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EX ax ro X <5 XX MUSICAL EISTEDDVOD, Easter Monday, April 16, 1900. ADJUDICATOR:—Dr. ROLAND ROGERS. SUBJECTS Music. 1. Hail, David, Hail' (Jenkins), for Male Voice Chairs, of net lells than 30 members. Prize, £ 10, and a Silver Cup to the Conductor. 2. 'Mawr a Rhyfedd' (Spohr), for mixed Choirs of not less than SO in number. Prize, £ 5, and a Baton to the Conductor. 3. Quartette (S., A., T., and B.), 'Good Night' Hatton), to be sung unaccompanied. Prize, 9 2. 4. Daet (T. & B.) 'Darkness and Light' (Bryceson Treharne). Prize, £ 1 10s. 5. Soprano Solo, Ye Men of Gaza' from 'Samson.' Prize, £ 1. 6. Contralto Solo, Speak, I pray* thee, gentle Jesus' (Jenkins). Prize, £ 1. 7. Tenor Solo, O! fy hen Gymraeg' (Emlyn Evans) Prize, £ 1. 8. Baritone or Bass Solo,' Nazareth' (Gounod). To be sung in the key of D. Prize, £ 1. 9. Cornet Solo with p'anoforte accompaniment, Jenny Jones,' with variations (E'>"nd). Prize ,21. Recitation-i- 10. 'The Raven' (E. A. Pac), for competitors over the age of 15. Prize, £ 1. 11. Damwain mewn Chwarel' (E. Jones, Llan- fairfechan), for competitors over 15 years of age. Prize, £ 1. All the Competitors-with the exception of the Choirs-must, if required, submit to a preliminary test on the morning of the day of the Eistaddyocl. The proper names and addresses of all competitors —including the names of the Choirs-must be in the Secretary's hands on or before April 5th, 1900. The Music may be sung to either English or Welsh words, where such are provided. The competitive music may be obtained as follows: Nos. 1, 4, 6 and 7, from Mr. D. Jenkins, Aberyst- wyth Nos. 2, 3, 5, 8, and 9, from Mr. J. Bellamy, Vale street, Denbigh; and all further particulars from the Secretary, W. H. PRITCHARD. Belmont, Castle, Denbigh. WANTED, GROOM. Good steady Man, one used to milking. Preference given to married man, wife to undertake household washing.—Apply, with references, to No. 77, at this office. WANTED, BUYING AGENTS, where not already represented, fur the celebrated 'TIGER BRAND YKA8T,' wh<ch for strength, colour, and keeping qualities, is unsurpassed.—Sole Manufacturers, The Bristol Distilling Co., Limited, Bristol; and 147, Granville Street, Birmingham. DRILL HALL, DENBIGH. A GRAND DESCRIPTIVE Musical Evening, WILL BE HELD TT W. H. JUDE, ESQ., LIVERPOOL, UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE, ON TUESDAY, January 30th, 1900. PRESIDENT. HIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR. Doors open at 7.30, to commence at 8 p.m. ADMISSION—Reserved Seats, 2s.; Second Seats, Is.; Third Seats, 6d. Seats mav be booked, and a Plan of the Room seen at Mr. F. W. ROBERTS, Brittania Buildings, or Mr. W. PRICE JONES, High Street. Proceeds in aid of the English Presbyterian Chapel. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. DB ILL HALL, DENBIGH, LECTURE on the 4 WOMAN,' JANUARY 29th, 1900. See future announcement. BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. THE DENBIGH AUXILIARY. THE ANNUAL MEETING of this Auxiliary will be held at the TOWN HALL, DENBIGH, on the 8th of FEBRUARY next. Full particulars will appear again. BOROUGH OF DENBIGH & DISTRICT. The Transvaal War Fund. LIST OF SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ s. D. Subscrtptions already acknowledged 221 10 10 Collection at Independent Chapel, Chapel street, Denbigh, Jan. 7th, 1900 1 15 0 Ditto at Glyn C.M. Chapel, Jan. 7th, 1900 0 11 6 Collected at English Presbyterian Church; Vale Street, Denbigh, Jan. 7th 1 11 8 W. H. (weekly contribution) 0 5 0 Subscriptions may be paid in at either of the two Banks im Denbigh, or remitted direct to the Hon. Treasurer or Hon. Secretary, by whom they will be gratefully acknowledged. A. LLOYD JONES, Hon. Treasurer. J. PARRY JONES, Town Clerk. Hon Secretary. Denbigh, January, 1900. TRANSVAAL WAR. HELP FOR WIVES AND FAMILIES. TO Wives and Dependants of all Soldiers and Sailors fighting in the Transvaal. Those living in the Districts of Ruthin and Denbigh can" receive help from the Funds now being raised in those towns by applying to the undersigned. Owing to the calling up of the Militia Reserves the wives of Militiamen living in the Districts of Ruthin and Denbigh will receive help by applying to same addresses. The Hon. Mrs. BLEZARD, Vice-president for the Soldiers and Sailors' Families Association, Pool Park, Ruthin, or to M'ss BIRCH, Hon. Sec. for the Soldiers and Sailors' Families Association, Maes Elwy, St, Asaph. LIST OF SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE Fund for providing extra Equip- ment For the Denbighshire Hussars and Royal Welsh Fusilier Volunteers, About to proceed to South Africa on active service. All Donations should be paid to the account of Capt. R. BARNETT BARKER, Treasurer of the Fund, at the Wrexham Branch of the North and South Wales Branch. FIRST LIST. £ S. D. Sidney Platt, Esq. 120 0 0 Lord Mostyn 100 0 0 H. R. Hughes, Esq., Lord Lieutenant of Flintshire 100 0 0 Randle Mainwaring, Esq. 50 0 0 Col. Higson 50 0 0 Capt. Buddicom 50 0 0 Sir William Tate, Bart 50 0 0 J. Eldon Bankes, Esq. 50 0 0 Rees Davies, Esq. 30 0 0 Col. W.Cornwallis West, Lord Lieutenant of Denbighshire 25 0 0 Thos. Williams, Esq., Llewesog 21 0 0 Captain Wilkinson 20 0 0 The Hon. Walter Vivian 20 0 0 Horace May hew, Esq. 20 0 0 W. Watkinson, Esq. 20 0 0 Philip Davies Cooke, Esq. 15 0 0 W. Harold Stock, Esq. 10 10 0 Col. Mesham 10 0 0 Stanley Weyman, Esq. 10 0 0 James Muspratt, Esq. 10 0 0 C. Davison. Esq. 10 0 0 Capt. T. B. O. Cole 5 0 0 W. G. Rigby, Esq. 5 0 0 John Davies, Esq. 5 0 0 Samuel Perks, Esq. 5 0 0 H. Phillips Roberts, Esq. 3 0 0 R. D. Roberts, Esq, 3 0 0 Major Webber 2 2 0 Mrs. Pochin 2 2 0 W. Mellard, Esq. 2 2 0 David Lloyd, Esq. (M.D.) 2 2 0 Francis J. Preston, Esq. 2 2 0 J. S. Scales, Esq. 2 2 0 J. Parry Jones, Esq. 2 0 0 Oliver Ellwood, Esq. 1 1 0 T. Reney, Esq. 1 J 0 W. Cathrell, Esq. 1 1 0 W. Jones, Esq. 110 A. A. Jones, Esq. 110 Ishmael Jones, Esq. 110 Ffoulkes Lowe, Esq. 1 1 0 John Foulkes, Esq. 1 1 0 R. H. Jones, Esq. 110 Charles J. Wright, Esq., Caerwys 1 1 0 John Edgar, Esq. 110 Col. Lloyd Williams 1 0 0 Major Conran 1 0 0 David Williams, Esq. 1 0 0 For T JELHL And GENERAL r% GROCERIES JR. O"VVEN. For Cheese, Bacon and Hams K. OWEK. For Flour, leal and Corn, BL. OWEN. FOR Oats, Beans & Bran NOTE THE ADDRESS- 51 & 53 & Star Shop, High Street .DENBIGH. Warehouses- DIAMOND BUILDINGS Alliance Assurance Company ESTABLISHED 1824. CAPITAL—FIVE MILLIONS, FUNDS—FOUR MILLIONS. The Right Hon. Lord ROTHSCHILD OHAIBMAN. ROBERT LEWIS. Chief Secretary, Chief Office-BARTHOT OMEW LANE LONDON. LIFE. Policies Indisputable and without restrictions., Liberal reinstatement and Nonforfeiture plans. A low and limited expenditure. Large Bonuses Ample Security in Large Accumulations and Capital. FIRE. Insurances completed expeditiously Moderate Rates. Surveys of Estates and Works free Prompt Settlement of Losses. BBANOHBS It—among other places LIVERPOOL—30, Exchange Street East O, MOBQAK OWEN, Secretary. WREXHAM 28, High Street JOHN FKANOIS, Secretary Proapeotasps, &c., may be obtained from any of th" Company's Branches or Agents 9682 OR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY, Two con- veniently situated VILLAS and four COT- TAGES in Ruthin. Well tenanted and in thorough repair. A capital investment.—Apply to Mr. HENRY JoAs, Studley House, Bedford Street, Rhyl. PARRY WILLIAMS & SON, 44, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH, Somo Lhing N eW[for Christmas Gibson's Finest Stoned Raisins, Cleaned, Stemmed, and Seeded, re&dy for immed- iate use. Finest Mincemeat in 1 lb jars Also, Just Arrived a Consignment PRIME WILTSHIRE CUT, Pea Fed MILD CURED BACON, Very fine flavour. PARRY WILLIAMS & SON, 44, High Street, Denbigh. Special Oftei. W. PRICE JONES Offers the following Cheap Lines: 2 lb. Jar. Raspberry & Apple Jam 6d. Strawberry and Apple 6d. Gooseberry and Apple 5d. Blackberry and Apple 5d. Damson and Apple 5d. Plum and Apple -4d. 2 Mixed Fruit 4d. Marmalade (glass tumblers), 3d. 2 Per Tin. Sardines 2d. and 3d. Sardines and Tomatoes 5d. Salmon (large Tin) 5d. 2 Ditto (Crown Brand) 7d. Quinton Tomatoes 5d. Chivers' whole ditto 6d. Finest New Zealand Butter, ls.2d. per lb. Finest Irish Rolled Bacon, sliced at 8d. per lb. Finest Cumberland Cut, 6d. do. Finest Smoked 9d. do. Choice Mild Cured Hams, 9d. do. Best Baking Flour, 9 lbs. for Is. Good ditto do. 10 Ibs. for Is. W. PRICE JONES, 23, High Street, DENBIGH. W. H. EVANS, Grocery & Provision Dealer, Chirk Stores, DENBIGH, THE CELEBRATED Tea Establishment Prices to suit everbody, from Is. 4d. to 28. per lb. Also Sole Agent in Denbigh or the ANCHOR TEAS. The Finest Groceries and Provisions obtainable at reasonable prices. FLOUR, CORN, MEALS. &c. at their lowest Market Value. FRUIT in great variety. ORDERS BY POST CAREFULLY ATTENDED TO. Goods delivered by own Vans within a radius of Six Miles. The Chirk Stores, Denbigh. Established over Thirty Years. MISS CROMAR (LATE WILLIAMS), 13, Portland Place, Denbigh Boot & Shoe Warehouse, MIss CROMAR having assisted the late Miss ±VJL WILLIAMS for years in the Boot and Shoe trade, has now succeeded to the Business, and hopes, by STRICT ATTENTION, REAL VALUE and LOW PRICES, to retain the Ovubo mers and to give them every satisfaction. INS PECTION INVITED. ROBERTE.HUGHES, AUCTIONEER, Surveyor, Valuer, Land and Estate Agent. OFFICES- 10 Abbey Street, Rhyl Rtaftord Buildings. Prestatyn. oe P Ths finest Coffee Essence that H cari buy is Symington's Edin- qj O burgh Coffee Essence. Makes a cup g m a moment. Fror. Grocers through- g 0. out the world. 3 ss Harrison Jones & Co Family Grocers, Denbigh. CHRISTMAS FRUITS. Our Selections are now Complete. We have a large and varied Stock, and respectfully invite inspection or will be glad to send samples. We offer the best value possible, especially of the finer kinds which are very moderate in price. Our Stock comprises :— Muscatels, Valencia and Sultana Raisins-very fine at 4d., 5d. and 6d. per lb. Currants are cheap, fine 3d. finest 4d. per lb. Figs, Prunes, Oranges, Grapes, Lemons, French Plums, Apples, Almonds, &c. Finest Candied Lemon, Orange & Citron Peel. SPICES ground and whole of guaranteed purity. Flavouring Essences, all kinds 6d. Bottles for 4d. NEW Season's Tinned Fruits (Finest Selected Brands). Pine Apple, Peaches, Apricots, Pears, Tomatoes, &c. Lunch Tongues, Salmon & Sardines. Crosse and Blackwell's Jams and Marmalade. Pickles and Sauces. Table Jellies and Delicacies of all kinds. TEA & OOF'FEE DEPARTMENT. Our Teas are unrivalled, we invite your special attention to our atandard blends at Is. Sd., 2s., and 2s. 6d. per lb., which are of a very high character and meet with a large demand. We shall be pleased to send free samples of the above or other blends which we stock. COFFEE. Though the market continues very firm we still offer the best quality obtainable at Is. 8d. per lb. which cannot be surpassed. A Trial Respectfully Solicited. EVAN THOMAS, RADCLIFFE & CO CARDIFF. January 10th, 1900. MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. Gwenlllan Thomas, arr Huelva from Gibraltar, J.3 Iolo Morganwg, left Huelva for Mersey 5 Anne Thomas, arr Huelva from Algiers 6 Wynnstay, left Newport for Algiers 10 Walter Thomas, left Barry for Constantinople 9 Bala, arr Antwerp from Novoroseisk 3 W. I. Radcliffe, arr Beyrout from Swansea 1 Sarah Radcliffe, left Barri for Odessa 9 Mary Thomas, left Methil for Constantinople D.30 Jane Radcliffe, arr Garfton from Huelva J. 3 Douglas Hill, arr Cardiff from Rotterdam 7 Llanberis, arr ?tovorossi*k from Theodosi* D.30 Manchester, left Rotterdam for Cardiff J. 10 Peterston, arr Odessa from Barry J.2 Anthony Radcliffe, pass Pera for Theodosia 8 Ethel Radcliffe. left Rotterdam for Cardiff 9 Dunraven, arr Barry from Rotterdam 8 Windsor, arr New Orleam from Savonna 5 Llandudno, arr Las Palmas from Barry D.30 Paddiagton, left Cardiff for Port Said J.5 Euiton, arr Novorossisk from Theodosia 6 Wimborne, left Norfolk for Rotterdam D.29 Swinden, left Cardiff for Teneriffe J.8 Llanover, left Cardiff for Odessa 4: The London and Cambrian Music Warehouse, High Street, RHYL. GREAT Clearance Sale Preparatory to the disposal of the Business. The large and select Stock of Pianos, Organs, Violins, Mando- lines, Melodeons, Flutes, and other Instruments, Musical Fittings Sheet & other Music, Together with a Stock of HIGH CLASS JAPANESE GOODS, Will be offered at RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES TO CLEAR. Immense Reductions on all Goods. The Sale will extend for a few weeks only. A splendid opportunity to secure choice and useful CHRISTMAS PRESENTS at very LOW PRICES. GREENHALGH & GEARY, (FRANCIS GEARY, A.A.I.) Auctioneers, Valuers & Accountants MARKET STREET, RHYL. Valuations for Probate. Mortgages arranged. FREE ADVERTISING. PROPERTIES FOR SALE OR TO BE LET Property-owners and others desirous of dispos- ing of Property, Businesses, &c., by private treaty are invited to send full particulars to the undermen- tioned for insertion (free of charge) in the NORTH WALES FREE PROPERTY REGISTAR," pub- lished monthly, having an extensive circulation, and being the only free advertising medium of its kind In the trict. Intending purchasers and tenants should se1l'1 a copy of the Register, which will be forwar- ded, I'ost free, on application to the Proprietors and Publishers Messrs. Greenhalgh and Geary, Auction- eers, Valuers, and Estate A ents, RhyL TO LET, from the 1st of May next, the Old Salva- JL tion Army Barracks, in Upper Clwyd Street, Ruthin. 2 Rooms, or one.—Apply to A. O. EVANS, Solicitor, Denbigh. THOMAS A. ROBERTS, Grocerv & F^v-sion Dealer, 41, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH, THANKS the Public for their kind patronage in the past, and trusts to receive a continuance of their favours, which it will be his constant endeavour to merit by prompt attention, and supplying all articles at lowest possible prices. TEAS at ls, 4d., ls. 8d., Is. 10d., 2s., and 2s. 4d. per lb. Also SOLE AGENT in Denbigh, for Horniman's Pure Tea. GROCERIES of all kinds, at prices that defy Competition. BEST HOME-MADE Jbdfe cL 9 Delivered Fresh Daily. SOLE AGENT FOR 'HOVIS' BREAD. A. ANDREWa WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, THE OLD VAULTS, OKKBIGK. We purpose keeping to cur OLD CUSTOM of only supplying Goods we can recommend with every confidence, and on NO ACCOUNT to introduce inferior articles. Our Wines Are SELECTED WITH GREAT CARE, and are the FINEST IN THE MARKET. The SPIRITS sold are of the Finest Quality, Well matured, and of Guaranteed Age. CHRISTMAS ALES In fine condition. BASS & ALLSOPP'S (in Caskis and Bottles). 39, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. R. GRIFFITH JONES Wishes to remind all that Want NEW HATS, To give him A CALL. Splendid Selection of TIES. All Shapes of COLLARS, Caps, Shirts, Umbrellas, &c. A New and well selected Stock of BOYS' SUITS, At very Low Prices. MACINTOSHES In large variety. BULLER'S' CIGARS, &c. We have an immense Stock of finest brands Cigars, Havanas, Borneos,' and all others of best quality in all sizes from 12's to 500's Cigarettes, Imported and British, all best brands. CIGARETTE AND CIGAR CASES, TUBES, POUCHES, LOEWE AND B.B.B. PIPES, in and out of Cases and a great variety of FANCY GOODS, suitable for Presents. Inspection invited. UNDER STORE PRICES AT BULLER'S. French & English Christmas Cards in great variety. PRESENTS OF EVERY PESCRIPTION AT BULLER'S, PORTLAND PLACE. 21/- HOUSEWIVES SS8RACLE2 21/. Containing 1Pair Superfine Witney Blankets, Tibs, welgbfc each Blanket bound Pink; 1 Pal- White Twilled SheetB, by 2tyda.. hemmed ready for < 1 Pair White Pillow Cases, ftrwalze, Buttoned Ends; 1 .Thito Counterpane, B yds. 1dC by 2t wide woven pattern, good daslgns 1 Duchess Toilet Set. 91/« StTPEBlOE QTJAIJTY AXD 5?nnsH. FLL lm I 1/ Sen t Carriage paid oa receipt at P.O.O. £ 1/ r BROOKFIELD'S, MABKM SQ., STAFFORD* Z"&bUmb" gWiNK 9811 17, Wellington Road, RHYL. (OPPOSITE TOWN HALL). LAQIES & Tailoring Establishment. I respectfully beg to draw attention to my new and varied Stock for the coming Season, which containathe NEWEST NOVELTIES In Coatings, Suitings, Trouseringa, Vestings. RIDING HABITS. LADIES' COSTUMES Cl.t) ftQ. IN ALL SHADES AT MODERATE PRICES. CLERICALS, LIVERIES. I shall be pleased to send Patterns on application, or will call on receipt of Post Card. All Garments are made on the Premises by ex- perienced Workmen under myown Supervision. Trial Orders solicited. D. DAVIES. Telegraphic Address-' HALL, Auctioneer, RhyU The Oldest Established Auction and Estate Business in Rhyl. MR. WILLIAM HALL (Successorlto the late Mr. T. C. AMOS), Estimator to the Board oj Agriculture, r AUCTIONEER & VALUER! HOUSE AND LAND AGENT, TOWN HALL, RHYL. SALES BY AUCTION, In any part of the County. Estates Managed, and Rents Collected. Valuations and Insurances. W. HALL, Auctioneer & Estate Agent, TOWN HALL, RHYL, Also, at Prestatyn, and Seaforth, Liverpool. THE NORTH WALES ASPHALTE PAVING COMPANY NDERTAKE ALL CLASSES OF Granolithic Paving Work. SPECIALITIES. Parapets, Garden Paths, Carriage Drives, and Stable Yards. TERMS—MODERATE. WORK GUARANTEED. Estimates and Specifications may be had on application to HUGH ROBERTS, Fern Bank, Rhyl. CHAMPAGNE GINGER ALE. 'The Blae Ribbon of Aerated Waters/ MANUFACTURED BY JAMES HUGHES, Kirkdale Works, Liverpool.. A HIGH CLASS BEVERAGE made from the very finest and purest ingredients. ASK FOR IT EVERYWHERE. None Genuine without my label, 'QUALITY' is our leading feature. PERFECTION' our Motto. Our CHAMPAGNE GINGER ALE is noted for Excellence of Quality. PURITY in Manufacture, ACME in Blending, PERFECTION on all point*. THE LONDON & CAMBRIAN Pianoforte & Music Company, "Yg ROCHDALE qOUSE, HIGH STREET, RHYL (Opposite the General Post Office). Pianos, American Organs, Har- moniums, By BRINSMEAD, BISHOP, and other I leadin Makers. Liberal Dtscount for Cash; or easy terms of p tv ment. INSTRU-IIENTS LET ON HIBE V-; Violins, Mandolines, Banjos, Melodeons, Auto Harps, Musical Boxes, &0., In great variety. -r- rUNTNGS & REPAIRS by Ex-rprien,-ad Man (Late with Broad-wood