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Clifford Drovers Tale.

-i Notes and Notions. I -…

I Breconshire Constable.

I 1 Brecon Horse Mart.


I 1 Brecon Horse Mart. I TQwn Council's Attitude. DISCUSSED BY CHAMBER OF TRADE. At a meeting of the Brecon Chamber of Trade oil Tuesday Mr W. H. Gimson. the new president, presided. Members present were Messrs. D. Morgan, S. Garratt. W. D. Griffiths. D. G. Owen, E. J. Lewis, J. E. Willis, T. Jones, W. H. Jones Parry, A. Quarrel!. E. H. S. Hughes, G. Iveighley, E. A. Watts. F. Lambert, Joe Meredith, A. Adcock. D. Percirrine and the 'secretary (W. J. Knight). The Horse Mart. I Mr W. Jones Parry, a member of the deputation which recently waited upon the Town Council, said in regard to this matter that Mr J. Smith was excellent in his opening remarks. as he spoke with authority on the matter, and he was a regular attendant at Here- ford, and, therefore, knew all the dealers. The Town Council, he thought, had hardly ever received a better deputation—(laughter and ■applause)—as they were men who could speak wit,h great authority, and were indif- putably very representative of the agricultural com- munity. Several questions were asked and a number of points placed before the council. They invited the assistance of the Town Council as the principal au- thority in the town. On practically all the points they were agreed, with the exception of one, and that was the question of putting up the ring. On that point the Town Council were not prepared to move. He under- stood that the council had no authority to spend money on anything of that nature. The council looked on it as a speculation. The deputation, when, they withdrew, understood that the council would discuss the matter and let them know their decision, and they consequently expected an official reply. Since then he .Had seen the town clerk, and he understood from the conversation with him that it was not the council's in- tention to reply any further to the deputation. It was a big surprise to him to know this, and he told the clerk that the deputation expected an official reply from the council. He had seen members of the depu- tation that day, and their opinion was that a meet- ing of the different representatives be held there. The representatives of the agricultural community were get- ting extremely keen on it, and were much more so now than previous to the visit to the Town Council. All were very much in favour of its establishment. The council, he might say. had received them with every courtesy, and he could say that the visit was a very pleasant one. (Applause.) The chairman said they were indebted to the depu- tation for their valuable services. They should not let the matter drop, but follow it up. and have a definite "yes" or "no." Mr E. B. S. Hughes: What did the deputation think they were going to get out of the Town Council? What did they hope to get? Mr Jones Parry said that to hold a mart meant do- ing away with the fair. The council thought the horse fair would disappear altogether if a mart was agreed to and instituted. Mr J. Smith said that the mart should he on the day preceding the Hereford niart-m a Friday. Mr Smith ai-o said that he had spoken to several dealers, and they had promised to attend the Brecon mart on the Friday and Hereford on Saturday— thus killing two birds with one -tone. With regard to railway facilities, they did not get much encourag. nient. Their .suggestion that the field near the cattle market should be used. and that the covers in the present cattle market should be used to keep horses there for a certain time. was submitted, but the council were not inclined to spend any money on the setting up of the held. It was also suggested that the council put up shelters for the horses. Mr J. Smith also pro- posed that the surveyor meet the deputation on the spot, but nothing was decided in regard to it. They expected that the different authorities would assist financially in erecting the mart. as the initial expense would be very small. But the Town Council were not prepared to Wnd any of the ratepayers' money in that way. The chairman said that the mart was the most im- pi rtant question that they had to deal with that year. Mr G. Keigiiiey Is the Town Council prepared to ask tli railway companies whether they arc prepared to take the matter up? Mr Jones Parry: I asked whether the council were favourable to the suggestion, but I was told that the question was out of order. Mr G. Keighley said that the field near the cattle mar- ket was rather unsuitable owing to the trains passing. Mr G. Owen said they should follow the matter up and get a definite reply from the Town Council, stat.in what ttyev were prepared to do in the matter. Mr David Morgan remarked that they were all favour- able to something being done. It appeared to him that they must not take the fair from Llanfaes though. Mr Jones Parry suggested that they leave the matter in the hands of the various representatives, who would bf meeting shortly. This was agreed to.

The Sugar Supply. I

Crickhowell Soldier's Wedding.I


I Brecon Infirmary.

- - - -I The Cyfartha Works.

j National Service I National…

Llanwrtyd Nursing Association.…

Ystradgynlais Licences. I

|Lianwrlyd Council.I

I BronHys Wedd!ng.! i

I -Hay -Marriage.

Brecon Rural Tribunal.I



Talgarth C.F.S.


..Builth Red Cross Hospital.…

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Family Notices


Brecon and Radnor Lighting.


" One of the Worst Cases."…