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B. and M. and War Loan. I


B. and M. and War Loan. OPPORTUNITY FOR EMPLOYEES. In order to assist employees of the Brecon and Mer- thyr Company who desire to subscribe for the new 5 per cent. War Loan, but who are not in a position to meet the required payments within the period provided by the terms of issue, the directors have authorised ar- rangements by which payments for Stock may be made by deductions through the pay bills. The price at which the Stock is issued by the Government is R4 15s for £5 of stock. The deductions will be made at the rate of 1/- or 2 per week, as preferred by contribu- tors, in respect of each R5 of Stock subscribed for. An allowance of 3/- will be made by the Company in respect of each £5 of Stock, on the men's completed contribu- tions, representing interest at about 6 per cent. per annum; the total amount to be deducted from pay will therefore be R4 12s for each £5 of Stock. The de- ductiorw for the new Loan will commence in the pay- bills for the week ending 3rd March, 1917, and will be completed within two years, or twelve months, as the case may be. The Stock will then be placed in due course in the name of the subscriber, who will be en- titled to the interest accruing thereafter. If cases should arise in which, owing to unforeseen circum- stances, a subscriber becomes unable to complete his payments, arrangements will be made for the return in full of his subscriptions with accrued interest thereon up to the date of the last deduction.


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