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NATIONAL SERVICE. With characteristic enthusiasm the local sub- Commi'ssiorier for Breconshire and Radnorshire, Prof. Joseph Jones, has quickly got to work in setting up the machinery for the National Service Scheme in these counties. It is the bounden duty of every limai to offer his services. In this matter Sir Francis Edwards. M.P., ever loyal to the appeals of the British Government, took advan- tage of the War Loan meeting at Llandrindod Wells to make an appeal for enrolment for National Service, pointing out that it is -the desire of the Government thlait ,all persons of the specified age should at least enrol forth with. We under- stand that this by no means signifies that aill who thus enrol will be asked to undertake service other than that in which they are now engaged, such as agriculture; but enrolment will provide the Government with a great deal of information which will materially assist in the wide and ex- tended revisions which have inevitably to be made in these days of crisis. Sir Francis very truly said that all cannot- go to fight; all cannot lend money; but all can offer their service to the Government, who has undertaken to see that ade- quate .remuneration is paid in all cases. In Brecon shire and Radnorshire the service which may be rendered by those who remain will be con- cerned with agriculture and gatdeni-ng-two of the healthiest occupations which it is the lot of man to follow. Whilst some may with great ad- vantage be altogether liberated for this work, there are scores of others who can render much valuable work in their spare time; and we trust that now the farmers will no longer fence with idlny genuine off car of help. Volunteers will not be able to plough, perhaps, but every healthy man and woman can do something, and farmers must put their thinking caps on and think out ways in which the help of one and all of the volunteers can be utilised. If they fail to do so, then volunteers will probably be drafted to other counties where all sorts of help is being eagerly laid hold of. Our rural a,nd urban councils must also get to work immedia,terly with a, view to drafting schemes for increased cultivation of land, and in these schemes originality and courage must be shown. The time bias 'gone by for any holding aloof from the claims of national service. No one who remains at home has a right to use the word sacrifice. The word should pass out of our vocabulary for the present. There is no sacrifice in investing in war saving certificates or war loan, or in working on the liand. In face of all that our gallant soldiers amd sailors are enduring all such service pales into utter insignificance, land is simply the very mini- mum of what it is our privilege to do. We can only express the hope that the sub-Commissioner for Breconshiro and Radnorshire will receive all the necessary support. So far National Service is voluntary, but it should be borne in mind that the Prime Minister, in his recent speech, made it clear that i,f voluntarism fails compulsion must bo resorted to. The recent War Loan has been a triumph of voluntaryism, why should not National Service be also? —————— ——————


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