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-I BEVAN & Company, Ltd., Wales' Largest Furnishers For Immense Selection, Reliable Goods, Honest Service, and Sterling Value, place your orders in the hands of this well-known Finn. Their large resources, and ever- j increasing Business throughout the Principality and Border Counties, enable them to supply goods at prices far below those of their competitors. No effort is spared in giving every customer entire satisfaction. All Goods delivered Free by road or rail up to 200 miles- PIANOFORTES and ORGANS at about One-half Music Warehouse Prices. Every Instrument Warranted Ten Years. Deferred Payments arranged. Large Illustrated Catalogues gratis and post free. Agents Wanted in all districts. Vaughan St., Llanelly; Wind St., Swansea; and throughout South Wales i AUVERTISINO charges. Parliamentary Notices Is. per line per insertion Government A tiouncemn",s 9d. « j Legal and Public Notices -1 Municipal & School Board VSd. » u Tenders and Contracts -J Auction Advertisements 4d. It fcreenold and Leasehold Fro- j perty Sales 6d." Lectures & Entertainments 2s. 6d. per inch u Religious Services 2s. 6d. per inch PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. j 15 words, one insertion, Cd three insertions, Is. j 20 words, one insertion, 8d. three insertions, Is. 4d. 30 words, one insertion, Is. three insertions, 2s. Educational. TYPEWRITING and DUPLICATING neatly and _)L promptly executed by competent operators at the Arcade 8choolof Shorthand.—For further parti- culars apply at the School, Arcade Chambers, Llan- elly 370" BE TAUGHT BY EXPERTS IN Shorthand, Typewriting, Book-keeping, Office j_ routine, and Languages at the Arcade School of Shorthand, &ie. Situations found for com- petent pupils,—Apply Roland P. Thomas, 20, Gilbert Koad, or Lt the Arcade, Llanelly. Wanted. WANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT.- Apply, W ftlrs. VVilliams, Ship Inn 6551 TTtJ'ANTKD. a MAN to deliver Breao-mmt be a W good Salesman, and used to horses Ilbillips, Thomas Street 6550 j W ANTFD, a thoroughly experienced COACH- VV MAN, with good references- tia,,ist be a willing Nac.-Apply. Felinfoel Brewery. 6549 WANTED, DAILY WORK by respectable Girl in Trimsaran or near.—Apply M.l' Trim- saran Post Office. (¡531 EOYALLIVER FRIENDLY?CIETy.-?n H required, full cr part time, in Llanelly aijd surrounding Districts, Special Terms to suitable men, j Interest in Books uaratiteed, -Apply, T. Davies, District Manager, 4, New Road, Llanelly. 6544 ANTED. APRENTICES and IMPROVERS for j "f Mii)i< ery and Fancy.—Apply Mrs. H. Davies, 68. Stenney Street, Llanelly. 6499 AN 1 e7), a SHARP BOY, Apply, Master & Co, W Stepney Street, Llaneliy. 6?13 WANTED, Experienced COOK-GENERAIJ- j V* Applvg MrS. Thomas Jones, Brytiyro??ii,, L!anel:y. C?O J WANTED, at cMp. IMPROVERS and AP PREN. ?T TICES to the Dressmaking. Goed Oppo!tunity to {;Hn fi<-st-c!ass work,—Miss Swancott, Braz.i}," Gltualla Roid, CI65 WANTED, respectable GIRL, about 16 or 17 I years C'f »ge,—Miss Swancott, "Brazi' f fc?!enaU« Road, C.t6Q j .c.¡:Cõ. -+- WANTED, a BOY to take care of Motor Car,- Dr, Edgar Davies, Castle Hill, G481 it PPRENTICES Wanted for CABIN ET MAKING, Upholstering, and Polishing, Respectable boj" s f required. —Davies, "VYern Cabii-et Works, Llanelly. 6171 | WANTED, to Rent or Purchase DWELLING "V HOUSE with at least 5 Rooms at Pwll.—Apply David Mathias, Blacksmith, Lando, Pembrey, |_6389 ■ -_j WANTED, Smart Lads to Sell the "ZIercu-y." Apply at the Office. PIANOFORTE TUNING and Repairing in all its [ branches by thoroughly competent and experienced London Tuners, who visit all parts regularly. Charges strictly moderate,- Apply at Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 00, Stepney Street, Llanelly. | Houses, &c., To Let. TO BE LET or SOLD. The Arlais," Kidwelly t. (the nsidenee of the late Alderman Stephens). } Beautifully situated overlooking the bay. Stable and j Coach-house, Tennis Court, well-stocked Garden and i''ield in ft out.—Ap* ply IOREES & EWAHDS, Solicitors, { Llanelly. C53G TO LET, Six Rooms, Lavatory and 13,ttbroc,.w, i. opposite Theatre. Apply Mr. Jack Reef, Plumber, Water Street. 6-525 To I.ET or for Sale, SHOP and HOUSE, Freehold X in good position in Furnace, Llanelly.—Apply J. Charles. 87, Marble Hall Road. 6430 i PENRHOS INN.-To Let. with immediate p?ses- .L !ion,-Apply, Buckleys Brewery, LIaceUy. 6!S9 GRASS Grass Grass Grazing land fcr Lorses H and cattle cbse to town.—Apply. Evan Thoma?, Hutchcr, Llanelly. 6494 rpo BB LET. from Michaelmas next, CWM- JL LLBTHRYD GANOL, Llanelly, containing 9ü; acrcs; CAEGORS, Llangennecb, containing llAacresj I with Household Buildings, Also several FIELDS j for Grazing at Llai)getinc-ch. -Apply, J. Davies & Son, Estate Agents and Auctioneers, Cowell House, Llan. f: By, Glf13 TO LET, 113, JAMES STREET. Rent, 8s. per wrek.—Apply, Jos. Evan?, Ill, James-st. 6440 TO LET, HOUSE Pond SHOP at Gathen Terrace. i. Also several HOUSES for Sale,—Apply T. P. Jones, South Wales Stores. 63P8 i -0 TO LET, 2, Goring Road, Llanelly Bathroom, JL h. and c., &c.-Apply to W. David, Auctioneer, &c.. Old Tmvn Hall Chunbers, DaueUy, 4332 ) &c,l Oli Town Hall Cli-tirbers, 4  ? 3 -1? BUILDING SITES TO LET at Hazard Road, jD leading from Llygad-yr-ycli to Dsfen; con- > fenient to Llanelly. Water supply no borough rates large Gardens; reasonable terms. Also at Capet- Apply W. J. Rees, Uplands, or J. E. Burnell, sur- veyor, 2. Frederick Street, Llanelly. 1607 -u_ For Sale. I* ^OR SALE, several Well-built HOUSr'.S in E? Road, VWU.—Apply, Thomas Evaus & Sons, SuiIders.Pw! 6r.H i 't'?OR" PALE?0?FREEHOLDmVKLLYNU j ? HOUSE and SHOP to S"it any Trade at Cross Hands. Apply, D. 24. flMercury" OlricE. JUlanelly. 0^13 ■ FOR SAlE). by P.ivate Treatv. the SITE of three Cottages adjoitiiug the Betr Imi, Feliufoal. For ). Particulars, Terms, &c„ apply to Rodtrick & Richards, I Solicitors, Llanelly. 6517 FOR I,zALk,'#rwo weii-built HOUSES, Cwm Terrace, j Fnrtace; low ground rent, tiO borough rates.— l>ro^B, TUcmas & John, Llanelly. 65V; SEVERAL HOUSES, in course of erection, for j ?' SALE, near Pera!!t: With or without H. & C. ) Water Baths. No Foreign slab joinciy.—Apply, ) ViviQV & Sons, Church Street, Llanelly. 6521 rR SALE or to Let, 3 HOUSES and SHOPS; i' good position-right opposite G.W.H. Station, li-irry Port,-Apply, John Charles, Marble Hall Road, i IILATTHV, j FOR SALE, several well-built HOUSES at, Penallt I JL Terrace, near Box Good size Gardells; beaUby position, and now let to respectable teiiatits.-Apply B. Howell & Son, Ltd., New Dock, LI anelly. 4064 FOR SALE. 4 HOUSES at Peiitrepoeth no t' Borough Rates); Water laid on. — Apply W Vivian, Plumber, Church Street. 4175 tyA GUINEAS at 10s. 6d. per mouth. New Rose- £ ~I wood Pianoforte, handsome design, check j action, trichord warranted London make. Iuspec- | tion invitel.-Thompsou & Shackell, Ltd., Stepney Street. s Miscellaneous Notices. 1QAG C'incher. Dunlop, P"lme. T Y hE: (Jovers j ;'J from 31. 6d Air Tubes with v..lve8. 2s 3d. Pedals, Chains, Free Wheels. Saddle &c < New Lists sent on application. Makers' Prices.— W. A. GORTON, Manufacturer, Wolverhampton, 6359 LONDOK- VISITORS to London will find every home comfort, resonable terms, with D. J Truscott, Pantycelyn House, 87, Blarylands Road, Shirbnd Road, Paddington, W. 6519 CYCLIKG ACCESSORIES Large Assortment J just received. Prices cheaper than ever. Saddles from 3s. 6d. Outer Covers, 4s lid.; Guarantee Tubes with Valves. 3s. 6d. Tool-bags, Bells, Outfits, &c., &c.- Bowpu, 52, Station Hoad. 6393 BEAUTIFUL W7alnut Pianofirte, full trichord, .D cheek action, iron frame, brilliant tone usual price 33 guineas, now reduced to 28 guineas, at 14s per mouth. Several others quite as cheap. For further particulars apply at Messrs. Thompson and Shackell's Pianoforte Warehouse, Llanelly Money. MONEY— £ 15,900 to be invested on Freehold and Leasehoid property at 31. 4 and 5 per cent. interest on large or small amounts to suit intending ¡ mortgagors.—H. Greenwood, 1, Frederick Street, Llan- I dly. M I Bynea and District Horticultural and I Poultry Society. FOURTH ANNUAL SHOW Will be held at the BYNEA. COUNCIL SCHOOL, BYNBA, On Saturday, August 7, 1909. i Judges: Horticultural Mr. MILNER, Margam. Poultry, Cage Birds & Pigeons Mr TENNYSON FAWKES, Gloucester. Rules. Regulations, and Schedules of Prizes may be had on application f; om the Hon. Sec. Horticultural: JOHN BEYNON, Caegwyu, Bynea, Llanelly. Hon Sec.—Poultry D. W EDWARDS, Supply Stores, Bynea, Llanelly. 6538 i1 STRADEY PARK, LLANELLY. RACES j IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE I Tradesmen's Horse Show & Parade I « t WHIT-MONDAY, MAY 31st, 1909. ¡ ¡ Over £ 200 and 5 Valuable Silver Cups I j AND OTHER SPECIALS IN PRIZES. ¡ -=-'=.=-===-==-- ¡ OPEN GALLOPING HANDICAP t., t. 18 Sovs. OPEN GALLOPING HANDICAP 8 Sovs. i OPEN GALLOPING NOVELTY RACE 2 Sovs. ¡ LOCAL GALLOPING HANDICAP (Radius 10 miles from Llanelly ¡ I G.P.0.) 5 Gns. ¡ OPEN TROTTING HANDICAP 18 Sovs. ¡ 8 Sovs. j LOCAL TROTTING HANDICAP (Radius 10 miles from Lianelly Sovs. i G.P.O.) 5 Gns. I OPEN SELLING CLASS for Light and Heavy Horses, to be shown in hand, suitable for town work 5 Sovs. II CHEAP FARES from all parts. REFRESHMENTS provided on the Grounds. 6516 DAVIDSON THOMAS, See, Inkerman Street. I Llanelly Great May Fair I Thursday, Friday & Saturday, May 20th, 21st & 22nd. j I HENRY STUDTS and SONS I WHi attend the above with their I NEW and ELABORATE MOTOR-CAR TRACK, NEW T[O;orl(),O;B,s.TRACK, I accompanied a BEAUTIFUL ORCHESTRAPHONE. Confetti Carnival Every Evening. I STUDTS' and all the numerous Side-shows, including Bowling Saloons, Cinematograph, ¡ Shooting Gailencs. Boxing Booths, etc., etc. [ Open on SATURDAY, MAY 15th. J 1909 STYLES. OlTR New Show of SPRING MILLINERY is well worth your inspection. You will find our Trimmed Hats hand- some, original and wonderfully pleasing to the eve, and becoming \J tI to the wearer, too. One cannot help being pleased with the Charming New Materials, the grace of the Shapes, and the style of the New Trimmings, an(-I, above all, one must be pleased at our exceedingly low prices. j  i L. W. ADAMS & Co. I LONDON HOUSE, Llanelly. NAT, TEL. 154. J. LEWIS HARRIES Begs to announce that he has taken over the Premises known as CAVENDISH HOUSE, VAUGHAN STREET, Llanelly And will OPEN ON MAY 20th with a Large and Varied Stock of Fancy Drapery, millinery, Ladies' Onuerclollii ETC., ETC. BLOUSES, GLOVES, CORSETS, HOSIERY, SKIRTS, FRILlINGS, UMBRELLAS, LACES, SUNSHADES, Children's Outfitting See SPECIAL DISPLAY in Windows NOTE THE ADDRESS CAVENDISH HOUSE, Llanelly t A PEEP INTO THE i f FUTURE OF FASHION. Y I There is nothing half so attractive to the A T well-dressed Woman as a display of coming J A Fashions in Material and Design. Imagine A J then the delights of our I I Show of Summer Dress Fabrics A Y now on view. There will be found all that W A is newest and best. Inspection invited, i I DAVID EVANS. t i BRADFORDHOU SE, A 15, 19 & 20, Stepney St., Llanelly. A | Telephone No. 250. j HALL STREET "WESLEY." • NEXT SUNDAY. REV* J. II. NEWBY Will Preach at 11 and 6.30, and Address the Men's Brotherhood at 2.45. THE BRIGHTEST AND HAPPIEST MEETING IN LLANELLY. EVERY MAN WELCOME. BURRY PORT j TWENTYIXTH ANNUAL I REGATTA AND SPORTS i Will be held on BANK HOLIDAY (AUGUST 2, 1909) | Further particulars will appear shortly. 6512 5 ( 1 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT, THE FOURTH ANNUAL Llanelly Regatta Will be held On Bank Holiday, August 2nd, 1909. JUVENILE CHORAL CONTEST, CHAMPION SOLOS, Etc. I Farther particulars will appear shortly, I R J. DAVIES, I 64S7 Secretary of Committee. G. W. R. WHITSUN EXCURSIONS from LLANELLY to LONDON, SCOTLAND, IRELAND, Etc. I LIMITED DAY TRIP to DOUGLAS (ISLE of j MAN) via FISHGUARD and G. W. n. Turbine | Steamer. 12J HOURS IN DOUGLAS FOR 10/8! WHIT-SUNDAY MIDNIGHT dep. 125. REfUHN 8-35 p.m. MONDAY NIGHT. 1 BOOK EARLY! DAY TRIP to Epsom (Races). EXPRESS & LOCAL SERVICES will he altered during the HOLIDAYS. For details, see bills or send postcard to stations or offices. 6541 JAMES C. INGUS, General Manager. Llanelly County Intermediate Schools. AN ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION A r f ON Will be held on SATURDAY, THE 26TH JUNE NEXT, at the above Schools, and such other places as may be notified two weeks before the Examination, if found necessary. Forty-four SCHOLARSHIPS (23 for Boys and 21 for Girls) of the value of £ 4 10s. each, will be II awarded on the result of the Examination. Preference will be given, so far as fifteen of the Scholarships are concerned (8 for Boys cod 7 for Girls) to Welsh-speaking candidates j The Candidates must not be more than 13 years of j ago on the 31st May next- Full information as to the subjects of Examination, together with Forms of Application, which must be returned to me on or before the 20th May next, can he obtained from the Head Master; Had Mistress,! or from thfe undersigned. Dated this 20th day of April, 1909. JAMES H. BLAKE. Clerk, 72, Stepney Street, Llanelly. 6435 FOR SALE.—Stephens' Ink (the, best in the market), Carr's Inks, and Webster's Inks, Fountain Pens, Letter Files, and all kinds of stationery useful to house OT office,, at lowest prices, at the Mercury" Office, 28 Market I Street, PE&LERS' I )t STORES BEST j Butter,1 PÈR LIB. — < CAKE ¡ STILL '21 per 2do1 b. I Fresh Goods. All Fresh Goods AND THE I 31 Very Best Quality AT pirns' ?uLpno S Stepney St, ?' t LLANELLY. Also at SWANSEA and Branches. i