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Education Committee. I


Education Committee. I -0- t TfHE DRILL oI A niMtms'of the Education 'Committer • v/as 'h<?d on Thursday evening Mwsf. Mr. :Herbert D. Rees presiding The oth^r members pre- sent ware Messrs. W. Roberts. Evan* 'EYtns, .Mm SimIen, J??eph Roberts, :E. 'WjUi?.!one? I). James Davies, Thomas Phillips and Mrs. J. W. Thomas, together with the Clerk (MX. IN-or Watkins). WORKMEN'S EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIA- I TION. A letter was rend from the '-Workmen's Edu- cational Association, asking the Committee' to join the Association. It was pointed out that its objects were to arouse amongst the workers ..f the country an interest in education, and :to ascertain the needs of the workers as re- gards education, etc. Meetings and lectures had already been held in various places, ex- plaining the objects of the: Association to the people. By arousing greater interest in educa- tion the number of pupils must increase-, and I the work of the committee, consequently, be come more pleasant In carrying out this work the Association relied upon the. assis- tance of the education c-ommittees, and they appealed to the Committee to appoint a re- presentative to the South Wales Council. The entrance fee was 21s. There was no proposition, and the letter was-allowed to lie on the table. THE CARDIFF PAGEANT. I A letter was read from the Lord Mayor <>t Cardiff regarding the forthcoming pageant fhat was to be held in the city. The letter ex- plained that apart from any good which might accrue, he was sure the Committee would help to carry it through. It would be an interesting spectacle, and one of interest t > the children. Welsh history would be a jiving reality, and it would be a splendid study to the young folk of the achievements of our ancestors. The Chairman observed that if the teachers were interested they would have approached the Committee. Mi*. Joseph Roberts said that some of the Committees were disf-ussing the matter of giving their expenses to the children. Mr. Evan Evari3: "I see that, Kidwelly intend sending 250 children there. The letter was subsequently referred 1<1 the Head-teachers Association. FAIR DAY HOLIDAYS. It was decided to grant lv,-i) (illi the occasion of the May Fair ¡ DRILL COMPETITION. I It was decided to hold the annual drdl com- petition on July 20th at the Market Pavilion. A charge of threepence will be made for tho tld u h", and one penny for children. EMPIRE DAY OBSERVANCE. A letter was read from a Mr. Bowen, stating that in reference to a letter scutby the Earl J of Meath, of the Board of Education, to the I chairman of thru committee, asking him to bring the spirit and objects of the Empire Day movement before the members of tho Com- i mitted with a view to their falling into line 'I with those edticatioii eoiiin-iittee,, throughout the country who had already sanctioned its observance iu the "ehoolsunder their control, I he would be glad to know what the Cominit- Ts<e had done iii ttie. matter. It \V;Ld dec'idecl to no action. j It decided to take no action.


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