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QUARTERLY MEETING AT DENBIGH. The quarterly meeting of the Denbigh shire Police Committee was held at the County Hall, Denbigh, on Friday. There were present Captain Griffith-Boseawen (in the chair), Sir Robert Egerton, Mr. J W. Lumley, Captain Cole, Col. Mesham, Mr. Gomer Roberts, Mr. John Roberts, Pias Heaton Farm; Mr. Christmas Jones, Mr. Walter Pendf-ani3, Cut Heaton, Sir Wil- liam Gfenville Williams, Mr. W. G- Dodd, Mr. J. Duncan Miller, Mr. F H. Barker, Mr. W. D. W Griffith, Mr. A. O. Evans, Mr. William Griffith, and Mr. James Darlington, with the clerk (Mr. W. R. Evans), the de- pnty clerk (Mr. John Roberts); and other, officials. Apologies were received from Mr- Hooson and Mr. Isgoed Jones. NEW MEMBER. A copy of the order of Quarter Sessions was read, appointing Mr. F. H. Barker, of Wrexham, to fill the vacancy on the com- mittee, occasioned by the resignation of Mr. J. R. Barton, and Mr. Barker took his seat for the first time. COLWYN BAY POLICE BUILDINGS. A discussion took place as to the condi- tion of the Colwyn Bay Public Buildings, and it was decide-i that the clerk be in- structed to write to the chairman of the Colwyn Bay Urban Council, requesting that body to do their portion of the work according to the agreement. THE APPOINTMENT OF CARETAKERS FOR COUNTY BUILDINGS. The sub committee of the Colwyn Bay district recommended that a sum of 4s. per week be granted to the police for acting as caretakers of the county buildings at Colwyn Bay, but on the motion of Mr. Lumlf the matter was referred back to the committee for reconsideration, with the view of appointing a civilian to do the work, the Chief Constable (Major Lead, better) being of opinion that it was not desirable to have police officers as care- takers of buildings where there were no cells. RUTHIN COUNTY HALL. The f ib committee of the Ruthin district submit, d their report with regard to the footpath in front of Ruthin County Hall, and th q resolution passed by the Ruthin Town Council on the question was also read. The report recommended that the committee should agree to the work pro- posed to be done there by the Town Coun- cil, subject to the approval of the county surveyor. This was agreed to. ROSSETT AND CEFN POLICE STATION. The Chief Constable reported that he had not yet convened a meeting of the commit- tee appointed to deal with the question of erecting a new police station at Rassett, because he had a site in view, which would not be available until spring. The matter of providing a new police station at Cefn was deferred. POLICE CLOTHING. The tender of Messrs. Pearson and Hug gins, Bristol, for police clothing was accep ted, the amount being X210 10s. 9d. ACCOMMODATION FOR PRISONERS IN RUTHIN COUNTY HALL. COMPLAINT BY THE GOVERNOR OF THE GAOL. The Chairman stated that after the last Quarter Sessions, the Governor of Ruthin Gaol (Mr. E. Parry Jones), complained to him that there was no heating apparatus in the cells below the court, where priso- ners awaiting their trial, after their removal from gaol, had to be placed. He (the chair- man) was surprised to hear that statement. The Governor stated that the priso ners suffered considerably from cold, and that; unless something was done, he would have to report the matter to the Home Secretary. Mr. Jones did not wish to do this, as it would cause a great deal of trouble. He (the chairman), suggested to the Governor that he should call the attention of the Standing Joint Committee to the matter in a letter. „ The Clerk then read a letter which he had received from the Governor. In the course of this letter, it was stated that there was only one room under the hall for both sexes, and that the prisoners at the last Quarter Sessions had suffered a great deal from cold whilst confined there. Mr. W. D. W. Griffith said that when the new police station was erected in Ruthin, it hid been stated that the prisoners awaitiog their trial at the court, would be detained there. He thought if that were done, that it would be unnecessary to have a beating apparatus under the hall, as the station was in close pioximity to the county buildings. The Chairman said he had no practical objection to the prisoners being kept tem- porarily in the police station. After further discussion, it was decided, on the motion of Mr. Pendennis, to refer the matter back to the Ruthin sub committee, with directions to consult with the governor of the gaol. LLANGOLLEN COUflT HOUSE. On the motion of Mr. W. G. Dodd, secon- ded by Mr. Lumley, the tender of Messrs. Evans and Morris, contractors, Llangollen, for alterations at, and additions to, the new court house at Llangolien, was accepted, the amount of the tender being S510 18s. 6d. The other tender was from Mr. T. A Jones, builder, Llangollen, for the sum of £515. CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. The Chief Constable submitted his quar- terly report which was as follows:- Crime and offences as compared with the corresponding quarter of last year, show a decrease of 17 in indictable offences, an in- crease of 20 in non-indictable offences, and a decrease of X775 lis. 8d. in the value of property stolen. 153 indictable offences were reported during the year, being a decrease of 41 as compared with last year, 148 persons were proceeded against, 40 of whom were dis charged, 77 summarily convicted, and 31 committed for trial for the following off ces" Murder, 1; manslaughter, 2; indecent assaults on females, 3 malicious wounding, 2 housebreaking, 2; arson, l forgery, 1 perjury, 2, larcency in dwelling house, 4; larcency simple, 6; obtaining goods, &c., by false pretences, 4; attempted suicide, 2; neglect of children, 1 total, 31. 2,435 persona were proceeded against for non-indictable offences, 1,851 of whom were fined; 7 delivered to the army; 10 to in dustrial schools; 21 bound in recognizan ces; 46 other punishments; 154 committed to gaol, and 342 discharged. 26 publicans and beerhouse keepers were I proceeded against for breaches of the Sun- day Closing Act, permitting drunkenness, selling without license, &c., 8 of whom were, discharged, and 18 convicted; 1 license j being endorsed, as against 25 last year; I I discharged, 14 convicted, and 1 license en- dorsed. 958 persons were charged witu drunken- ness, 132 persons were for being drunk on Sundays, as against 983land 80 last year. INEBRIATES ACT, 1898. Sec. 2. Out of the 958 persons proceeded against for drunkenness during the year; 2 males and 4 females were convicted 4 times, 2 males and 3 females 5 times, total 11. 15 men have left the force during the year, of whom 2 died, I was superannuated, and 4 have been called up with the reserves to rejoin their regiments, and are now out on active service in the Tracavaal. ESTIMATE OF POLICE PAY. The County Accountant reported the es- timate of Police pay for the current quarter to be £ 1,932 IDs. against XI,052 10s. for the cor- responding quarter last year, but the present estimate included a fortnight's pay more than last'year. APPLICATION FOR A PENSION. A letter was read from Ex-constable Me Laren stating that he had served 19 years in the Denbighshire Police Force. Owing to an accident to his right arm, which he met with, in arresting a prisoner, at Wrexham, he was now unable to follow any employment, and having a family to keep, he begged the Com- mittee to grant him a pension. The Chief Constable having explained the circumstances, under which the applicant had been dismissed from the force, The Chairman stated that the Committee had no power to grant him a pension, and the Clerk was instructed to write to him to that effect. THE CERR1GYDRUIDION JAM CASE. The Committee then proceeded to consider an application from Mr. J. R. Jordan, solicitor, of Corwen, for payment of £ 3 costs awarded by the Cerrigydruidion Justices against Supt. Jarvis in the matter of information laid by him, against Mr. E. T. Roberts, Ysbytty, under the Food and Drugs Act, and which had been discussed by the Committee at the last meeting and adjourned. During the discussion that ensued, Supt. Jarvis stated that the charge had been with- drawn by himself, on the suggestion made to him, by the clerk of the justices (Mr. J. Parry Jones). Mr. Griffiths said that the case had never been heard by the justices, who had simply consented to its withdrawal on the application of the Superintendent. They had therefore, no power to make an order as to costs. The Chairman thought they had no jurisdic- tion at all over the action of the justices in the matter. The question for them now was, whether they would pay the costs asked for, on behalf of the police. Mr. Lumley proposed that that should not be done. If the Supt. were sued for the amount, the Committee would no doubt favourably consider his application for the re-payment of the amount. Atrpresent, however, he thought, that the Committee should not pay the money. The motion having been seconded. Mr. Dodd proposed that the amount be paid. Mr. James Darlington seconded. On being put to the meeting, six voted in favour of the amendment, and ten against. The amendment was therefore declared lost. Mr. Lamley's motion was then carried by nine to two. COUNTY ANALYST'S REPORT. The following report was read from Mr. W. F. Lowe, the County Analyst. During the quarter, 46 samples were received, four of which were found to be adulterated, or a pro- portion of 81 per cent. The adulterated sam. ples were all samples of jam containing a small proportion of preservative salicylic acid. The prosecution was instituted in one case as a test, but failed, as it was very strongly defen- ded by the manufacturers, Dr. Bond, of the Westminster Hospital being called for the de- fence. It was pointed out that in France the use of this acid had been prohibited. That it was largely used, was evidenced by the fact, that iO per cent of the samples of jam examined contained it. After consulting the Chief Constable, the Committee decided not to take any proceedings at present. THE REGISTRATION OF MOTOR CARS, ETC. On the motion of Mr. John Roberts, it was decided to support a petition to the Local Government Board in favour of amending the Locomotives on Highways Act, 1899, with the view of compelling motor cars, &c., to be regis- tered and carry numbers. JUSTICES CLERK'S FEES. A letter was read from the Home Secretary expressing a hope that the Committee would re-consider their decision, and see their way to submit to him for approval, a table of justices clerks fees, corresponding as far as possible with the model sent down from the Home Office, and also with reference to the effect that their salaries are based on the fees received, drawing the attention of the Committee to the Home Office circular of the 10th of October, 1881, from which it would be seen that other con- siderations should receive due weight in fixing such salaries. On the motion of Mr. Lumley, seconded by Sir R. E. Egerton, the letter was referred to a Special Committee. THE REMOVAL OF A CONSTABLE. A resolution was submitted from the Llan. gollen Rural Parish Council, protesting,ifor the reasons therein mentioned, against the practice of transferring the rural parish police consta- ble, into the Urban District of Llangollen, on holidays, and at other times. On the motion of Mr. Darlington, seconded by Mr. Gomer Roberts, it was decided to -refer the Parish Council to the Chief Constable. COUNTY RECORDS. It was decided to write to the Record Office, London, submitting a list of the county docu. ments now in the custody of the Clerk of the Peace, seeking advice as to the preservation of certain of them.

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