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Merthyr Man Found Drowned.


Merthyr Health Committee.1

Theatre Royat Merthyr.

Appeals at Quarter Sessions.



.h I Merthyr Public Works Committee. PONTMORLAIS ADVERTISING PANELS TO LET. THE APPROACH TO PEY ARD. A meeting of the Public Works Committee of the M-srthyr Corporation was held on Wed- nesday night, Coun. Isaac Edwards presiding. A letter was read from the Merthyr Billpost- ing Company saying they were not prepared to negotiate further" for the taking over of the p-an-ais at Pontmorlais for advertising purposes. Th Town Clerk said he had written to a dozen large firms asking if they would care to take the panels for advertising their manufac- tures, and each had declined the proposal.— Coun. Dan Thomas: We have lost £ 45.—Aid. Wilson: Yes, by not accepting a. reasonable offer.—The Town Clerk was authorised to negotiate. The Local Government Board wrote giving sanction for the borrowing of £650 for the carr^fing^eut of sevsagrage work at Pengarnddu. > On this motion of Coun. David John, it was.! agreed that the urinals at Pontmorlais be open- ed from eight o'clock on Sunday mornings, in- stead of from one o'clock. With regard to the flooding of Lower High- street, a recommendation made by the Sur- veyor that alterations bo made to the sewer at an estimated cost of £1,400 was referred to a sub-committee. Three tenders were received for repairing Town Hall furniture, and that of Messrs. Bown and Co. at £10 5s. was accepted. A letter from the Troedyrhiw Chamber of Trade asking the Council to consider the need of enlarging the culvert at Mount Pleasant to avoid the flooding of property after heavy storms was referred to the Surveyor to report upon. POSTMASTER'S REQUESTS. Mr. Gay, the local postmaster, wrote asking if the Committee could recommend someone to act as sub-postmaster for a sub-offioe bet^-en Dowlais and Penydarren.^—Coun. Dan Thorn-is I move that the- letter be referred to the Social- istic members for Dowlais (laughter). — Tbs Town Cierk was authorised to reply that the Committee could not recommend anyone.—M: Gay also asked the Committer to properly and rationally re-number certain streets before the oensua returns were taken.—The Chairman We should ask him what he means by "rationally." —Coun. Dan Thomas Mid that Bridge-stroet ought to be re-numbered. PENYARD BRIDGE. A letter was read from the Taff Vale Brew- ery Company, saying that inasmuch as they were heavy ratepayers, they did not fe?l dis- posed to contribute toward* a new bridge at Penyard, but they would be willing for the Council to make an entranoe on their land from Danvnark-street to the Recreation Ground.— Mr. F. S. Simons, solicitor to the Fothergill Estate, also wrote that Mr. Fothergill could not see his way clear to make a contribution. —Messrs. Frank James and Sons, solicitors to the Court Estate, wrote that they were prepar- ed to convey free the land required for the im- provement, subject to the Council paying the legal costs.—Coun. H. M. Lloyd Who is liable if an accident happened there? — The Tow, Clerk: We have placed a notice on the br;dg<- saying it must not be used for heavy traffic Ccun. Lloyd said that the traffic demanded » new bridge. Three hundred new houses werrv almost completed in that district; in twelve months' time there would be a large population there.—Aid. D. W. Jones: Wo are all agieed that the work ought to be done. but there are scores- 6f other improvements to ba carried out. The question is whether we are justified in spending £ 300.—The Surveyor said he proposed to make a large open spaoe a.t the other side of the bridge, so that there would be no dan- ger in case of a crush.—The Surveyor was asked toO draw up a report showing the improvements he proposed making, and the estimated cost of same. HILL'S PLYMOUTH COMPANY AND ROADS. A letter was; read from the Hill's Plymouth Company, stating that in view of the fact that their leaso expired in four years' time, it was unreasonable to ask them to repair the roads near their property. If the work were carried out, the rents of the houses would be increased. —Aid. D. W. Jones; Let us have proper roads there at any price.—Coun. L. M. Jones said the people had paid over and over again what it would cost to repair the roads, and he moved that the work be carried out.—Coun. D. J. Lewis: It is only a bogey to say they will in- crease the rente.—The proposition was carried. WORKING HOURS. A letter was received from the Trades Coun- cil and carpenters and, complaining that there was no ^uniformity in working hours by \h various contractors under the Corporation. —The Surveyor said that the sweepers started at 5.30, sometimes before, and these and other men started at various times aooording to the seasons.—On the motion of Aid. Wilson, secon- ded by Coun. Dan Thomas, it was agreed that the rules and regulations to be adopted by con. tractors be sent to the clerks of works, and that they report any irregularity.—Coun. Tho- mas: And also report men who work in abnor- mal places. The Town Hall ia an abnormal placa (laughter). ABERFAN NEW BRIDGE. Nineteen tenders were received for construct- ing a new bridge at Aberfan, and it was agreed that the Committee should moet the Surveyor and consider the details. The tenders were:— Havward and Co., Bath, £2,596 12a 6d.; Thain, Cardiff, £2,645 7s.; Brown, Winchester, £2,1. 13s. 6d. Morgan, Newport, £2,674 15s.; Lamb, Brick, and Co., Burton-on-Trent, £2,843 8s. 10s.; Liverpool Ferro-Concrete Co., £2,798 Os. 5d.; Expanded Metal Co., Westminster, £ 2,426 5s.; Reinforce Concrete Co., North Shields, £1,945 lis. 5d.; Consideje Company, Westmin- ster, £2,776 14s. 6d. ¡ A. Thome, Westminster, £",092 7s. Id.; Yorkshire Hanebique Co., Leeds, £2,404; Trusted Concrete Steel Co., London, £2,850; Hayes, Bristol, ,253 4s. 6d.; Moss, London, £ 2.341 16s. 2d.; Watkin Williams, Cardiff, £ 2,776 14s- 6d.: Ernest Ireland, Bath, £2,222 12s. 9d.: Smith, London, £2,611135. fed. Etick. Plymouth, £7,900 3s. 3d.: Page, Cardiff, £2,562 2s. d.

Merthyr Board of Guardians.




Mountain Ash Bill.



In Dolygaer Lake.