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  Â"4..Â.Â.Â.AI. L A Â. ¿ &ÂÂ..Â. A..Â.. A  A A.. A  A A, ,A A PRELIMINARY NOTICE. > I 5tiv to the Ijetylaxi ifx&vms,$c. j At the demand of many of our friends, we nave deciaea to arrange tins year, during the mouth of August, a Lm Trip to the BELGIAN ARDENNES and otner piacos of interest, including Brussels, Antwerp, Namur, Liege, the Field of Waterloo, Grottoes of Han, Barage of the Gileppe, ► Abbey of Maredsous, Castle of Walzin, Ciergnon, etc.. etc., r particulars of which will be issued shortly. We have great pleasure to announce that T MONSIEUR CAMILLE DEUQUET, ► has kindly decided to accompany the tour and to act as Guide and Interpreter. No doubt, with the £ experience of Monsieur DEUQUE T, who bas a perfect knowledge of the country, this trip will prove a greater F success than those of the preceding years. jr ? The tour will be so arranged as to give every comfort and entire satisfaction to all. Ladies will be heartily ■> welcomed to join the party. Particulars of the tour may be had from— L ARTHUR T. JONES.?M@?cu?y"OfHces/ Liandily. £ ..?' TT T" Y"" V V v. T. V'¡c NOTICE OF REMOVAL! | DAVID JOHN, -SSLS™, STATION ROAD, LLANELLY, Has REMOVED to NEW PHEMtSES, ?? Right Opposite Q.W.R. Station ?"1. takes this opportunity of thanking his numerous Customers and Friends for ) past favours, and hopes to merit a continuance of the same at his New Premises. I   Healtb fortn8 People 'I I J j I -W LTFFER from Deafness, Noise in th e Head, e tc, AstL-na, Braticti i ti.q, Coni3uniption. Co ughs. dl'ey by Nature's Remedy. I L4111  490 Stiff  68til)g  'Itpeworyi-)s. Pat Wor m's'stomfch Wortus, Don't give  M.H., F»Oaltj 30-32, Inkerman Street, Llanelly, South Wales- TO MUSICIANS Concert and Cymanfa Ganu Committees, AND ALL THOSE MUSICALLY INCLINED. >v We de,ire to let you know, and we want you I 'S\ (0 tell yonr musical fnends, that vre are still, i thinking of them, and arc now able to I print THEIn ¡ I ?? ? Choruses, Anthems, Glees, Part Songs. Quartettes? Duets, ?? and Solos in 1 1 OLD NOTATMN or SOL-FA. I 1 b P" I AV C. a,, e, Riways v,,illing to licip yoti by Pri ¡ ?????? the best class of work at reasonable prices. ¡ "LLANELLY Mn-n Ry S;S?TO LIMITED" 28, Market Street, Llanelly. IISS MARY EVAM Teacher of Music Local REPRESENTATIVE OF the London Collegff Music. HONOURS, CERTIFICATED T. 0. L Wiehell to make known that she is prepared to R?eive or ?"? PUPILS for THEORY and PIANOFORTE PLAYING. A.nunlnford and Kidwelly visited weekly 18  APPLICATIOIF t Downing Street, -? L?netty. ?' DAVIES »St SON, DAVIE:iS& SONI ?, ?IL & MINING ENGINEERS, SITEOIS, SURVEYORS, VALUERS, Ba??TEAGENTa&AUCTIONEERa, CO-_I.L HOUSE, ??NELLY, kkWYDCOED, OROSSHANDS, LLWYDCO ED, CROSSITANDS, ale8 by J?I1Uic AucWo-;1: Private Treaty of Pro- tttes, Plant ^uktetc- S???' Plans, Valuations, £ FiAIilQeS9' ?? Workmen's ^nSai0» *»,4EFEGR,'JRPO. IT T, ■ J II tonal. Esta.l,Iished 24:26 i — ) I Nat Telephone, No. 0151. Important to ]Farmers I W. H. THOillA S & CO., CORN, CAKE & MANURE MERCHANT Has all kinds of Feeding Cake and Feedir, g j Meals in Stock at— VAUXHALL STORBS, j I I Inspection Invited. Lowest Prices on appliestiod ) I ANALYSES and PURITY GUARANTEED. 11 Farm Seeds, Oats, Barley, Closer, &o., always in jj stock, and sold at Cheapest Market Rate. Agents for the Noted MOLASSINE MEAL j Telegrams, Palatine," Llanelly, All Comnmnlca- j iiona to- VAUXHALL STORES. LLANELLY. 4188 FOR SALE.—-Stephens' Ink (the bost in the market), (Jan's Inks, and Webster's lake, Fountain Pens, Letter Files, and all kinds of i stationery useful to house or office, at lowest i prices at the Mercury H Office. 28 mavkf:- Street, Llanelly. The Charing Cross Bank. Established IS70. 1 CARDIFF RRANOH-73. ST. MARY STREET. Head Offices: -28, Bedford Street, Charing Cross, London and 39, Bishopsgate Street Within, Lo don, H.C. Branches: Manchester. Liverpool. Leeds. Bradford Bristol, Ac &c. Assets. £ 1,607.319; Liabilities. £ 1,2-36.871 Surplus, £ 371,07.v LOANS of 930 to £2,000 granted at a tew hours' notice Town or Country, on personal security, .jewellery, prooioui stones, stocks, shares, and furniture without removal. Stocks and Shares bought and sold 2t per cent. allowed on Current Account Balance*. DEPOSITS of £10 and upwards received as uit,ler:- Subject to 3 months' notice of withdrawal. 5 per cent, per an, n 0 H '5 12 „ 7 „ Special terms for longer periods. Interest paid quarterly Owing to the nature of our investments, we are able to paj rates of interest on deposits that will compare favourabls with dividends paid on almost any class of stock or share- holding insuring the safety of capital. We have been established for 39 years, and our position in the banking world to-dav testifies to the Buceessof our business methods and to the satisfaction of our customers. Write orul for Prospectus. A. WILLIAMS & H. J. TALL, Joint Managers ASK OF THE OWL A and he will wisely advise L j you to use Bliss Native fe j? Herbs-the Original Herb M JIIilI l Compound-the common- Jpy S sense remedy for purify- M ing the blood, toning the W H liver, restoring the kid- M| Hi|| | neys, correcting constipa- M j !? tion and rheumatism, and 4|j| ? putting the entire system mm ?j in perfect health. Many H| ? testimonials in our Alma- lif i?' nac tell of wonderful ? cures-and the cost is so Ik ? little — only 4! for a box W W of 2M tablets-enough for ? | | the whole family. Re- | ) member the name-BLISS. | I FOR SALE By J WILLIAM DAVIES, Glasfryn, Dunraven Terrace, Gowerton, Glam. Mrs. EVANS, 30, Tsikbas-oo RD., CriiMKn, PORTH, saya: "I was crippled by Rheumatism and had to use crutches. Bliss Native Herbs has conquered the pain and made me well." HA RMLESS, IMMEOtA TE, PURE. NOTHING DANGEROUS IN — pre. p,S PRESTdO he, J for Neura lgia, for ToothRche, for Quiney. ACCEPT NOTHING ELSE. RUN NO RISKS. Bl, Of 12, I w. J) VV ;.S ,V; ( I ill! airy n. J AgenT'fiik

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