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I ?iSj M ?' 1 fence I \A and Milk •», I I *tm—n V<' iiTi iiVtr«i^^iy ■ IYHII iiP^m» f^,i# ■ r ail I OFTEN milk itself is indigestible, and children do not thrive on f it as they should; add a ff little Lemco, and nine times out of ten the digestion difficulty is Jy, overcome. m But more than that, tl,i »$i, combination will be found to ri add new strength, to bring colour to the cheek, bright- \Z ness to the eye, and vigour to M the body in a way gratifying ►$, and unmistakable. Lemco I'll mixed with milk is good for ►«< the aged and invalids as well. Y>Y A Lady writes:— "My little girl had Lemco regularly until ,$, ibe-turned two years, often lakujjf two ,rf. 40Z. j-irs in a week. Now she is a big strong girl of st. so Ull and strong, she is M often taken for 7:- V:> Lemco and milk should be A\ given daily, ft to i teaspoonful I emcn to hall pint hot mHk. 'ft' Lemco, 4. Lloyd's A»enue, London. f- C iTy ■f HOOPING-COUGH I" CROUP The Celebrated Effectual Cure without Internal Medicine. ^OCJt-ISS'S HERBAL EMBROCATION. Will also be found very efficacious in cases of BRONCHITIS, LUMBAGO, and RHEUMATISM. Price 4s. per Bottle, of all Chemists W. EDWARDS & SOX, 157. Queen Victoria ■Street, London, J5ng. READ THIS It will interest you. If you suffer from pains in the back ? Is the urine cloudy or gravelly ? These are the symptoms of Kidney complaint. Be wise ia time and attend to your trouble. I will send a bottle of my marvellous remedy FREE OF CHARGE to every applicant during the next two weeks. DONOVAN'S KIDNEY DROPS. A sure cure for Backache, Congestion of the Kidneys, and all disorders arising from Kidney disease. Send a P.O. for 6d. to cover cost of Postage and packing (nu stamps) to Sole Pro- prietor, ALFRED DONOVAN, 14, Mervyn Street, Aberfan, South Wales. ^gf\ There's many a little one lost who would be here to-day if their Mothers had not neglected them. Their pitiful screams and restless- ness by day and night denote /»ipain which can be stopped an(* danKcr removed by JgByL^ JONES' RED DROPS myaHBaBpC Vg|||| The Famous Specific for BffirWJ Wind, Gripes, Convulsions fipKf etc. They are invaluable Btrf&VM L !!«$§ as a soother and healthglver. BSK&tl* I Where there's a baby there ISR&uwit « kSkM should be Joues' Red Drops MmiM '$/ tmira t0 Save and Sorrow- mil Sk flsfft 1/1J per Bottle from the Emmt M.erthyr, Mr. V. A. WILLS, H B Chemist, 3a, Victoria St. A Rnr.u rn H Dowlais, Mr. EVANS, BACKWARD N Ghetr-ist' Union street. B Troedyrhiw, Messrs. J, D, ■T» JS J0NES & SONS, Canton vr House. 1 vr House. i^eaufort Mr. Price, Post-office. n J>argoed Mr. Pritchard, Chemist. II ^aerau Maesteg Mr. Ilowells, Chemist. H| £ °ntypridd From all Chemists. H ^onypandy -Mr. Emrys Kichards, Chemist. 9 Llwynypia ..Mr. J W Richards, Chemist. ■ Jfeorchy .Mr. Prothero. Chemist. B Treorchy. Mr. Davies, C'uemist. H Ferudaje. ■*•Mr. Burgess, Chemist. B S Tylorstown. Mr. W. R. WiltiamQ, Chemist. B Abercynon—Mr. W. C. Williams, Chemist. §8 Mountain Ash. Mr. Williams, Chemist. 19 B Mountain Ash Mr. Jones, Chemist. §9 l'orth From all Chemists. w JONES & SONS, Manufacturing g Chemists, LLANIDLOES. A ■inn & ^Lakke's r.a piut,s (fA tJ> cons,j?rranted to cure, in either sex, all acquired or Gravii 'ona' Discharges from the Urinary Organs, curv '-t^d Pains in the back. F»ee from Mer- <s Established upwards of 40 years. In boxes VenrtT each, of all Chemists and Patent Medicine stairmS ,ttlroughout the World, or sent for sixty Con, rs b.v the makers, The Lincoln and Midland "'es Drug ComRany, Lincoln. I HAVE A TERRIBLE 3D A. €3 X3T 35! AND AM SO BILIOUS AND SICK TRAT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. T*h Hi] a.re thousands of Men and Women of it \,g8S suffering' so, making Life a burden. If as known how effectivo HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS fW,-0J0 °n* would delay a moment before taking liiir These Pills act like a charm, and give relief in the most severe atueks of frdv ^ACIIES, BILIOUSNESS, INDIGES- ^LTVv .I0N 0F SPIRITS, IRRITA- tley • By acting on the Blood as tBey do, ir,d r^OT* cause of Inaetivitv of the Liv«r ^H>Kdney«, and cure BACKACHE, CON- ASK WIND. PILES, and all SKIN Read a few extracts from letters re- I cannot speak too highly of your ^ghes's Blood Pills. !!ity cured me of a severe Sick Headache, 8}j 1(?Uspess, and Foul Stomach in a very l't time.—C. James, Wigan. »H0 *|ave been in a very weak state for &h« • pains in the Kidneys, -lldell!'na.tic pain in all my limbs, Headache, ti0n ?u' Stomach, with Wind and Indiges- t&v ue no doubt to Bad Blood poisoning system. Your ^^ghes'a Blood Pills. in a very short time.—W. Jones, I i rQke Terrace, Pontypool. the frVe be«n a great sufferer from Pain in ead and Back, with Wind and Indi- j{ n- I was induced to try BloOfl Pills J* i Rood I? 1111 extraordinary amount of Upa Pi I am quite well.—Arab Phil- • Street. Fern dale. k'8- &lways do good, ^Ar>pU*lrne 860 t^5a'; ^hUs Ji. MARK, a Heart, 6,'<t w}7T'? 00 e&ch box, with- t\rth none is genuine. ^U§fhvS S Bl00d Pil,S'' > ioicj4 no Substitute. ? Chemists and q -p I ) r P (~i 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., or send value PLiuj.ij.ij or Stamps to Maker — JACOB L.D.S., U^mjfagturing PENAiOJH. f54T»JUTri& p




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