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Ll ON OF THE PCBIK M AND THIE7 F REE t>INDEPENDENTDEAIEESI.JyBm j £ 'refer In spite of the Budget and L Opposition, I will always fight f&Mk ^or my friends, the British Public, I wmm anc* ^ree and Independent ,jo., .vi,:j •• ••• jHHR- Dealers.whb make ilhileir pleasure to siipply ^7-« THE BEST VIRGINIA CIGARETTE ON THE MARKT-THE aMF ON THE MARKET-THE ? "MEDIUM" At the Popular Price of 1 10 for «* O A ly By; hard fighting I have kept the Price Doxvn and ||&j the Quality Up% and' thus saved tens of thousands of jj|' jp« pounds for the British Public. nfll kave had to fight both the Budget and* the t I*' Opposition, Hit—I've won. W /i§i| Black Cat Cigarettes are worth fighting for, J^P as every smoker will agree who tries them—10 Medium iW™il Pr2i" io "MILD" for 3d. J? i %$v/f You try a box-or, better still, a box each of "Medium" and "Mild jpysjfe gBfck" ft just to see which pleases your palate the most. All Independent and Free W ia&h. II Tobacconists stock and sell the popular Black Cat Cigarettes. mum 7 CARRERAS, LTD., 7 Wardour St., London, W. (Est. 1788J ii — Whatever Carreras Say-It's Right." K Stop one Moment. X Oil Dear Doctor must My Darlingdie? THERE IS VERY LITTLE HOPE, BUT TRY TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY \yIlA T IT IS! TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATfcrrT BALSAM OF HONEY. U„ V1 E3SEnce of the purest and most efficacious INTIF' SAI-EROD on the Welsh Hills and Valley• cull ^10PER season when their virtues are M &O PAR^DCT'ON' AR)d combined with Pure Weist Oney, All the ingredients are perfectly pure. IT DOES! TUDOR WILLIAMS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. WHRES Coughs, Golds, Bronchitis, Asthma, LI HOOPING- Cough, Croup, and all Disorders of F E Throat; Cheat and Lungs. Wonderful Cure [°R Children's Coughs after MeasleB. It ii ^ALUABLE to weak-ches'ed men, delicate wo- and children. It succeeds where all other xnedies fail. Sold by all Chemists and Stores j IU8 •» 2S. 6d., and 4s. 6d. bottles. Great s&v- purchasing the larger size bottles. T FOR OTHERS COURJ;4* Editor of THE "Gentlewoman^ Sir £ URNAL" says:— DID E RESULT oE the bottle of your spien- PLY »^.UUOR Williams' Balsam of Hone; is sim- IEVEN?ARVE"OUS- My mother, who is over T BI-O L ^THOUGH vary active, every winter HAP BUT NN,, ,A' cough which is not only distressing BEST ^ER. DOWN a lot. It's gone now. Witn WISHES for your extraordinary preparation. J. W. BROWNING HEARDEN. XP NEED NOT SUFFER I FIGWFASE is a sin, inasmuch that if YOU ACT l* tr!j rigllt time> can' to » groat fcivE J?6 AVC'AECL Here is the prevent*- JFK.' ^"6 first moment you start with I&IQ OAT. take a dose of TUDOR WILLIAMS' Patent BALSAM OF HONEY >AS saved thousands! It will save you! iSJ Prepared by a fully qualified chemist, and TE'J ? rt,ue of its composition, eminently adop- ASTH C £ USE.S Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, 0P RN^I etc.; it exercises a distinct influence THE mucous lining of the throat, windpip* IJA SRAALL air vessels, so that nothing but pure air passes into the lungs. CALL 8 PRO<^UCT °f the Honeycomb, chemi* Y treated to get tha ^EST results. the Children like it. THEY ASK FOR IT I So different from most Medicines r Nice to Take! Cures Quickly! IT •QU'F T°calists and public speakers it has M it makes the voice as clear as a BEM, Manufacturer: *UT>0R WILLIAMS, M.R.P.S., A.S.Apth, ■^ALJTICAL and,, Consulting Chemist and Druggist,, by Examination. MEDICAL HALL, ABERDARE. W c o .Rlc,y-f-.LF 'N lsawts ,L- CIO QIJIET *6R + °-UE upon application to the Local Deakr, ° 36, Quaen Victoria-sfireet, London, E.C. i'is wonderful preparation is achieving I quite extraordinary results wherever it is H °oriling into public use." The letters that B COAAE to hand from all partsi read more like ■ ^QQIANOE than chapters from real life. ■ J Foctors, Magistrates, M.P.'s, Clergymen— I indeed persons in all the higher social grades S RL^ well as those in the humbler walks of life I I lzlve testimony to tho remarkable curative B PO'VER of this ointment, which contains no ■ DEADLY mineral drugs or poisonous cheto- I 'cals, but embraces in certain secret ■ (Proportions the well-known and powerful Eg ^urative agencies of the natural world. R cures ailments NATURALLY, not FFL | OUGHT TO BE 1 8 EVERY HOME I 8 EVERY HOME I llPttfe HSntlnem^ S DOCTORS, MAGISTRATES, M.P.'S, B| CLERGYMEN AND THOUSANDS ■ RECOMMEND IT. jg B HI>S unique preparation, though so simple H K IN iW form and so easy to apply, curea S, I B WIDE range of human complaints, amongst B ■j ^HEM being Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Soro H ■ Throab, Bronchitis. Tender and Sweaty FL B TFEET, Piles, Blood Poisoning, Bad Legs FL R AND Breasts, and all Sores. B E IT QUICKLY AND EFFECTUALLY I | T.ILLS PAIN. H H Sold by all Chemists and dealers, or H ■ post free for 1/1 from fl | The MARYELLO CO., ABERTILLERY. |

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