe li?T:.1 that they have resolved Wpr^ ^"here j.r r their liability limited to those Ov, Tb,tv 1, namcs of the two partners were ^^t^nity .i !e. taken he earliest possible A' tho u-k^ do]ng all in rheii' ;x>wer to •Vnt,^tirig 0c ]? °f .tho victims of the frauds. 4+d "es %»« p11victmis or their legal repre- Wie^ca,t tho, iL\- t»y Messrs. Druce and so- for j, Arbitration-rooms, 63, Chancery- jlr* fnil^ when the position of to j ^-ttl.?e y explained, and Messrs. Druce ckf-0 a]l in i -°Unced that Mr. Cobbold means $&rv,aV' P.inV^r t° help all who had been ratf'l\- „nnaf Person would l>e dealt with CoK^rtion '.t receive an offer of such Wa o amount lost which Mr. a!?ain i ^'as t0 i t° make. Tlie offer, if ac- tllr. ifr. (< *?,.vn discharge of all claim 'I' a'r- s estate in coiincction with bs]a^ aRai-njt^'L1! \vul,1nnot in ',r|>' waJT bar w,a Tin' J • oolky's estate for the with \r° r'eting txpressed deep sym- Ull(I .Tr. ? nd his family, and to H^,lt that there is every probability victinio ol'holds consider their liability sc'v of W k.6 sl'iortly adjusted. Tlie frir Tr,Ki dra, ''l rnorning contemporary that "a tho'0 Avith a so,ne °f ^lr. Woolley's r)r,,tIr,0a{^- i\vfw to the return of some of sippif^W," °btai.ned by his forgeries -vas cnllpj't-e. rpi' We :,r_e authorised to state, in- ]\fP ri by (}. e meeting, as we have seen, was it ,°0l]pv'oPeP^esentatives of the Cobbolds— ^•nt r'i Ho L'j, ^nr' nothing- to do with h ^ri ?<me "'bawn up" and pre- kr i^il nf°^°mmiHee was appointed. A trtj,' 0hl)olri i, case remains to be added. itr,r; ^ffa ii- na'\ i 011 so a^ected by the dis- 13nfV^red. tr- ^Is health has been seriously c is not Ji"memory has eompletely failed, 1 to attend to business. The vdv!,rA»riGT,ib(ToeSOcri!x'^ are being made by the ^ssrq r> s family in coniunction s- -Druce and Attler.

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