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OWEN & GEORGE, IRON BRIDCE BREWERY, MERTHYR. <9 BOTTLrr s OF WORTHINGTON S India Pale Ale OAK HILL'S Invalid Double Stout MURPHY'S (Cork) Invalid Stout. The above are Bfttled in their natural state, and guaranteed to be always in good condition. Price List on application. Special quotation* for large quantities. Established over Half.a-Century. Auction Mart, Court Street, MERTHYR TYDFIL. WYNDHAM J. PRICHARD, (Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute), Auctioneer, Valuer and Estate Agent, PROPERTY SALES CONDUCTED. VALUATIONS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION MADE. AGENT FOR ALL THE PRINCIPAL LIFE, FIRE, ACCIDENT ASD BURGLARY INSURANCE COMPANIES. SALE NO. 370. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6th, 1910. Auction Mart, Court Street, MERTHYR. SALE OF RELIABLE AND SOUND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. PIANO, PIER GLASSES and EFFECTS, consigned for Sale. MESSRS. H. W. Harris & Son VMR. WYNDTIAM J. PRICHARD. Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute), WILL SELL BY AUCTION at their spacious and convenient Aijc^ioc Mart. as Miovc, the FIRST WFsnjsESDiT I Si EVBRY MONTH, a large and varied assortment of very superior Household Furniture and Appointment.. Goods packed or stored free of charge, and every care taken to give satisfaction. The Sale will commenco at Two o'clock in the Afternoon. Punctaal attendance is respectfully requested. Aactioneers' OfGccs. The Mart. Merthyr Tydfil ESTABLISHED 187& J. LLOYD ATKINS (Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute), AUCTIONEER, VALUER, ACCOUNTANT HOUSE AND ESTATE AGENT & INSURANCE BROKER, GELLIF AELOG COTTAGE, DOWLAIS Valuations Tor Probate, Administrations, and Mort gages, also for Transfer of Hotels, lane, Ac Agent for the White Star and American Lines Steamships. Also the Dominion Line to. Canada. PROMPT SETTLEMENTS ENSURED. t« Ft* F. A. PHILLIPS, AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, I VALUER & HOUSE AGENT. IPublic Auditor under the Friendly Societies Act, 1896, and the Industrial and Provident Societies Act, 1893. Agent for the chief Life, Fire, and Atcident Insurance Companies, OKFICE ——— 34, Victoria Street, MERTHYR TYDFIL, J. l. CUNNINGHAM AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, VALUER & FINANCIAL AGENT, 19, GLEBELAND STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Speoiality-MORTGAGE LOANS W. T. JONES, 60, High Street, Merthyr, Auctioneer & Accountant, HOUSE, INSURANCE AND GENERAL BUSINESS AGENT. fin RADESMEN'S Debts Bought or Collected Rents -Collected. Arrangements with Credi- tors. Preparation of Bankruptcy Statements «f Af- fairs. ^aders' Books Posted and Audited. Agent for Chief Life. Accident,. Fire, and Plate "lass Insurance Companies. MR. E. THOMAS, AUCTIONEER AND ACCOUNTANT, TREDEGAR. Office Cartrefle, Sirhowy] Rents and Debts Colleated. Mortgage Loans negotiated. Distress for Rents undertaken. Preparation of Bankrupt Statement of Affairs. Probate, &c., &c. INSURANCE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION EFFECTED EDWARDS BROS., D. H. Edwards—Isaac Edwards, LAuctioneers, Accountants, AND Estate Agents, CAMBRIA CHAMBERS, DOWLAIS, AND CENTRAL CHAMBERS, OVER GUNSON'S STORES, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, Please Note Change of Address of Merthyr Office. A IX AN LINE TO CANADA. UNDER GOVERNMENT CONTRACT FOB CONVEYANCE CANADIAN MAILS. EXPRESS TURBINE STEAMERS. IrVERPOOL Tunisian April 7 LoNDON (Via Havre) Corinthian April 25 Weekly Service from Liverpool at Low Bates, aU Glasses; also from Lendon 2nd and 3rd Classes only. Unsurpassed accommodation. Apply ALLAN LlNE, 19, James-street, Liverpool; « 5J, Pall Mall, S.W., and 103, Leadenhall-street, London, or Local Agents. Ur HIT E STA~R I7TW n ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. LARGEST STEAMERS IN THE WORLD BUILDING JNISWK3T, IJJKRSKST AND FASTKST STKAMKR TO BOSTON. SOUTHAMPTON—CHERBOURG— QUEENSTOWN-NEW YORK. ROYAL and UNITED STATES MAIL SERVICE, Calling at Queenstown Westbound, and Plymouth Eastbound. OCEANIC Wed., April 6 MAJESTIC Wed., April 13 And Regularly Thereafter. Liverpool— Queenstown. Liverpool-Queenstown New York. ) Boston. BALTIC 8 CEDEIC Saturday, April 16 MEOAKTIC Tues., April 12 And Regularly Thereafter. CANADA. WHITE STAR-DOMINION SERVICE. UVERPOO L-QUEBEC-MONTREAL. Largest Steamers in the Canadian Trade. DOMINION Thur., April 21 LACUMSTIO Sat., April 30 DOMINION LINE. LIVERPOOL-HALIFAX-PORTLAND. (JUAbA Thur., April 7 SOUTHwARK, Thur., April 14 for further particulars apply to Local Agents; or to ISM AY, 1M [l) E & CO.. 30, James-street Liver. pool Southampton: 1, Cockspcr-street. S.W., and 38. l.eadcnhall-street. London. E.C. (1UNARDLINE ROYAL MAIL ) STEAMERS. LARGEST AND FASTEST VESSELS IN THE WORLD. NJSW STEAMER "FRANCONIA," TWIN-SCILIW, GROSS, NOW BUILDING. LAKOBST AND FASTEST STEAMERS TO BOSTOS, WAOM LIVERPOOL, VIA QUEENBTOWN. TO KBW VOK.K, TO SOSTOK. Vauretania Bat., April 2 I Ivernia Tues,, April 26 Caronia Tues., April 5 ) Saxooia Tues., May 10 CANADA FAST llOUTB: SRRCNL RATES. For further particulars apply t* Local Agents; «r STBAMSbir. y -_d_ AUCTION SUMMARY. Mr. JOHN FORRESTER. April 4, 5 & 7—Pasture Lands at Sewage Farms. Messrs. H. W. HARRIS & SON. April G-Furnituro at Auction Mart. Merthyr, Mr. HENRY LEWIS. April6-Farming Stock, Ac., at Merthyr. Messrs. PHILLIPS and JONES. April 6—Draper's Fixtures, Ac., fit Bargoed. PANDY FARM, Merthyr Tydfil. Situated about One Mile from Merthyr Railway Station, and in close proximity to the Electric Tramway from Merthyr to Cafn. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF CATTLE, HORSES, IMPLEMENTS, BRAKES, FUNERAL CONVEYANCES, &c.. Viz.:— CATTT.E.—3 cows in full milk, 3 cows to calve at end of Aprin 1 cow in forward condition, 3 cows in milk and in forward condition. cob chestnut horse, 1(¡- hands high, quiet to ride or drive. POULTRY.- 50 fowls. CRops-About 26 tons of prime meadow hay, well harvested. FARM IMPLEMENTS.—1 turnip cutter, 2 ladders, wheelbarrow, 2 corrugated corn bins, market trap, 2 corn crushers, 3 chaff cutters, 1 scales and weights, 2 gambos, 1 cart, 1 horse gear. 2 cattle cribs, 2 tedding machines, 1 horse rake equal to new, mowing machine in good working order, pikes and rakes, 5-horsc power engine and boiler, wringing machine. FUNKRAr. CONVEYANCES. BRAKES, &0.-1 brake, in good condition, to carry 24 persons, 1 ditto, to carry 16, 1 hearse, shellibier, 2 mourning coaches, 1 brougham, governess car, equal to new.) HARNESS. 1 set brass-mounted trap harness, saddle, and bridle, 2 sets chain harness, 11 sets of cart harness, 1 set G.O., head collars and strops, together with other articles too numerous to mention, which Mr. Henry Lewis HAS been favoured with instructions from the Executrix of the late Mr. THOMAS DAVIES to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above. i named place, on WEDNESDAY, April 6th, 1910. Terms: Cash. Luncheon at 12.30 p.m. Sale to commence at lJiO p.m. sharp. Auctioneer's Office, Gcllihir Farm, Nelson, Cardiff, March 26th, 1910. Parknewydd and Berwerdy, Navigation and Ynyscaedudwg and Troedyrhiw Sewage Farms. ANNUAL LETTING OF PASTURE LANDS. Mr. J. Forrester HAS been favoured with instructions from the Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare Farms'Man-1 agement Committee to LET by PUBLIC AUC-1 TION, at the above-named FARMS, on MONDAY, TUESDAY, and THURSDAY, April 4th, 5th and 7th, 1910, subject to such conditions of Sale as shall be there and then read, the PASTURE LANDS on the said Farms. ORDER OF SALE :— Parknewydd and Herwerdy, April tth, at Two o'clock. Navigation an Ynyscaedudwg, April 5th, at Two o'clock. Troedyrhiw. April 7th, at Two o'clock. Luncheon will be provided at Parknewydd Farm on April 4th and 5th, and at Troedyrhiw Farm on April 7th, at One o'clock each day. Full particulars of the several Lots ill catalogues, which roav be obtained from the Committee's Farm Bailiff, Parknewydd Farm, Abercynon, R.S.O.. Mr. W. R. HARRIS, the Clerk, Town Hall, Merthyr Tydfil, or the Auctioneer, 39, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil. ESTABLISHED 1899. PHILLIPS & JONES (Evan 1. Phillips, Assoc. Auctioneers' Institute) AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ACCOUNTANTS k ESTATE AGENTS. HOTEL VALUERS & GAUGERS. SURVEYORS to the Largest Building Societies ill the Kingdom. SALES conducted of Honse Property, Shares, Land- ed Estates, Machinery, Agricultural and Trade Stecim and Household Furniture. PROMPT SETTLEMENTS. r Head olsm- CENTRAL CHAMBERS, HIGH STREET B Ai GOE O. Telephone-P.O. No. 59 Bargoed MANCHESTER HOUSE,f No. 10. HIGH-STREET, BARGOED. SALE OF A DRAPER'S EXCELLENT FIX. TURES, COUNTERS, FITTINGS, &0. Messrs. Phillips & Jones A.A.I.. ARE instructed by Messrs. Dunn St Sons, Boot Factors, of Leicester (who will shortly be opening the above Premises with a large selection or Boots and Shoes), to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above Premises, on WEDNES- DAY, April 6th, 1910, commencing at 11 o'clock in the Morning, the whole of the DRAPERS' Fixtures, Fittings, Counters, &c., Comprising One mahogany top eounter,20ft. feet long, panelled front, fitted wi4h ten drawers; one panelled front counter, 20ft. by 2 £ t., fitted with nine drawers; one fixture, 4ft. 3in. by 7ft., consisting of shelves and four drawers (Canary pme); one fixture, 5ft. Sin. by 7ft.. fitted with shelves and drawers one nest of drawers, 4ft. 7in. by 7ft. (eight partitions); one nest of drawers, 4ft. by 7ft. (eight partitions); one mirror, 6ft. by 3ft. (ebonised frame); seven brass standards, fitted with sockets ana rods complete; one window bottom and matchboard enclosure; one pay office. 4ft. 7in. by 4ft. 3io., fitted with desk lind cash till, height, 6ft. 4in.: one small safe, 20in. by 30in.; six chairs, one coat stand, two brass rod ceiling suspenders, each 20ft. long; four two-light gas pendants, two two-light window pendants, one two-light door lamp, one brass counter stand (for fancy goods, one complete fixture, Sffc. by 7ft. 6in., fitted with five deep drawers and nine partitions and shelves; one complete fixture, 8ft. by 7ft. 6in.„ fitted with three extra deep drawers: one ebonized mantle stand, length 6ft.; one pier glass, in gilt frame, 4ft. 3in. hy 3ft. 6in.; Two dozen various hat stands, etc.; wall fixtures, 50ft. run by 8ft. 6m. Sale to commence at 11 a:m. sharp. Terms Cash. All fittings purchased to be cleared away on day of Sale. To view, apply to the Auctioneers, at the offices. High-street, Bargoed. For Sale, 66 rpREDEGAR EXPRESS." Chestnut Cob JL Stallion, 13.3, Rix year old, by Dagenham, by Danegelt, his dam by Caradog. Winner of Prizes in saddle and harness every time shown. A fast and very stylish mover. Cut be seen any day by appointment) DAVID REES, < Battlinson-terraoe, TREDEGAR. TONG & COBON, AUCTIONEERS. VALUERS, GATJUKR3 BROKERS, &a. HEAD OFFICE Auction Chambers, Brynmawr. Trj,. P.O. 18. Sales of every description arranged for with prompt settlement. Valuations for Transfer, Probate, or Mortgage expeditiously completed. LICENSING BUSINESS A SPECIALITY. THE ART UNION OF LONDON, 112, STRAND, W.C. A Subscription of £1.1e. entitles the Subscriber to a Copy of a fine Plate, which is an artistic facsimile rendering in colour of the ORIGINAL PAINTING, by Alfred Parsons, A.R.A., entitled SPRINGTIME. Or the subscriber may select from the many fine Engravings and Etchings previously issued by the Society, and also the chance of WINNING A PBIZK at the Society's Annual PRIZE DRAWING in April. For fall particulars apply, I. WILKe, AtJOTXOintEB, 14, Glebeland Street, Merthyr. Mr. J. W. BAKER, {(Principal Violiji in Mr. Gwiuu LfWII11 Orchestra) Oiyes LESSONS en Violin Playing At own er Pupil's residence, ENGAGEMENTS ACCEPTED AS SOLOIST OR OTHERWISE FOE CONCHJI,tS, ETC. Foa Tons. ADDJIISO 17, PONIMORLAIS WEST, SpRjBY '»A__ -.c. Merthyr Board of Guardians' Election, 1910. To THE ELECTORS OF PLYMOUTH WARD LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Allow me to thank you for the honour you have dene me in returning me unopposed as your Representative for Plymouth Ward. I must thank the workmen and their representatives who watted upon me and asked me to undertake the duties. I will at all times endeavour to deal fairly and impartially on all questions, and I trust merit the confidence reposed in me. Yonrs sincerely, MARY A. EDMUNDS. Plasycoed, Troedyrhiw. Merthyr Board of Guardians. TO THE ELECTORS OF PENYDARREN WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Once again I beg to offer myself for re-election on the above Board. During the nine years I have had the honour of representing you, I have discharged my duties faithfully and concientiously. Although family considerations have obliged me to live in Cardiff for the present, I can assure you that this will in no way interfere with my attending the meetings, and eare for the interests of the poor as before. I am in Merthyr almost every day of the week, and consequently, there can be no difficulty in my interviewing any people who wish to see me on matters pertaining to the Merthyr Union. The importance of having women on the Board who can readily enter into matters concerning the aged, the sick, and the little children who are committed to the care of the Guardians, is now fully recognized, and I beg of you, in considera- tion of my former services on the Board, and in the various committees, to henour me with a re- newal of your confidence. I remain, Your; faithfully, (Signed), MARY A. EVANS. The Waterloo, 38, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil, March 21st, 1910. Merthyr Board of Guardians ELECTION, 1910. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE PENY. DARREN WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Yon have done me the honour of electing me as one of your Representatives on the Board of Guardians for several years past, and as the term for which yon Jast elected me will expire this month, I again appeal to you for a renewal of your confidence, In making this appeal I claim to have faithfully attended to the duties devolving upon me as your Representative on the Board, and as a Guardian of the poor-whilst carefully enquiring into all applications for relief and extending every assistance to the necessitous—I have en- deavoured to avoid reckless distribution and wastefulness in the several Institutions which are managed by the Guardians. A good deal of the work of the Board is done in Committee, and in this direction I have always given ray best attention and regularly visited Schools, Cottage Homes, the House and Infirmary. If you again honour me by electing me as one of your representatives, I will give the same careful attention to your interests, to the wants of the poor in the Penydarren ward, in particular, and of the parish generally. r I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, THOMAS EDWARD MORGAN. 230, High-street, Dowlais, March 17th, 1910. Merthyr Board of Guardians;. TRIENNIAL ELECTION, 1910. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE GADLYS WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Yoa have now for over 15 years done me the honour of electing me as one of your representa- SJ-ffthyr Board of Goardiaaa, and I ones more respectfully solicit your Votes and Interest. The followrag, among others, may be mentioned as reasons why at least a fair propor- tion of women should be elected on the Board. I.-The largest number of paupers are women and children. 2.—Women are best suited to thecare of women aLd children. 3.-The, great evil of Pauperism can only be diminished by more care in the bringing up and training of chUdren. ♦.—It is desirable that many of the women who are brought before the Guardians should be dealt with by their own sex. 5.—So many women are Ratepayers, and should, therefore, be represented by women as well as men. 6.—Women are accustomed to household man- agement, and have proved their usefulness in the Unions where they have already served as Poor Law Guardians. Since I was first returned many of the reforms I have advocated have been carried out. Ten years ago the Hoard decided to erect two Cottage Homes, and M. ;>fie<juently two more were erected at Bargoed, tue intention at that time being to proceed with others as required. Owing, however, to the congested state of the Workhouse, and the pressure brought to bear by the Local Government Board, it has become imperatively necessary to either extend the Workhouse (which cannot be done on the present site) or to remove some of the inmates to another building. The Board has, therefore, decided to erect 10 more Cottage Homes, which will take all the children at present at the Training Schawl, and thus enable that building to be used for some portion of those now in the house. This in the end will, I am convinced, prove both advantageous to the children and economical to the ratepayers. Our experience already has proved that the boys, and especially the girls brought up in the Cottage Homes are better trained for after life, the girls from these Institutions making far better domestic servants. You are, I have no doubt, all well aware that I have attended the meetings of the Board and its various Committees regularly and faithfully. Although the fortnightly meetings are hardly ever over until nearly three o'clock on Saturdays, I have but rarely left before the whole of the business is over. During the 15 years I have been your Member, I have given every case brought to my notice individual and sympathetic consideration. I can make no fresh promises, bub I venture confidently t to appeal for One of the Three Votes at your disposal on Monday next. I remain, Yours faithfully, MARIA RICHARDS. March 28th, 1910. Gel I ygaeTDistrict Council Election, APRIL 4th, 1910. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE PONTLOTTYN WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At the invitation of the Pontlottyn Branch of the Miners' Federation, and a large number of other Liberals, I have consented to become your Candidate in the present Election. I come before you as one that has lived 28 years in the Ward has paid attention! to local move- ments that have their tendency to benefit man has watched and observed other possible improve- ments, and anxious to do all that I can to foster everything that will amend the state of my fellow men. ] Having had 20 years' experience of working underground, my heart naturally greatly sym- ■; pathises with my fellow-workmen and I feel that < their comfort is my comfort also. and would deem J it a pleasure to be able to do anything to their support and benefit. I have the privilege of being the first Candidate from the Upper part of the Ward, but with the full and unanimous sanction of the friends of free- dom and progress throughout the Ward as a whole. < The requirements of die district will have my impartial attention and conscientious support. I have no personal interest to serve, nor any ad- vantage to watch, different to the majority of my rellow-electors and fellow-workmen, but I look forward to a period of faithful and persevering servioe, believing that will be the best expression of gratitude for every vote granted to me. Although I am the Selected Candidate of the Miners' Federation, my return will incur no ex- i pense to the same, and I will endeavour to prove the choice to general satisfaction. I am, yours very truly, JOHN WILLIAMS. • Pleaaant View, Rhymney Bridge. March 24tb, 1910. .1 fVHE Excelsior" box of fine-quality dish papers. 6 I doz. assorted sizes, 9d. the box, postage 3d. extra t -H. W. Southey & Sons, Express Office. Merthyr. rjHO the Stationery Trade. Special Lines. Lyons' Red I Ink, Id. bottles, 8d. per doz.—H.W. Southey & Sons "Express" Offlce, Merthyr. ? ICE Cases three dozen ussorttd tmt-, !■», 0i £ d—H, Svvtusr, & SOW, ''Kxpxm"' Ma i r ? •- — ,? I Bedwellty Board of, Guardians Election. TO THE ELECTORS OF TREDEGAR (GEORGETOWN WARD). LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Permit me to thank you for returning me unopposed for the above Ward. I will endeavour to serve you as faithfully in the future as I have attempted to do in the past. I am, Your obedient Servant. MATHEW EAGLESOME. Hillside, Tredegar. County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Easter General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil, will be holden before Sir David Brynmor Jones, Knight, MC.. M.P., Recorder of the said County Borough, at the Court House, Town Hall, in the said County Borough, on WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of APRIL, 1910, at 10.30 o'clock in the Forenoon, at which time and place all persons summoned as Jurors, or Prosecutors, Witnesses, and Persons bound by Recognisances are required to attend. All Appeals for Trial at the said Sessions must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace before the day of the said Sessions. Dated this 29th day of MARCH, 1910. T. ANEURYN REES, Clerk of the Peace. Town Hall, Merthyr Tydfil. Caerphilly Urban District. PRIVATE STREET WORKS ACT, 1892. XTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Caer- J3I philly Urban District Council, being the Urban Sanitary Authority for the Caerphilly Urban District, in the County of Glamorgan, have in pursuance of the provisions of the Private Street Works Act, 1892, by a Resolution passed on the 22nd day of March, 1910. approved of certain Specifica- tions, Plans and Sections, Estimates and Pro- visional Apportionments prepared by me in respect of Private Street Works to be executed in Streets or part of Streets known as WERN CRESCENT and ROAD APPROACH from COMMERCIAL STREET to NEW COUNCIL SCHOOLS, all of Nelson, within the District of the said Council, and that such Resolution is in the following terms, viz. That the said Specifications, Plans, Sections, Estimates and Provisional Apportionments be, and the same are hereby respectively approved." And that the approved Specifications, Plans, Sections, Estimates and Provisional Apportion- ments, or copies thereof, certified by me, will be kept deposited at the Council Offices, Cardiff-road, Caerphilly, and be open during office hours thereat, for inspection by the owners of the premises shown ajs liable to be charged in the Provisional Appor- tionments, for a period of one month from the 25th day of March, 1910, during which period they may in pursuance of Section 7 of the said Act. by written notice served on the said Council, object to the proposals on any of the grounds in such, Section specified. Dated this 23rd day of March, 1910. V: ALFRED O. HARPUR, Surveyor to the said Council. Monmouthshire Education Committee. WANTED, a HEAD TEACHER for the Sir- h »wy Infants' Council School, Tredegar. Average tVrldz 'xe, 197. Salary, £95 per annum, rising by £ 5 per ;«inum to flio. Applications must be made on forms which may be obtained from the undersigned on receipt of a stamped, directed, foolscap envelope, and should be sent to C. DAONCEY, Esq., County Council Offices. Newport, Mon., so as to reach him not later than MONDAY, the 18th of April next. Canvassing the Managers of the Tredegar Group Of council Schools or Members of this Committee .1 ,c will disqualify, as also will the sending out of printed testimonials. T. G. JAMES, „ Director of Elementary Education. County Council Offices, Newport, Mon., 24th March, 1910. Merthyr Tydfil Education l n Committee. to BUILDERS. rflENDERS are c.or the ERECTION of J HEAD TEACHERS' ROOMS at Abercanaid School. Particulars can be obtained from the Deputy Surveyor at his OFFICE, Town Hall, Mer- thyr Tydfil, on and after the 31st of March. Tenders, under seal, to be delivered to me not later than Noon on the 5th of April. The lowest or any Tender not of necessity accepted. accepted. By Order, E. STEPHENS, Clerk to the Education Committee. Dated March 22nd, 1910, County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil SALE OF TIMBER. mHE Council invite offers for about 60 logs of JL timber, chiefly poplar, now lying at the Pant Cemetery, measuring from i to 6 feet long and of varying diameter, together with a quantity of rough timber. Tenders endorsed "Timber, Pant Cemetery," must reach the undersigned not later than the 14th April. T. ANEURYN REES, 1st April, 1910. Town Clerk. The South Wales High School for Girls. Summerfield Hall I f Maesycwmmer A Thorough High-Class Education at Moderate Fees. Preparation for Cambridge,, Local and Royal Academy Examinations. Tennis and Hockey. SUMMBB TEBJJ will Commence TOESDAY, MAY 3rd., 1910. Boarders return May 2nd. Prospectus on application. HIGHF1ELD SCHOOL, 9, NINIAN ROAD, ROATH pARKs. CARDIFF. THE PRINCIPAL, MISS CARYL. HAS VACANCIES FOR A FEW BOARDERS IN HER OWN HOME. NEXT TERM OOMMENCES APRIL 25TH. HIGHEST REFERENCES. MODERATE FEES. PROSPECTUS SENT ON APPLICATION ARITIIMETIC. Expert Courses for;- L-PRELIM. CERTIFICATE. Are.you afraid of Part I? .-OXFORD LOCALS. S.-The CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION. By a.n EXPERIENCED TEAoaBB, Drop a post card giving particulars, "DERWEN DEG," Ton Pentre, nr. Pontypridd. GHARLES L. STEWART ACCOUNTANT and AUDITOR, VALUER, HOUSE and ESTATE AGENT MORTGAGE and INSURANCE BROKER tradesmen's Debts Bought or Collected, Rents Collected. Accounts Regularly Posted by Special Contract, Profit and Loss Accounts and Income rax Claims Prepared, Quarterly and Annual Audits Undertaken, Bankrupts' Statements of Affairs, Arrangement with Creditors. Valuations for Probate, etc. Agent for the Chief Life, Accident, Fire., and Plate Glass Insurance Companies. :)Pmw:-UILBOURNE CHAMBERS, MERTHYR TYDFIL. TREDEGAR VALLEY. THOMAS JONES, Accountant, Auditor, House and Estate Agent. tradesmen's Books Posted and Audited. Sents and Debts Collected. Bankrupts' Statements of Affairs. Arrangement wfilh Creditors. Agent for the Chief Life, Fira and Accident Insurance Companies. Secretary t# the Tredegar and Dis- trict Permanent Money society. Jffice-86, Commereial Street, Tredegar I litAY Cloths Is. per box, containir, U. IV.: V* 5 '•hurad iVttnr. iifel 'iwn >7 i.Viu-h, cy 15-meii JJV i&iacU, ^c-' >. JSJJWI -V>Y*

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