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BODFARY. CONCERT. One of the beat and most successful concerts ever held at Bodfari schools was given by the Day and Night Scholars on Friday last. Col. Mesham presided, and in his opening remarks, commented on the crowded state of the schools, stating that they had already been enlarged, but he was afraid that judging from the people present that night, it would be advisable to again enlarge them. Owing to the lengthy programme which had to be gone through, ha would refrain from addressing them further, and he also asked that however much they ap- preciated any of the pieces not to encore, as if they did, they would be unable to go home the same day of the month as they came. The programme was a varied one as seen below, the accompanists being Mr. Roberts and Miss Roberts. PART I. Recitation, 'Welcome,' Miss Florry Ro- berts. Glee Where art thou beam of light,' Day Scholars. Duet, 'Larboard Watch,' Messrs. Granville Jones and Philip Bartley. Recitation, 'Dolly's Mamma,' Miss Hannah M. Roberts. Song, 'Naughty Dolly Infants. Song, 'Fighting for the glory of Old England,' Night Scholars. Song and Choius, 'Someone is waiting for me,' Florry Roberts. Recitation, 'Crossing Sweepers,' Boys and Girls. Song and Chorus, I'll be true to thee,' Mr. E. W. Collins Roberts and party. Sketch, Money makes the mare to go,' Farmer-Mr. Tom Bartley Farmer's wiie- Miss Annie Jones; Timber Merchant- Mr. T. E. Hughes; Timber Meichant's wife, Miss Jennie Williams; Maid—Miss Maggie Bartley; Adviser—Mr. Daniel Hughes. Song, 'The tin Gee.Gee,' Boys and^ Girls. Recitation, 'Buttercups,' Misses Flory Ro- berts, Evelyn Herzig, Sallie Bartley, Mary Jones, and Mary Owen. Song, Y Bachgen Dewr/ Mr. John Williams. Recitation, Nose out of. joint,' Miss Winnie Jones. Song and Chorus, Rosie O'Grady," Master Carl Herzig and Infants. Song, I Patch of Red,' Mr. Daniel Hughes. Recitation, 'When we fight,' Boys. Comic Song, I'm so happy,' Mr. E. W. Col- lins Roberts. Recitation, 'Order to the fray,' Boys. Chorus, 'Memrries,' Girls. Quartette, • Bwthyn ar y Bryn,' Night Scholars. Recitation, Goodbye, little Birdie,' Miss Ann J. Hughes. Song, 'A Birdie sat on a tree,' Boys and Girls. PART II. Sketch, 'The Bad tempered Wife,' Patient Husband— Master Charlie Davies, Bad-tem- pered wife-Miss Florry Roberts; Maids— Misses Evelyn Herzig, Sally Bartley, and Hannah Marie Jones; Book-seller- Master William Williams; Cousin Jack- Master Stanley Roberts Cousin Pèggy-Miss Eunice Jeffreys; Mr. Williams— Master Johnny Davies; Mrs. Williams—Miss Martha Parry Milliner-Miss Mary Jones. Duet, 'Betty Wynn,' Messrs. Granville Jones and Tom Bartley. Song and Chorus, Go to sleep my Baby,' Miss Maggie Bartley and party. Song, I love my dear dolly,' Infants Song, Soldiers of the Queen,' Night Scho- lars. Song, 'Only a Baby. Boy,' Girls. Recitation, ,The three Dolls,' Misses Parry, Jones, and Jeffreys. Song,' Caru'r hogyn coch,' Mr. Henry Jones. Recitation, Choosing flowers,' Girls. Song, A sweet little letter,' Misses Jones and Owen. Song, Ten little Mothers,' Girls. Duet, An Old Path,' Misses Maggie Hughes and Annie Jones. Chorus and Recitation, I Queen Britannia.' The principal parts were taken by Miss Florry Roberts-Queen Britannia, Misses Evelyn Herzig, Saliie Bartley and Janet Jones—At- tendants, Wales-Miss Eunice Jeffreys. Song, I Pilot,' Mr. John Williams. Chorus, Sailing,' Night Scholars. Song and Gun Drill, 'We are Soldiers,' Boys. Finale, I God save the Queen.' All the pieces were well appreciated by the audience, and at 10 30 p.m., when the pro- gramme was brought to a close, the Infants who had taken a prominent part, were as wide awake as if the concert were only about to commence. The singing was very sweet, and the voices thoroughly blending, the recitations were remaricaoty, well sam, ana it was very Wonderful to see such little children reciting alene. The sketches deserve tht, highest praise, also the drilling which showed the excellent training the boys had. The two sketches- first, I Money makes the Mare to go' was gone through in splendid style by the Night Scholars. The second sketch—' The Bad-tempered Wife whieh was again performed this year by special request by Day Scholars, reflects great credit on the talented performers; never was this piece acted better, ail taking their parts quite naturally. The song 'Tin Gee-Gee' caused roars of laughter, with the actions arranged by Miss Roberts. 'Buttercups,' in this recitatIOn five scholars were dressed in yellow with Butter- cups arranged in their hair aii looklngreiiiirk- ably pretty. Rosie O'Grady was sung by Master Carl Herzig in grand style, the Infants, each boy bringing in a littie girl on his arm. and dancing as they came on the stage, sang tne chorus. This song (with its actions arranged by Miss Roberts) caused great cheering. In the son I love my dear dolly' the Infante had dolls, and appeared on the stage kissing their dolls whilst running. 'The Soldiers of the Queen' was again sung by tbe Night Scholars, all of whom looked as it they wera wiliing to fight tor their Queen and country. The recitation 'Choosing flowers' was very pretty, each child hav ng a bunch of flowers, and stating the flower she preferred. Ten little Mothers;' the actions in this song were splendid, the girls of the higher standards taking part. Queen Britannia, this piece so excellently performed by iorty Day Scholars reminded one of a pantomime more than a school concert. Queen Britannia being repre- sented by Mis's Florry Roberts, who looked very pretty in her helmet, with her trident, and her sparkling robe. Her attendants were Misses Evelyn Herzig, Sallie Bartley, Janet Jones, and Eunice Jeffreys, the latter repre- senting Wales, being dressed in full Welsh Cos- tume, and she presented Her Majesty with a gift, which was eventually handed over to Miss Mesham by Queen Britannia. Col. Mesham then thanked Britannia for the honour she had done to Miss Mesham, and he was sure there was not a more loyal subject than she. The Gun Drill was well gone through, Master Walter Stanley Roberts com- manding. Mr. E. W. Collins Roberts who is recovering from a badly sprained knee, was loudly en- cored, and sang in splendid form. Col. Mesham before the last piece was per- formed, said that he was sure they all had en- joyed the concert. He himself had, and he ex- pressed his opinion, namely, that it was the best concert he had ever presided over at Bod- fary. He thanked Mr. Roberts and Miss Ro- berts for making the concert such a very great succees, and also the performers who had done so well. The Rev. S. F. Phillips seconded Col. Mes- ham's remarks, whereupon the audience hear. tily cheered Mr. Roberts and Miss Roberts, and the performers. Mr. W. S. Roberts then said that on behalf of Miss Roberts, and himself, and also those who had taken part, he was glad to see that all had enjoyed the programme which had been prepared for them that evening. He also thanked Col, Mesham for presiding so ably. The drill was then gone through to the de- light of the audience, and the singing of :the National Anthem brought this record concert to a close.