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T. J. WILLIAMS HIGH STREET & TEMPLE BAR, DENBIGH. is now making, throughout his numerous Departments in both Establishments, a Grand Display of the LATEST NOVELTIES, suitable for Christmas Presents and New Year's Gifts, at most tempting prices. T. J. W. has recently visited the various English Markets; and owing to the .y vi Z:5 mildness of the Season, has been enabled to buy for cash several thousand pounds worth of all classes of Goods at enormous reductions in prices and offer the same to his friends, subject to these reductions. r. J. W. begs to call attention to the following Departments :— Ladies' New Mantles, Jackets, Tailor-made Costumes Waterproof Capes and Coats, New Millinery, Gloves aim Hosiery, Ladies and Gents Umbrellas, Furs, Lace Goods, and Underclothing of every description, I New Woollens, Men's and Youths Ready-made Clothing, Over Coats and Macintoshes, Carriage and Travelling Rugs, Portmanteaus, Leather Bags, Oilcloths, Mattings, Linoleums, Carpets, and Rugs. An immense assortment of Goods adapted for Charity, comprising Flannels, Flan- nelettes, Sheets, Mantles, Quilts, &c. Patterns sent on application. This is a grand opportunity for Persons to secure all articles of wearing apparel at excdetionally low prices. E. T. JONES, LIMITED, BRITANNIA BUILDINGS, DENBIGH. FUMISHIM AND GENERAL IRONMONGEB.S. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS AT MAKER'S PRICES. Sole Agents for J. Williams & Son's Celebrated Chaff Cutters & Pulpers Wynne Edwards, Hornsby's, & Maelor's Ploughs. Kitchen Ranges in great variety; Register Grates, with and without 1 iles; Heating Stoves for Oil and Coal. Sole Agents for the New Sunlight Incandescent Gas Lighting Co., unsurpassed for Light and Mantles that will stand handling. A large stock of Rain water Goods and Soil Pipes at the lowest market prices. Special quotations to Estates and other large consumers. Lamps in great variety. A large quantity of stock soiled Lamps at unheard of prices-must be cleared. Coal Vases, Fenders, Fire Irons, Fire Brasses, Cake and Jelly Moulds, and all HOUSEHOLD necessaries. SPORTING REQUISITES.—Breechloading Guns in 12 and 16 bore. Eley Kynock, and Joyce's Cartridges, with E.C. Shaltz, or Black Powder; Gun Caps, Wad dings, Powder, Shot, &c. Before deciding where to Purchase your JL PIANO or OR -m— WRITE FOR Illustrated Catalogue and particulars, shewing the different ways of purchasing, HIRE SYSTEM OR CASH. B 9 JilL. JBLu JfcSi 9 51, BRIDGE STREET ROW, CHESTER. Local Agent for Edison-Bell, Phonographs and Graphaphones. .="" p <p- f*\ /"S rr Q Balm o Gilead fu O tU livJI in O GEORGE'S PILLS i mi." "They are more than Gold to me-they saved my life." 'One wonders that things so small should produce such mighty results.53 PI LE & GRAVEL 'Many of my customers have been cured who have suffered for twenty years." The three forms of this Remedy:— No. 1.—George's File and Gravel Pills Q If 1 Q No. 2.- George's Gravel Pills | j a f *fo. 3.—George's Pills for the Piles. *» In Boxes, Is. I-Id. and 2s. 9d. each; by post, Is. 3d. and 3s. Proprietor:T. E. GEORGE, M. R. P, S., Hirwain, Glam, J ^MMiiiiii'iiiiiiiii1111111111 ——| —— iiiiiimiiiiii -1 1 HUGH WILLIAMS, TAILOR AND DRAPER, CHAPEL PLACE, DENBIGH. Begs to inform the public generally that he has on view an excellent ASSORTMENT OF NEW GOODS of the latest design, and of the best quality that money can procure LIVERIES of every description executed on shortest notice. Breeches, a Speciality. S.W. being a practical Tailor and Cutter (holder of a Diploma) and having a staff of experienced work- men fit, and style is guaranteed, consistent with MODERATE CHARGES. J A TRIAL ORDER RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED.

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