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-I William King Again. I


.The Jewish Synagogue. I


The Jewish Synagogue. -0- CONSECRATED BY THE CHIEF RABBI. I [ A ceremony unprecedented in the history of Llanelly was witnessed on Tuesday after- noon, when the synagogue vvliieli was recently erected in Queen Victoria Road was conse- crated by the Chief Rabbi, the Rev. Dr. Her- man Adler. During the past four years the Jewish fraternity have increased very con- siderably in Llanelly, and it had become absolutely necessary for them to have an edifice wherein they could pursue their spiri- tual ministrations. In the year 1902, when the Jews were but few in number here, the Llanelly Hebrew Congregation was inaugu- rated, and they for some time followed their spiritual devotions in Murray Street. Sub- sequently, as they increased in number, they were constrained to remove to Castle Build- ings, where they worshipped for some con- siderable time. Latterly, they have gone over I to Swansea to pursue their religious devo- tions. Their total number in Llanelly at present is eighty, out of which thero, arc twenty males. The following are the ofiicials: President, Mr. 1. Benjamin; treasurer, Mr H. Rubenstein; hon. sec., Mr. S. Mir on. The I hon secretary of the Building Committee is Mr. N. Rubenstein; treasurer, Mr. I. Ben- jamin; committee, Messrs. L. Benjamin, A. Palto, S. Tucker, H. Silverstone, H. Policov- skv, S. Cohen, and H. Rubenstein. The j Ladies Reception Committee comprised the folluw iug :-IIon. sec, Mrs. L. Benj amin; treasurer*, Mrs. T. Benjamin; committee, Mrs } H. Ruhellstein, Mrs. A. Palto, Mrs. H. Sil- verstone, Mrs. S. Tucker, Mrs. S. Solomon. The stewards were Messrs. A B. Freedman (Swansea), N. Rubenstein, S. Miron, M. Ben- jamin, T. and R. Palto, S. Landy, and H. happe. The synagogue has been constructed on ihe j most modern lines, and the interior presents a very artistic and imposing spectacle. The ark is situated in the east side of the build- ing, in which the scrolls of the Law are kept. It is covered with a beautiful plush curtain, )' adorned with gold lining Surmounting it is a massive brass tablet with the Ten Com- mandments neatly engraved thereon. The pulpit is fixed on the right side of the ark, i and facing it on the east is the reading desk, » tnr which there is a set of prayer books for the use of the reader. The following presents were received for the furnishing of the eyna- gogue:—Mr and Mrs. T. Benj ami nand M. i j aiii  ii, an(I -LNI. Benjamin, brass tablet with Commandments engraved; ilir. aiid Mrs. M. Rubenstein and Mr. A. Ruben-stein, gold and silver bells for use on the scrolls of the Law; Mr. and Mrs. H. Poli-coveky. pulpit; Mr. and Mrs. N. Sil- vers rone, plush curtain for ark: Mr and Mrs L. Benjamin, silver candelabra; Mr. and S. Tucker, reading desk; Mrs. ,I. Ben- j janii! c-arpet and linoleum; Master H. Ben- jamiu, silver Kidduse cup; Mr Hyam Barnett Coldbcrg, set of prayer hooks for the use of the reader, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Simon G old berg. The service was conducted- by the Row H J. Sandheim, Swansea, who brought a choir with him, assisted by the. Rev. ,t. Solomon, Llanelly, and the Rev. Morris Lubney, Swan sea. A gold key was presented to Mr. Bar- nett Goldberg by Mr. J. Benjamin, on behalf of the Hebrew Congregation. The Chief Rabbi and Messrs. Bamett Goldberg, Hynrn Gold- belg, A. Rubensteiu, D. Seli.no, A. Freedman and A. Deggats. then brought in the scrolls of the Law On reaching the door the Chief RabVi exclaimed, Open unto me the gates of righteousness; I will enter into them: I w;U give thanks unto ihe Lord.. Mr. Bar- j nc-it then performed the opening ceremony, after which the Chief Rabbi pre- ceded the procession to the axk.. During its j progress the reader and choir sang. The procession proceeded round the synagogue seven times: during the circuits, Psalms were chanted by the reader and choir, after which the ark was opfmed and the scrolls of the Law were put in. The Chief Rabbi, iu the course of his ad- i dress, said the day on. which a new oath to fiocl was dedicated marked an .e¡pock in the history of the Jewish congregsiion. He did not desire to over-rate the importance of the function, which, a synagogue had to serve. Ti was true wc could worship the Lord beneath any roof, and -the simple t-hes bf their faith could be performed in the humblest place. De-pile exile and. dispersion, ;t'??tv, ,.T:' ;,1/' in l.i;) (.lll;hnr; i;(:¡;:d  ?. :2{; the coldness and indifference whieh prevailed, they still formed a religious communion, and they felt united with their brethren in the country and with their co-religionists in the world. He proceeded to base his remarks on the 8th chapter of the First Book of Kings, the 61st verse, Let your heart, therefore, be perfect with the Lord o-Lir God, to walk in his statutes, and to keep his commandments, as at this day." The text taught them that the aim. and purpose of erecting a temple to the; Most High was to lead them more zealous and ardent in the work of the Statute, and to keep His Commandments, and to this end it was needful, in the first instance, that their children should learn the commandments and the statutes. It was essential that their children should know the Gacred language of revelation. Their young children should understand the meaning of righteousness and 'of their sacred faith, so that, the Command- ments should not be performed in a mecha- nical way. He rejoiced to know thai in the Principality the day which had been institu- ted for their Christian fellow-citizens was being kept sacred. Would it not he a. crying shame if they were to trample upon, the seventh day of the week? In the evening a reception was held at the Parish. Hall, when a sumptuous repast was provided Bouquets were presented to Miss Nettie Adler, daughter of the Chief Rabbi, and to Mrs. Barnett Goldberg by Misses E. Solomon and Evelyn Benjamin respectively. During his sojourn in the town the Chief Rabbi was the guest of Mr. 1. Benjamin, John Street.  The synagogue was buHf by Mr. John Evans, Erw, and designed by Mr. T. Arnold, arehiteer and surveyor.


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