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THE I BORDER CHILDREN. I I THE ATTITUDE A-?UMED BY THE BO AIM' j OF EJYGtATIO: I I A STROM i COMMUNICATION. I bl U-II C_=- .1. U,. THE COUNTY AUTHORITY I I CHILDREN STILL ON THE ROAD. I A mceting- of The Carmarthenshire Educa- j ,? ?r Of T h !Rl tion was held on Thursday at the ) Offices, Cuim.'irth.'n.?r.J?h" D'?-d, PHny- ban k .prc?i'?'?' The following commun i c: ¡; :y;l;: :i, g,¡:i: with regard to the UaneUy Border Children, together with a reply which the Clerk had previously drafted, ami now submitted as a re- ply which lie thought ought to be sent to the Board. The letter from the Board waa as follows:— Welsh Tk-patvroent, Board of Edui'-a'tion, Sir,—Iu reply to Mr. Nicholas's letter of the 24th ult., i am directed to stale thai the Board of Education note that, your authority admit that a number of rhe children excluded from the Llanelly school? are not now in îac:i attending any sc-hcol. I am to point out that it is the duty of the local education authority to provide such school a-c-eoiiUTiodfttion as is in the opinion of the Board of Education necessary in order to supply a sufficient amount of public school accommodation. for their district (Section IS of the Eleiuentasy Education Act, 1870, as amended by Schedule" III. (6) of the Education Act, 1902), also that- the local education authority have failed for a month fb supply tho Board with the precise information asked for in the official letter of the 8th ult. Consequently, tli-3 Board have no evidence before tht-rn shewing thai: suitable and oonv-enieat. accommodation exists in the Carmarthenshire schools for the cxcludcd children. as bv your letter, and the facts that mrent-s persist in refusing to s-end their children to these schools, and that no i-rnear as jet to have been taken by tho local education authority, tends 1o show that th;) vi-ew nul bnvard by thi. autho- rity in their letter of the 24ih uk is not well founded As the situaikm is a grave, one, in- volving the educational" interests of a con- siderable number of children, and is no effec- tive steps have apparently been taken, to deal with it. the Board w lit have no alternative but to take aeiion in the matter without fur- therdehv, unlesn the education autho- rity satisfy them forthwith that. all the ex- cluded children can find suitable aceoinmoda- j tion within reasonable distance, of their homes, or oiih-.s.s the L)(;1 education authority intimate' that, they are prepared to at one* into an fgreeuvent with the 'Lianelly Ur- ban Dist'et Council to sec-tire the admission to Llanelly schools of those of the ehibben who have not such aecomioudatiovi within reasonable distance. A copv of ihis is being sent to the Llanelly Urban District Council.—I am. ah, your o! edient servant. ALFRED T. DAVIES. J. W. N icholas, Es:j.. Clerk to the Carmar- theisliire Local Education Authority. Mrs. Lloyd, LlaneUy, said a he liope-cl ilio Committee would take J. lenient and sensible By tive action of the Committee 1:0 clrklron v.xro and ha-! been for the last .-ix weeks o; we road- She had t.1; .i)ÙtÜ c-f the v.ajv.uts. oti-.I (,Llf; mother in{;:i.?! at' hud infornicd her that' :I!'l 'ii::lif;1< ;¡,: 'n:5 t;i: earnhig about 25s. only, :.oo '-oaseuuenily ?hH was unable t.o keep- tl:-> ( !ii<;r~« clad proper- !y If j)ie little ones ?.?('ot.ipcn.lto?alk all the di:tance from Furnace to Felinfoel in wet wt.ather they wouUl e soaked io iiie skin before they had go iv one fourth of the- dis- tance, and would therefore be compelled to remain in their v.-t clothes all day, as she could noi afford over-alls f'u then;: indeed, she could not afford a change 0f -clothe3 for them. Thi-s was nnlv one instance of thc, verv many cases of the k in,1 t ha t existed amongst the 130 children who had been turned to the .road. She could not understand why it was? that tlie Committee could not cane to some arrangement with the Llanelly Authority. The Chairman: We have d-ekled that we will not pay Llanelly a single penny, and we are not- going back on 'thai. Mrs. Lloyd: Well then. T move that a tem- porary school i/e provided for the 130 children from the OU Road S<d> who are now on the road. The Rev. J. H. Rees, Burry Parr, scc-oiidod. Tho Clerk read the veplv which lie sugges- ted should he sent to the Board of Education. In hid reply, he said that the acconnnodation fit the Feliufoel Mjx^d School was 258. which would give r»«jm for about 40 of the children. The iufante' lepartm-eiit could accommodate about .3.5 of the childven, and the remainder could be i-ent to the Church School at Felin- foel, and the Uuee seliools were all within a mile of the houses of the children. Tie also desired to inform the Board that the Commit- tee would in the ner;r future take legal pro- ceedings against the parents. He could not see what more could bo "expeoied from them. JlrW. ii. Jones: 1: would tie just as well for the CLl-k t. send correct statements to the Board. He points out that the accommoda- tion of the mix id department at Felinfoel i3 258, and. consequently, he Cuds room for about forty of the cliddren. The correct figures are 226 according to the last, measure- ment made by H.M. Inspector. So that re- duces tho accommodation by 52 at once. The Ct;;ik: I have taker: the fhmi the BI ue B-jok of 1S07, and nothing has been cmn- piled s i nce. Mf..b)''??: It \ou ia'o ;he tcouble to look over ihe log book of the school y;.«u will find it stated there by H.M. Inspector, after very careful n\eaturemem, the figures 226 as being t I., f i she sirhool. The accommodation -r 1 (.'Jwicit S.-itool -is (In t of the (jUcstiou, have A to compel Norjvo.ii'orittiijis hi :nd f-hoir child- ''en t > u den- jiiiin'it.'oii %1 -'c-h?<?. ???qucn? 1. according to your o\>-u ..dfowing. on have no accornmodaiioii for ♦h- 13d ••hihireri turned out of Old Koto] Set'N «r Eelinfoe-l Council ??'JtortL B?? i dcs. >t.*u c-ooid nor o.xpact. parents \l;tj,('{ù¡('Ill\ :<1) :1 ;2,;t.E;;¡{r an the distance !?)\;?;:)l'?cl in \vct weather. and th?sv??!d;???.'a.?- the average :?tr(tlt" ¡ :} ;1/<1; j ,[),},/ii:f" \{\ hv. I allude moid pattirulariv to all the younger childr«;n. The Clerk also states thnt the distance, to Fel'nioel io one nv- l It woultl a'so. The home.- of the no a-ost children to i'"e I inline! School art- n toii-u av/ay. The homes of tie:- farthest ch'ldron \vlw attended Old Road Schools arc; ihrop loih-s aw.-iy, ond the homes of the o;ajority of ilm r.hi'dren are from one ami thvee-qiiarters t., two miles away. The noarcst children during wor weather would have t ) [ '.a\efie <>' u*o mil.'js,, hi ?. rc'tiud- t ltr,a lr:J:rJ:}\ to 1: ¡::i:: n J r']'d¡ U,(Ë the shorter d>•stance. Mr. Mervyn t'eel: if t\" :ire so bail, where is the md stir? Mr. W. B. Joo :>s: roed x;irw*y~<r could rorn-ady tb>« road under three or four thou- sa.nd pound#' cost. Sooner or later they woul-d have to go in for uecommudaD'on for the. childrcai in that district, seeing that the number of the stsel'r». etujd. had been doubled, and other .k?Y..j?_:n course of erection. W<.uid.d ?. he as tc d be betier' for them to coine' to i-uii'e arr ingeujejit v.!th fE;:J1,r:\ir:,t;;)' i'; :f;.0f I into tb? HAn?lly sch;v.-ldcti they formerly? attended (cries of \o" be e-ndion-d. •• w di 4 rair-ut-e till T I explain before you cry No.' You may take I proceedings against, the parents of the child- ren, but you won't get, them to send their little ones to Felinfoel School in all weathers. The Old Road School was built for these children, and they have been driven out of it because this authority will not come to any terms with regard to it (cries of Shame "). What I ask of you is this—Will you open nego- tiations with¡,h2 Llanelly authority with the object of accommodating children in that school until we are in a position to put the children into a school of our own?" Mr Jones proposed that a committee should be appoin- ted to visit the place to inquire into the cir- cumstances, and that the children should be given to understand that they could go to school next. Monday morning. They had been on the road for six. week. and the Commit- tee had been dealing badly with them. He begged of the Committee to deal fairly with the children. The Chairman: Thai- is oni of order. Mr. W. B. June. The Chairman: Because, of the resolution which we have passed. I Mr. Jones: That resolution has expired. Mr. John John: Mrs. Lloyd's resolution rules the field, ami I second it. We should I r nace and the Sandy. Mr. W X. Jones proposed the appointment of a- visiting committee with a view to build, and that in the meantime they have power to provide temporalv accommodation to teach I Horn", or all of the children in the district. The Chainu&u advocated temporary arrange- I ments outside tUe urban area. I Mrs. Lloyd was willing to amend her motion N?' L ?i? Air. W. ? I I in accordance v>.th Mr. W. N. Jones's pro- posal, and, in that amended form, Mr. H. Jones-Davies, Clyndddau, ga\ê it his support. He was ?ry ?lad of Hie ione there that day I inrega;:d to lJ¡. 'll;tttl'. H8 bad fetf thM it was not their duty to go cap in hand to Llan- elly. He -said it amounted to this—it was an act of educational legerdemain on the part of the Lkaneily authority to extract money from the Committee. The Llanelly people had acted the parr of the dog in the manger. The Rev Dr Johns wanted to know whether  dicy purposed ?addliu? people of a district j who had been paying lates without having i anything from that Committee. If so, that ¡ would be unfair. The Chairman: They will only be doing what people in other parts are doing. The Chairman did. not blame Mr. Jones for sticking up for Llauelly. I Mr. Jones said he did not care a fig what the Chairman stated. He was not sticking up for Llanelly. He ws'j sticking up for the children. I The Chairman said the Committee were pre- pared to ont.e-r-iin any reasonable suggestion. I Llanelly was increasing: by leaps and bounds, but the Llanelly people forgot to tell the county authority that, that increase was in tho county area. He did not think ic right- that they should faun out some hundreds of their children to other people (hear, hear). [ Jones: If you are pre/pared to entertain any reasonable suggestion I will propose that I we offer Llanelly 12s. 6d per child per annum. I You are prepared to pay Glamorganshire 25s. and surely half that, mount would be ridicu- lously low ? ;Ccr L:u.,J!y; but, notwith- i standing thai, I make ir for th? purpose of arriving at some sort of ao amicable arran?e- { ment. If you think 12s. 6d. too high, offer i 10s Do something:, rather than allow the i children to be on the road. If Llanelly, re- fuses ?. y. shall have- • ."ome reply to give the BoStd of Education. A? {resent- we have ¡'¡;r;i;;i¡l:¡t\i! I oo- their coiioty, when they grow up, can take a c';mL'f? heas i vc v I ew of the wor l d generally daughter}. Ukhnately, Mrs. IJo?d' amended motion j for a committee, etc., was carried; and :uth01 matter ended. Not a word was said as to the repiy ?" i,o sent to tire Board of Education, I neither W"ld suv sort of a resolution passed, with reg'.u-i to taking legal proceedings against I he parents. -0- Llanelly Committee's Attitude ROAltn OF EDUCATION'S ADVICE. At. a me-e.tkig of tho Llanelly Education I Committee hold on Thursday evening, Mr. H. t D. Rees presiding, the Clerk read a communi- I cation from the Board of Education, in which they enclosed a (c,py;of a letter which had Education Authority. They also expressed ) the hope that the Llanelly loca l education i authority would do their inmost to arrive without delay at a settlement, of the dispute in the interests of Cm? children. I The Chairman observed that the letter was a very strong one, and it was to- be hoped thai, some fruit would eerie of it. Mr. J< seph Roberts said it would be heti2T for them to remain quiet under the eireum- M! Simlott: I think we have done oil we can to tjy tn come- bJ amicable terms, bdt the Carmarthenshire authority have done nothing I' at all. They have not -even appointed a depu- tation to consult us. It was decided that when a letter was re- ceived from the; Cn rmar( henshire authority, a meeting l>e called immediately



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